A Baby Thanksgiving

A Baby Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving morning I am just barely waking up. Come on baby Jeremy it is time to wake up we have stuff to get ready, first we need to put you in your Thanksgiving diaper. What is a Thanksgiving diaper? Stephanie lets the rail down of the crib see this diaper has turkeys, pilgrims, drumsticks, and corn all over them see the little pictures on the diapers. Oh those are very cute. That is what you will be wearing today.

In fact that is what everyone will be wearing today. We will be having a baby Thanksgiving. Amber, Krista, Stacy, Stephanie, and baby Jeremy will all be in a Thanksgiving diaper. And when you wet or mass your diaper the pictures disappear telling me that it’s time to change your diaper. But since is gonna be a long day for you baby Jeremy I will be double diapering you so inside your Thanksgiving day diaper I will put a target diaper on you. It will be cute seeing you waddle more in your diaper today with it being extra bulky. Right now just you and Krista will be in diapers until it gets closer to Thanksgiving dinner because Amber Stacy and I will all be getting dinner ready for later this afternoon at 2:30.

So you and Krista can go play with cars and trucks if you want. Stacy then helps me down off the crib. Does baby Krista needed changing? Stephanie fills her diaper oh yes you are a soaked little baby girl. Stephanie also double diapers Krista just like she did me and then gets Krista down and tells us to go play.

We go into the playroom and get out some cars and trucks and play with them about 30 min. later Krista looks at me and says look at your diaper baby Jeremy you are wetting in your diaper, and I looked down and sure enough you can see the picture of the corn and drumsticks disappearing off the front of my diaper indicating that my diapers getting wet. I did not even realize I was wetting my diaper I guess that’s what happens after being in diapers for so many years.

Yes baby Jeremy we are lucky that Stacy, Amber, and Stephanie all love us and like treating us like we are a baby even though we are old enough to be out of diapers and not act like a baby. Yes I love that too Krista.

Amber is the one that comes in and checks on us. Are you guys having fun? Yes Amber we are. Amber checks our diapers Krista is still dry. Oh baby Jeremy you wet your diaper but I think you can hold another wetting or two Stephanie told me she double diapered you this morning you guys look so cute. And Amber closes the door and leaves us to our playing.

We continue playing with the cars and trucks, and a little while longer, Krista stops playing and she starts pushing and you hear farting and the back of her diaper expanding she is pooping and peeing in her diaper. Then she starts playing again like nothing happened. The squishy fills good to me and it’s not so bad since we are double diapered Krista tells me. Soon later I also mess in my diaper but we both keep playing like nothing even happened.

Stacy comes in the room what is that I smell? Did one of the babies go poopy in their diapers? We both look at her both of us at the same time say we both did. Stacy says I’ll be right back.

She goes into the kitchen and tells the other girls both babies need a changing who wants to help me? Stephanie says I will help you change their diapers. Stephanie comes in gets me and Stacy gets Krista and takes us to the nursery.

Stephanie helps me up onto the crib to change my diaper and Stacy lays Krista down on a changing mat on the floor. Oh boy baby Jeremy you are a messy baby Stephanie tells me as she grabbed some baby wipes out of the container before untaping the six tabs on my diaper and she cleans me up and tickles me and plays with me treating me like I am a one and a half-year-old baby. Then Stephanie grabs a new diaper puts it under me sprinkles baby powder baby gel and baby oil and rubs it all in before tightly securing my new diaper on me. Stacy gives the same treatment to Krista and now we are both clean and dry.

Stacy tells Stephanie I will diaper you well we are in here. So Stacy puts a Thanksgiving diaper on Stephanie and Stephanie diapers Stacy. Someone go get Amber for me please Stacy Waddles into the kitchen and has Amber go into the nursery where Stephanie diapers Amber.

Okay babies we are ready to sit in the living room and snack on some food and watch the parade. Now you can hear crinkling of diapers all throughout the house now that all five of us are diapered. Stephanie and Stacy bring in snack foods to the living room. Amber has Krista lay her head on her lap and Stephanie has me lay my head on her lap and we watch the parade. Amber and Stephanie both feed us snacks as we are watching TV. Then we watch some cartoons.

Stephanie asks does anyone need their diapers changed before Thanksgiving dinner? Amber and Stacy both raise their hands so Stephanie went and got the diaper bag and brought it to the living room and changed both Stacy and Amber right there in the living room in front of everyone.

Krista and I both decided we liked our damp diapers. We only have two high chairs so Krista and baby Jeremy will be the ones in the high chairs first. They take us into the kitchen and strap us and to our high chairs.

Stacy makes up a plate of food and spoon feeds it to Krista. And Stephanie feeds me then when we are done Stephanie puts Stacy and Amber into the high chairs while we play on the floor and Stephanie feeds both of them. And then Stacy puts Stephanie in the high chair and feeds her.

Now it is time for nap time. There’s room for three in the crib so we will put baby Krista baby Jeremy and Stephanie in the crib. Amber and Stacy will sleep in the bed. When we get in the crib all of us are wearing nothing but our diapers and Stephanie breast-feeds Krista and I both to help us fall asleep.

I was a very happy baby while I was breast-feeding I drifted off to sleep wondering how the rest of our baby Thanksgiving day would go after our nap.