A 15 year old in diapers

My alarm finally penetrated my sleepy head. I reached out and thumped it to shut I up. Eventually I forced my eyes open and grabbed my phone.


It was ten past eight. I was meant to be up at eight. I fell out of bed and ran downstairs. I was wearing a pyjama top, but no bottoms. As I fell down the stairs, I grabbed my pull-up pants and groaned.

I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and peered around the corner to look through the door into the kitchen. I couldn’t see Mum. I crept in quietly and slipped my wet pull-ups down my legs and off.

‘Wait a minute young man!’

Mum’s voice boomed across the kitchen. She was standing in the little foyer that separated the kitchen from the family bathroom. She held out her hand and I walked over, head down. I handed over my pull-ups. She opened it and huffed. She turned them inside out to show me the yellow stain before handing them back to me.

‘But Mum, it’s not much!’ I protested.


She grabbed my arm and smacked me hard on my bottom.

‘You know the rules. Got to your corner until Emily has finished in the bathroom.’

I slipped across the kitchen to put the pants in the bin. I went to my spot. It was by the back door, between the door and our coats and wellington boots. It was draughty there and my little man felt the chill particularly. It was still damp. I must have peed just before I got up. I cursed my inability to wake up when the alarm went off for the first time. I faced the wall and put my hands on my head.

Behind me I heard the unmistakeable groan of the dresser drawer open. I looked to the celling and cursed silently. I took a deep breath and turned quickly. It was there, the ping pong bat. I turned back and screwed up my face to stem tears.

I was fifteen. I shouldn’t have to put up with this!

The bathroom door finally opened, and Emily came into the kitchen.

‘Aw has Danny been a naughty boy again?’

I went red with rage. I was two years older than her, but I always was made to feel younger.

‘He messed his pants again and tried to hide it.’

Mum went into the bathroom and the door closed. Emily came up close and placed her hand on my bottom.

‘You are going to be so sore Danny!’ She laughed.

I would have punched her, but I was in enough trouble. Finally, Mum came out and it was my turn for the bathroom.

Mum had put the bath on for me and I sat on the toilet and let my bowels open. A large poo plopped into the bowl. I had only just been in time. I always needed a poo first thing. After wiping I got into the bath.

I had barely been in the bath two minutes when the door opened. I wasn’t allowed to lock the door in case I was playing with myself. My older brother, Sam, came in. He had been working nights. He dropped his trousers and sat on the toilet. He let out a large fart and a slopping noise announced his bowel movement. It stank, but Sam’s always did. But no one was allowed to criticise Sam. He brought in money, which had become essential since Dad had died. I mean he hadn’t even taken his rubber boots off, but not even Mum would say anything.

When I came out of the bathroom, I had my school shirt and socks on, but nothing else. I went to the end of the kitchen table and put my hands on my head. The ping pong bat lay in front of me. Sam was munching toast and barely looked at me. Emily was taking her time with a bowl of cereal and was smiling broadly.

Mum came back in. I picked up the ping pong bat and handed it to her.

‘Where we up to this month?’

‘Eight,’ I replied sullenly.

I bent over the table. I faced towards Sam. He put out a hand, and placed it on my head to hold me down.

Thwack! The ping pong bat smacked into my bare backside.



‘Don’t complain. You mess your diaper, you own up to it. If you don’t you get spanked.’


Five more time the ping pong bat smacked into my bare flesh.

It was a bad start to the day.

School was difficult. My butt ached all morning. When I got home, I did my best to be a good boy. I put myself into pull-ups without being told and prayed silently that the morning’s episode would be forgotten.

I nearly made it. I had cleaned my teeth and got ready for bed. I pulled my pyjama top down as far as it would go and went into the front room to say goodnight to Mum. It was only seven thirty, but whenever I got spanked, I had an early bedtime that night. Emily sat on the rug half watching a programme and half watching me. She looked smug. She would be up at least another hour!

I kissed Mum and turned.

‘Er wait minute young man. What are those?’

I turned back, red in the face.

‘You know the rules.’

‘But Mum it was only a little bit.’

‘You want to fetch the ping pong bat as well?’

‘No,’ I said sulkily.

I dragged my feet out the to the kitchen and picked up what I needed: an old towel, the baby powder and the diaper. Pull-ups were bad enough, but a full diaper was so shameful. I took off the pull-ups and put then back on the pile and walked half naked back to Mum.

