6 Weeks at Happy Summers

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This is a purely fictional work incorporating Nappies, restraint and
other discipline and punishment related themes and foul language.

The characters are fictional and therefore any resemblance to
any person living or dead, whether by name or by description, is
purely coincidental and unintentional.

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MY name is Daniel Fielding and this is my story

My story starts on a beautiful hot summer morning at the end of July in the not too distant past.
My 22[SUP]nd[/SUP] birthday was 2 weeks away and was what’s known as between jobs.

Having packed my Mini with just about every possession I owned, which was not much more than a suitcase full of clothes, I was speeding along a tight winding country lane in Yorkshire.
I had just moved out of my rented flat earlier that morning on the notion of why pay for something I wasn’t going to use for a while, and I knew that I could always find something else when I got back home to London if need be. I had money saved and could afford to pay the rent while I was going to be away, but why waste my small savings pot.

I was heading to what I knew was going to be an interesting and possibly rewarding albeit short term 6-week summer job working with kids.
What I didn’t know at the time though was how the following weeks would affect the rest of my life in a way I wasn’t really expecting.

My mind was drifting back to the interview for the job I had just a week ago as I was driving toward my destination.

“This is a very special time for the children” explained Mrs Thompson, we provide a full curriculum for those who need to catch up and for those whom don’t we provide additional educational activities to help them become better citizens.
Every boy and girl who attends this summer school is treated in exactly the same way regardless of their age and ability and everyone who attends have the same basic need for one thing, for which you will find out about very quickly.
But overall the time is spent giving the children what they think they want from life but are unable to attain by themselves.

“Our summer school had been running for over 25 years” she said “and has provided the same basic service to parents throughout that time. Some had sent their entire family over the years for the experience and service we offer”.

She went on to explain my duties as a Deputy houseparent / carer, which seemed pretty straight forward, “you will be asked to assist with some additional duties but we will explain what is required when we meet again, when you start, but your main concern is the welfare and happiness of the children in your care”.

It was those additional duties that at the time I thought, shall I ask about
but thought, as you sometimes do in an interview, ah well what the hell can’t be that problematical so why bother asking I was just happy to get the job.

By this time I wasn’t paying that much attention to my driving, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a large sign positioned on the side of the road just in front of a set of large and impressive iron gates.

I took a double take on the sign as it read NAPPY SUMMERS, I screeched to a halt just before passing the gates and turned in to the large and impressive walled entrance drive and read the sign again.

It actually read Happy Summers Holiday Camp, but some graffiti artist had changed the H for an N.
I pulled away and continued up the very long drive.

After about half a mile or so I saw in the distance a huge and very impressive old stately home style building surrounded by trees and hills, and as I got closer I noticed a large lake nestled in the trees with jetties a boat house and small sailing boats tied up alongside.

I pulled up outside the front of the building and stopped the engine,
I spotted an old guy walking toward be in a bit of a hurry (well when I mean old I mean 50 something, old to me because I was only 21)
“Please park around the back” he said “we don’t allow parking in front of the house, just follow the road to the left and you’ll find a car park for staff at the rear.
I assume you here as a member of staff” “yes I said my name’s Daniel, Daniel Fielding”
“Nice to meet you Daniel, my names Thomas, but just about everyone around here calls me Mr Tom.
Pull around the back and I’ll meet you there”

I started the car and did as he asked, and just around the corner found a car park nestled in a clearing in the tree line, and parked in an empty space.
Thomas or should I call him Mr Tom came walking up behind me as I got out.
“Please make sure you wind up your windows and lock all the doors, we have had a few problems recently with the local kids nicking stuff out of cars left here, which is one of the reasons we have all the security cameras”
I noticed the car park had two moving cameras positioned at each end parking area. Each had large night vision lamps attached so they could watch the car park day or night.

I opened the boot and took out my case, locked the car and turned back to Mr Tom.

“There’s a village just down the road” he continued, “some of the kids are a right pain in the backside I can tell you, you must have noticed the sign at the front gate”.
“Yes I said”
“Something else for me to fix before the campers arrive, I would like to get hold of the buggers and then they wouldn’t be so keen on trespassing here then” as we walked toward the house I took a better look at the lake.

Between the house and the lake there was a large lawned area with an assortment of climbing frames, swings roundabouts, a netball court and tennis courts as well as what looked like an enclosed caged area which I assumed was some sort of 5-a-side football pitch.
I also noticed dotted around small, what looked to be summerhouses.
Oh and of course lots more cameras like the ones I had seen in the car park.

As we neared the house I saw a familiar face appear.
“Hello Daniel” said Mrs Thompson “nice to see you found your way” “That’s the beauty of The Scout movement for you” I said with a huge smile, She gave me a puzzled look, “I was in the scouts and they taught me how to map read”

“Oh I see a very handy skill I’m sure, I trust that Thomas has sorted you out”
“Yes thanks,” I said,
“It’s ok Thomas I’ll take Daniel on from here, oh! Did you explain about his car?”
“Yes,” said Mr Tom “but I haven’t asked him for his keys yet”
“That’s ok Thomas I’ll get him to hand them in at reception when I book him in”

Keys. Reception? Mrs Thompson saw the puzzled look on my face.
“It’s an additional security measure we take to stop cars being taken whilst you’re here”
“What to do with the local kids”
“Yes and for other reasons that will become clear later” she said, “besides you won’t need your car until you leave, all transport is provided if you do leave the grounds for any reason”
And with that we turned and headed toward the house.

As we approached a door at the side of the building Mrs Thompson produced a key fob from her pocket. We stopped at the door and she tapped a series of numbers out on the fob and the door clicked open. “We’ll issue you with your own one of these later” she said, “You’ll need it to move around the property. We have decided that this type of security protects the children and staff alike and it’s much easier than having huge bunches of keys like they had in the early days of the camp”.

As we walked through the door a strange but pleasant smell came to me, a mixture of Bleach, disinfectant and something else that I couldn’t quite work out but remembered from my past.
Mrs Thompson pressed another button on the key fob and the door closed quickly behind us with another click.

The room we were now standing in was clean bright and huge
Around 3 of the 4 walls were wooden benches, each had a series of metal baskets underneath. Above the benches at about 4 feet off the ground ran a series of coat hangers each of which had two blue or pink cotton sacks hanging from it.
The sacks were about the same size as the kit bags I remember having in my first few years at school. It had held my old PE kit in it.

Above each of the hangers was a place to stick a name card but as yet none were in place.
As we walked across the room I quickly counted the hangers there were about 50 or so.
I also spotted a large sink in the corner with scrubbing brushes and towels hanging from hooks above.

“This is what we call the boot room. It’s where the children change from their outdoor boots and shoes and hang their coats, before they enter the house” Said Mrs Thompson, “we can’t have dirty footwear being tramped around the house, so all the dirty items are left here”

We passed through another locked door and on into a long wide corridor.
Along the corridor there were a series of doors on both sides.
I counted 5 on each, and each had a large window next to it.
As we walked along the corridor I peeked in to each room through the window.
Every room was a classroom of some sort or another. I noticed two science rooms, what looked like two maths class rooms, and two English study rooms.
Each of the rooms was decorated with everything that you would expect a school class room to have, from learning posters on the walls right down to the old style school desks that had lift up lid and a seat attached.
There was also a fully kitted out music room with much more in it than I had ever seen in any other school before.
A computer room with projection screen and 20 networked screens with keyboards and tablets. Wow this is better kit than I have back at home I thought.

“I see you have noticed that the class rooms have all the latest equipment”, said Mrs Thompson. “We pride ourselves here on helping the children with the best money can buy, their parents pay so we provide as they say” she said the last bit with a slight note of sarcasm in her voice.

We passed two more rooms these again had glazed doors and windows but this time the glass was obscured to prevent anyone looking in.
One door had a sign that said Boys and the other said Girls, toilets I assumed, and thought nothing more of it.

As we approached the door at the end of corridor Mrs Thompson once more pressed the numbers on her key fob and the door clicked open and we passed through.

On the other side of the door was a really grand hall, the sort of hall that usually comes with a Stately Home or grand house.
A large central wooden staircase, which split both left and right the first landing then turned again and each staircase then came out at different points on the first floor.

At the bottom of the staircase were a series of large sofas positioned at random on the white marble floor, some facing each other with low tables between them and some pushed against the walls of the hall with small tables at each side.
A few of the side tables had modern lamps on them. There were bookcases positioned around the walls filled with books of all shapes, sizes and ages.

At the furthest wall of the hall were two large wooden front doors, the other side of which I had seen when pulling up to the front of the house.
Tucked in one corner and stretching a little way along one wall was a small but formal reception desk with shelves and a number of numbered wooden boxes on the wall behind.

Seated behind the desk was a very formal looking lady of about 50 dressed in an also very formal blue Matrons uniform, the sort you see sometimes in the old hospital films of the 60’s and 70’s.

As we approached the desk the lady rose and greeted us, Daniel Fielding I presume, “That’s me I” responded with a smile
“Miss Barrett here is our receptionist and doubles up as school Matron,” said Mrs Thompson. “Everyone has to be processed here before there allowed to enter the building.
This room is the first thing the children see when they enter camp so we try to make it comphy and cheerful with just a little bit of daunting thrown in”
“Daniel has his keys to hand in Miss Barrett and anything else for safe keeping, oh and of course his mobile phone” “Mobile phone?” I said, “Yes, mobile phone. As in an office job we want you to be able to concentrate on the job in hand and not be distracted by incoming calls so
we don’t allow staff to have a mobile switched on in camp whilst on duty.
I’m sure you understand” “Can’t I just keep it in my room with my other possessions? I protested”
“No Sorry the rules are the rules, no mobiles.

Miss Barrett placed a small plastic tray on the desk and motioned for me to place my keys and phone inside.
“If you desperately need to use your phone when your off duty just ask Miss Barrett or myself and we will hand it over then lock it back up when you’re finished”

I reluctantly turned off the phone and placed it in tray along with my car keys. “I suggest that you put your wallet in there as well” said Mrs Thompson, “you won’t need any money on camp, but if you do go out anywhere you can always collect it before you go”

I tossed in the wallet and some small change I had in my trouser pocket.
Miss Barrett picked up the tray and turned around on her chair to one of the many little boxes fixed to the wall, she placed the tray in box number 101 and locked it.

“There that’ll be safe and secure for the duration” said Mrs Barrett she handed me a blue coloured name badge on a chain, “You must wear this at all times when you’re on duty” she said. “Will do” I replied.

“Now follow me and I’ll show you your home from home for the next 6 weeks” said Mrs Thompson.
We turned and headed up the stairs, we took the right staircase at the first landing, then continued up to the first floor and stopped at the landing.

As we climbed the stairs the smell I had noticed earlier became more noticeable, but still I couldn’t place it, and it was bugging me.

“This floor is where the children’s dormitories, changing rooms and bathrooms are,” said Mrs Thompson, “there are 4 dormitories two on each wing and each has a name”.
Their mixed and each dormitory is for a specific age range”
“Mixed?” I said, “yes, we have found over the years that it is easier to administer to the children if their all in the same age range, rather than splitting them up into boys and girls dormitories, you’ll catch on later, we’ll go into it In more detail when I give you and the other new members of staff the grand tour”

She handed me a key fob like the one she had been using except that this one had a small key attached to it, “you’ll need this to get to you room” she said “the key is for your room and you just punch in the code 8907on the keypad to open all the other doors, your room is up this staircase, through the door and turn right, you’re in room 101”

I hadn’t realised that there was another floor to the building but then I remembered seeing a series of small windows in the roof as I approach in my car.

“You’ll find the rooms quite comfortable” said Mrs Thompson. Everything you need for your stay has been provided and you’ll find a uniform laid out on your bed, just unpack, get changed and settle yourself in, there are tea and coffee making facilities and a small stocked fridge in the room, make yourself a drink and relax for a while, I’ll come up in about an hour and we can start the tour”.

“Thanks! I’ll do that, is there a loo on the way?” “There’s one in your room” “all the staff have en-suite,” she explained. “Anyway you go and relax and I’ll come get you later, don’t forget 8907 through the door turn right room 101”
With that she turned and walked off back down the staircase.
It had been a long drive from my home and I hadn’t stopped on the way so I was now in desperate need of a pee.
I rushed up the two long flights of stairs and came to a solid looking white door with a small window, I urgently pressed the numbers on the keypad, nothing happened, “shit what number did she say?” I tried again, and again nothing. I stood there for a moment trying to remember what Mrs Thompson had said, punch the code 8097, through the door turn right room 101, I tried again, nothing no click then without warning, an alarm sounded, and above the door a red light started flashing, I stood there fixed to the spot, not knowing weather to run or try to hide somewhere.

A few panicked seconds passed when I noticed a face appear at the little window in the door with a puzzled look, then the door clicked open.
“Forgotten your code” said the young girl with a broad smile on her face.
“Yes sorry, first time, must have got the number wrong”
“It seems so Daniel,” said a voice from behind me, I turned to see Mrs Thompson standing at the bottom of the flight of stairs with her key fob in hand, and she had a look of frustration on her face. “A touch of STML is it?”
“Sorry! STML?” “Short term memory loss” replied Mrs Thompson, “oh yes, sorry, not the best memory in the world” I replied, “well you’ll need to work on that, and quickly there’s a lot you need to take in this afternoon” She pressed some keys on the keypad and the alarm stopped, just then we herd thumping on the stairs and a red faced middle aged man appeared on the landing breathing heavily, “Panic over“ said Mrs Thompson “false alarm” the puffed out man glared up at me from the landing. “Daniel I would like you to meet my husband Mr Thompson, Mr Thompson this is one of our new members of staff this summer Daniel Fielding” I waved a sort of embarrassed greeting to him and felt my face turn a rather hot colour of crimson. He tutted, turned and headed off back down stairs muttering under his breath something along the lines of “worse than the bloody kids”. Mrs Thompson smiled and turned her attention back to me, “please try to remember the number Daniel, we change it every day so you will need to get used to remembering it”
“I’ll help him settle in for you Mrs Thomson “came a reply before I could say anything.
“Thank you Jane, now Daniel go and freshen up, change and relax for an hour it looks as you need to finish your pee as well” She smiled, turned and headed off back down the stairs herself.
What did she mean? I looked down at my trousers, without realizing it I had developed a tiny wet spot of about 3cm, I turned round forgetting Jane was there and quickly moved my suitcase to cover the problem, but too late. “I see what she means,” said Jane, I turned an even darker shade of red and stuttered out some sort of embarrassed apology.
“Don’t panic smiled Jane I’ve seen much worse here” she laughed and held the door open for me to walk through.
Was it left or right? My mind was in a state by this time and I had forgotten Mrs Thompson’s directions. “Which room are you in” asked Jane? “101 I urgently replied”, “Ah! Next to me she said, quickly follow me”. And with that we ran down the narrow corridor me following close behind, watching her nice tight bum bouncing out in front of me.
Jane looked a little older than me and wasn’t the most beautiful to look at but from behind she took the form of a blond goddess.
“Here we are” we stopped outside my room. I thrust the key into the lock opened the door and rushed in, “Thanks I’ll be back in a minute can you wait?” I asked, Sure replied Jane, “come in” I said as I headed towards which was what I hoped was my bathroom door, sorry I can’t replied Jane.
“Why’s that”? I asked from the bathroom whilst trying to be as quiet as I could in the pan.
“Were not actually allowed in each other’s rooms, it’s a strict school rule”
“Silly rule if you ask me” I replied, “Give me a second then”
I finished off flushed, and headed back to Jane, still very conscious of my still very wet, wet spot.
“Thanks for your help back there” “no problem always happy to help newbie’s” she smiled and winked.
“When you’re ready come and knock and I’ll take you to the staff common room”
“Ok see you soon then” I watched as Jane walked up to her door and let herself in, she turned, waved “You’d better change those trousers she said as she looked back, I went red yet again, backed in and closed the door.


Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

Part two hope you enjoy.



I took a better look at the room now, bearing in mind I was in a hurry before and didn’t get a good look around.
The room was about 6 meters square, with a dormer window at the end, the roof sloped down toward the window. Along one wall was a modern style built-in wardrobe and chest of draws, along the opposite wall was the bathroom door and to one side of it a single bed with a bedside cabinet with an alarm clock on top, there was a set of clothes laid out on the bed, a T-shirt in dark blue and a kaki pair of long shorts, and on the floor next to the bed a new pair of White Nike trainers in what look to be my size.

Next to the main door was a sideboard with a small remote control TV on top, on the other side of the door was a small sideboard with a fridge underneath, the fridge was crammed with coke, 7-up and spring water.
There was also a small carton of semi-skimmed milk.
I took a look out of the window, which overlooked the lake and hills, and I could just about see the climbing frames and other equipment on the main lawn below.
All in all the room was like something you might get at the local Holiday Inn type of hotel.
I threw my suitcase on the bed and quickly emptied its contents into the various draws and wardrobe.

I found a waterproof jacket and spare trousers hanging in the wardrobe all in my size so I hung my ever so slightly shabby clothes next to the new ones I discovered, I pulled open the top draw and guess what, spare t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts all in the same school colours of the clothes on the bed, in the bottom drawer were new and socks and a choice of either boxers or y-fronts all in new bright white. These people have just about got it covered I thought to myself.

I left my not so new underwear in the case closed it and pushed it on to the top of the wardrobe.

I decided to have a quick shower after my little accident, so I stripped off, grabbed my wash bag and dived into the bathroom, I chucked the bag on a shelf I found and walked into the shower where I discovered shampoo and soap, there were nice clean warm towels ready for me when I had finished.
After a short shower I wrapped a couple those beautifully warm towels around me and walked back into the room and fell on the bed all snug and warm.

I laid there for a while drying off, thinking about Jane and her cute little bouncy bum and a smile appeared on my face.
Enough of that I thought, time to get ready.

I dried off and grabbed some of the new boxers and socks from the drawer, and pulled on the uniform t-shirt, it had 2 poppers on each shoulder and one on each side at around hip height.
I couldn’t find anything in the room that looked as if they were meant to be attached to them to so I gave up looking and pulled on the knee length shorts, pushed my feet into the new Nikes and turned to open the door, oops nearly forgot my key, and turned to pick it up off the table where I had left it I.
I opened the door just as Jane was about to knock on it, she jumped back as if in shock.
“Thought I’d see if you were ready yet and I see you are, let’s go”.

I went to close the door “don’t forget your name badge Daniel, and have you got your key fob? you don’t want Mrs Thompson catching you without them on or you’ll be for the high jump”. I raised by eyes to the ceiling and huffed as if I was 10 again and being told off by my mother, I turned round and grabbed the badge from the pile of dirty clothes I left on the floor, promising myself that I will pick those up when I get back.
Ran back to the door and went to close it again.

”key?” Asked Jane “Already got it” “just a word of warning. I wouldn’t leave those clothes there if I were you, Mrs Thompson is a bit strict on tidiness and cleanliness even in your own room”, “I’ll sort it out when I come back”,
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you then” said Jane, and with that I closed the door.
“Come with me and I’ll introduce you to a few of the other staff members who have arrived”

We walked down the long corridor which seemed to go on for miles.
“These rooms were used by the servants when this was a family home, about 75 years ago, there are a total of 105 separate rooms up here and all the staff live up here when on the grounds”.

We came to the end of the corridor and Jane opened a door, “this is one of the few rooms that you don’t need a key or code for Daniel”
We walked in and sitting on the various chairs and sofas dotted around the room were a number of men and women of all ages, either chatting away to each other or trying to read over the noise in the room.
At one end of the room was a kitchen area with a long counter and there were lots of notice boards hanging on the walls between the small windows.
It reminded me of the staff room the teachers had at my old secondary school.

“Everyone this is Daniel” announced Jane “it’s his first year so be gentle with him”, there were a few smiles a couple of waves and a few hello’s.
and I thought a couple of small giggles from the back of the room.

“Fancy a coffee?” Asked a guy standing at the kitchen counter.
“Wouldn’t mind if you’re making one” “what about you Jane you want one as well?”
We both walked toward the kitchen “Daniel this is Tony Higgins he’s your House Master, you’ll be working closely together for the next 6 weeks said Jane. “Thought it was you, your photo in your file doesn’t do you justice though”.
We shook hands and he handed over a coffee, “hope you like it strong, sugars over there” pointing to a pot on the counter.
“I’m sweet enough thanks” “so says your file” joked Tony, “I think we’ll get along fine you and I”

I had just taken my first sip of coffee when the door opened and Mrs Thompson came into the room, everyone noticed and acknowledged her arrival.

She walked around the room speaking to everyone she came to, either for a few seconds or a couple of minutes. I watched as she worked the room, everyone straightened their back a little as she approached and relaxed again as she moved on, I stood there thinking that she reminded me of the Queen doing the rounds at one of her garden parties, (one of which I had the honour to attend two years ago, but that’s another story)

Tony brought me out of my thoughts “I see from reading your file that your between jobs at the moment Daniel”
“yep it’s one of the reasons I took this job, and I gotta say the money here is good”
“You’ll earn it thought, trust me, you’ll earn it while you’re here”
I turned to face Tony and Jane, “that sound ominous”

“Well at your interview you were given a brief outline of your responsibilities weren’t you” “well yes, but Mrs Thompson did say that there are other duties I would be asked to do but I didn’t bother asking what they were, should I have done?”
“All will become clear when you take your tour, which if I am not mistaken is just about to start”.

At which point Mrs Thompson clapped loudly and immediately everyone stopped talking.
Could I ask the new members of staff to join me downstairs at reception for their tour please, as for the rest of you I’m sure that you all have something to do.
We only have 4 hours until the children arrive and I want everything ready before they get here please”.

With that everyone who was sitting got up passed there finished cups along to the nearest person who then passed it on to the person nearest the kitchen sink, which just happened to be me, then made their way out of the room.
“See you downstairs when you get to the Dormitory Daniel,” said Tony as he moved towards the door.
Jane followed closely behind and said the same, “You didn’t say you were in the same dormitory as me Jane” “I’m not but I’m across from you in Arundel I’ll see you on your way round” she waved as she walked.
I tidied the dirty cups on the draining board and followed on behind everyone else.

At bottom of the stairs at the first floor landing most people went either left or right but some headed off down the main staircase.
I saw Tony and Jane walking and chatting as they went, I continued on down and noticed that a small group of 4 people had gathered around the reception desk.
“Nice of you to join us Daniel” quipped Mrs Thompson. As I approached the group.

Just about everyone turned and looked at me with a small knowing, glad it was you and not me mate smile on their face.
“Right then let’s get on shall we, follow me everyone”

We moved off without any introductions and headed toward the ground floor right wing, and stopped at the first door which was open, “normally all of these doors would be locked shut” said Mrs Thompson “ but to save time we have left them open whilst you’re on your tour, but as a strict rule they should always be locked”
We all stepped into the large high ceiling room, there were a series of chairs, tables, bean bags and sofas placed around the room on a highly polished wooden floor. On the walls there were book cases filled with books comics, games, puzzles, and just about everything you would expect to find in a kids room.
At one end there was a large TV on a wheeled stand so it could be moved around the room, and next to it on another trolley a brand new Playstation games consol with its own TV and a few boxes of games. I didn’t even have one of those at home and Sony had only introduced the Playstation a few weeks before.

“This is the children’s common room,” explained Mrs Thompson, “If the children are well behaved they are allowed to come in here and for a few hours a day encouraged to socialize, interact and watch television if they so wish”.

