9 - I Think She Knows

It all started when I was five
And I’d have done anything to keep my baby life
I stuffed my shorts with my stuffed toys
Coo’d, giggled and gurgled and made baby noise
The she found me and made me take them out
But she didn’t scream or yell or shout
She told me I’d be her baby no matter how much I grew
But even way back then I think she knew

I was next found when I was seven
And I was sure I had found my baby heaven
There was an old baby blanket in my closet
And seeing it there I had to use it
So using belts I strapped it tightly around my waist
And then crawled around all over the place
She took it away to stop my daring do
But she was not angry, because I think she knew

I should have stopped when I was nine
But it dominated my thoughts and I crossed the line
I wet my bed three nights in a row
Because I’d get put back into diapers as you know
It didn’t work and she looked so sad
It was then I felt my desires were bad
So I stopped it slowly; with midnight runs to the loo
And I got a baby stuffed toy, because I think she knew

It was at thirteen it got really bad
It was my dreams at night which drove me mad
In them, I was diapered no matter who I became
Even Batman or Superman; anyone in the superhero game
The problem was waking and finding them gone
It was like being cheated after my deeds of heroism
There was another discovery about this time too
I talk in my sleep, she told me; so I think she knew

On the net at fifteen and boy it was a scream
I found that I wasn’t the only one, I found the online diaper scene
I searched the web, finding pics and stories and all delights
As I searched and searched all the diaper web sites
But AOL isn’t kind and the Internet can be tough
How I was supposed to know it saved where you went and all that stuff
With our ignorance of the net and hackers, phew
I told her that it wasn’t me, but still I think she knew

As I turned eighteen I had money and a credit card
So I bid on the Internet which really wasn’t that hard
I was the first to check the mail every day
And on the eighth my heart was pounding heavily
The package was padded and soft and crinkling too
And deep down I knew what I had to do
I had a hiding place that was discreet and could hold a few
But one went missing and I was sure she knew

And now I’m twenty one and leaving home
I’ll have my own space and live all alone
My trainers are hidden so they aren’t seen in my case
Yet when I retrieve they aren’t in there place
They are sitting in my case, all washed and cleaned and packed
Did I put them in there? I don’t recall even though my brain was racked
And this is the story of my life its always how it goes
Did she do this for me, if she did, then I’m sure she knows

Just three weeks later and I’m playing host
Guess who’s surprise visit I fear the most?
I’m sure the apartment is nice and clean.
She won’t be checking it like a crime scene.
But there is that smile I shrink from during coffee.
She brings up the subject and it nearly floors me.
I confess all, what else could I do?
She gives me a hug. “Silly baby I always knew…”

9 - I Think She Knows

wow thts good i like tht

9 - I Think She Knows

This is definitely a fresh style for this forum, and I applaud you for that. It’s always good to try new things. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of poetry, so I had a hard time getting into it. It felt like you were trying to hard to get some of the rhymes to work, as well, which was also a little distracting, but I imagine some of that had to do with the time limit on this contest.