I placed the towel on the sofa and opened the diaper to lay on top. Sam didn’t budge and my head lay on his leg.

I then placed myself carefully into the diaper. Mum took her time coming over and was still half watching her programme. I lifted my legs. She puffed baby powder on my bits and then wrapped the diaper around me. I was allowed to put pull-ups on myself, but only Mum did the diaper otherwise it was too loose and leaked. As i stood up, she gave me a friendly small on my bottom.

‘And try to keep it clean by the morning.’

‘Yes Mum,’ I said and headed for bed. I needed three nights with clean diapers to be able to return to pull ups. The diaper hung uncomfortably between my legs. At least with the pull ups I would pull then down to masturbate. I didn’t dare with the diaper. Mum did the tapes really tight and if they were loose in the morning she would know.

I slept better than usual. That was the thing about the diaper as opposed to the pull-ups. They were uncomfortable to walk around in, but in bed they snuggled my bits warmly and helped me sleep.

I woke up with the first alarm, which was unusual. There was an urgent feeling in my bowels. I scrunched my diaper. It was dry. Thank god! I leapt out of bed and ran down, the diaper hanging between my legs.

Damn! Emily was already in the bathroom.

I stood on the cold floor in my bare feet and jigged up and down.

‘Will you stand still!’

I tried but I couldn’t.

‘She has only just gone in. You want your cereal now?’

I shook my head. Mum huffed. Sam came in and threw himself into a chair.

‘Help him off with his boots Danny.’

I bent down to pull off his right boot. The smell of feet and rubber was overwhelming. It was a smell I liked. If I was ever alone in the kitchen I would pick up and sniff his boots, and rub myself with them. I pulled off his other one but as I stood up I let out a loud fart.

Mum came over and felt m diaper.

‘Hmm dry?’

‘Yes Mum.’

I took Sam’s boots and put them next to mine. As I bent over to put them down, I let out another fart.

‘You need to go?’

‘Yes Mum. Cant you make Emily hurry up?’

Mum harrumphed.

‘Her, you have got to be kidding.’

‘Can’t I go in and use the toilet?’

‘No! You cannot!’

‘Mum, I am desperate.’

She just shrugged. I tried to hold it in but I couldn’t. A warm stream flooded my diaper. It always had a calming effect of me, not just the effect of no longer straining to hold it in but the warm feeling. But I relaxed too much.

I let out another loud fart. It was a wet one.

I heard the bathroom door open and looked around and saw Emily come out. But it was too late. Hot smelly poo flooded out of my hole and into my diaper. I let out a sigh of relief.

‘Oh Yuck!’ Emily said.

I went to move but farted again and more poo flowed. I felt behind me. My diaper was bulging quite a bit. In other circumstances I would have been quite proud of it. I stood and took a deep breath. I started to waddle, legs apart to the bathroom.

‘Where are you going?’

Mum had the old towel in one hand and the wipes in the other.

‘Mum, can’t I just do it in the bathroom.’

She ignored me and laid the towel on the floor. As Emily went past me, she pushed my messy diaper into my butt.

‘Mum! She smeared me on purpose!’

‘Didn’t! It was an accident!’

‘Shut up the pair of you. And you get on the floor.’

I lay on the towel closed my eyes. Mum undid my diaper. Even she baulked at the smell. I opened my eyes and craned my neck to see. Emily had down a good job. My cock, balls and bottom were smeared with brown poo.

It took Mum a few minutes to get the worse off before I was dispatched to the bathroom to take a shower.

When I came out I was in my school uniform.

‘Make him wear pull-ups to school,’ Emily said and got a clump around the head for her trouble.

‘Shut it. But when you get back from school, you are going straight into a diaper. I am not having you hold back like that. You need to go, you get up out of bed. You don’t lie there until the last minute. That’s how accidents happen.’


He probably should’ve been spanked for pooping his diaper like a big baby and made to wear diapers for an entire week 24/7 without any toilet privileges.

I love this story.


Thanks for your feedback. This is my first story so I really appreciate it

Cool story. Thanks for sharing it.

So you have a place where you post all your stories where more people can read them. Like wordpress or on AO3 (archiveofourown.org)??? I hope so I am sure lots more would love your stories.

I have a couple of stories on Male Spank