“How many children do we expect to be coming?” said the guy standing next to me, “We have 42 campers arriving this evening Peter, everyone of them needs to be greeted fed, processed and in bed by 8.30, no matter their age” “What is the age range of the children that are coming” I perked up not wanting to be left out.
”This year the youngest is 9 and the eldest is 15 and a half, everyone is treated the same here no matter their age and bed times are very important, as you will see later in the tour. We actually have a couple of 15 year olds coming this summer and even they will be in bed by 8.30, with no arguments”

“Shall we continue to the next room” everyone followed Mrs Thompson out back into the hallway and along the corridor to the next room.
As we walked in I took a step backwards as did a couple of the other people in the group.
“This is the baby’s room,” announced Mrs Thompson. “This is where any child is sent if they misbehave in anyway”

The room was set out as a nursery room, with play mats on the floor, babies toys in boxes along the walls, a small plastic Little Tykes slide in one corner of the room and two of what I could only describe as 4 feet high barred cages with locking tops along one wall, there would have just have been enough room for me to sit on my heals with the top locked down.
“You will notice the two playpens in here,” said Mrs Thompson, “These are only used if we have a child with a violent reaction to being punished, they spend a period of time in here until they calm down”
Everyone to a man, (oh and woman sorry), looked at each other in disbelief.

“You can’t cage kids no matter what they have done,” piped up one girl on the tour.
“I can assure you we can and we will if necessary.
We have total parental consent to treat their children as we see fit, some of the parents have paid a lot of money to send their children here, and because of the waiting list they are grateful to have got them in.
“But a baby’s room and playpens” Replied the girl.
Every parent who signs’s up their child to attend camp, has read and signed the consent form, the brochure they receive gives very specific details of how we care for and promise to help their children while there here, Right down to the daily routines and if necessary any punishment we administer”.

“I suppose the cane, paddle or spanking is used here then, for really sever cases?” Asked another of my new found colleagues

“No, never!!” Mrs Thompson replied with a slightly stressed level in her voice. “We never hit the children, ever and neither will you no matter what provocation you receive that is a very firm and strict rule of camp, no physical striking of any sort. If any child hits you then they spend time cooling off in here, and if necessary locked in the playpens, that way we can be sure that they don’t harm themselves and that no harm will come to anyone else, believe me when I say, we have learned over many years, this is the best way to control the aggressive and violent children who attend Happy Summers”
“So the children we will be caring for will be special needs then?” came a question from the rear of the group.

“No! All the children are normal everyday kids, they all attend, or should attend normal everyday schools, but some just have a problem interacting with their peers, or their parents have just decided that the care and summer education we provide here would be beneficial to their children, to either catch up with their school work or to satisfy a need or desire their child has, many will come from troubled backgrounds and need to have some form of re-direction in their lives”.

“Don’t you think we should have been told all about this at the interview Mrs Thompson?” asked the same person from behind, and there were a few mumblings from the others in the group.
“Again No!” she replied. “We have found from again vast past experience that we get the best people to work here by keeping them in the dark until the tour. You were all asked to attend interviews because you applied for a position that you have extensive past experience and expertise in, in the child care field of one sort or another, we do not offer jobs to just anyone here, we try to pick the best, and the people who we feel will fit in with our methods”

Everyone now had a look of wow they think I’m the best, I must be good, tensions visibly cooled.

“Let’s continue the tour, ask as many questions as you like, but please leave judgement till the tour is over. We will sit down either as a group or individually and go into our methods in greater detail.
I myself wasn’t too concerned as to what I had seen so far, my major concern was raised with the spanking question, but as the practice wasn’t in use, I was prepared to continue on with an open mind.

We all again followed Mrs Thompson back into the corridor and along to the next room, this room was locked though and she knocked on the door.
The door opened and Mr Thompson appeared in the doorway, please come in, let me show you the heart of our little operation.
We all filed in through the narrow door and into a darkened room with no windows.
“In here we watch over the whole school on these monitors ”
Along one complete wall of the room there were 50 or so TV monitors every one covering a different part of the school, I noticed my car was still in the car park and un-damaged (relief).
There were monitors covering hallways, classrooms and doors, two in what looked like the dining room, there were cameras covering the lawn and Lake and some were switched off.
In front of the screens was a large desk with lots of buttons and levers and a guy sitting moving the levers and pressing buttons, and to one side I noticed what looked like recording equipment.

I hadn’t actually noticed any cameras other than the ones in the car park so I was keen to get back outside and look for one, I popped my head around the door and tried to spot the camera in the hallway but couldn’t. I waved my hand and watched the monitor to make sure I was looking in the right direction but I still couldn’t see the camera.
“Well hidden aren’t they” said Mr Thompson as he noticed me waving on the monitor. “We prefer to conceal the cameras, the kids don’t know we monitor them and they act totally normally because of that.

We cover only non-private areas. Areas such as bathrooms and changing rooms are left un-monitored, does anyone have any questions?”
“Why so many cameras inside” I asked, “I thought the problem was with vandals outside”
“We cover the school both internally and externally for not only the vandal problem but also for your protection” He continued. “If someone causes a problem we want to be able to react as quickly as possible.
You should know that yourself young man”, Pointing his finger at me. “Seeing as you set off an alarm earlier, and had me running up3 flights of stairs for nothing”.
I went my usual shade of red and tried ignore the titters from the others.

“Every door that has a lock has an alarm, if you fail to enter the correct code 3 times the alarm sounds down here, if anyone tampers with the door the alarm sounds down her, and we come running,
Young Greg here is fitter than me so he does most of the running”.
Everyone smiled and Greg laughed.
“But on the serious side, please remember the codes, we do change them every day for a good reason and if you set the alarms ringing it disrupts the whole building and unsettles the children”

“Right any more questions?
No, then let’s move on,” said Mrs Thompson.
And with that, we all left the room and the door was closed tightly shut behind us.

We headed for the door at the end of the corridor, I was still trying to spot the camera, which should have by now been visible, but I still couldn’t spot one, but I could see and smell, as we approached the door that we were heading for the kitchens.
We passed another locked door on the right and Mrs Thompson said that it led down to the school laundry.

We walked past a final door on the right and stopped for a brief second just long enough for Mrs Thompson to tell us that this was her office and that as with all good employers her door was always open.
Strange, I joked to myself, seeing as all the other doors must always be shut and locked it was strange that hers was always open so to speak.

We entered through the open door at the end of the corridor and were greeted by a rather large lady in a cooks apron and hat.
“This is where Mrs Flagstaff and our lovely ladies prepare and cook all the meals for both the children and staff”
Mrs Flagstaff slightly nodded her head to everyone and continued.
“We have 6 ladies and myself working here in the kitchen, we only cook freshly grown produce and local meat from a high quality butcher.
We have balanced nutritional meals 3 times a day and a rotating 2-week menu, so you shouldn’t get bored with the selection.

The kitchen was just as I remember the kitchen at my old school, even down to the large floor standing mixers the cooker range in the middle of the room and the large walk in larder full of cook’s ingredients.

“Do we eat with the children?” someone asked. “Yes the house staff that are on duty and any other on duty staff member would normally eat with the children in the main dining room, but for those who are off duty and prefer not to there is a separate dining room at the back of the kitchen over there”. And she pointed to a door and window at the back of the kitchen.

“Do we eat the same meals as the children?” came another question.
“In a fashion yes, the ingredients are the same but presented differently”
“Do we get chocolate cake?” was my favourite question from the back of the group. “Yes we do have that too sometimes” and that was greeted with a laugh and applause from the group and even Mrs Thompson smiled.

“Thank you Mrs Flagstaff, we must move on lots to do and see and so little time. Before we go, are we getting your usual first night feast tonight?
“We are” she replied “Good I’m sure we are all looking forward to that because it smells too good to eat all ready let’s move on shall we”
And with that we all followed Mrs Thompson out.
The door was then firmly closed behind us.

We headed back up the corridor the way we came and this time went into a door on the opposite side from the ones we’d been in.
We entered a dining room, to the right there were 10 tables set out in two lines along half the length of the room with benches tucked in under.
There was also single long table set out at the top of the room they all had brightly coloured table cloths and were set with plates, knives forks and spoons. To the left there were closed room divider panels, which had they been open would have made the room twice the size it appeared to be.
There was a huge fireplace against the wall and the grate was loaded with logs already to be fired up at the strike of a match, and two doors at the far end of the wall, which I assumed lead back to the kitchens the floor was highly polished floor boards and along two of the walls large 2 pairs of large wood frame mullion windows, giving the room a lovely mid afternoon ambiance.

“The room at the moment has been laid out for tonight’s feast meal, we would normally spread the tables out so each dormitory has two tables each and two houseparent’s at each table to keep order.
We open up the room divider to enlarge the space and give ample room for the spread out tables.

“Why a feast meal on the first day, wouldn’t you normally have one at the end of camp rather than the beginning?” came a question.
“We have one at the start and one at the finish of camp, the one tonight is to allow the children one last night of total fun and allows them to make pigs of themselves before we get them to knuckle down for the reason there here tomorrow, we call it the new beginning feast”.
The feast we have on the last night is to normally thank them for all their hard work and effort over the 6 weeks there here and as a goodbye meal and we call that the thanks feast”.

“Any questions? “Just one from me, can we pig out as well?”
Yes Daniel, it’s just as much of a beginning feast for the staff as it is for the children, your work starts after the meal so go mad if you wish but remember you’re here to work as well”.
With that Mrs Thompson left the room and we followed on behind.
We walked into the next room along the corridor.

“This is our sick ward,” announced Mrs Thompson as we walked through the door. “And this is Nurse Collins, she and Matron take care of the scraped knees and bumps on the head that happen most days”
A slim looking young girl turned from what she was doing and greeted us as we walked in with a hello everyone.

The room was set out exactly as you would expect to see in any modern hospital ward and examination room.
It was a small room in comparison to the large rooms we had already been in, with two padded couches in the centre. There were various cabinets with medical items piled up inside against the walls and a sink in the corner.
At one end of the room there was wall with a double door, the doors each of the doors had a glass window and in the room beyond I could see 6 large hospital cots. The cots were the high barred type that you sometimes still see in children’s wards in a regular hospital but somewhat bigger.

“We can cater for up to 6 sick children at a time here” explained Nurse Collins, “but we have never had more that 3 at any one time in the past,” she added.
“We have all the necessary equipment to handle the normal day to day events you see at a camp, but if something more serious occurs we call in the local Doctor who’s just down in the village, but touch wood we haven’t ever had a hospital case to date, but now I’ve said that were bound to have one” and she smiled at everyone with the nicest smile I had seen for ages.
“Well let’s hope not shall we” retorted Mrs Thompson, with that I wish you hadn’t said that look on her face.

“Why the cots in the next room” asked Peter.
“We want to avoid any poorly child that is receiving treatment hurting themselves by falling out of bed don’t we everyone” Said Nurse Collins

We all nodded
“Right has everyone seen what they need to here? Yes well shall we move on”? And with that we turned and left Miss Collins to return to what she was doing before we disturbed her.

We followed Mrs Thompson a little way along the corridor and came to another larger and more elegant wooden door than all of the others, this one though,
I recognised.

“This is our lift”, announced Mrs Thompson. ”We only use it to move laundry between floors and if necessary incapacitated or sick children, down to the sick ward and back if necessary. Absolutely no children are allowed to use the lift unattended and we do prefer staff not to us it unless absolutely necessary”
We all took turns to peek through the small slot window in the door of the lift, the light inside showed it was large enough to accommodate a bed much like a hospital lift.

We continued on to the main reception area then started up the stairs.
I peered over the banister as we walked up the stairs and Miss Barrett, or should we call her Matron, was busily sorting out pieces of card and writing what appeared to be names on them with a thick black marker.

At the landing we took the right staircase and headed up to the first floor
We paused at the landing and waited for everyone to catch up.

“As I said earlier, on this floor we have the children’s dormitories, play room, changing and bathrooms.
Each wing contains two dormitories on either side, to our left is Arundel and Pembroke, and to the right are Andover and Windsor, and yes there named after English castles.
Each dormitory has its own set of facilities and those facilities are only to be used by the relevant named dormitory.
The youngest campers are the 8 up to 9 and a half-year olds and are in Arundel.
The 9 and a half to 12 ‘s are in Pembroke.

In Andover we have the 13 to 14 and a half year olds and in Windsor we have the 14 and a half upwards.

Each dormitory is mixed and has 12 children in it, normally 6 boys and 6 girls.
We have six full time members of staff on call all the time in each dormitory, with a minimum of 4 staff members on duty at any one time, during the Mornings, lunchtimes and evenings the 2 addition staff are rostered in to help from the teaching and domestic staff. The only exception is of course at night where one member of staff from each dormitory is rostered to do a night duty.
Any questions?”

We again followed behind as Mrs Thompson led us along a corridor and through the first of 2 open doors on the left hand side of the wide corridor.
“This is Arundel’s play room,” she announced.
Inside there were small tables and chairs with yet more cupboards filled with books and games similar to the common room downstairs.
“We bring the children in here before bedtime, to calm them down from the activities of the day and before preparing them for bed”

She led us through a connecting door to a large high ceilinged room.
Size wise it was something like 30 to 40 feet in length by about 25feet wide. This room had 6 small padded tables with patterned plastic covers, a bit like the examination tables in the sick ward downstairs, but they were a lot smaller.
Next to each table was a tall square table around 18inches square and around 30inches high with a drawer and below a large white bucket placed underneath. A small washbasin was positioned behind each of the tables within reach of the table.
At the end of the room was a large wicker laundry basket on wheels. The room was decorated with painted cartoon characters on the walls very much the same as the baby’s room we had seen downstairs and Mickey Mouse looked as if he had been painted by old Walt himself.

“This is what we call changing room one. The children are undressed in here before they are then taken through for baths in the room next door.

Every child, in every dormitory, bathes every night before bedtime.
We find it helps relax them, and makes for a much sounder sleep.
“You mentioned that the dormitories are mixed” Came a question from the group. “That’s correct” Replied Mrs Thompson.
“Do both the boys and girls undress together then?”
“No, not straight away, that could cause some initial embarrassment, inhibitions and resentment, so the boys and girls are bathed separately at first”
“At first?” I said.
“You will find that in a few days, the children will become used to their new environment, they won’t be bothered about seeing each other naked so we can bathe them together if necessary.

We moved on toward another open adjoining doorway that led through to a fully white tiled bathroom area. This room was a lot smaller around 20feet long and with a lower ceiling.
There were 6 steel baths smaller than the usual sized baths, each of which had a hand shower attached to the mixer taps at the end of the bath.

There were 3 baths on each side of the room and each had a small wooden stool and a slightly larger table with towels, shampoos, and soaps placed on top.
A cupboard at the end of the room was stacked high with the white towels just like the ones I had used earlier after my shower.
I also spotted a hospital style polished steel trolley with two trays pushed against the end wall of the room.
In the far corner of the room was a cubicle with no door and as we walked toward it I saw that it contained a single toilet.

“Not much to see in there said Mrs Thompson, so let’s move on.

We carried on through a doorway that had a double sealed door, and frame, which I assumed was some sort of fire door

As we entered the next room everyone stopped and stared at its décor and layout.

“This is changing room two” Announced Mrs Thompson.

The room was around the same size as the first room and contained 6 examination tables very similar to those we had seen in the previous changing room, but in here there were larger tables set out next to them and on tables were stacked disposable Nappies, along with an assortment of powders and creams that you would expect to find in a babies nursery.
These tables also had a small drawer underneath and a shelf below which was stacked with white towels.
Against the wall behind each examination table there were 2 largish wardrobes, one in blue and one pink, and on each wardrobe was a space to hang a name card, exactly as there had been in the boot room downstairs.

As we all looked around in utter amazement I spotted Jane slotting name cards into their allotted brass holders on the wardrobe doors.

“How are we doing Jane? everything ready?”

“Nearly” She replied. ”We still have the bedding to do next door but that’s about the last thing to do up here”.

Jenny one of the girls on the tour stuttered out a question.
“Earlier Mrs Thompson, you told us that the youngest child that would be attending camp was nine years old am I right?
“Yes that’s correct” Replied Mrs Thompson.
“Then please tell us all why you have stacks of nappies in here, surely they cannot be for the campers”
“Well actually they are” She again replied.
“That’s ridiculous” Exclaimed Jenny, you can’t expect a 9 year old child to wear nappies let alone allow themselves to be put in one”
“On the contrary, the nappies are used on every camper at the school right up to the eldest 15 year old”

“But why would you expect a 15 year old to be prepared to have a nappy placed on him or her and not kick up a fuss? And surely the parents don’t know about this activity at the school they would have a fit”

“You have to remember Jenny, we have been doing this the same way at this school for the past 25 years. We have the expertise and experience to cope with any objection to wearing nappies from a child of any age.
A small number of the children arriving tonight are actually returning campers from last year or the year before and both they and their parents wanted then to return for a second time, they too will be in nappies for the duration and will offer no objection”.

“To be totally honest Mrs Thompson, I think you’re off your rocker”. Said Jenny.
And a few, but not all of the others mumbled their objections to what they had so far seen and heard.
“I for one am not interested in making children, willing or un-willing to wear nappies for the fun of it and I want no part of what you’re doing here, I think your all totally mad”

“I did ask everyone earlier that you all please leave judgement till after the tour was over and I have had a chance answer your questions and to allay any fears you may have.
So I again please ask you all to not make any rash decisions or judgements of what we are trying to achieve here until we are able to have our full and frank post tour discussion.”

“Sorry but I don’t wish to carry on with the tour Mrs Thompson” Retorted Jenny. “I don’t think I could ever be persuaded that this is beneficial to children and cannot see myself changing the nappies of any child let alone one of 15, so I’m afraid I’m out”
Mrs Thompson replied in a calm but slightly raised voice.
“I’m sorry to hear you say that Jenny, your CV and particular experience told us that you would be quite suited to the position we have offered you here, but if you’re adamant then there is no point in me arguing the point.
Does anyone else feel the same way?”
No one else in our group uttered a word, I was undecided but decided to hold back for a while.

“Jane” Called Mrs Thompson.
Jane, who was listening at the other end of the room to what was going on, turned and acknowledged Mrs Thompson’s call.
“Could I ask you to take Jenny down to my office and I will join you there as soon as I can, thanks”
Mrs Thompson turned to Jenny.

Can I ask Jenny would you please follow Jane and wait for me in my office, I will join you shortly”.

The objector made her way back out through the bathroom and changing room toward the corridor.
Mrs Thompson waved back Jane and whispered some instructions in her ear, I tried to bend my ear to hear what she was saying but just caught the words, try to talk some, and assumed that she was asking to Jane to try to talk the pair around.

Jane continued toward the door and aimed an understanding smile and shrug of the shoulders in my direction.
“I think we’ve seen enough in here so if everyone is ready shall the rest of us continue on?”
And with that Mrs Thompson made her way towards the door at the end of the room with the rest of us following on behind quietly whispering amongst ourselves.

“This is playroom two” She announced.
“This room is only used after breakfast, and the children amuse themselves in here until all the morning nappies and clothes are changed, we don’t want them running amuck in the nursery waiting for everyone to be changed”

She led on through the next door we entered Arundel dormitory, and with absolutely no surprise to me it was set out as I had been expecting, bearing in mind the other rooms we had been through, and the previous discussions it was no surprise to find myself looking at 12 wooden cot beds complete with bars set out in 3 rows.
Larger obviously that a normal babies cot but none the less built to the same specification as any parent would buy for their new baby in Mothercare or Babies-R-us.
The room was again around 30 feet by about 20 feet decorated again with the cartoon characters and a lot cooler than all the other rooms we had been in. Two large wooden windows were along each of the outside walls similar to the ones in the dining room but this time long heavy partially drawn curtains, blue in colour hung from large ornate brass rails, the floor was covered in a thick soft carpet.

There were 4 ceiling fans circling slowly on the ceiling high above our heads.
I noticed the ceiling lighting was a lot less harsh than the previous 3 rooms.

Two 30 something year old ladies that I remembered from the staff room were busily making up the cot’s bedding and fixing in place padded colourful bumpers to the end of each of the cots.
Both of them looked up and acknowledged our entry to the room.
They had obviously though overheard the discussion in the other room so they were trying to look as disinterested in us as possible.

“I don’t think at this time I need to elaborate further on the set out of this room. We call them dormitories for the benefit of the new staff members and children, but as you can clearly see this is actually a nursery in every sense of the word.
The children have no idea when they arrive as to where they will be sleeping and as this is the last room in the series of 4 that they pass through, it is a pleasant surprise for some but for others, well, you’ll find that out tonight ladies and gentlemen, assuming of course you decide that this position is for you”.

She was right, none of us need to be told, that this was in fact a nursery.

I was having trouble with the fact that parents seemed to think that this was either what their children wanted of needed, and I was bursting with questions, but I, as did everyone else, seem happy to wait to the end to have our objections answered.

We all stood silently in the centre of the nursery, scanning the 4 walls making sure we weren’t dreaming, and pinching ourselves to make sure.

It seemed that soon we would all have to make a decision as to whether we could do the job or even if we wanted to.
One person had already made their choice and I wondered how many of the remaining group would still be around to welcome the kids when they arrived later this afternoon.
I was having my own serious doubts, but what the hell, let’s let the lady put her side of the story and give us some very good reasons to stick it out.

I thought of Jane.
I couldn’t see her being someone who would allow children to come to any harm, but then again I had only just met the girl, I knew nothing about her, or her past, but who was I to pass judgement on the unknown.

Mrs Thompson gave us what seemed to be ages but was in fact only seconds to gather our thoughts, she knew from experience that this is the point where battles had been won and lost in the past so she added no more pressure to the situation by filling us in on any more than we need to know at this point in the tour.

“Are all the other dormitories, sorry! nursery’s as you call them, set out in the same fashion as this one Mrs Thompson?. Asked one of our remaining group.

“All four are exactly the same layout.
All of the furniture, changing tables, cots and baths are obviously larger as the ages go up, but everything right down to the paintings on the walls are the same in every nursery.
Let’s move on to the Pembroke nursery, and I’ll show you what I mean”

And with that we headed for the door at the end of the nursery.
As we re-entered the corridor Mrs Thompson pointed out a door at the end of the corridor.

“That is the night staff room.
As I mentioned earlier a minimum of four staff members cover nights at least once every week, there is a similar room at the other end of the building for the House parents from Andover and Windsor nursery’s. The room contains two beds, 2 rocking chairs, a sofa, a fridge and coffee making facilities for the night staff to make use of and something that raised my eyebrows, two babies bottle warmers.

“The rocking chairs are there to allow children who wake during the night who may be upset to be rocked and cuddled, to try to calm them, we find it helps the settling in process for some, some even play on it later for the extra attention.
A word of warning though! Never let a child stay in the night room all night with you, you need to encourage them to sleep it their cots.
Although we do not encourage night staff to sleep, we do know that sometimes after a very hard day’s work some of you may need to take a doze to re-charge your batteries”

We continued across the corridor and entered an adjacent doorway to the Pembrook nursery.
As we entered I spotted Tony standing next to one of the blue wardrobes, he was hanging up what looked to be an oversized blue baby sleep suit.
As we entered he turned to greet us.
“Hello Tony are we ready yet?” Asked Mrs Thompson.
“Well we could do with Daniel being up here to lend a hand” He looked in my direction and smiled. “But I’m sure we will get along until you have finished the tour”.
I smiled back an unsure smile, and he cottoned on to the fact that all was not well with the group.

“I see from your numbers that you’re one short, anything I can assist with Mrs Thompson?”
“Well you might like to tell everyone about your first day here, how long ago was it now 8 years am I correct?”

“Yes 8 years ago today funnily enough.
To be totally frank with all of you, on my first day I had some serious doubts about what I had been shown, in much the same way I’m sure most of you have now, the fact that we were going to be expected to treat grown children as babies really concerned me, but I can honestly say to you all, hand on hart, that after my first week here I could see what we were trying to achieve, and the fact that the children actually began to respond in a really positive and worthwhile way my fears were totally put to rest.

I was on the grand tour the same as you are now, and I wasn’t given the full story in the same way you haven’t been, and like you do now, I felt that I had been conned into something, lied to and deceived, but also like you I was luckily introduced to someone who had been here for some time, someone who was prepared to tell you how it was in exactly the same was as I am doing now and that guy was John Levenger.

8 years on and John is still here, in fact this year he’s Housemaster of Windsor nursery, and I can assure you right here and right now you don’t get to be running Windsor without patience, understanding, and experience.

Windsor is the tuff one, Windsor is the hardest because it’s got the older kids, it’s the hardest because it’s got the kids with the biggest problems, but we all aspire to be another John, a guy who is always there for the kids a guy who cares and is prepared to be there for anyone.

Just to emphasize the respect he’s got, I must tell you this little story which is dear to me.

I stayed with John for a couple of days a few Christmas’s ago.
I arrived at his home, which isn’t that far from here on Christmas eve, when I first walked into his living room I couldn’t believe the amount of Christmas cards he had on show.

I said to him that he must have a huge family to get all those cards, his reply was that he didn’t have any living relatives, I asked why all the cards then, and do you know what, every one of them was from someone who had been at happy summers over the last 20 years and there must have been well over 300 of them.
Some of those kids are now well over 30 years old and still they send their cards as a mark of respect for the man.

I’m not going to stand here and tell you it’s going to be an easy 6 weeks, and I’m not going to stand here and beg you to stay.

If you didn’t care about kids then you wouldn’t be standing here now and you would be on your way home like Jenny, but what I am going to say to you all is this.

Have the courage to give it a try, ask your questions, express your concerns, but at the end of the day look at what we endeavour to achieve here for the children, some of whom appear at first glance to be a lost cause, their file will tell you that, other people say they can’t be helped no matter what, and I’ll tell you what, in 6 weeks time and it’s time for the kids to go home the when the youngest right up to the oldest comes running up to you, gives you a hug and says thanks, then you know what you have helped achieve here has been worthwhile after all”.

We stood, all of us in this room and not a word was uttered after Tony had finished, there was silence.

Such a speech, such passion.
Tony came across to me, and I’m sure everyone else standing listening, as the guy who would do anything to help kids, someone who enjoys the place, someone who gives as much if not more that he gets back.
Someone that regardless of his own concerns would do everything in his power to protect the kids and help them in any way he could.

After allowing everyone a few moments of reflection, Mrs Thompson sprang back into action.

“Thank you for that Tony, I’m sure that many of the returning staff working here today would have similar stories to yours, and I know everyone has your passion, because if they didn’t then they wouldn’t come back every year.

I’m afraid on that note that I’m going to have to cut our tour short.
But I think you have seen enough and have maybe all the information you need to make an educated decision on your own.

If you follow me back downstairs I will leave you to talk amongst yourselves in the main hall while I see to Jenny.
I will give each of you a copy of the brochure we send to the parents along with a covering letter and the consent forms that they had to sign.
If any of you would like to see one, we have a comprehensive file on every child who will be attending this summer, and I would be happy to show you what information we have and what results parents would be happy to see us achieve.

I have already said to you all that every one of you has been selected from thousands of potential applicants for these positions, because not only do you have a special ability or expertise when it comes to the care, welfare and education of children, but because your past experience while working with children tells us that you are the right people for the needs of the children we will have here”.

With that Mrs Thompson turned and made her way back out to the corridor, everyone else turned and followed her out.
I looked at Tony and gave him an approving nod of the head and a tight approving smile.
He smiled back and I turned and hurried to catch up with the others.

We made our way back down the main staircase and into the reception hall.

“Please take a seat everyone while I get you all a brochure”
She walked toward the reception desk; Matron had either anticipated her need for brochures or having been through the same situation for many years, was well rehearsed in knowing that the brochures would be needed. Mrs Thompson handed everyone a copy.

“Would anybody like a drink while I’m away?” She asked
A few hands went up as did mine.
“Would you take the order please Matron and pass it on to Mrs Flagstaff”
”With pleasure” she replied, “who’s having what?” came the question
as Mrs Thompson hurried off in the direction of her office.

The brochure from the front looked like any sort of brochure or prospectus sent out by any of the thousands of private schools across the UK.
There was a picture of the front of the school building, which surrounded by the trees looked very upmarket.
Inside on the first page there was a forward by the principal (Mrs Thompson), which was exactly what you would expect to see in this type of selling tool, but once you progressed beyond the first page, it was nothing like you would receive from a Rugby or Eaton or Charterhouse.

We aim to provide a structured, safe, learning and educational environment for all children between 8 and a halt right up to 15
Our methods may not be conventional.

You can say that again I thought.

But we are judged by results and our record speaks for itself.
If your child is troubled of if he or she is misunderstood by conventional establishments then we may be able to help you help your child to develop and be integrated back into an educational mainstream that they have previously been excluded from.
We can virtually guarantee that within 6 weeks every child attending Happy Summers Holiday Camp will return home a totally different member of society.
A child that you will be proud the call son or daughter.
A child that will be a credit to you and the rest of your family.
A child that will have self-confidence and the courage he or she currently lacks.
If you feel that this may the solution to your problems that you have been searching for then please read on.

I won’t go and describe the full contents of the brochure, go and get your own.

But suffice it to say that if I as a parent had requested and received this through the post, then if I had a child as described in Mrs Thompson’s forward then my kids would have been on the first bus here no matter the cost.

The remainder of the brochure went in to fine detail about the methods used at the school.
It fully described the use of nappies, cots and baby treatment.
It had full colour pictures of every facility within the school, including photographs of the nursery’s changing rooms, as well as pictures of the outdoor facilities.
It fully set out the schools educational aims which was based on the individual need of each and every child.

It emphasised the care and respect each individual child would receive and it concluded with a promise to every parent.

If we fail to achieve in 6 weeks what we set out to achieve for your child then we will give you a full no argument refund of your fee.
Now there’s confidence in your programme I thought.

I raised an eyebrow at the camp fees listed on an insert placed inside the brochure.
I also stated that help was available in the form of council, county and state funding grants for all campers dependent upon their needs.

It explained that as the structured care and education programme was approved by various councils, support groups and the Government.
And because after the programme was completed, no further monies would be required to be used in the care of any individual child.
Council’s and other agencies were therefore prepared to fully fund the course on a case-by-case basis.

A full programme of government inspections were in place as a safeguard to the children during their time at the school.

The brochure even had pictures of some of the past pupils that had attended the school. Dressed in what I would later learn to be the school uniform.
No nappies on show but obvious shots of baby style clothes on boys and girls far too old to be associated with such attire at that age.

I looked at the faces in the pictures and they looked as happy as any of the faces of the kids I had worked with in the past.

The only difference was that I knew what they were wearing under those clothes, and to them it didn’t seem to make a difference.
To me they were just kids having g fun and enjoying life.

Lastly in the back of the book there were letters of recommendation from grateful parents of former pupils.
Not just from the parents though, but from the pupils themselves.
Each letter had a similar ending but this one caught my eye.

Should any of you feel the need, please ask, and Mrs Thompson will provide you with our telephone number so you can speak directly to us or if you so wish you can speak directly to our child.
He’s the one that has gone through the experience firsthand, and he is the one who has come through it and emerged a person reborn.
As a family we have finally bonded and wish for all of you to know that we once prayed for help but none came. We will forever be grateful to everyone at Happy Summers, and would like to share with you your hopes and wishes for your child.

Well to be honest that did it for me,
I know that these things can be flowered up to be all sugar and spice in these brochures, but the whole thing came over to me as a solution to a problem no matter how weird to the outside world.
A solution to problems that couldn’t be resolved in normal society urroundings.

From past experience I had seen kids passing through care homes, foster homes and even detention centres. Most of the kids I had dealt with were able to be helped, but those few that weren’t ended up on the outskirts of normal society.
Regularly in trouble with their schools, the police, and parents that were, for whatever reason unable, to cope.

As a carer I had had the pleasure of leading countless young people to a more rewarding path. The kids I worked with had difficulty with a variety of issues. Many of them display negative attitudes, are apathetic, impulsive, ungovernable, irresponsible, had poor self-esteem, and lack accountability.

In most cases I found their interpersonal relationships have been based, not on mutual trust and respect, but on manipulation and exploitation.

I enjoy being a part of their experience watching as they learn to talk things out, rather than act them out. The metamorphosis as they learn about responsibility, integrity, self-respect, self-discovery, and working as a team is a beautiful thing to see. Helping those kids find their true path and bringing forward the wonderful traits all of them possess is very rewarding.

Most children that were beyond that level of help maybe would benefit from being here and if it worked,(and I still wanted to see the results for myself), then I wouldn’t be the one to stand in anyone’s way and would rather be there to help, than see the kid end up dead or in prison for killing someone.

My drink arrived on a tray along with everyone else’s at the same time, biscuits were also on the saucer so I grabbed one and took a bite.
I looked around and observed all the faces around me; one of the women had glazed eyes and even one of the guys had the same.

I asked Matron if I could see a parents’ consent form and everyone else put their hand up for one as well.

Mrs Thompson appeared as if by magic back in the hall, she had with her Jenny, and just behind them I spotted Jane.

“I have asked Jenny to reconsider her position, and after some discussion she has agreed that she would like to give it a go for the sake of the children.
I hope that after careful consideration you have also come to the same conclusion”.

I stood up, “If I may Mrs Thompson, I hope that I can speak for everyone here”
I looked around the hall and no one raised an objection to my statement, in fact some appeared relieved that I had got up and started the ball rolling.

“I myself have only two concerns here, firstly as long as you can guarantee that absolutely no physical harm will come to these children in anyway then I am happy”

There was a uniform here, here from everyone.

“Can you also guarantee that these kids are not brainwashed in any way with drugs or chemicals that will affect their current physical or mental well being?”
Again there was a general agreement to this from everyone.

“I can assure everyone sitting here right now that our concern is for the care, well being, educational enhancement and personal development of every child that has ever or will ever walk through our doors.
They will never be beaten, or have drugs administered to alter their current or long term physical or mental condition.

Yes we use drugs, but for one purpose, and one purpose only.
90% of the children we will receive today will initially object to the form of treatment we will force on them, they will not see it as something that will help them, they will see it as something to fight.
We have one drug that we employ for these children and it is used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.
You will tonight see it in use and maybe for the first few days on the tougher cases we will have arrive, but be assured we have 25 years hard learnt experience in dealing with these children and know what we are doing and what to expect.

We also use a sleeping draft drug called Lunesta.
A dose is added to all of the milk bottles that are given to the children for the first few nights to help them drift off, we have found that normally be the 5[SUP]th[/SUP] or 6[SUP]th[/SUP] night they go to sleep naturally, so the draft isn’t required after then.

You will also see restraint used in the school over the next few weeks, some of it may look degrading and some un-necessary but also be assured we are protecting all children as much as we are protecting the one.
No one is ever punished with any physical harm, and all punishments are designed to remove the need to be violent from the child.

As I said earlier every member of staff working here is here for a reason, each of you is here because you have been recruited for your specific expertise or your past childcare experience as a team we can make a difference to the children’s lives both for them, their parents and for society as a whole.
I really hope this answers most if not all of your concerns and please just remember we are here to help the child not punish.”

Everyone stood virtually in unison, and as if in unison everyone said ok I’m in, I’ll give it a go, then everyone shook everyone else’s hand and congratulated each other.

Mission accomplished was the look on Mrs Thompson’s face and everyone had broad smiles, I think everyone deep down still had concerns but everybody here was here for one reason and that was because of their wish to help a child in need.

“If you’re all ready I would like to introduce you all to your new colleagues at the places in which you will be working. We only have about two hours before the children arrive so we need to press on”.

“All of you newbie’s, as Jane likes to call you, will be paired with and working closely with a senior member of staff in the nursery’s you have been assigned, so if you will follow me I will lead the way”.

There was a visible sense of relief among everybody.
Everyone started to chat to each other as we made our way up the stairs, and everyone was smiling now, something that was missing while we were on our tour.
And there was also visible desire, of wanting to get on with it, now that everyone had decided to stay.

Part 3 next Sunday

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An other good chapter. Is waiting for next Sunday.

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Nice set up for an epic story

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Glad your enjoying:)

Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

Here’s part 3



Mrs Thompson marched on now, like a woman on a mission, (which I knew she was on anyway) but now she had that extra little spring in her step.

We reached the first floor landing again, and again we headed for Arundel nursery.
“Lawrence and Pat you’ll be based here with Jane and Nick”
Jane took the pair through meet Nick and the rest of us went across the hall to Pembroke.
“I think you know where you’re going to be don’t you Daniel”
I replied that I did.
“Jenny, your with Daniel in Pembroke. Can I leave you to find Tony and Ann yourselves?”
“I think we can find our way thanks”

Mrs Thompson and the rest of the group headed off down the corridor towards the last two nurseries at the other end of the building.

Jenny and I walked through the door to the play room, through the first changing room, and through to the bathroom where we came across Tony.
“Welcome to Pembroke you two” Said Tony with a broad smile.
He had a look of relief on his face.
“I wasn’t sure at out last passing that I would have both of you on board, but I am so please that you have given it a go for the sake of the kids.
Ann has disappeared downstairs to collect the cot bedding. She’ll be back very soon.
Maybe you two would like to give me a hand stocking the kid’s wardrobes”
“Lead on” said Jenny.

We followed Tony through to the second changing room and headed for far side of the room.
We stopped in front of a pair of wardrobes. The two wardrobes one pink and one blue had their name label affixed, one said Samantha and the other Simon.
On the changing table in front of the wardrobes were two plies of neatly folded clothes all sealed in cellophane bags, one pile mainly Baby blue and the other pile predominantly Baby pink.

“Each and every child that comes tonight will have his or her own complete wardrobe of clothes in his or her correct size” said Tony “
No clothing that they bring with them will be seen again after tonight until they leave for home”
Tony picked up one of the Items off of the pink pile and ripped open the bag.
He held up a large size bodysuit that had poppers in the crotch and on the shoulder and the name Samantha embroidered in white on the front in letters about an inch high.
“As you will see every item here has the child’s name embroidered on the front, and the label inside is coloured blue.
You may recognise that it’s the same colour blue as your name badge, and that colour is always associated with this nursery.
All 4 nurseries have a different colour so that the clothes don’t become mixed up in the laundry.

If you two would like to put away the clothes in their relevant wardrobes I’ll go and see if Ann needs a hand” “No problem” Jenny and I replied in unison.
And with that Tony headed back the way we had just come in.

I picked up another item off the top of the Pink pile ripped open the bag and held it up for both Jenny and I to inspect.
It was a Pink cotton girls dress and as Tony had said was embroidered with the name Samantha, had it not been the size it was you wouldn’t say it was any different than that a tiny toddler would be seen wearing.
Jenny went for her pile ripped open a bag and held up another perfect copy of a baby’s bodysuit this time in blue. And again It had poppers at the crotch and shoulder and again it had an embroidered name, but this time it was Simon.

We went through each item in turn, holding them up for each other to inspect as we put them either in the wardrobe or the small drawer underneath.
There were old-fashioned sleepers with padded grippy feet, which buttoned up between the legs and back. Not like the modern type with the poppers.
2 pairs of rompers both for boys and girls, 2 pairs of boy’s short alls, with crotch buttons.
One pink and one blue girls denim dress.
And each sex had two matching sets of corded dungarees, again in pink and blue.

There were even frilly plastic lined pants for both the girls and the boys.
Lots of pairs of both short and knee length socks, Vests, T-shirts, and just about everything you would expect to see in a babies Layette all made from true baby materials and to the exact same design.

Each child also had a very babyish pair of T-Bar sandals, the girls in white, and the boys in black.

Each also had a pair of Nike trainers in white, very much like the ones I had on my feet but with one major difference, theirs didn’t have laces but had a Velcro fastening just like you see on toddlers shoes.
There were even swim nappy sets, which we assumed were for use in the lake.
The girls has a two-piece and the boys just the bottoms.

The only sets of clothing that were exactly the same for both the boys and girls wardrobe were short white baby dresses, with lots of lace trim around the hem and arms.
I remember my sisters kid had one just like it.

When we had finished the first two wardrobes we moved onto the next table, and so on until all the clothes had been put away.
It turned out that every child had exactly the same items in their wardrobe as the next. The only difference being the embroidered names and sizes.

Just as we finished, Tony walked in with Ann in tow pushing a laundry basket.
“That was quick you two are super fast you must be keen.
Want to help us with the cots?”
“Were not just keen were professionals” said Jenny.
We all had a laugh and followed the pair toward the nursery.

Ann pushed the basket into the centre of the nursery, opened the lid and handed me 3 large paper bags and took another 3 herself.
She then split away with me on one set of 6 cots and Jenny went with Tony to the other 6.

“So how long have you been coming to Happy Summers Ann?”
“This will be my third summer here”
“Is it as satisfying as everyone makes out?”
“It really depends what you put into it” she replied.
“Everyone who takes the tour and sees all this for the first time is petrified.
They worry about the welfare of the kids and they worry about how they would be perceived by everyone on the outside if they told them about their work.
But after a few days everything settles down and then you start to find that you’re getting through to the kids.

We moved quickly and completed our 6 cots well before, Tony and Jenny.
When we had finished each cot was dressed exactly the same with a rubber mattress cover, a white stretch terry cotton bottom sheet over that, a white cotton top sheet a lightweight woollen blanket in the nursey’s blue colour along with a matching blue pillow case.
“Were going to finish up in the changing room, when you slow coaches have finished you might like to join us there” Announced Ann.
Both Tony and Jenny poked their tongues out like 4 year olds and smiled at each other.
“C’mon” said Ann “If we get finished early we can sneak a coffee before the children arrive”.

We moved through to the changing room.
“The terry cloth nappies are in that cupboard over there” She pointed “You grab a stack of them and I’ll grab the disposables”

I thought the white towels in the Arundel changing room were just white towels, I didn’t think for a minute that they were Terry nappies.

“I thought Terry nappies were old hat now” I said to Ann as I returned with a tall stack taken from the cupboard”

“We use them for nighttimes only normally” Said Ann.

They are far better for night wetting and messing because they soak up so much more liquid, we try to encourage the children to try to have a bowel movement just before they are due a change, but at first they have a no, never not me attitude but that soon passes after a couple of nights of maybe lying in a dirty, wet and stinky nappy.
It helps with the programme and eventually the children get used to having poo before a change, it’s not very nice to have a wet and sticky cloth next to their skin at night”

“What about rashes though?” I asked.

“We use a really good nappy cream, it’s called Balmex. We import it in from America because there’s nothing available in the UK that’s as good.

We will get nappy rashes, and you will need to be prepared for that but they are very few and far between”

We use the disposable nappies for daytime use, because they can be changed and a lot easier and more regularly if necessary and they don’t need to hold as much between each change.

We also use them because they allow the children more freedom of movement for the activities they do after school hours.

We do use Terry nappies during the day as a punishment for bad behaviour though, It helps with the development programme.
When the child finds that he or she has to wear an uncomfortable cloth nappy when everyone else has the freedom of his or her disposables attitudes tend to change quite quickly
If a child is persistently rude, swears or is just generally unruly then they are punished with not just the usual single nappy but trebled up ones.
When a child is on punishment he or she is wearing the short white dress you were putting away earlier so everyone can see the bulkiness of the nappies and it adds some embarrassment to the punishment. And the bulk of the Terry with the white frilly plastic pants shows up very well and everyone can see when a child undergoing punishment”

“Tell you one thing I’m not really looking forward to thought”
“What’s that then Daniel?”
“Poopy nappies”
“You get used to it”. Anne laughed.
“It’s just the smell I can’t stand, my sister has a kid and It’s always stinking her house out, I had to leave one time because it was making me really sick”
“Well you’re lucky then because we have that covered here as well”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, every meal the children eat from tomorrow onwards will have an odour suppressant mixed in with it called Nullo.
It interacts with the gut and removes the smell when the kids have a bowel movement.
It’s used extensively in old people’s homes all the time. To be honest if we didn’t use it, the place would smell like an open sewer all the time. Just think forty odd kids all wandering around with full nappies, can you imagine what
the stink would be like”

“Here’s another thing I have been wondering about then. How do you get a kid who’s rebelling to fill a nappy willingly? I can understand a child not being able to stop peeing because if your bladder is so full to bursting nobody can hold it for too long, but I have known kids to not poop for a week at a time”

“Suppositories” came the reply from behind me.
I turned in response to the words to be greeted by an older man in his early fifties.
“We use suppositories. All the children are given the opportunity to empty their bowels themselves, most don’t, is part of their rebellious nature so we give them three days then to go themselves and if not then we administer the rectal suppositories.
The children soon learn that whatever they do prevent a movement we will counteract.

Hi Daniel I’m John Leavenger, senior housemaster here”
I held out my and we shook. “Nice to meet you John”
“And if the suppositories fail to have the desired effect we then move to more drastic measures” He added.
“What measures are they then, laxatives” I asked

“Yes and no! Every meal the children eat once they walk through the door contains 3 things, we add a mild laxative as well as a diuretic and a drug that eliminates the smell of a stool”

“The Nullo you mean”

“Correct, but if all else fails we administer a retained enema; It’s messy but has the desired effect in the end, that’s the reason each nursery has a toilet installed, it’s a lot better to allow the child to empty an enema in to a toilet pan than fill a nappy.
Can be a little messy” He smiled.

“I would like to borrow Daniel for a while if you don’t mind Ann, Mrs Thompson has asked me to show him our other nurseries.
“Sure I can finish off here, maybe catch you for that coffee upstairs Daniel”
“Sure, assuming John hasn’t got too much planned for me”
He laughed, “don’t think you will be held up too long son,
We won’t be that long”

We walked out of the changing room through the bathroom into the first changing and continued through the playroom and then out into the corridor.
“Can I ask John? Why is there only one door in, and one door out of the nursery complex?”
“Think of it like a conveyor belt process, the children go in through the play room and end up in the nursery, if there are only two doors for each room, an in and an out, then there is nowhere to run too”. He looked at me and smiled.
“Think of it this way then, tonight when we bring the children up here for the very first time we can only bathe dress and put to bed a maximum of 3 at a time on the first night because we will only have 6 staff available for each nursery.
If the other kids get a hint or saw what happening to the others that went before them then we would have a major control issue.
All the interconnecting doors are always closed and only opened to move through to the next room then closed again.
No noise or commotion is ever heard by the children waiting their turn because the doors have double seals, so none of them get a hint of what’s in store until it’s their turn.

After the first night we may be possible do 6 children at a time because they will know what is coming and although there maybe some tantrums it will be easier to control.
Imagine this, you’re a kid, you have sneaked out of where you have been told to wait, you have a peek through a door that you’re not supposed to peek through, and you see other kids being nappied, what would your reaction be.

“Pure panic I suppose, whats going on, god am I next? That would be my thought I suppose”

“Correct, so we have the conveyor process and locked doors to conceal what’s coming next”.

As I said after the first night is slightly easier to control, and as the days progress you’ll find that you can actually do the boys and Girls together, in the same room if you want, it actually helps with any inhibitions and shyness problems they may have as well”

We talked as we walked and John took me into Andover Nursery introduced me the guy’s and girls in there Peter, Caroline, Steve & Erica and after a brief chat we moved on.
As I had seen earlier, the décor and layout was exactly the same in Andover as it had been in Arundel and my own nursery, except of course the furniture was slightly larger to accommodate the older children and there were only 10 of everything.

We continued through and crossed the corridor into Windsor nursery.
Again everything was exactly the same and the cots by now were 7 feet long, and only 8 of them.

He again introduced me to the staff, Nick, Simon & Louise.

I did notice one major difference when I walked in because there were restraints laid out in the cots.
A chest strap, and also wrist and ankle straps.

“It seem as we go up in age we go down in numbers why is that, and I noticed that this the only nursery to have restraints John?” I asked.
“We will need to restrain them in here for the first few nights to avoid a riot.
Some may require it for longer than that because every child has a different reaction, as they will have in all of the nursery’s but they do calm down eventually, once they have seen that we are here for them, to help them and not here to hurt them.
All of the nursery’s have restraints some form of restraints, there just not on show.

The older children we care for here in Windsor nursery are the hardest to control at first, they will fight back, they will bite and scratch and they will attempt to rip their clothes and nappies off and they will also attempt to escape at every opportunity, this is one of the reasons why we only have the 8 children in here , it’s a more controllable number with older kids the 10 in Andover is for the same reason.
Also there are fewer older children on the programme because most, once they reach about 14 are deemed to be beyond our reach.
A few though, such as the ones coming into Windsor today it’s felt that they are reachable and will benefit from being here.

With some it takes longer, they have many more problems and that’s why this is the toughest nursery to work in, but I find it the most rewarding nursery to work in

Don’t worry though you’ll get some first hand experience of working in here soon.
Every staff member with the exception of the Housemasters, after their first week here get to work in a different nurser for one day a week,
To gain experience and look at the different challenges each age group brings.

I myself never liked working with the very young ones, mainly because they tend to be a bit weepy for me they tend to cry a lot to start with and it hurts me to hear it.

You may one day decide that you love to work with a particular age group because you find it gives you the satisfaction you’re looking for.
But unless you try them all you will never know.

Anyway tour over, if you make your way back to Pembroke, you may find that you have missed out on anymore setting up and get that coffee Ann promised you”.

I thanked John for showing me around and made my way back along the corridor to my nursery.

I walked in on Tony and Ann in the changing room just as they were putting the last few items into the draws in the small tables.
The plastic pants they were putting away looked huge in comparison to the ones I had seen my sister use on her daughter, but I suppose the Terry nappies would need to be well covered to avoid leaks.

The tops of all the little tables were now fully kitted out with the nappy pins, Johnson’s baby powder and the Balmex cream, everything that we would be using this coming evening.
“Let’s take one more walk through and make sure we haven’t missed anything shall we” said Tony.

We started in the playroom, Just as Jenny walked in “your back just in time” said Tony.
Jenny had just had a tour of the nurseries as I had just had.

Everything seemed to be in place.
As we walked through the door to the changing room Ann closed and locked it behind her.

The first changing room was ready. No baby items could be visibly seen.
“Oops forgot one very important thing,” said Tony.
He opened the little medical cabinet on the back wall of the room and removed the steel tray inside.
The tray was set out with 11 syringes, which he placed on the medical trolley in the middle of the room.
“We will need those tonight” he said
“Is that the drug Mrs Thompson was referring to down stairs?” Asked Jenny.

“Yes, it’s a muscle relaxant, almost all of the children arriving here tonight will have an injection to relax their muscles, it will stop them putting up too much resistance when we progress them through the rooms.

By the time we have finished giving them their baths they will be totally relaxed and not be able to move unaided.
They will need to be carried from the bath through to the dressing room and then onto the nursery.

The reason we do this because it stops the children resisting the introduction of the nappies and sleepers.
We don’t want a fight to get them dressed and we don’t want them hurting themselves or us, which is what would no doubt happen if we didn’t inject them.
You may find that some of the kids may need this treatment for more than one night in here, but we won’t know this straight away.
The children are easier to control during the day because you can be constantly supervise them.

But at night when they are in their cots there is nothing to stop them taking off the sleepers and nappies because we can’t supervise 24/7 but if they are unable to move then they are unable to undress.
We don’t like to use the drug every night so if after the 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] night we still have resistance then we resort to cot restraints like those you saw in Windsor nursery.

“But what happens if the drug is used too often?” I asked.
“Well there have been cases where too much has been administered and the child has not regained full use of their motor functions for a few days.
This has been extremely rare and the last case I believe was 18 years ago before the school had developed the programme and safety measures we use today.
As was said earlier every precaution is taken to protect the children from coming to any harm in any way”

Jenny asked the next probing question
“What if the kid has a medical condition that we don’t know about and has a serious reaction to the drug”

“We actually have that covered too.
Every boy and girl irrespective of age must undergo a thorough medical before even being short-listed for the school.
As far as they are concerned they are visiting their doctor for a routine check-up and as the parents know what they are there for then there is no suspicion on the children’s part it’s just routine.

The doctor is given a long list of checks to do on every child before they are even considered as a camper. They are fully aware of the reasons for the checks and they are made aware of any drug that we may administer to a child.

As Mrs Thompson said earlier we only use the one main potentially harmful drug on the children, which is the muscle relaxant.
There are other things we use such as aspirin, the bowel odour suppressant the suppositories, laxatives etc, but everything is passed by their doctor before we even get the kids here.

We even include a list of the nappy cream, the baby powder and all the bath ingredients we use to make sure that the children don’t have a reaction to anything”

We left the room and closed the door behind us.

In the bathroom just as in the previous room, everything was ready, so we continued through and closed the door.

“Two things we haven’t covered in here” said Tony.

“Firstly, for the first few days the children are here we double up, and what I mean by that is, that two of us will prepare each child for bed.
We do this for two reasons. One to show you the ropes and two, because the children will initially resist it is safer to have two people in control than one.

And the second thing is nappy folding”. He smiled.

“We use two different folds on the children. The boy and girl fold, the reasons for this are obvious”.

I being a bit naive had to ask.
“Sorry Tony I’m a bit thick, why a different fold for each sex?”
“Well boys wee at the front and girls at more at the bottom of a nappy, I thought everyone knew that.
He smiled and I just had I wish I hadn’t asked look.
“Look let me show you”.

And with that he picked up two clean nappies from a pile, and expertly folded them both so quickly that material was moving at lightning speed.
“There like that” he said.
I looked at Jenny and she looked at me, and each of us with a bemused look on our faces.
“Too fast for you” Laughed Tony. “I’ll do it again and this time a bit slower for you”.
He expertly demonstrated the two folds again, and when he had finished he showed us the difference.
The boy’s fold had a large bulky bunch of material at the front of the nappy and the girl fold had it at the bottom.
I looked at the finished folds then, it dawned on me as to why!!

Both Jenny and I practiced the folds with Ann and Tony instructing.
My first attempt looked like a lump of I don’t know what, Jenny’s wasn’t much better.
We continued and finally managed to get somewhere close to Tony’s effort.
“Don’t worry, it won’t take you long to be a dab hand at it” Said Tony.
Anyway folding it is one thing, putting it on is something else entirely.”

We folded and returned the nappies back to the pile, and moved on past the second play room and on to the nursery, again closing the door behind us.

The nursery looked really great, all the cots were made up with bedding.
Each cot had two cuddly toys in each corner at the bottom.
One teddy bear and one rabbit.
I notice something else I hadn’t seen earlier, each cot had a clipboard on the end and a sheet of paper clipped to it.

“What are the clipboards Tony?” I asked.

“Let me show you” He took one off a cot and held it out for Jenny and I to see.

This is a very important document, and it needs to be kept up to date without fail.
The top of the form had the child’s name and a series of headed columns with tick boxes beneath.
“These columns require ticking every time a child is changed” Explained Tony.

“Things such as nappy type, soiled, wet, rash present, treatment, temperature and cuddle, are standard but temperament medication and attitude are very important.
We use this and other reports to check on a child’s progress throughout their time here.
Two columns, that caught my attention were dummy and bottle.
“What’s with the dummy and bottle columns?” I asked.

“You can offer the children a dummy or a bedtime bottle, if they take one then tick the box accordingly”
“Where are the they kept?” Asked Jenny.
“Over here” Replied Ann and she went to a plastic container near the sink and picked out two dummies and held them up for inspection.

There were much bigger than a standard babies dummy and there were blue ones for the boys and the all too familiar pink ones for girls.

“And the milk is in here” She opened up a small fridge next to the sink, inside were 12 large teated bottles, again all a lot larger that I had seen my sister using to feed my niece.
“What’s in them”? I asked.
“Standard milk, nothing else ” Replied Ann.
“You might find a couple will take a bottle tonight and some may take a dummy, don’t insist they do though, it has to be their choice, you just offer the choice”.
If they want it warm then just heat it in the warmer”
And she pointed to 6 bottle warmers on the shelf above the fridge.

“Well I think we’re ready here shall we go for that coffee” said Tony.
“If you have any more questions, Ann and I can answer them while we put our feet up for a bit.
I suggest you take it easy for a while, were going to be busy little bees in about an hour’s time”.
We left the nursery, closed the door and headed for the staff room upstairs.

Part 4 next Sunday, where we start the perspective of one of the campers

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Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

Two chapters this week. Enjoy



My name is Simon Watson. I am 12 years old and this is my story.

“Cumon Simon, were all waiting for you” Came a voice from downstairs.
“You’ll have to bloody wait then won’t you woman.” I shouted back.
“Don’t speak to your mother like that Simon” came a holler from downstairs Dad sounded his usual grumpy self.
“I keep on telling you, and I won’t tell you again”

Nag nag nag it’s all they bloody do all day, I said to myself.

“If we don’t leave soon you’ll miss the train.” mum called back”

The bloody train’ll have to bloody wait then won’t it, I thought to myself, minding not to speak my thoughts just in case dad heard him?

I grabbed my new mobile phone and shoved it into the back pocket.
My suitcase was still open on the bed packed with just about everything I thought I’d need for the camp. I’d hidden my knife in a sock tucked inside one shoe, and in my other shoe my backy papers, and more than enough weed for the 6 week camp. I wasn’t going anywhere and not having a spliff for 6 weeks. Not for nobody.

I dug out my plastic bag from its hiding place behind the wardrobe.
Shall I or shan’t I?
I couldn’t make up my mind, I couldn’t be without my weed, but could I be without the contents of the double wrapped bag for as long.
Sod it I thought, I’ll take them it if I get the chance I’ll use, if I don’t then they’ll save for when I get back.

I lifted up the jeans mum had packed and shoved the bag in underneath then pressed the clothing back down on top.
There even if she looks in the case she won’t know they are there.
I closed the case and locked it, making sure I span the combination lock to stop mum opening it.
I picked up the case and headed out the door banging the case on my turntable decks.

“Shit fucking idiot”, I dropped the case and checked for any damage. “Fucking great” I’d cracked the cabinet, I’d had to sell a shit load of skunk to get that system now I’ve fucked it up. Mum called again.

“Will you fucking wait a minute” Shit! Realising this time that wasn’t said in my head.

Dad could move quickly for an old fart. He was up the stairs in a flash and in my face.

“One more word from you and I’ll beat the shit out of you, you hear me”

I was shit scared of dad, more than I was of mum.
She’d never hit me but she’d come close.
Dad had done though, in fact he’d done it more than once.
Dad wasn’t a drunk but liked to sit in front of the telly after dinner and down 6 lagers before bed.
Mum, well she’s me mum ain’t she?

“Get down those fucking stairs now”
“But, But”
“Now I fucking said”

I picked up my case and ducked as dad took a swing and missed
I nearly fell arse over tit down the stairs but landed on my feet with a thump on the bottom step.
The front door was open and I dived straight out and just missed knocking over Penny.

“Get out the way you silly cow, I nearly fell over you then”

I loved my sister, she was 2 years younger than me but she was very bright, always trying to help me with my schoolwork.
She was so much brighter than most of my mates as well and some of them were coming on 19.

“Did he get you” Asked Penny. Naw too bloody quick for him these days.
Dad came out onto the landing.

“Anymore bloody crap from you my son and your for it, you get me?”

“OK, OK I get it”

“Come on Jen, were waiting for you now!” Dad called

Mum was the main stay of our family. She was a shortish woman and had just turned 30 not fat but chunky. I took after her more than I did dad because I wasn’t that tall for my age. I still had plenty of puppy fat as well which some kids took the piss out of me about, but only once mind you.
They never did it a second time trust me.

“Right let’s be off then”. As mum pulled the door closed behind her.

“Ain’t you gonna lock it woman?”

“What for we ain’t got nothing worth nicking not since you sold it all”.

Didn’t sell my bloody decks though did ya! I thought wouldn’t bloody dare.

“Shall we walk of catch the bus”? Asked mum?

“Bus, of course the bus, you think I’m walking all the way to the tube carrying this bloody case, no way” I said.

We caught a 109 bus to Brixton which was about 30 minutes away from our house and when we arrived in Brixton we go off and headed for the Victoria line underground station.
We got to the platform and luckily a train was waiting for us.
As it was a Saturday the train was nearly empty so we all managed to get a seat on the same side of the carriage.
It was only 10 stops to Kings Cross and we had over an hour before the train left for camp so we had plenty of time.

“You gonna miss me then sis?”

“You joking? I can’t wait till your gone, six weeks of having my friends round, no sharing a bedroom with you. Nope I won’t miss you” she joked.

“Well at least I’m going on holiday, so we’re you going this summer Pen up the park with your little mates” I laughed and poked my tongue out in a pointless I got one up on you gesture.

“Well that’s where your wrong little man,” Said mum. “Penny’s off to Aunt Sue’s for two weeks for her own little holiday soon”
Penny looked at me and this time poked her own tongue out at me.

“Don’t call me little man woman I told you I hate it”

“But you are my little man aren’t you?” She smiled and I looked on and frowned.
“Me and your dad and are going on a little holiday ourselves while you’re away”
“And why is it I’m only just finding out about this now, I’d prefer to come away with you, rather than go to this stupid camp”
“Well you can’t coz it’s an adults only place were going to, and we’re only going because you’re going away anyway”
“You go and enjoy yourselves without me then see if I care”
“Well you said you wanted to go on this camp, and besides where else can you go for free and do the activities you’re going to be doing?”
“Can I go instead of him mum, he don’t want to go so I’ll go and he can go to aunties” Penny poked her tongue out again.
“What and have that little brat of a cousin bugging me for two bloody weeks no way, I’ll take Happy summers any days thanks”

I noticed a guy sitting opposite me looking at me and smiling.
“What you fucking staring at mate, something amusing you”

“No nothing much, but you’ll enjoy Happy Summers I was there myself a long, long time ago and if it’s the same as it was when I was there, then it sounds like you deserve it to me” He smiled at me again.

I went to get up and dad who was sitting next to me pulled me back down.

“Sit” He said.

As the train started to pull into Victoria Station the guy got up off his seat to get off the train. He waited at the door then turned to face me.

“I hope you enjoy your holiday son and oh! Be happy in your nappy”
He turned to my mum and winked, then the doors opened and stepped off the train.

What the fuck! What was that wanker going on about?

I went to get up again, but dad was for once quicker than me, grabbed my arm and pushed me back into the seat.

“I said SIT”

I was fuming, the blood was boiling up and I was ready for anyone.
What the fuck was he on about, how’d he know about me?
The train pulled away and he waved through the window as the train slowly passed him he was sucking his thumb and smiling.
Shit he does know, how the fuck did he know?

The train sped up and we entered the tunnel again, 5 stops to go.
I turned in my seat and was now sitting on my knees staring out the train window watching as the cables passing outside as they looped up and down along the tunnel wall.
I was shitting myself; how the fuck did that guy know my secret, he can’t know no way.
Did he work in Tesco’s and see me nicking em, naw he would have nicked me and called the cops.

“You still with us Simon?” asked mum.
“What’s up”
“Nuffin just leave it”

Penny looked at me with a puzzled and concerned look.
I shook my head as if to say leave it and carried on staring out of the window.
When we finally pull into Kings Cross, I had calmed down and was actually now looking forward to getting away from London.
I still had the wanker’s words ringing in my ears, but told myself, he couldn’t know, no way!
We made our way up the escalators from the tube, to the main station.
The sun was really bright coming through the glass roof as we entered the huge station.

“We need platform 9” said mum.
“Over there mum” Said Penny. Pointing to the left.
“You want any sweets for the train Simon?
“Go on then, wouldn’t say no”
I never did say no to sweets.

Mum and me headed off in to the Smiths shop and left dad and Penny outside.
“Can I come mum?”

“You wait with your dad, don’t worry, I’ll get you something”

We went in and up to the sweet display. And I picked out a few bags of sweets.
“Two only” Said mum.
“Aw! Why”
“Because I only have enough for three and one is for your sister”

I decided on the Chocolate Eclairs and Lemon Sherbet’s.

Mum picked up a pack of Dolly Mixtures for Penny and queued to pay for them.

“We could sneak out without paying mum, they’re not looking”.
“We will not”
“Are you happy to be going away Simon?” Mum asked.
“Yep why?”
“Well on the train you”
I butted in. ”Naw I’m ok, can’t wait to get away from all your nagging really”
I smiled at her. “She playfully punched me in the arm.
“What nagging you cheeky sod”

Mum handed the money to the guy at the counter and he put the sweets in a bag and handed it to me.
We walked back to Dad and Penny. Somehow she had persuaded dad to give her a shoulder carry.

“What did you get me then mum?”
“Oh sorry we forgot” I said.
“Great thanks a lot,” She Pouted.
“Don’t tease your sister, give her her sweets”
I handed over her bag.
“Cummon the train’s off in 10 minutes”
Mum hurried us in the direction of platform 9.
She showed the guy at the gate my ticket, “Happy Summers is the carriage at the back of the train,” He said. “You can all go through”

As we walked up the platform toward the train I spotted a woman with a clipboard in her hand standing next to the carriage that we’re heading for.
There was a small crowd of adults and small children standing in a group, facing the train, all chatting to each other some waving at the train

“And whom do we have here then?” the lady asked as we approached.
“This is Simon Watson” My mum replied.
“Pleased to meet you Simon, I’m Carroll, you ready for camp?
“Suppose so”
“You don’t sound too sure”
“He’s alright, just a bit apprehensive I think. He’s never been away before”
“Never having been away on your own before, is a bit scary I suppose”
“No never been away, away at all before I mean,” said mum.
“Oh sorry, I thought you meant, never mind, oh well there’s always a first time for everything, isn’t there.
You’re the last then, jump on board and were all ready to go as soon as the train is”

I turned to mum, she saw I was having second thoughts.
“You’ll be ok, you go and have fun. Call me when you get there.
She bent down and gave me a hug”
“Give it a rest mum, not in front of everyone”
I tried to step back but she had a tight hold.
“Miss you,” she said and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.
Dad scuffed up my hair that same way I remembered he used to when I was a little kid.

“Behave yourself and do what your told, when your told” He said.
“When have you ever know me to do that” I replied.
“You’d better do at this place or you’ll be in for it”
He gave me a playful clip round the ear.
Penny gave me a little sister hug.
“Don’t worry I’ll look after your decks”
“You keep your bloody hands off, you touch em and your dead, you hear me, dead”.

I jumped up on the train step, and looked back, I wasn’t scared about going I just knew that I’d miss mum. I’d miss the nagging and the shouting, it made me feel wanted.

Carroll gave me a ticket. 24.
“You go find your seat and sit down Simon, and I will put your case on the rack for you.
“Your ok luv, I can manage it”
I hopped on the train and made my way down the aisle bumping the odd seat with my case while looking up for my seat number.
The train was packed with kids of all shapes and sizes, most of them on the platform side of the train peering out of the windows, a few, mainly older kids were just sitting on the other side of the carriage playing game boys.

I saw my mum walking up the platform keeping pace with me walking along the train.
When I found my seat 2 kids sitting in the section I was in.
A girl of about my age and a boy who looked a lot younger.
Both were on either side of the table next to the window.

"Oi, you! You’re in my seat” “No I ain’t “ Said the little kid “This is my seat.
“Fuck off kid YOUR IN MY SEAT, now get out”.

He looked at me saw I was not pissing about.
“Move it kid”

He moved to the empty seat next to the girl.
She was waving to someone on the platform and didn’t care about the kid.
I spotted my parents and sister standing waving.
Well mum and sis waving, dad just standing their wishing the train would hurry up and go.

I put my case on the rack above the seats and sat down.
I tried to ignore the waving, but mum banged on the window.
I glared as if to say piss off woman.

“Aw! Mummy’s waving you good bye hard man”
I turned and faced the girl.
“You can fuck off an all”
She smiled and continued waving out the window.
The train started moving, I looked at my mum and sister, my mum mouthed, “I love you”
I couldn’t help it, I started welling up. The girl noticed.
“Aw! Look hard man’s crying now”
“Fuck up bitch”
“Why what’s hard man gonna do about it”
I stretched over the table in an effort to slap her.
She pulled back and I missed,
“You try that again hard man and I’ll knock your teeth out”
“You can fucking try sister”
“What’s going on here?” A large bloke came over to the table.
I said what’s going on?”
“Nuffink Sir hard man’s just a bit upset”
“Shut up bitch”
That’s enough of that now sit down and behave”
I turned to take a last look at my mum, but she’d gone.
The train was picking up speed and had already reached the end of the platform.
I wondered if she would really miss me?
I welled up again but this time kept staring out the window.
I won’t give that bitch the satisfaction this time I thought.

We were really moving now, the stations were whizzing by, we passed a slower train and loads of the kids in the carriage were sticking their fingers up and pulling faces at the occupants on the slower train.

“Right kids anyone for books or comics, Carol had a large box in her arms.
“Yes please,” Said the little kid on my table, the bitch asked, “What you got?”
Well there’s Beano, Dandy, Girls Own you name it”
“What about Jackie”
“yep I’m sure we got one of those here somewhere”
She pulled a large wad of comics out of the box and laid them on the table.
“Take your pick”
Both the kids picked one up and started to read.
“You got any Playboy in their Miss?”
“Certainly not young man you’ll have to make do with one of these,
“Playboy! well I never, how old are you 11?”
“I’m not bloody 11, I’m 12”
“I’m 12 Miss, not bloody 12, I can see were going to have some fun with you over the next few weeks, aren’t we young man?”
“You got any cards in there”
“Have you got any cards in there what?
“Have you got any cards in the box miss?”
“Well that’s a little better, what I was actually looking for was, PLEASE!
Oooooh! Yes, fun, fun, fun”

She tossed me a pack of cards from the box.
I looked at her with the hardest look I could give.
She smiled and moved on to the next table.
I started playing patience, mum taught me patience ages ago.
The girl and the kid sat and read their comics.
After a couple of minutes I noticed the girl looking at me over the top of Her Jackie.
“You want something bitch?”
“My name’s not bitch hard man, it’s Sam, and if you keep on calling me bitch I’ll have to knock those teeth out after all”

I could see that she was serious and backed down a bit.
She was bigger than me and had lot more bulk than me, so I could have expected a tidy thump in the mouth if I continued.

“Ok then Sam, or is it tiny tits”, I laughed and this time I had to pull back to avoid a punch.
“Yours ain’t much smaller than mine are they fat boy” She laughed in my face this time.

“You know how to play poker then Sam?” I asked sarcastically.
“As it happens yes, hard man I do”
“My names not hard man”
“Ok then hard man what is it?”
“What Simple Simon?” She laughed.

I managed to get a kick at her legs under the table.
“Ouch you bastard, fucking come here”
She made a grab for me again and this time connected with a clenched fist round my ear.
The big bloke was up at the table again in a flash.
“Enough, if you two don’t stop it I’ll bang your heads together.
Now sit down and behave.
I rubbed my ear and she rubbed her leg and we stared each other out across the table.
“Truce she said?”
“Truce” I replied.
“You pack a punch girl”
“And you kick like a mule hard man”.
We laughed and I knew that from then on we could be friends.
I dealt the first hand we set about trying to beating the shit out of each other at cards instead of beating the shit out of each other.

We had been travelling for about an hour or so when the train started to slow down. A voice came over the speaker, Peterborough, we are approaching Peterborough.
We pulled into the station and stopped.
There were a small group of people standing at the end of the platform where the carriage stopped.

About 10 kids and their parents.
Most of them started to hug and kiss, but a few were standing back avoiding the affection on offer.
Everyone was checked in by Carol, and given their seat ticket.
There was this huge kid, he must have been about 15 his mum was trying to kiss him goodbye and he was pushing her away.

Please don’t be in with us please, please, please.
He stepped into the carriage and I watched as he headed up the isle in our direction.
Please, please, please.
He stopped at our table and checked his ticket.
He looked up then across to the next table along and sat down with another big kid.
Both Sam and I looked at each other with a relieved look. The Little kid on our table looked like he was going to cry.

The train started to moved off.
Loads of kids were pressing their faces up at the windows, poking out their tongues and sticking up their fingers.
A few of the mums burst into tears and the dads shook their fists.
30 seconds later we were away from the station and picking up speed again.

I fancied a burn. I thought shall I risk it?
I got my case down spun the combination and opened it up making sure Sam and the kid couldn’t see inside.
“What you got in there then?” “Nuffin just me clothes”
“Why u hiding it then?”
“Don’t want you to see me pants do I”
I took my stash and backy out of my shoe and shoved it in my pocket, trying hard to stop Sam seeing it.
“I saw that, bet you get caught” she whispered.
“You watch me then”

I closed the case and shoved it back on the rack.
Turned round and headed for the toilet.
“And where are you off to Simon?”
“Bog miss I need a piss”
“It’s, I need the toilet Miss because I need to pee, in future please”
“Sorry miss”
I thought to myself. Yea like I really speak like that don’t I luv.
“Off you go then” She said.

I headed off toward the back of the carriage to the toilet.
There was a light was on above the door so I had to wait.
The light went out and the door opened and a kid about 14 came out.
”Sorry mate it stinks a bit you better hold your breath” he laughed.

Christ did it or what!
It smelt like something had died in there.
I braved the smell, because I really needed a blaze.
I shut the door and locked it
Took out my backy, put the seat down and sat down.
I rolled myself a small spliff.
Hope I got enough to last, I thought to myself.
I’ll need to ration it to maybe four a day to make sure.
I lit up and took a deep drag, God that felt so good.
I stood up and swayed with the train, we went round a long slow curve and It felt like I was surfing the waves.
There was a huge mist or was it the smoke from the spliff.
Just then I heard an alarm sound.
Shit were gonna crash.

Then there was a loud banging on the door.
“Right out now, no smoking on the train”
“Shit, shit, shit”
I grabbed the backy off the side and shoved it back in my pocket.
I chucked the spliff down the pan and flushed.
I couldn’t do anything about the smoke though.
“Open up now!” was followed by more banging.
I unlocked the door and it was immediately slammed open.
The large bloke again, god like I really need you in my face I thought.
“Hand them over”
“Hand what over?”
“Hand them over now”
“Hand fucking what over”
“I won’t ask a third time son”
I put my hand in my pocket and took my backy bag out and he grabbed it.
I took my lighter out of my pocket and handed it over.

“Now go and sit down in your seat and don’t move until I get there”
Bollocks, I’d just lost my shit, what the fuck was I gonna do now?
I got back to my seat “Told ya so,” said Sam
“Bollocks, shit, fuck and more fuck” I couldn’t believe I’d just lost my gear.

The big bloke stood in the middle of the carriage and told everyone to be quiet.

“I have just caught a young man having a smoke in the toilets.
The reason he was caught is because there is a smoke alarm in the toilet.
There is to be no smoking on this train for two reasons.
Reason one.
By law this is a no smoking train so no one is allowed to smoke on it.
Reason two, you’re all too young to be smoking anyway.
Anyone else caught with cigarettes, or as in this case banned substances will be dealt with severely when we get to camp”

He walked over towards me and as he did he made a show of throwing my stuff in the bin liner bag in the rubbish bin between the seats next to his seat.
“Twice now Mr Watson, you have caused a commotion on this train, make it a third time and your feet won’t touch the ground, understand.
Don’t forget six weeks is a long time”

I looked at him.
If I had a knife in my hand I could have cut his eyes out there and then.
I turned away and looked out of the window, and he went back to his seat.
“I can’t believe it, he’s taken my shit Sam, and it was all I had”
“Don’t you have another stash in your case?”
“No, No, NO”
I sat looking out of the window for the next hour. I couldn’t believe how stupid I’d been.

The train started to slow again, “We are now approaching Lincoln”, came the announcement.
As we stopped the small crowd on the platform looked almost the same as the one at Peterborough.
Kids being hugged & kissed and others not wanting to know.
My mobile phone rang.
It was Frank!
“Hey Frank, couldn’t get hold of you yesterday wher’d you go”
“I got a pull”
“what the cops?”
“Yep” “Where?”
“ Coming out a house”
“Whose house?”
“Dunno, Some geezers house”
“You doin it over”
“tried, fucking alarm went off didn’t it, the fuckers were waiting for me when I got our”
“Where you at now then?”
“Back home, they let me out, gotta go to court again tomorrow”
Where you at?”
“Just come into Lincoln station” “Why u on a train then?”
Yea! I told you, I’m going to that camp thing my mum organised”
“Oh, right I remember, sorry man I’m still stoned from yesterday.
Just thought I’d ring and let you know, I may not be around for a while”
“Why were you goin?”
“Well the brief said I’d get time this time, seein as it’s like 5 times I been caught in a month, he says I might get two years”
“Shit no, what you gonna do scarper?”
“Might do, just disappear, get a new start maybe go down Brighton, got a mate lives down there, he might put me up”
“What u gonna do for cash man?”
“I gotta stash, I’ll sell it and get enough to get me there, anyway man I gotta go, you be lucky right”
“You to man, keep in touch”
“Yea laters”
I clicked of the phone and folded it back up and slid it in my pocket.
“My day was going from bad to worse, I had just lost all my gear and now I just found out my best mate was disappearing, what next, nothing got get worse could it?

I hadn’t realized but the train had pulled away and was again speeding up for our last leg of the journey.
“Who wants some lunch?”
“Me please miss “ The kid said.
“I’ll have some as well please,” said a voice next to me.
I hadn’t realised it but we had a new kid at the table.
I was so distracted by Franks call that I hadn’t noticed a new kid sit down on the spare seat.
He looked older than me and was a lot bigger.
Carol handed the two kids a bag each.
“You two want one?” She asked.
“What’s in it?” asked Sam.
“Have one and see”
She handed Sam a bag. “I won’t be back round again, it’s now or never” She dangled a bag in front of me.
What the hell! why not I thought. I’d nearly run out of sweets already anyway.
I took the bag and looked inside.
There was a banana, some sort of crusty chocolate cake. A Ribena drink and what looked like a cheese sandwich, but to this day I wasn’t sure if it was or not.
“Who was on the phone?” asked Sam.
“That was my best friend Frank, he’s 18”
“Sounds like he was in the shit”
“Yea you could say that”
“Trouble is he’s my supplier”
“Supplier for what”
“My stuff you know”

The new kid was listening in.
“You wanna smack mate?”
“Not particularly thank you”
“Not particularly thank you? What sort of fucking English is that?
Not particularly thank you”
He spoke with a real posh voice. Just like the kids Frank and me used to beat up from the posh school near where Frank lived.
“Not particularly fucking thank you. Tell you what mate, you keep quiet and look the other way and I won’t beat the crap out of you ok”

“Whatever” He replied.
He turned and watched two kids on the table across from up playing slaps.
I turned back to Sam.
“He used to supply my weed. I’d sell it at school and we’d split the dosh.
Fuck knows where I’m gonna get a supply now”
Sam and I just chatted for the rest of the journey. We talked about each other’s family, friends, and just about everything.
We were very much alike her and I, both tuff guys on the street and about as streetwise as could be, both with police records and both with disjointed families.
I thought we might actually get it on at camp, but at the time I didn’t know how very, very wrong I was going to be.

The train slowed as we approached York station.
It had taken four hours to get here and just about everyone was itching to get off the train.
The big bloke hollered above the raised noise of excited kids
“Right everyone, make sure you have all your belongings with you when you get off the train, if you leave anything behind your likely never to see it again so make sure you have everything”

Carol had already been around and collected all the books and comics, and the big bloke had bagged up the rubbish and put it in a large clear bag, I was still pissed at him because he’d got my gear. But hang on maybe he’d chucked it in the bag with all the other rubbish, nah! He wouldn’t be that stupid or would he?
I looked at the bin between the seats where he’d thrown my stuff and the bag was gone, maybe I still had a chance.

The big bloke shouted over the increased noise again.
“Everyone pay attention please. When the train has stopped, make your way to the rear of the carriage and off the train.
Wait in a group on the platform for everyone to get off, does everyone understand?”
There was an excited hum in the carriage now and everyone was up off their seats pushing and shoving trying to get their cases and bags ready.
There was a fairly muted “Yes Sir”
I thought it’s now or never.
I pushed my way to the front of the carriage where I’d seen the big guy put the bin bag. It was still there.
I took a look around. no one was paying any attention to me so I ripped it open and peered inside.
There was a mixture of half eaten bananas and sandwiches, plastic bags and what looked like someone’s puke.

I thought about it for a second, but decided it was worth it, puke and all.
I shoved my arm in and rummaged around for my backy bag.
I grabbed what I thought was it, and pulled it out. Shit, someone has puked in another bag and I had just picked it up, grosse.
I thrust my arm in again, I had to find it, I just had to.
I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked round to see the big bloke was standing over me waving my backy bag at me.
“Looking for something son?” he had a huge grin on his face.

I took my arm out of the bin bag and nearly puked myself. I had managed to cover my arm in the puke, bits of banana and something I don’t want to know what it was from the bag.
“Get back to your seat and get your stuff ready”
Bollocks, I’m stuffed now. I darted back to my table keeping low to avoid any backhand. I was surprised that none came.
My dad would have beat the crap out of me had he caught me.
I rubbed my arm on the seat to try to get as much of the crap off of it I could.

“That didn’t work” then Sam smiled with more than a hint of a sarcastic smile on her face.

“Fuck you” I replied, with a sarcastic smile of my own.

The train pulled in to York station, and there was a rush for the door.
“Miss, Miss he’s just kicked me”
“Take your time, I don’t want anyone getting hurt please” said Carroll.
She opened the door and everyone piled out past her, the little kid who was sitting with us tripped and fell arse over tit and everyone laughed.
He was sitting on the platform crying.
He couldn’t have been more than Penny’s age.
The big bloke was the last off the train. He went over and picked the kid up off the floor, brushed him down and told him to wipe his eyes.
He then brought him over to where I was standing.

“Right Mr Watson, because you have been such a pain in the backside
today, I want you to take responsibility for young Timmy here.
If, and I mean IF, you look after him between now and camp, I might forget about your smoking incident on the train, deal?”
I pushed my luck “can I have my stuff back then?” I asked.
“No you cannot but if you behave between now and getting to camp, I’ll not report you to the camp leader Mrs Thompson and if you think I’m ferocious then you don’t want to get on the wrong side of her, some kids call her the dragon.

Did I want the hassle of looking after Timmy or did I want to face the dragon lady? Bring it on, I thought.
“Ok I’ll look after him”
I bottled it.
I really didn’t fancy facing this dragon lady.

Timmy was a cute looking kid, blond hair blue eyed. He sort of clung to me without actually clinging on.
“Where you from Timmy?”
“I live near Doncaster”
“I’m from London, you ever been there?”
“Well we eat little kids like you for breakfast in London, so you behave and I won’t eat you OK?”
He looked up at me with a look of, my god he’s going to eat me, then he saw I was smiling and he smiled back”

Carol took a head count, “35,36,37 hang on were one missing, Giff were one short”
“I’ll check the train,” Said the big bloke.
“Hang on don’t bother found him” Carol said.
“Right has everyone got their belongings?”
There was another muted “yes Miss” From everyone.
“Good then follow me”

We walked along the platform, Carroll at the front and Giff at the back, he was pushing the slower ones to keep up. I managed to drag Timmy to catch Sam up who was near the front of the crowd.
We turned through a gate just as Timmy and I caught with her, we walked into a large car park where a coach was waiting for us.

Carol stopped in front of the coach.
“Leave your cases here and the driver will load them” Said Carroll.
Everyone chucked their cases and bags in a big pile at the side of the coach and made a dive to get on the coach for the best seats.
“Everyone stop right there” shouted Carol.
“You have the same seat numbers on the coach as you had on the train there’s no rush.
I want seat numbers 40 to 48 on first please”.
We were all allowed on as per our seat numbers, the coach was set up the same way as the train with tables between the seats.
Our little crew sat down as we were on the train, Sam and I next to the window, the posh kid next to me and Timmy next to Sam.

Once we were all aboard and seated Carroll grabbed the coach’s microphone.
“Right everyone quiet down”
Nobody took any notice so she tried again, but again nobody was listening.
Giff didn’t need a microphone and everyone shut up.

“Right were now nearly ready to start out on the last part of our journey.
We are just waiting for another train group to arrive and for the driver to load the cases then we’ll be off to Happy Summers”
This was greeted with an enthusiastic cheer and a few whistles and catcalls.
“It takes about an hour or so to drive to the camp, so while we’re on the road I have a questionnaire for you to complete”
This news was greeted with boos and hisses from just about everyone.
“It’s not too hard and won’t take you long, I’ll pass out the paper and pencils when were moving”

After a few minutes another group of kids and adults clambered aboard the coach filed past us and sat at their places in the back of the coach.
There was a little speech for them and the news about the questionnaire, which was again greeted with boos and hisses.
But very quickly the driver had loaded the bags on board and then we were off.

I caught a whiff of piss in the air and turned and sniffed the posh kid.
“Fuck me mate you stink of piss”
He turned and looked at me “Well to be honest you don’t smell too sweet yourself mate, seeing as you have sick down your arm”
His posh sarcastic voice was beginning to annoy me now.
“I’ll shove my sick arm down your fucking throat in a minute if you’re not careful”
He stood up as if he was going to start a fight, clenched a fist then released it.
“What’s the matter mate no guts?”
He sat back down.
“Look, it’s obvious you don’t much care for me”
“Got it spot on their mate”
“And to be honest I don’t much care for you either”.

I looked at him and he didn’t seem scared, he was calm.
“When we get to camp you go your way and I’ll just go mine but until we get there can’t we just be civilised and ignore each other?”
I have been to camp here before so I know if we want to, our paths never have to cross again once were off this coach, is that ok with you?”
I tried to put on a posh voice “To be honest no it’s not ok with me actually, but for the sake of your nose I’ll leave you alone”

I looked at Sam and she laughed, even little Timmy laughed and the posh kid just shut up and sank back in his seat defeated and deflated.
I was happy because I’d won the fight without a fist being thrown.
“Oh and you still stink of piss by the way”
The laughter continued for 10 long minutes, long after the coach had left York station.

Carroll came around with some pencils and paper and handed them out to every kid on the coach.
She grabbed hold of the mike. “Right, let’s get started shall we”

I was sitting there with the paper in one hand and pen in the other thinking how the hell I was going to get out of this one?

“Right First thing, name at the top of the page”.
Everyone started scribbling away. That was the easy one I thought.

“Now just put each answer on the page below your name.
First question. What is your favourite meal?”

Easy Sausage and chips I thought, I started writing.
I was hunched over my paper and had my arm at the top of the paper covering what I was writing so no one else could see.

“Second: What activity are you really looking forward to doing at camp?

OK a bit harder but I could handle that.
Shooting, I’d seen that they had a air gun range.

“Third, what is your least favourite meal?”
Another easy one, what was I worrying about, Cabbage.

I spotted posh kid trying to read what was on my paper and tried to cover it up even more.
“Your nose still ain’t safe mate now piss off”

Sam looked over and giggled, she was covering up like me and had a slightly worried look on her face.

“Forth one: What and or who are you going to miss while your away and why?

My mum, because I love her (although I’d never tell her).

The posh kid leaned over and whispered in my ear.
“Do you want me to help you?”
I whispered, “Why the fuck would I want your help prick?”
Sam looked over.

He whispered back “I can see your having trouble, I can help if you want”
I looked at him he was offering to help me, I could see he meant in, but I couldn’t say yes, I’d look like a prick myself.
“Look I’m ok, just leave it will you”
Sam looked over again and mouthed, “you ok?” I nodded yes.
And she carried on with her own sheet.

We answered another 4 questions, and each time I did my best, but as Penny would say “You need to try harder Simon”.
I knew that but school was never easy for me and now I was going less and less it was getting harder and harder.
Mum was at her wits end when I last got excluded, dad just went mad.

My head teacher told my parents. “If Simon can’t settle back in and knuckle down after the summer break you will need to find him a new school.
I went round his house and stuck a firework through his letterbox.

Carroll came round and collected the sheets and pencils, she never said a word when she looked at mine and just put it on the pile with the others.

The time passed really quickly and in no time we were at the camp.

We went up a really windy road and turned into a big set of gates.
The gates opened up and the coach drove through.
It took ages to drive up the long road.
Everyone was trying to see over the seats to see where we were heading for.

“There it is called!” a kid sitting at the front.

Everyone stood up to look.
The place was huge, it was like Buckingham Palace in London, but even I knew the Queen didn’t live here.
“Look at the lake” said Sam.
“And the boats”. said an excited Timmy.
I noticed the woods, nice place to lose yourself for a smoke I thought,
if I bloody had any that was.
I looked back at Giff who was sitting at the back of the coach and wondered if I could pick his pocket.

The coach pulled up at the huge front doors and about 20 or so people filed out through them.
A really old slim lady got on the coach and Carroll handed her the microphone.

“Hello children, I’m Mrs Thompson”

Wow the dragon lady, she don’t look ferocious though.

“In a moment I’ll ask you to get off the coach and make your way inside.
But before I do I would like to welcome you all to Happy Summers, Summer camp.
Many of you are here to have fun and enjoy yourselves, some of you are here to work”

I looked at Sam and she looked at me “Not bloody me” we said in unison and laughed. “Were only here for the fun bit”.
The whole coach burst out in laughter.
“Quiet down”. Said Giff.

“Your time spent here can be very rewarding and a lot of you will develop skills you never knew you actually had, so work hard at having fun and work hard to become a better you.

Most people looked at each other with a puzzled look, most not quite sure what she was on about.
The posh kid smiled a knowing smug smile. I thought to myself what does he know that we don’t?

“Ok speech over, time for some fun. First though we need to check you in, so file off the coach and make your way with the staff through the doors into the hall and once were finished you can go explore the grounds before we have our evening meal.
Oh and leave your suitcases and bags, we will arrange for them to be taken off the coach”

With that there was a big cheer and everyone made an excited rush for the door.
Some of the smaller kids were pushed out of the way by the bigger kids and one kid got pushed over.
“STOP” Giff shouted.
He still didn’t need that microphone. “One at a time and no pushing”

I still felt responsible for Timmy so I held back with him till the rush had died down.
I drew the line at holding his hand when he offered it to me though.
We stepped off the coach past the waiting staff, through some huge wooden doors and into a massive hall.
There were big sofas and loads of old books on shelves and bookcases, a huge great staircase bigger than anything I had ever seen before.
“Everyone take a seat and if you can’t find a seat then the floor will do”
Within seconds all the seats were gone, and any of little kids luckily enough or attempting to sit down were dragged off and the bigger kids sat down instead.
I noticed some of the staff sorting out a few arguments and told off some of the bigger kids, but most people doubled up on the huge comphy chairs.

“Right then quieten down everyone, when you ready we can start”.
“Oi you lot! QUIET” (Giff again)

Mrs Thompson stood next to a big desk by the door “Right, I will call you up here one by one to the desk.
Matron will take your details down and give you a badge with your name on it. This badge is also your dormitory badge, as well as your name badge.
Everyone with the same colour badge will be in the same dormitory”.

I looked at some of the bigger kids and hoped I wouldn’t be in with them.

“Matron will also ask you to place your personal belongs into a small tray for safe keeping, these will be locked away and no one other than you will have access to them.
Personal belongings include all jewellery, watches, money, hand held games computers and mobile telephones”
There was a general mumbling in the hall. One kid stood up and said.
“I promised my mum I would phone here once I got here”
“Yes and you can, but unfortunately we do not have a mobile mast anywhere near us here so there is no signal”
Everybody who had a mobile pulled it out of his or her pockets and checked for a signal and sure enough nothing. I kept mine in my jeans though didn’t want to show that I had one.

“We have a telephone down the hall which is free and anyone who wishes can use this to make a call home to your parents.
Right if were ready, first up is Peter Adam”
A little kid of about 9 got up and ran to the desk, obviously delighted to be first.
We all watched as he handed over his things and a guy put a sticker on his t-shirt. The lady behind the desk picked up his little tray and placed it into a small box on the wall-marked number 1 and locked it.
The kid was delighted he was number one, maybe for the first time in his life.

One by one everyone was called up to the desk, then after what seemed an age came my turn.
“Simon Watson” Came the call from Mrs Thompson.

I made my way to the desk.
“Hello Simon I’m Miss Barrett, but you can call me Matron”
The lady seemed a bit older than Mrs Thompson but wasn’t as skinny.
She had on a sort of nurses uniform from back in the day like one I had seen on an old film my mum was watching once.

“Is there anything you want to put in the tray for safe keeping?”
I would really like to keep my cross miss, my mum gave it to me”.
“I know you would sweetie, but if it means so much to you I would put it in because I don’t want you to have it stolen or loose it would you?”
I took off my cross and chain, and placed them in the tray.
I hated doing it because mum saved for ages to buy it for my last birthday
and I never ever took it off, but had I somehow lost it, it would have killed me.
“Anything else sweetie?”
I took £50 in 10’s out of my pocket, profit from some sales I’d done before I left.
“My My that’s a lot of cash did you rob a bank on the way” She smiled and winked.
“Can I take some out for later?”
“When you need it you can have it sweetie, but there’s nothing to spend it on here though everything’s free”
“What everything, sweets and drinks?”
“You won’t need to buy anything whilst you’re here”
“Wicked” I replied.
“Anything else? last chance”
“Nope that’s everything”

Carroll came up behind me. “Not quite everything is it thought Simon”
“What you on about miss?”
“We’ll on the train I spotted you on a mobile. I assume that it was your mobile?”
Shit she’d found me out, I thought I might have been able to sneak away and phone Frank in a couple of days, he might have been able to get me some gear up here assuming he wasn’t banged up, now that plan was fucked.

I dug my mobile out of my pocket, switched it off and placed it in the tray.
Matron gave Carroll a blue name sticker and she stuck it on my shirt she then took the tray and locked it in the little numbered box. I had box number 45.
I went and sat down and the last few kids went up did their handover then sat down again.

“Right now that everybody has done listen in”
This tall guy walked to the middle of the room and the humdrum in the room quietened down.
“My name is Tony I am one of the housemasters here at Happy Summers
There are four dormitories and there are up to12 of you in each one.
If you a yellow name badge then you’re in Arundel and Terri is your Housemistress.

“Over here” Terri raised her hand and everyone looked in her direction.

“If your badge is Blue then it’s Pembroke, and for those of you who are that’s my dormitory.

If you’re Purple then it’s Andover and you’re with Suzie.
“Over here” And she raised her hand to attract everyone’s attention.

“If your Grey then it’s Windsor” and that is Mr Leavenger.
“Over here” Everyone looked in his direction.

Each of your dormitories has 6 members of staff so in a minute we want all of you to go outside with your house masters or mistress’s and they will show you round, after that you can have 1 hours free time before dinner, OK
“Yes sir” some answered, but most didn’t bother.
“IS THAT OK”? He shouted
This time everyone shouted “YES SIR”
“That’s better”.

Now as I’m already speaking my dormitory will go first. Would all of you with Blue name badges get up and follow me outside please”
12 of us got up, and to my delight Sam was one of the 12, then I checked and saw that there were 6 boys and 6 girls none of the bigger kids got up which was a relief.
The posh kid was also in our dormitory, whatever that was! I’d never heard the word before until just now.
I spotted that although he had a blue name badge, his one had a green tick as well, must be coz he’s posh I thought.

“Right then Pembroke follow me” Tony led us out of a doorway at the back of the hall. 5 other adults followed us out.

We went into a narrow corridor and past what looked like classrooms,
I thought strange to have classrooms at a holiday camp what were they for.
We entered another room and this had lots of benches and coat hooks on the wall with wire baskets under the benches. Each hook had either a blue or pink sack hanging from them.
Tony took something out of his pocket and tapped out some numbers. Then a door we were heading for clicked open and we went outside.
It was great to be outside again, I had spent over 6 hours getting here so I was happy to be in the open again.

Tony lead us all towards to a big bench on a grassed area, not far from the lake.
We were all looking around and hoping we could get on this with some running around and playing on the brilliant looking equipment.
“Everyone take a seat” Said Tony.
Right we know that you all itching to get going and have a look round, but first there are a few rules”

There were a few boos and sucks from the assembled audience. Even the adults joined in and everyone laughed.
I thought to myself that it might actually turn out to be all right here,
Looks like the adults are going to be a laugh.
Sam was sitting across from me next to the posh kid. She looked at me, held her nose and pointed to the posh kid.
I screwed up my nose and nodded, with an, ‘I know face’.

Tony continued. “Until tomorrow no one and I mean no one is allowed on, in or anywhere near the water, and that includes the boats and the canoes, you can walk up the jetty but do not touch anything.
The woods are also out of bounds for now, so no one is to go there, and no one is allowed back into the house until we call you all back in, in about an hour or so’s time.
Anyone caught anywhere they shouldn’t be will not be going to the welcome party tonight.
So apart from that you can just about do what you like in the lawned area here, understood?”

We all nodded our understanding.
“What sort of party is it mister? Asked on of the girls.
“Well it’s a stuff yourself silly party, you’ll see” replied Tony.
“And the name is Tony, not mister or sir ok.
And that goes for all the staff here, we will call you by your first names so we want you to do the same for us. Now off you go and enjoy yourselves.
We’ll ring a bell when it’s time to come back to the building”.

With that everyone ran off in different directions, some heading for the mini assault course and others for the huge climbing frame.
I followed Sam and we headed off towards the lake.

As we were walking I turned to look back at the house and spotted the posh kid. He was talking to Tony. Yea I thought sucking up already that’s your sort all right.
Tony called over one of the other men from our dormitory and spoke to him. Then he and the posh kid headed off back to the house.
Wants the bog I thought.

All the other kids were outside by now, running around.
I turned back and Sam had run off ahead. “Catch me if you can little legs” She taunted.
“Your dead” I replied and ran off towards the lake to try to catch her.

It was a great hour. The sun was still hot and the air was warm.
That was until this little tough nut came up to me, he looked about 14.
“I saw what happened to you on the train” He said.
“Yea so what?”
“I want the rest of your stash”
“You can fuck off bro”
He grabbed me round the neck and squeezed hard.
“Leave him alone”.
Sam grabbed him round his neck from behind and tried to pull him off
I tried to punch him in his gut, but he was a lot bigger than me and just swung and missed.
Sam punched and kicked him and screamed for him to let me go.
He loosened his grip a bit in reaction to Sam’s kick and I managed to get loose.
I charged at him and felled him with a head in his gut, he rolled over and perched on all fours holding his stomach.

“You try that again bastard and I’ll fucking stab you”
I stood over him and took a kick at him, I caught him in the ear with my toe and he fell on his side clutching his head and stomach now.
Some of the other kids saw what was going on rushed over and formed a circle around us, chanting. “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT”.
One of the house parents broke through the crowd and grabbed hold of me.
“What’s going on here?”
No one answered.
“I asked a question”
“It was him sir, he just came over and started hitting Simon for nothing”
Sam was doing a good job of trying to stick up for me.
“Is that true Simon?”
“Yes sir”
He was still holding his gut and groaning. I must have really caught him in the right spot, and that takes years of practice I’ll tell you.
I used to find myself where this kid in now, rolling around on the floor crying, but not anymore, not for a long time.
“Right you with me”
He pulled the kid up of the floor and marched him off toward the house,
with the kid still doubled over holding his guts while walking.
He took a look back at me and I could see that this wasn’t over not by a long way.

“You ok Si?”
“Yea. Thanks for your help”
“Don’t think you needed any really, you really stuck him one”
In the distance we heard the bell ringing, everyone still standing around started to run toward the house, dinner was served and I was starving.
“Race you,” said Sam.
I was ready for her this time, and I was on my way before she said race.
She still won though. I’m too bloody fat to run. I never stood a chance.



As we all got closer to the house we were separated into dormitory groups.
I spotted Timmy he was standing in the Yellow group with all the smaller kids.
I couldn’t see the kid I’d just laid out, he must have been inside already.
The dormitories seemed to be split into kids of the same age, and there were six boys and six girls in each group, slightly fewer kids in the bigger kids groups though.
There were kids of all shapes and sizes, tall ones, short ones like me, fat ones (don’t you dare call me fat though, I’ll punch your lights out for ya!) and skinny ones.

Tony gathered us round in a small huddle.” We’re going to have a little race now, we want to beat all the other dorms into the dinner hall and get the first pick of the table places, so when I say go, follow me and run.
Oh! Before we go I hope you can you all remember your names?” Everyone looked at each other with a puzzled what is he on about look.
“Don’t bother, just follow me. GO”
And with that we were off, I said earlier he was tall, he was bloody fast as well.

Everyone had trouble keeping up with him, even the posh kid and he looked like a runner. “We tore off down the back of the building in the direction we had come from and then round the side, then in through a doorway. We were the first dormitory to get inside and stopped back in the room with the benches.

“OK then everyone, you remember I asked if you could remember your name well now’s the time to remember.
Above each peg is a coloured name label, first one back to me having taken their shoes off, folded their coat up and placed them both in the basket under their name badge gets, gets”
“Gets what?”
A fag” I said”
“Not likely” said Tony.
“How about the winner chooses something? That’s fair. Right go”

Just as he said go another group came crashing through the door. They must have been told before they got here what to do because they went straight into looking for their names.
There were shoes coats and bodies rushing all over the room.
People crashing into each other and pushing and shoving to get to their peg first.
The first one back for our ream was the posh kid.
Then in quick succession other kids in our dormitory.
The one’s that were finished and lining up were shouting instructions to the ones that hadn’t found their pegs yet.
The little kids then crashed in through the door and now there were even more bodies flying around the room.
“Over there Simon”
I looked around and the posh kid was shouting and pointing to the wall behind me.
I spotted the nametag ran to it and pulled my coat off ripped my shoes off and threw them both into the basket, turned and ran back to our line. I was last, but we were still first.

“Well done everyone, see team work pays off.
James as you were back here first so you can see me later for your prize. Right quick everyone follow me”
We rushed up the corridor, past the classrooms.
Through the entrance hall with the chairs and down the wide corridor at the other side of the building.
Everyone was slipping and sliding on the polished floor in their socks but we were still winning.
We past more closed doors and toward an open one at the end of the building.
We were being chased by another group and they were close behind.
Too bloody close.

The smell as we approached the open door was fantastic, a cooked food smell but, sweet, savoury, hot. Just think of all the nice food smells you’ve ever smelt ever and roll them into one.
Tony stopped at the open door and stopped everyone from crashing in through.
“Well done everyone. That’s the first time Pembroke has won in four years. Brilliant”
Tony appeared to be really genuinely pleased to have won and we all cheered.
We’d won the race, but more importantly we would get first pickings for places around what could only be described as heaven on a table.

We all peered in. There were two long tables set out with benches down each side. On each of the tables there was the greatest feast of food ever to be seen.
There were plates of Sandwiches in every imaginable flavour, Hot dogs, Pizzas, Chicken legs, Sausage rolls, cakes, Crisps, Ice cream, Jellies. Even A chocolate fountain with a huge pile of marshmallows and Strawberries on sticks.
Apples, Oranges, Grapes and some fruits I’d never even seen before in my life.
I had never seen so much food in one place before, unless you count Tesco’s of course and I could never in my wildest dreams have nicked that much food in one go.

“Right Pembroke, we won so you can go in first. You can sit wherever you like on that far table it’s your choice.
“Do we have to sit together Tony?” Asked one kid.
“No wherever, it’s your choice. Ready? GO”

He let us in to the room. Where to go? I ran around over to the table
on the far side and slipped on my arse.
I picked myself up and checked out the table to see what was available and moved on.
“Hurry up I’ll let the others in if you don’t get a move on”.
Panic set in. No one had found a spot they liked yet, everyone was running up and down the length of the table trying to suss the best spot to sit with the best food nearby.
“10, 9, 8, 7” Tony started a countdown.
Shit, I wanted the lot. Where the fuck doI sit.

“5, 4, 3”

I sat between the Chocolate fountain and the huge pile of sandwiches.

“2, 1”.

The posh kid came and sat next to me, Sam on the other side next to the Ice cream.

“Right times up.

Tony, Anne, Daniel and Jenny (The staff) all came in and sat at the table with us.
I gave Tony a look of get off our table, this is for us stare.

He looked at me and smiled. “So you thought all this was just for you lot did you, well your wrong, why did you think I was so happy about getting here first. I have never been able to sit where I really wanted to because we always used to lose the race, and now because of you lot I can.So tuck in everyone”.

Jane from Arundel was next to stand at the door and usher her little kids in. They got first pick on the other table because they came second.
How? I will never know.
For the younger kids it was an easy choice which way to go though, everyone tried to sit around the chocolate fountain on his or her table.

Next it was Andover, they came over to our table and had to make do with the remaining space.
And lastly it was Windsor. The older kids had been slowest for some reason.

Everyone got stuck in to the food in front of him or her.
You’d think that some of them had not eaten for weeks, the way it was being thrown down their necks.
Even the posh kid wasn’t being posh anymore. He had a big clowns chocolate smile, from stuffing a huge piece of chocolate cake in his gob.
He didn’t smell of piss anymore, well he did smell but this time of a sweet fragrance I sort of remembered but couldn’t place.

Be assured though absolutely everyone around the two tables, even the adults were thoroughly enjoying themselves and stuffing it in like there was no tomorrow.

Some ladies came in with trolleys and asked if anyone wanted a drink?
There was Hot chocolate (as if there wasn’t enough chocolate in the fountain), Coke, Fanta, 7-UP and water, to choose from.
Most people went for the Hot chocolate, some had the coke, all of the adults had water.

We all stuffed ourselves silly. And after about an hour of stuffing, some people had had enough. And looked a little sick.

Tony stood up from our table “Right everyone I can see that your all just about full now, so one dormitory at a time, I would like us all to make our way upstairs so we can start to get you settled into your rooms for the night”

Night? It was still light outside.
I couldn’t tell what the actual time was though because there wasn’t a clock in the room.
Anyway lots of us booed and there were a few of the kids shouting that it was too early for bed and that they wanted to go back outside.
But all the protests fell on deaf ears and the staff started to organise and usher us
towards the door.
We went up first, first to the table so first away was fair I suppose.
We left the dining room and followed Tony and the other house parents up the corridor to the hall.
We started up the huge staircase.
It split into two staircases halfway up and both came out on the floor above in different places.
When we reached the landing we headed towards a door marked Pembroke.
The room was a large games room, with chairs, a table and lots of shelves filled with games, books and puzzles.
We all piled in and the door behind us was closed.

“Right guys we need to process you all before we take you through to the dormitory. We will take you through three at a time and the rest of you can wait in here for your turn ok? We will start with Adam, Christopher and Bruce please”.

Tony opened another door on the other wall of the room and the three boys and all the staff made their way through, then they closed the door behind them.
The rest of us made a grab for the various stuff on the shelves.
Sam picked up Operation. I saw bucking bronco and grabbed it before another kid.
“You wanna play?” asked the kid.
“Suppose, I’m goin first though”
We set up the game and started to play.
I saw that James had picked up a Rubik’s cube and was sitting on his own. The bastard had already completed two sides, I couldn’t even do one I always ended cheating by peeling off the stickers and sticking them on again.
The Girls played with the girls and us boys, with the exception of James played together.

Me and my new friend, who’s name was Steven had got through five games and we were on our sixth.
He was beating me three to two.
The door opened and Jenny came in.
“Right were ready for the next three.
Can I have Gillian, Abigail and Sarah Please”

The three girls got up and made their way to the door

After about 15 minutes of playing another series of games we were now level.

“What do you reckon their doing in there?” Said Steven.
“Dunno shall we sneak a peek?”
We stopped playing both got up and crept up to the door.
It didn’t have a keyhole nor a handle. I pushed it but it didn’t budge.
Steven stuck his ear to the door. “Can’t hear anything,” he said.
I looked over to the other door we had entered the room through.
It was exactly the same as this one.
I went over and tried to open it by sticking my fingers between the door and the frame but the gap was too small.
“Anyone got anything I can shove in here to try to open this door”
Everyone now looked round in my direction.

“I wouldn’t if I were you Simon because!”
And just as James said because, an alarm sounded.
Within seconds Tony was in the room.
“What’s going on in here?”
“Nothing sir” I replied.
“Then why has the door alarm gone off, you must have been doing something”?
“I wasn’t Tony. Steven and me were just mucking about and I just fell over against the door, honest”.
Just then the door flew open and this skinny young guy burst in to the room.
“You’re ok Greg, false alarm, just someone clowning around”
The guy looked disappointed.
“Ok if you’re all ok then”

With that he turned and left shutting the door and locking it behind him.
“Enough clowning about, play quietly and wait your turn”
He turned, walked out of the room, closed and locked the door again.
Steven and I went back to our game.
“Sorry Simon, I tried to tell you” Said James.
“How’d you know it was alarmed?”
“I came to camp here last year”
“Is that what your green tick on your name is for then?”
“Yes it shows that I’m a returning camper and know what to expect here without being told”.
“Told? Told what?”
Everyone was now listening to our conversation.
“Told about anything”
“Such as?”
“Anything about how it works here, don’t ask me anymore I’m not allowed to tell you”
“You’d better tell me or!”
Right as I was just about to get up and beat it out of him the door opened and Daniel came into the room.

“Everything ok guys?
Right now we’re ready for James, Simon and Steven. Come on guys.”
I whispered to James as he walked past “I’ll get it out of you later don’t you worry”
He didn’t look too bothered about my threat. He whispered back.
“To be honest you won’t need to Simon, you’re just about to find out for yourself”.

Daniel shepparded us into the room and closed the door.
The room was set out like some sort of large doctors room.
There were six couches, three on each side of the room.
Tony was standing by one couch, Jenny by another.
“Over her Simon” Tony called me over to his bench.
Steven was called over by Jenny, and Daniel led James to another.

“Right jump up here for me” Tony patted the brightly coloured bench so I knew where to sit.
“We have to do a few medical checks before we can allow you to do any of the activities here Simon. I need to take your temperature and blood pressure and we need to give you a little injection”.

“Injection what for?”
Well the lake has some nasty bacteria in it. And so that you don’t become sick we need to give you a little injection”.
“I don’t like injections, I’ll take my chances,” I said.
“Ok but unless you have the injection you won’t be allowed to do ANY water activities while you’re here, it’s your choice.
2“Anyway take your top off so I can do your blood pressure”

I removed my t-shirt and put it down on the bench beside me.
Tony picked up a thermometer and I instinctively opened my mouth.
“We don’t take temperatures in mouths here Simon.
He lifted my left arm and placed it under my armpit and lowered my arm again.
He then picked up what I remembered from seeing before at our doctors a couple of weeks ago, a thing that inflated on your arm and the thing that the doctor put in his ears.
I’d had this done before and remembered that I tried to tense my muscles when it was done last time but it didn’t work, I’ll try again this time I thought.
Tony wrapped round the rubber bag around my other arm and secured it with some sort of Velcro strap. He put the ear thing in each ear and started pumping up the band with a rubber ball and watched the little dial on the rubber tube.

I looked over to Steven and he was having the same thing done to him.
I looked behind and James was as well.
“That’s fine” and he took off the band.
He then took out the thermometer from under my arm and looked at it. “That’s fine as well, you’re still alive. He smiled and I laughed.

“So what’s it going to be injection or not”?

Do I want to go in the canoes and sailing boats?
Did I want to swim in the lake? It wasn’t a hard question to answer really.
“Ok. I’ll do it”

It’s only a little jab in the bum nothing to be worried about” Said Tony.
“Take your trousers off and lay face down on the table for me”.
“What take my trousers off in here, in front of these two?”
“Just your trousers not you pants.

They’ll be doing the same in a second anyway, why got something to hide?”
He smiled a sort of heard all before and said it a thousand times smile.
I jumped off the table and took off my trousers and laid them on top of my shirt.
I jumped back onto the table as he had asked me to.
I turned my head and looked over to the table where James was sitting. He was still in his trousers.
I called over to him. “You not swimming then James”

“I had this done last year I don’t need it again” He looked over and had a smug look on his face.
I took the look he gave me as an. I don’t need what your gonna get mate look.
He laid down on his back on the bench as I continued to watch him.
Without warning Tony pulled down the back of my pants and jabbed in the needle.
I jumped a bit and said ouch, turned and gave him a hard stare.
“See wasn’t too bad was it”?
I turned back to look at James, just to see if he was laughing as I expected him to be.
He wasn’t looking at me. He was watching Daniels face and talking to him as Daniel removed his trousers.
I couldn’t believe what James was wearing underneath, he was wearing a nappy.

“Your havin a fucking laugh, you wear nappies, you fucking baby”
James turned to look back at me, and just had a, I don’t give a shit what you think look on his face.
“I thought you smelled of piss earlier, what did you piss yourself baby?”
I started laughing, by this time Steven had heard what was going on and he was looking and laughing as well.
“Enough” said Tony. “We don’t allow that language here Simon”
“But he’s wearing a nappy, he’s a fucking weirdo”
“He’s not a weirdo, no more than you are”
“Yea but I don’t wear fucking nappies thought do I?”
”Is that so?” He replied. He gave me a stare that had a, I know your secret look on his face.
I shut up straight away.
“What do you bloody mean by that”
“I didn’t mean anything Simon, Just don’t be judgemental about people just because you don’t know anything about them”

“I already knew he’s a Posh Poof, now I know he’s a posh poof baby”.
I laughed again and Steven joined in we were nearly doubled up with laughter.
“Well we all know who the REAL babies are here don’t we Simon” Said Tony
All of a sudden I started to feel all weak and limp and stopped mid laugh.
“Shit Tony I don’t feel well”
“It’s ok Simon, it’s just an effect of the injection I just gave you”
“What’s it doing to me? I can’t move my arms”
I had a tone of real panic in my voice by now.
“The drug will make your muscles relax, the effect will wear off”
“But I can’t move my legs now, fuck please help me, I can’t move”.
I could still move my head though and I looked over to James.
He was sitting up now and had a look of smugness.
“What you so fucking happy about wanker”

If I could have moved I would have jumped on him and beat him to a pulp.
I looked over towards where Steven was, he was shouting at Jenny who was trying to calm him down.
“Right bath time” Said Tony.
“You’re kidding, I can’t take a bath I can’t move let alone bath myself”
“Don’t worry we’ll bath you”
“Your fucking joking, not even my mum has bathed me since I was 4 so you ain’t fucking doin it”

“Sorry Simon you have no choice, we need to bathe you before bed”
“Bed! Now you are taking the piss, it’s not even late. I ain’t going to bed yet”
“The drug you have been given takes time to wear off, you won’t be running around for a little while yet” Said Tony.
This couldn’t be right, here I was, in a strange place, about to be given a bath buy a stranger then put to bed.
“Your some sort of fucking pedo, don’t you fucking touch me”
“Your choice you can try to walk to the bath or we carry you?”
“If you touch me I’ll have my fucking dad on you”
“Your dad knows Simon as does your mum they both consented to you coming here”
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
“Your parents signed a form allowing us to put you and everyone else here into the care and education programme you’re in now”.
“No way, my mum wouldn’t do that, she wouldn’t”
“I can assure you that she did. Now walk or carry?
“Just fucking don’t touch me,” I screamed.
“Carry it is then” Said Tony.

I hadn’t realised it but two other people had come into the room and one of them was standing on the opposite side of the table next to me.
Both he and Tony turned me over onto my back, sat me up then picked me up and carried me through to the next door.
I tried to struggle but I had no strength. If I moved my arm it only just reacted and the same with my legs, I was paralysed and helpless.

I tried to bite both of them but they were wise to that and were always well away from my head.
James the bastard, was walking through on his own, looking behind him watching me being carried.
He didn’t have a nappy on now and was walking through naked.

As we entered the next room I spotted the baths. There were six of them set out like the earlier room with the benches, three on each side.
Tony pulled down my pants and I was placed into the middle bath.
The other guy held me up while Tony washed me.
I was 12, I shouldn’t be bathed by anyone, let alone two grown men.

“When I get my strength back I’m going to kill both of you. You fucking understand me your fucking dead”.
Tony looked at me and smiled as if to say. Yea like as if I haven’t heard that before son.
Tony washed me from top to toe, hair, body, legs and arms.
I couldn’t believe it when he washed my bum and balls, no man had ever been down there before not even my dad, mum told me he would never ever change my nappy when I was a baby.

Ok I’d had a girl playing there before but never a bloke.
“Please don’t. Look I can sort it out myself just wait I’ll be ok soon”
He soaped up a flannel and rubbed me clean both back and front.
“You fucking happy now, had a little play have you, your both fucking queer”

I was embarrassed. I wanted them to stop but could do nothing to stop them.
I looked over to James. He had Daniel bathing him on his own and seemed to be really happy. There were both talking away and looked as though he was playing with something in the water.
Steven was in the same state as I was. Angry, swearing, and really wishing he was somewhere else.
“Right were all done, how do you feel? Clean?”.
“You will find out how I feel and very soon you wankers”
Tony smiled, as did the other guy.
“Last thing we need to give you a quick shave down below”
“You really are taking the piss now mate, do not touch me, I mean it get you’re fucking hands off me you fucking bastards”
Tony grabbed a razor off of the small table next to the bath and promptly remove what little strands of pubic hair I had come to have, I was now back to how I was when I was 9.
I was devastated why was this being done, who the fuck were these people?

“There were done, time to get out then”
They both grabbed me and stood me up on my now totally useless legs. Tony wrapped a big white towel around me and lifted me out of the bath on his own.
James was out by now as well, Daniel wrapped a towel around him and carried him through to the next room.

Tony was carrying me in both arms. I again tried to take a bite at him.
“If you don’t stop that Simon I’ll have to gag you and I don’t want to do that, and you won’t want it either, but I can’t have you trying to bite everyone can I?”
“Then fucking put me down and leave me alone you sick bastard”
“If you don’t stop swearing I might have to gag you anyway”.

He carried me into the next room, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was set out just like a baby’s room, very much like my aunties house had for my baby cousin.
There were six changing tables, again set out like in the bathroom, 3 on each side again, Painted cartoon characters were on the wall, and pink and blue cupboards against the wall, and something that put dread into my heart.
Next to the changing table was a table stacked with disposable nappies.
“You don’t think you’re putting one of those on me do you?”
“Well yes actually, I do”.
“We that ain’t gonna fucking happen”

“What choice do you have Simon? None!
You can’t stop me can you?
You are not in control here are you?
Just relax and let it happen, don’t stress yourself over it.
Whatever you say now will not change what is about to happen. Save your energy and enjoy the moment”

“What do you mean enjoy the moment, how can I enjoy the fucking moment your about to put a nappy on me, then god knows what you’re going to fucking do to me”

I was in such a panic I couldn’t get my words out.
I wanted to just scream but there didn’t seem a point in just screaming.
I wanted to punch this bastard in the gob or bite his head off but I couldn’t.
All I could do was plead with him to stop what he was doing and let me go.

I looked over to James. He was on his back being dried by Daniel.
Daniel was speaking to him in a clam voice, and I could see James was watching Daniels face intently.
Smiling and excitedly nodding to everything Daniel said. I heard Daniel ask him if he wanted a dummy and he said yes.
Daniel took a large blue dummy from a drawer. James opened his mouth and took the dummy.
I could see that he immediately started to suck on it.

I couldn’t see Steven but I could hear him. He was trying like me to plead with Jenny to stop and let him go.

“Simon if you calm down a bit I will tell you what’s going on, why you’re here and what will happen to you.
I would much rather that you just stayed calm and listened ok.

“Nothing you can say to me will make this fucking better”
“Ok then how about I tell you what we found in your suitcase, will that help?”
“What my fucking knife?”
“No not your knife, and not your weed Giff took off you earlier on the train. I am referring to what you packed with your clothes in the double wrapped plastic bags”.

I just lay there and stared at him. “What plastic bag?”
“The plastic bag with three pampers nappies in it”
I tried to bluff it.
“I ain’t got a clue what the fuck you’re talking about mate”.
“Ok then let me try this one.
The plastic bag you had stashed behind your wardrobe back at home, the one that you packed in your suitcase before you left to come here”.

I must have had a look of realization, guilt and horror on my face.

“Will you listen to me now? Calmly?”

I didn’t know what to say, there was nothing I could say.
He knew my secret, but how did he know, had he or someone been spying on me, maybe some sort of paedophile gang had been spying on me and found out my secret.
So many things were buzzing through my head it was spinning.

Tony carried on drying me as he spoke to me.
“The school or camp we have here is for children like you, who need help.
I don’t mean help as in help to do something.
I mean help as in guidance and support to achieve something that you can achieve but have not had the support you need to help you achieve it.
In short we want to help you to help yourself.

We know from your parents and teachers that you’re not stupid, if you were you wouldn’t be here.
We know that want to do better but haven’t always had the best guidance and support to help you.
Your sister has helped you and you love her for it but she’s only young and she’s still learning herself”

“But how did you find out about my nappies?”
“Your mum told us”.
“NO! I don’t believe you she didn’t know, she couldn’t know”.

I always kept it a secret from everyone I had to. I had to because I was different!

“Penny knew” Said Tony.
Please! Don’t! I don’t want to hear any more”

I was ashamed, my sister knew, my mum knew. Who the fuck else knew?

“Look if you apply yourself while you’re here you will feel better about yourself, you will learn and you will go away from here with the confidence you need to succeed, which is what I know you really want to do. Am I right”?

I had tears in my eyes. I knew he was right, I knew I wanted to be a better son to my mum and dad. I wanted my sister to be proud of me and I wanted them to love me like I really loved them.

“But why the nappies, why do I have to wear nappies Tony?”

“Everyone here wears nappies and everyone here is treated in exactly the same way all the time from day one until the day you go home.
Some of the kids are like you, some of them like to wear in secret like you do, and as you have seen with James, some don’t need to have a secret anymore”.

“But why is he here? He can’t need help he’s clever isn’t he”

“We provide an environment, that allows every single person that walks through our doors to become a better person.
Every one of those people requires a different thing from everyone else so if everyone is treated in exactly the same way then you can all learn from each other because a shared experience is a beneficial thing.
Everyone needs help in different ways your need will be totally different from his and from say Stevens over there”.
“So what’s his story then whys he here?”

“That’s not for me to say, he may tell you if you ask him but you’ll have to ask him yourself we don’t ever tell kids about other kids”.

“So every kid that was on the coach will be wearing nappies tonight?”
“Absolutely, no exceptions”
“What even the older boys and girls?
“Everyone” He smiled.

I felt better, I wasn’t alone.
I always thought that I was a freak. I must have been because what kid wants to wear nappies at 12 years old.

Tony didn’t know it but I had been doing it for years since
Penny was a toddler.
I used to sneak her nappies in to bed and put them on after everyone had gone to sleep.
I loved the feel and the tightness. I loved wetting them and having a warm wet feeling, but I never pooped I never had the guts to.

My secret was out now, and in a big way, as it was with all the other kids here that I assumed secretly wore nappies for fun.
I was still having doubts, I was still worried about what everyone else would say but I was happier, I was calmer.

“Are you ready?

“Ready for what?”

“Ready for your challenge?

“I don’t know, do you think I am?”

“I think Simon we are all ready for a challenge, it’s just that some never have them or the opportunity and if they do get them they fail them because they don’t always know how to beat or succeed with them.
You will have the best help and support here to meet your all your challenges. If you try and fail then you know that you have tried but if you never try then you will fail for the rest of your life”

“I think I’m ready”

“Good boy”

I was crying now, tears were rolling down my cheeks. I knew I needed help, I somehow knew that maybe what Tony had said was true, I was ashamed, embarrassed, scared I was totally devastated but somehow I knew.

Tony picked up a bottle of Johnson’s baby powder and sprinkled it all over my body then rubbed it in.
I remembered now where I had smelt it earlier today, James!
When we went outside he must have said he needed a clean nappy and come back in and been changed.
He smelt of baby powder at the feast table later instead of pee.

Next came a towel Tony folded the towel lifted my bum and placed it underneath.
He picked up a big jar and started to rub cream all around my bum and willy. I had always wanted mum to do that to me when she used to change Penny’s nappies all those years ago.
He wiped his hands then grabbed the towel and pulled it up between my legs.
“What are you doing?
“Putting your nappy on you”.
“This isn’t a nappy it’s a towel”

“Let me tell you a story.
Long before you were born all babies all over the world wore what we call Terry or cloth nappies. Long, long before modern disposable nappies were invented these were the only type of nappy available”

“Why don’t you use a disposable then instead of these towels”

“These towels as you call them will not leak at night. We have found that disposables leak at night on older children because they don’t soak up as much as these Terry nappies”

“I don’t think I like this already Tony, I don’t want a Terry nappy, please use a disposable.
“This is your first challenge Simon, are you telling me you’re not up to it?”

I thought for a second, was I up for it? Could I meet the challenge?
Could I cope, how could I go home, knowing I hadn’t at least tried?
How could I face Mum, Penny even my dad.

“Ok put it on, I’m ready”.

Tony pulled the nappy up between my legs. He then pulled both sides in tightly and used two large pins to fix the nappy together.
It felt strange. Totally different from the Pampers I was used to wearing at home.

I looked over towards where James was. He already had his nappy on and had a large pair of clear plastic baby type pants on over the top.
He looked over to me as I was watching him.
He was still sucking away on his dummy and he looked at me and smiled.
I could see he was happy.
Tony lifted my still weak legs and put my feet into my own plastic pants. He pulled them up and over the nappy.
I felt him pull, tug and push the material to make it fit.
When he had finished it felt really tight and snug and I found that I my legs were spread out.
I saw Daniel walk over to a blue cupboard and took out a blue all in one suit and walk back to the table and start to dress James in it.

“Do I have to wear one of those Tony?”
“Yes and here it is”
Tony had already been to the cupboard and picked out my suit it was the same blue and had my name on it.
I noticed the pink cupboard next to mine it had Samantha’s name on it.

“Why Samantha Tony, and not Sam?
“Samantha is her given name it’s the one her parents gave her as a baby and it’s the one they called her when she was younger. It was only shortened to Sam when she grew up a bit.

“Let’s sit you up a bit so I can get your sleeper on”.
He sat me up, put the sleeper over my head and pushed my arms through, my head popped through the top and he then laid me back down gently.
He then raised my bum a bit and pulled the sleeper down over my nappied bum and legs.
It had feet in it just like a real baby sleeper and buttons up the legs and at the neck.
Once my feet were in he started doing up the buttons.

Tony was watching my face, as he was moving up my leg on button at a time.
“How do you feel?”
“I don’t know, I feel scared and sad I suppose”
“No need to be scared, were here to look after you but why sad?”
“I’m sad about being here dressed like a baby, I’m sad that my mum and sister knows.
I’m sad cuz she felt I needed to be here”.

“Your family loves you Simon, that is why you’re here, your mum knew that this was a chance for you to sort yourself out and grow stronger.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

Maybe not right now but in a few days you might realise that.
You might even realise that were here to help as well.

Tony finished doing up the last leg button, then did up the ones on my shoulder.
“There all done, ready?”
“Can I just lay here for a while? Please!
“I can’t sorry we have the last three girls to do yet. I need to get you to bed”
I had forgotten about Sam, she was going to have to go through this just like me.
Maybe she liked nappies. Maybe she was in need of help just like me.

“Is Sam, like me Tony”
“In what way like you Simon”
“Does she need help like me?
“Everyone here needs some help, you’ll see that the days and weeks go on.
The help all you kids get depends on what help you all need”

“Yes but is she as bad a person as me?”
“You are not a bad person Simon, you just need a nudge to help you along the right road”

“Will Sam be ok though? Will she be able to do the challenge?”

“It’s up to her. Samantha is her own person she will need to work hard like you will but I’m sure with friends like you to help her she’ll be able to do it.
Come on let’s go”

And with that he picked me up and held me tight, he carried me like a real baby. Like you see mums carry their babies on their hips, close and tight hand under their bums.
I had never been held like that by anyone other than my mum before and certainly not by a man the tightness of the nappy felt strange but nice with
everything sliding because of the cream tony had put on.
I rested my head on his shoulder as he carried me into the next room.
I knew what would be in that room before we got there.
Tony laid me in a large cot and pulled a blanket over me. I wasn’t shocked anymore, I was expecting it. It felt right and if I was honest it felt good.
Tony tucked in the blanket and raised the bars on the cot.

“Would you like a dummy Simon?”

“No” I couldn’t push myself to accepting a dummy not yet.

“You’ll be safe don’t dwell on it and get some sleep you’ll feel much better in the morning, trust me I know”

And with that he lifted the bars on the cot which clicked into place and walked back to the other room
I knew that Sam was going to be next, I knew she would be shouting and screaming just as I was, but would she be calm when she got to her cot, only time will tell.

I looked over to the cot next to me. James was in it, and he was sucking on a large bottle of milk.

“Why didn’t you warn us you bastard, why didn’t you fucking say something? You could have!”

He looked over at me and with a sorry look and took out the huge teated bottle.

“I wasn’t allowed, it was a condition of being allowed to come back here. I couldn’t tell or warn anyone, if I had I would have been sent home straight away”

“But why are you here you fucking idiot, this is a nightmare”

“For you it might be Simon for me this is bliss.
I have been looking forward to coming here for months, ever since my parents said I could come back”

“Sorry I can’t understand why the fuck would anyone want to come back here just to be treated like this?”

“It’s not just this it’s everything about this school. I lead a very intense and stressful life, I am only 12, but I have pressures.
Pressures you wouldn’t know about or ever be able to fully comprehend.
Last year I was just like you are now. I was scared. In fact I was so scared I cried all night.
I couldn’t believe my parents had sent me here to suffer this indignity, why had they, what had I done wrong?
By the time I left here six weeks later I knew why and I knew my life would be forever different. You don’t believe me now but you will see soon.
This is a life changing time it’s a chance for you to make a difference for yourself.
Please don’t ask me anymore, I can’t tell you, I don’t want to be sent home”

I watched his face he was going to cry, he turned away and started sucking at the bottle again.
I watched his face, he smiled and a tear ran down his cheek.
Why was this kid here, I couldn’t see why. Why was I here?
I was lying on my back looking up at the ceiling, there were fans spinning round. I was staring at the movement just lying there.
Around the room there was sobbing from some of the other kids, fraught scared, or maybe just happy like James I couldn’t tell.

The tight cloth nappy I had on felt strange.
It wasn’t uncomfortable but it felt different to anything I remember ever wearing before, it felt snug and close.
There was no way I was going to use it, I didn’t feel right, nothing felt right on this night.

It seemed like ages before the door clicked open and I looked over to see Tony come through carrying one of the girls. Jenny was next.
Then Sam.
She was crying, sobbing really, and like I had done with Tony she had her head on Daniels shoulder. He walked over to the cot next to me and laid Sam down on her back.
I heard him ask her if she wanted a dummy and she refused as I had.
He raised the bars on her cot and all three of the adults then left the room and closed the door behind them.

One of the girls started to scream. She was calling for her mummy and daddy. She was really distraught and screaming out loudly.
The door opened and Tony and Jenny came back in to the room and over to her cot.
Tony lowered the bars and got down on his knees so he was at the same height as her head on the mattress.
He started t softly speak to her, I couldn’t hear what he was saying but she continued to scream and swear at him. I heard her spit at him as well.
He continued to speak quietly to her but she wouldn’t quieten down and spat at him again.
I heard him say. “Ok then that’s your choice”

He got up and walked over to a small cupboard on the wall and took something out. He walked back to the girl’s cot but I couldn’t see what he did next, but the girl became very quiet, I could just about hear her but it was very muffled.
Tony raised the bars on her cot and with Jenny walked back out of the room and shut the door.
I looked over to James. He had been watching everything and he was able to sit up because he hadn’t had an injection.
“What did they do to her?” I asked him.
“They just gagged her”
“They just put a gag in her mouth to stop her biting, spitting and screaming”.
“You’re fucking kidding me”
“I saw it a lot last year and I had it done to me”
“What’s the gag do then how’s it work?”
“It’s a bit like a strap they put round your head and is has like a big rubber dummy on it and they force it into your mouth and it fills your mouth and you can’t speak or close it.
One kid told me last year, that he had it done to him three times.
He said he didn’t want it again, ever”.
I looked back at Sam she was crying, tears were rolling down the side of her face.
“Sam you ok?”
She ignored me.
She turned her head and looked straight into my eyes. She fixed her gaze at me and continued crying.
“Are you ok? Did anyone hurt you? I’ll fucking kill I’m if they did”
She continued staring at me for a few seconds the turned her head and looked straight up.
“Sam please talk to me, PLEASE!”
“Just leave me alone”
“Please just tell me your ok!”
“I’m ok just leave me alone”

I watched her face for what must have been for an hour. It felt like an hour but it could have been less it could have been more I’d totally lost track of time, all I know is that it was ages before she stopped crying.
She closed her eyes and must have dropped into a sleep.
She was in a restless sleep because I could see all the twitchy movements she was able to make even in her paralyzed state.

The sobbing had died down in the nursery and for now the room was silent.
I heard the door click open and Tony came in he walked up and down checking all the cots.
He stopped at the gagged girls cot and dropped the bars.
He knelt down as he had before and started softly speaking to her.
I saw him undo the strap around her head and remove her gag.
He kept on quietly speaking to her as he did it and. I couldn’t hear all of what he was saying but he was trying to keep her calm and reassure her.
I heard he crying again and Tony raised the bars and walked away.
He walked past my cot and spotted me still awake.
He knelt down next to me.
“You should try to get to sleep Simon, you’ll feel better once you’ve had some. I can give you something to help you drop off if you want?”

“No thanks, I just want to get out of this cot I can’t sleep in here”

“Sorry son but I can’t do that, not on your first night anyway, Take the
pill it will knock you out till morning”
“I really need to pee and I can’t can I”

“Why not”
“Coz I got a fucking nappy on”
“It’s never stopped you before has it”?
I turned a bright red. I could feel my face burning with embarrassment.

“It’s not the same. I peed for fun then, now you’re making me do it”
“You’ll get used to doing it. You’ll have to”
“But I can’t I’ll be in a wet nappy all night”
“What’s different from all the other times you’ve done it and gone to sleep?”
I couldn’t answer him because I didn’t have an answer to come back with I just came out with it.

“Tony I’m scared”
“What, scared to wet?”
“No I’m scared I won’t be able to”
“Would you like me to help you?”
“How can you help me pee, you’re not going to do anything fucking weird to me if you do I’ll, I’ll”
“You’ll what, fucking kill me?”
“Come here”

He dropped the side of the cot down, and put his hand behind my back.
“What you doing? please don’t hurt me”

Tony sat me up and held me as if I was sitting up in my bed.
“Now relax and it’ll start to flow don’t try to force it”
Tony held me for 5 minutes before I let go, he just knelt, didn’t say anything but just held me. I could hear the pee hissing into the nappy which he must have heard as well and again I went bright red.

“Yes” I replied.

He laid me back down, tucked me back in and raised the bars on the cot.
“Now try to get some sleep”

“How long will it be before I can move again Tony?
“In the morning you’ll get back some of your movement and by the time we get you up you’ll be able to walk if your helped”
“Will I be ok after that then”
“You’ll be right as rain”

“Tony” A voice came from behind us.
“Yes Samantha?” Tony turned to answer Sam.
“Can you help me now please?”
“Sure sweetie”

He turned back to me. “You’ll be ok Simon, just get some sleep, do you fancy trying a dummy to help you go off.
“Naw! not me.
“Thanks Tony, and I’m sorry”
“Sorry for what mate?”
“Sorry for being so nasty earlier”
“Forgotten already. Night!”

He got up and went round to Sam, dropped the bars and held her just as he had done for me.
Sam must have been really bursting because she went nearly straight away. It wasn’t till much later that I found out that girls find it easier to pee than boys.
Tony laid Sam back down and tucked her back in and raised the bars.

“Now both of you get some sleep you have a long day tomorrow” He whispered.

As he was on his way back out 2 more kids wanted his help and he did the same for them as he had done for Sam and me.
I looked over to Sam. She was looking at me.

“Are you ok now?” I asked.
“I’m ok. You ok?”
“As ok as I can be. You scared Sam?”
“I don’t know. I am but I’m not afraid, do you know what I mean?”
“Yes I think so. I don’t think they want to hurt us”
“Me too” She replied.

We lay there talking quietly for what seemed ages. Then I asked Sam a question and she didn’t reply. She’d fallen asleep.
I turned my head and looked over to James’ cot. He was fast asleep and sucking gently on his dummy.
I somehow wished I had said yes to Tony now.
Anything would do now to try to help me get to sleep.
My Nappy was warm and snug around my bum and balls. It felt better than having a wet disposable on because I somehow felt safe and secure.
I was starting to drift off when I felt some pressure being applied to my lips, I opened my eyes and Tony was standing next to my cot and pressing a dummy to my lips.
“Try this Simon, It’ll help”
I opened my lips and allowed him to push the dummy in.
He turned and walked away slowly.
I closed my eyes and started to gently suck.


Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

Chapter 4 is the best written so far. Simon’s personality stands out if compared with what you have done with other characters.

Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

Thanks for that Bonsai.
I have been re-writing and updating each chapter before I post it and hopefully improving it as I go along.
Daniels back on Sunday so I will revisit his character and see what I can do.

Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

[QUOTE=Huggied;67592]Thanks for that Bonsai.
I have been re-writing and updating each chapter before I post it and hopefully improving it as I go along.
Daniels back on Sunday so I will revisit his character and see what I can do.[/QUOTE]

when I first read this I was not sure if i would like it. But when you brought the kids in and told their stories it really got to me. Love to see more

Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers


Daniel’s First Evening

All of the camp or should I say, school staff had congregated back upstairs in the staff common room, and everyone was chatting in their various dormitory groups.
I hadn’t realised it, but all of the teaching staff were also there and mingling with the dorm staff.

“Does everyone live on site then Tony?”

“Yes everyone from Mrs Thompson and her husband to the cooks.

The Thompson’s actually live in a house in the school grounds not in the actual school building.
Mr Tom has his caretakers cottage up by the main gate and they are the only ones who live here all year round”
Tony handed some files to Jenny and myself.

“These are the files on the kids that are in out nursery.
Take a seat and have a read through, you’ll find some interesting reading there, but don’t try to remember everything, just try to pick up on some of the relevant points on each kid”

“Like what?” said Jenny.

“Things like why they’re here, odd family points like single parent families, siblings, criminal record if they have one, things that just jump out at you about them”

Jenny and I sat down and initially took two files each.
The top file I had was a boy named James Olgvy.
His file had a huge green tick across the front.

John Leavenger was sitting near where we were sitting and I butted in to the conversation he was having.

“John, what’s the relevance of the green tick on the file?”

“That means he or she is a returning camper.

Someone who has been here previously, knows the ropes and won’t be any trouble.
We only allow certain children to return here, not everyone qualifies”.

“But why would kids want to come back here after having the treatment I’ve seen there in for?”

“You’ll find Daniel that not every kid coming today will be here for the same reason.
Every child has a specific need to be here and you’ll find the reason if you read the file” He smiled as if to say just read it son.

I opened the file and read.
It started, James Olgvy is 12 and a child prodigy pianist.
I read on with amazement.
How the hell could a kid, a kid that’s, that intelligent need or want to be here?
He came from a stable family background, his grades were excellent, and then I spotted the problem.
James was so intensely being pushed by tutors and parents he never made friends, he never had time.
He had never had the affection a highly-strung kid needs to relax. He was constantly being taken from country to country, concert to concert.
He was schooled by a tutor and never interacted with kids of his own age.
He craved comfort, friendship and attention. Something his parents were never able to give him because they always felt inferior to James and were unable to cope.
The file concluded. James has paid his own fee to attend Happy Summers and was here with his parents blessing and consent. He has been sworn to total secrecy as to the activities of the camp and instructed not to divulge any information to any other person either attending camp as a camper or staff member.
The file had other paperwork such as Doctors reports, parental consent forms and his tutor’s report along with a picture of James.
I looked at Tony. He was intently watching my face for reactions to my read.

I motioned for him to come over.

“Yes mate?”

“Do you know this boy?” I asked.

“Yes very well”

“It doesn’t say here, but is he a loner?”

”Totally the opposite actually.
James craves friendships.
He goes out of his way to make friends
but is often, and has been rejected many times over by the people he tries to befriend.
He now just needs a bit more help in learning how to develop those initial first steps.
He was my actually my main charge last year”.

“Main charge?”

Tony called over to jenny.

“Jenny! You might want to listen to this. It concerns you as well”.
Jenny stopped reading and lent forward to listen.

Every member of the dormitory staff has two cases that are theirs to develop and care for.
You’re still responsible for everyone in the school but your special cases are your prime responsibility.
They learn from you and you give to them”

“Give what? Asked Jenny.

“Whatever they need!
As was mentioned earlier every one of the new staff members here today has been employed to provide their particular skill to the development of particular children.
This is done to compliment the returning staff’s skills and make this school a very special one of a kind in this country.
But not unique in the world

Daniel! One of your primary skills is music.
There will be children here that will have particular musical talents either realized or yet to show themselves. James is one of your special cases.
He doesn’t need a tutor or a piano teacher he needs support and friendship. Build on what he tries to achieve himself and support him.

Jenny, as your primary skill lays in psychology.
You have two kids that cannot interact and require help to create social bonds to others in their family and society in general.
Everyone has a skill that we make use of for the benefit of the children.
Not just the children in your nursery group but with all the kids in the school.

We just want you to do what you do best. Both of you have worked with kids for many years in one field or another and your ability has been noted and we want you to use it here.

You both will start tonight with the two cases you have the files on.
You will be the primary carer for each child and initially you will be mentored by Ann and myself.
We will show you how to bathe, nappy and dress the children for the next few days, and then, when things have calmed down you will take full responsibility for your charges day to day welfare in the nursery.
Any questions?
Nope then carry on reading. The top two files are your main charges”

We both continued to read the files we had been given.

I also had a girl. Samantha, Sam to her friends.
She was 12 and a half.
She came from a single parent family and did not have a mother from a very early age.
She had become estranged from her father and had been associated with teen street gangs, drug taking and shoplifting on a daily basis.
She had become aggressive and disruptive when at school and was a persistent absentee.
It was also suspected that she was having underage sex.
The police were also aware of numerous criminal activities but were unable to prosecute; this included a recent incident only 3 weeks ago involving a pensioner and a bag snatch.
She had shown early potential in school, with an aptitude toward advanced mathematics.

Her father had proposed her for the programme and she was state funded.
I read Jenny’s files and she read mine, each child made for interesting reading to say the least.
Tony and Ann then took us through the procedure for the arrival of the kids.

It was now fast approaching five o’clock and the children’s coach was due very soon so we tidied away the files and took a final moment to gather out thoughts.

Mrs Thompson entered the room and called for everybody’s attention.

“I know for the new staff members here today, some of what you have seen and learned of may still be a bit of a shock, but please remember we are here for the children, they are our primary concern and once they enter through our doors downstairs we do not stop until we achieve what we today set out to accomplish.
I know all of you will do your best, but remember everyone is here to support everyone else.
So to paraphrase a new saying going round.
There is no I in team, so go out there and make a difference”

The assembled staff applauded her speech. Many had probably heard it many times before, but they applauded anyway.
It seemed that everyone here was out to do the same thing and that was to help these kids.

A bell sounded in the room.

“Right there here everyone to his or her places and don’t forget you’re here to enjoy it as well” Said Mrs Thompson.

“What’s the bell?” I asked Tony.

“That means the coach has passed the main gate, so we need to make our way downstairs”

As before everyone filed out of the room, passing their cups along as they did last time, but this time I wasn’t last in line near the sink.

I followed Tony out as did Ann and Jenny, and we made our way down to the front of the building to greet the happy campers with the rest of the house parents.

Mrs Thompson was waiting at the head of the line to greet the coach and when it stopped she jumped on board.

I could just about hear her welcome and a few instructions before the first few children started to file off the coach.

Everyone standing outside greeted each kid as they filed by with a welcome and shepherded him or her in through the big wooden front doors.
Once inside everyone was asked to sit and a few scuffles broke out to get the good seats but generally it was a good-natured scrum.

Mrs Thompson stood by the reception desk.

“Right everyone.
I will call you up here one by one to the desk where matron will take your details down and give you a badge with your name on it.
This badge is also your dormitory badge, as well as your name badge.
Everyone with the same colour badge will be in the same dormitory”

There were some anxious faces to this news.
I think some of the smaller kids were hoping that the bigger kids weren’t in their dormitory and visa a versa.
Mrs Thompson called the first name and one of the smaller children stood up and ran to the desk.
He seem so pleased be first and was so excited. He handed over all of his items to be placed in the locker and received his name badge then returned to his place and showed off his badge to all the other younger kids on his sofa.
That was how it went for the rest of them. They went up one at a time and handed their belongings over. There were a few who didn’t want to hand over their mobiles but soon everyone had been up.

Tony moved to the middle of the room and called everybody’s attention.

“Right now that everybody has done, listen in”
My name is Tony I am one of the house parents here at Happy Summers
There are four dormitories and there are as many as 12 of you in each one.

If you’re a yellow name badge then you’re in Arundel and Terri is your Housemistress”

“Over here” Terri raised her hand and everyone looked in her direction.

“If your badge is Blue then it’s Pembroke, and for those of you who are that’s my dormitory

If you’re Purple then it’s Andover and you’re with Suzie”

“Over here” And she raised her hand to attract everyone’s attention.

“If your Grey then it’s Windsor” and that is Mr Leavenger”

“Over here” Everyone looked in his direction.

“Each of your dormitories has 6 staff, so in a minute we want all of you to go outside with your house parents and they will show you round, after that you can have 1 hours free time before dinner, OK

“Yes sir” some answered some didn’t bother.

“Is that OK”? He repeated.
This time everyone replied “YES SIR”

“That’s better”
Now as I’m already speaking Pembroke will go first, so would all of you with blue name badges get up and follow me outside please”

All the kids with the blue name badges followed Tony along the corridor with Ann, Jenny and myself following closely behind.
We made our way out of the building through the corridor I had entered when I arrived earlier that afternoon, past the classrooms.
Some of the kids were peeking into the classrooms as we made our way out of the building and I noticed a couple of the kids giving each other funny looks as they peered in.

We made our way across the lawned area towards one of the many large benches, where Tony got every to sit down.

“Right we know that you all itching to get going and have a look round, but first there are a few rules”

There was a loud hissing and some boos from the kids, I joined in and booed as well.
Tony looked at me with a huge smile on his face, and some of the kids looked at me in amazement, then everyone burst into laughter.

Tony continued. “Until tomorrow no one and I mean no one is allowed on or in the lake, and that includes the boats and the canoes, you can walk up the jetty but do not touch anything.
The woods are out of bounds for now, so no one is to go there, and no one is allowed back into the house until we call you all back in.
Anyone caught will not be going to the welcome party tonight.
Apart from that you can just about do what you like in the lawned area here, understood?”

All the kids nodded their understanding.

“What sort of party is it mister? Came from one of the girls.

“Well it’s a stuff yourself silly party, you’ll see” replied Tony.

“And the name is Tony, not mister or sir ok. And that goes for all the staff here, we will call you by your first names so we want you to do the same for us. Now off you go and enjoy yourselves.
We’ll ring a bell when it’s time to come back to the building”

With that all the kids ran off in different direction either on their own or as small groups.
I watched as they ran, happy to be out in the fresh air, excited to be running around.
All or the other dormitories were out and running about by now, screaming and charging around.
I spotted Tony speaking to one of our kids. He called me over to them.

“Daniel this is James, we spoke about him earlier”

“Please to meet you James”
We shook hands.

“Very pleased to meet you to” he replied.

“Young James here needs a change could you sort him out please Daniel”

I looked at Tony as if to say WHAT!! Change what?

“If you go back the way we have just come you may remember the boys and girls rooms along the corridor. You’ll find everything you need in there. James can come back out when you’re finished”

“I know the way,” said James. And with that he led me back to the house.

“So this is your second time here then James”


“So you know exactly where were going then”

“Yes, common quick. I want to get back out to play”

He knew exactly where to go and waited outside the door for me to open it.
I took out my key fob and pressed the numbers.
9807 nothing. Shit, Shit, Shit.
James looked at me as if to say what you playing at, I pressed again 8907 this time the door clicked open to my relief and we both entered.
James took off his shoes and left them by the door.
As we walked through the room I noticed he was scanning the walls.

“Looking for anyone in particular?” I asked.

“Just for my name” And with that he pointed to a nametag on the wall.

“Just there” he said proudly.

We walked through the boot room and I opened the door to the classroom corridor door, but this time remembered the number.
We walked along the corridor and up to the boy’s room.
I once again clicked open the door and we both entered.
The room was set out in exactly the same way as the Changing room upstairs, but a lot, lot smaller.
Brightly painted walls with cartoon characters, and two colourful changing tables with a table between them with wipes powder and cream set out on top.
On the back wall there were shelves stacked with disposables in five sizes from Extra small to Extra large, a smaller stack of terry nappies and a washbasin next to the table fixed on the wall.
James, without asking jumped up on to the table and laid down on his back.

“Sorry James but you’ll have to bare with me here, I’ve never changed a boys nappy before”

“You must be new here then, I didn’t think I remembered you from last year. Would you like me to help you?”

“It might help yes thanks”

“It’s your choice but you may like to grab some gloves first and then you will need to take my jeans off”

I took a pair of latex gloves out of the box on top of the table and pulled them on.
I hated the feel they made me cringe every time I had used them in the past.
I undid the button on his Levies and pulled down the zip, then gently pulled the jeans down and off his legs and placed them at the end of the changing table.
He was wearing a disposable that looked absolutely soaked.

“How long have you had this on?

“Since I left home this morning.
I knew it would be a long time before I would get a change so I tried to hold out but couldn’t hold it any longer and had to go on the coach.

Right firstly you need to open the four tabs”

“Can I ask before we go any further, have you JUST peed?”

“Yep, You’re safe I only peed it, THIS TIME!”

He laughed, he must have seen the look of utter horror on my face as I started to undo the tapes.
I looked at him, he was having fun and had a Cheshire cat grin, he knew he had a nappy virgin in his control and he was milking it.

I opened the four tabs and pulled the front of his nappy down.
He lifted his bum as he probably had done hundreds of times before.
“Pull the nappy out and roll it up”.
I did as he suggested and placed the rolled up drenched article at the end of the changing table.

“You need the wipes now”.

I picked up the wipes. I found that I couldn’t use the wipes with the gloves on.

“I’m going to have to take the gloves off James, is that ok with you?”

“I don’t like them either” he replied

I gently wiped James’s nappy area as I had seen my sister do to her kid a few times.

“You’ll need to be a bit firmer than that,” He said.

“Don’t worry I won’t break”
He smiled a broad I’m in control smile.

As I wiped his bum and willy, I noticed that he was hairless down there.
I thought it strange because I had a plenty of pubic hair by his age.
I just put it down to late development.

I looked at James he had a really long sad face now.

“What’s the matter have I done something wrong?”

“No! It’s just that I don’t like the next bit.

“Why what happens next?

“Well now you have to lift my legs and smack my bum and say naughty baby”.

He started to smirk then he burst out laughing.

“Got ya! there, sucker”

“Why you little bugger, just for that”

I lifted his legs as if I was going to smack him as he had suggested.

“NOOOO! Please I was joking”

Then I burst out laughing, “Maybe next time eh!”
We both laughed. In fact, I cried because I hadn’t laughed so much in ages.

There was a knock at the door and Mrs Thompson walked in.
James made no effort to hide himself and just laid on his back with everything in full view.

“Is everything ok in here?”

“Yes, sorry” We both continued laughing.” Everything’s fine thank you”

“ That’s Ok then. Well I’ll leave you two to it then shall I.
Oh! and welcome back James. Pleased to see you back with us again this year”

“Thank you Mrs Thompson, I’m very happy to be back”

He again burst out laughing, as did I.
She left the room and closed the door behind her.

“Shall we get you finished then?”

“Please, then I can go play”

“What size are you?

“Small” Came the reply.

I should had realized really because he was so skinny.
I grabbed a small nappy and opened it up, James lifted his bum and I slid the nappy underneath him, positioning it as I had seen my sister do.

“You will need to put some cream on before you do it up Daniel”

I grabbed the pot of Balmex off the table and applied it to all of his nappy area.
I wiped off my hands with a wipe then pulled the nappy up over his front, grabbed the sides and horror, they didn’t line up.
James smiled and lifted his bum again and I repositioned the nappy and tried again.
It took three goes to get it right before the nappy was taped up.

“How’s that, OK?

“Yes thank you. See we got there eventually” He still had his Cheshire cat grin.

I picked his Levi’s up off the table and snaked them back on up his legs making sure that everything was tucked in
James then jumped down off the table, tucked in his t-shirt and did a final adjustment to his jeans.

“You’d never” know he whispered.

I smiled back at him.
I cleaned up and threw the sodden nappy in the pedal bin along with the wipes.

“Don’t forget to wipe the table down, we want it to be clean for the next lucky camper, don’t we” He said very matter-of-factly, as if he now didn’t have a care in the world.

“You really like it here don’t you James?”

“You bet, it’s great to be away from everything and” He cut the sentence short.

“And what?”

“Nothing, it’s just great to be here again”

“Right if were ready then?”

“Sure are”

“Let’s go then”

I playfully patted his behind as I had seen my sister do to my niece.
He looked at me and smiled.

“Thanks” he said.

“For what?”

“Just thanks”

We made our way back outside and he headed off toward the lake.
Nice kid I thought, as I stood and watched as he raced away.
I hoped that the rest would be the same but somehow I knew that really wouldn’t be the case.

I wandered around the grounds watching everyone having fun and making sure no one got into trouble.
The lake looked lovely in the evening light, it was still only 5.30 and the sun wasn’t due to go down until 9.30 this evening, but the air was cooler and more pleasant.

It didn’t seem to worry the children though, they were still playing on the climbing frames and swings.
Some of the older kids were hanging out around one of the little summer houses near the lake I had seen earlier.
I went up to one and looked around it. It had a covered seated area at one end which was about 10feet long and a door at the other, and just like all the other doors in the school building it didn’t have a handle.

I took out my key fob and keyed in the code and the door clicked open.
I poked my head round the door found a light switch and turned it on.
It was a smaller version of the changing room I had just been in with James.
No decoration this time but it had a single changing table and stacks of nappies on shelves on the wall and a series of large clear plastic boxes stacked along the side wall.
I heard movement behind me which made me jump.

“You must keep the doors closed Daniel, I could have been one of the kids sneaking in behind you couldn’t I”

Jane had spotted me coming in and followed me.

“We must always shut the doors even if only for a second.
You’re lucky I wasn’t Mrs Thompson. She’d have had a fit seeing you leave the door open"

“Ok sorry I’ll make sure I do it in future”

“How you settling in though everything ok”

“Fine thanks. I’ve even already done my first nappy change”.

“I said proudly”

“Well done you. Not a difficult one then” She had a wry smile.

“Actually it was a returning camper”

“Which one was that then?”

“James Olgvy”

“I remember him he was a lovely kid last year. A great young pianist”

“That’s him, he’s a really nice boy. I nearly had to smack his bum though”

Jane looked at me with a scowl. “I hope you didn’t” she replied.

“No! No, I never, we were mucking around while I was changing him, having a joke and a laugh.
He said that I had to smack his bum and call him a naughty baby, but he was kidding me because he knew I hadn’t changed anyone before. It was all totally innocent really”

“That’s ok then, phew I thought you had broken the cardinal rule for a minute there. Glad you got an easy one to start with though”

“So am I”

“You’ll have some difficult one’s later I can assure you.
Anyway seen enough?”

“Yea! I assume these huts are here to save time and not make everyone traipsing back in to the main building?”

“Yes there is seating outside for fifteen or so kids. This hut being so close to the lake is used for changing for the water activities.
It’s where we change the children into their swim nappies. So they can go swimming or sailing. Then back again when their finished”.

We walked outside and closed the door firmly behind us.
On the other side of the lawn we saw a commotion, with a group of kids in a circle and hurriedly made our way toward the group.
We saw one of the other house parents in the middle of the group and he seemed to have the situation well under control.

“Trevor’s got it covered” Said Jane. “We can slow down a bit”

We weren’t running but continued walking at a fast pace.
When we got to the group Trevor had one kid by his arm and we saw another on the floor.
He pulled up the kid off the floor by his arm and started marching him back to the house leaving the other one in the group.
The pair made their way back toward the house just as they reached it the call bell sounded.

“Oops, lost track of time there”. Said Jane. “We’d better hurry.
We moved across the lawn at top speed toward the house.

“I’ll catch you later Daniel. Have fun”

She hurried off to where her dormitory group were congregating.
I saw Tony, Ann and Jenny ahead with our group and made my way toward them.

”Were going to have a little race now” Said Tony as I arrived.

“We want to beat all the other dormitories into the dinner hall and get the first pick of the table places, so when I say go, follow me and run.
Oh! Before we go can you all remember your names?”

There were some puzzled looks on the kid’s faces. I myself didn’t know what he was on about.
But I noticed that James has his Cheshire cat grin again.

“Don’t bother, just follow me, GO”
All the kids with me and the girls in tow, raced off toward the house. Tony was fast and the kids had trouble keeping with him except James.

We reached the door and Tony clicked it open and everyone piled in through the open door.
We were the first dormitory to get inside.

“OK then everyone, you remember I asked if you could remember your name well now’s the time to remember.
Above each peg is a coloured name label, first one back to me having taken their shoes and jacket off and placed them in the basket under their name badge gets, gets”

“Gets what a fag?” Shouted one of the kids.

“Not likely” Tony said.
“How about the winner chooses? That’s fair. Right now GO”

Just as he said go another dormitory came crashing through the door.
They must have been given some instructions before they got here of what to do because they went straight into looking for their names.

The room was full of kids rushing all over the room.
People were crashing into each other and pushing and shoving to get to their peg first.
The first one back for our dorm was, James, thanks I’m sure to him looking for his name when we were in here earlier.
Then in quick succession all the other kids in our dormitory lined up behind him.

The one’s that were finished and lined up were shouting instructions to the ones that hadn’t found their pegs yet.

To make things worse the little kids then crashed in through the door and now there were even more bodies flying around the room.

“Over there Simon” Called James

He pointed to the far wall and Simon spotted his name ripped his shoes and coat off and threw them in to the basket.
He was the last one back but our dorm was still winning because most of the other kids were still running around like headless chickens.

“Well done everyone, see team work pays off. “Tony seemed generally delighted with coming first.

“James as you were first back here you can see me later for your prize.
Right quick everyone follow me”

We all headed up through the corridor again, past the classrooms. Through the entrance hall and toward the dining room, some of the kids were slipping in their socked feet on the polished floor but we were still in front.

Suzie, Jane and Andover kids were coming a close second to our kids but we reached the dining room door first.
Tony stopped everyone at the open door.

“Well done everyone. That’s the first time Pembroke has won in four years. Brilliant” Tony appeared to be really genuinely pleased to have won, and all the kids cheered.

“Right everyone, we won so you can go in first.
You can sit wherever you like on that far table it’s your choice”

“Do we have to sit together Tony?” Asked Steven.

“No wherever, it’s your choice but don’t anyone start eating until I say so.
Ready? GO”
All the kids rushed into the room and ran around the table looking for the best place to sit.
After 30 seconds or so some of them were still not sitting so Tony gave them a countdown from 10.
By 2 everyone had grabbed a place on the bench.

Next to come in were the Arundel kids then the Andover’s and lastly Windsor.
I couldn’t believe they were last so I assumed John had held them back to protect the younger kids.
Once all the kids were seated the adults all sat down next to them.
I sat next to James as no one else had.

Tony said. “Right get stuck in”

All the kids grabbed a handful of food and pushed as much as they could in to their mouths.
So much so that some couldn’t chew.
Mrs Flagstaff and her ladies came in after a while with drinks trolleys, and everyone chose a drink.
I turned to James who was stuffing his mouth just like the others.

“You’ll make yourself sick”

He nodded, as his mouth too full to speak.

After about an hour of everyone filling their faces with food and drink, some of them looked a little green around the gills.

Tony stood up from our table.

“Right everyone I can see that your all just about full now, so one dormitory at a time, I would like us all to make our way upstairs so we can start to get you settled into your rooms for the night”

There were a few boos and lot’s of shouts of.

“It’s too bloody early for bed”

But everyone from our dormitory stood up and followed Tony out of the room.
We all made our way upstairs and headed for the playroom.
Tony settled the kids down while there rest of us made our way into the changing room.
Trevor and Kim who I’d met earlier were already in the room.

“Are the first baths run? Asked Ann.

“Yes. Already to go,” replied Kim.

“Daniel you’re with me. Just follow my lead for the first one”

Tony came through with the first three boys.
Adam, Christopher and Bruce.
Ann and I moved over to one of the tables and we called Bruce over.
Tony and Jenny took Adam and Trevor and Kim took Christopher.

“Jump up onto the table please Bruce” Requested Ann
He jumped up and sat with his feet dangling above the floor.

“We have to do a few medical checks before we can allow you to do any of the activities here Bruce” Said Ann.

“I need to take your temperature and blood pressure and we need to give you a little injection”.

“Injection! What for?” He asked.

“Well our lake has some nasty bacteria in it. And so you don’t become sick we need to give you a little injection”.

“Oh! Ok” said Bruce.

“Just get on with it then!”

“Ok take your top off so I can do your blood pressure”
Bruce removed his shirt

Ann picked up a thermometer and placed it under Bruce’s armpit.
Then she picked up a pressure band and stethoscope to take Bruce’s blood pressure.
Wrapped the band around his other arm and pumped it up and watched the little dial on the rubber tube as she checked his beats on his elbow.

“That’s fine” and she took off the band.

She then took out the thermometer from under his arm and looked at it. “That’s fine as well, you’re still alive. She smiled.
Now It’s only a little jab in the bum nothing to be worried about” She told Bruce.

“Take your trousers off and lay face down on the table for me”.
Bruce jumped off the table dropped his trousers and jumped back on.

Ann pulled his boxers back and injected his left cheek.

“Ouch” complained Bruce. “That hurt”

“Sorry I missed”

“Missed, missed what? What did you miss?” Said Bruce.

“I was aiming for your other cheek and missed”
Ann laughed and so did Bruce. I watched on, paying attention to everything that was going on. Although I was supposed to be helping Ann I was more interested in making mental notes as I watched her work.

Ann started talking to Bruce about what he wanted to do while he was at camp and general points about his family and school.
“Ann I feel all strange, I can’t move my arms” Said Bruce. He had a real concerned look on his face.

“It’s ok mate it’s just an effect of the injection.

“But I can’t move my fucking legs now, shit I’m gonna die”

“You’re not going to die, you just won’t be able to move for a while, it will wear off don’t worry”.

Bruce was nearly in tears.
Don’t worry everyone has the same reaction after the injection”. I said.

“Right are you ready for a bath?”.

“I can’t have a bath, I can’t move”.

“It’s ok” Said Ann,” Daniel and I will bath you”.

“I don’t think so, I don’t want a fucking bath.
How long does this last? Me not being able to move?”

“Well you should be up and running around again by morning”

“What the fuck am I gonna do till then. I can’t move”

“Look Bruce. Firstly we don’t like fowl language around here, it’s not very nice, secondly, because you can’t move for yourself we will have to do it for you won’t we”

“But I don’t want a bath I don’t need a bath I had a shower this morning”

“Well everyone here gets one on their first night.
Give me a hand Daniel and we’ll carry Bruce Through”.

Ann pulled Bruce’s socks off first and left them on the pile of clothes on the floor.

“Look I really, really don’t want a bath and you can’t make me have one”

“Too late” Said Ann and with that we rolled him over and picked him up and carried him into the bathroom.
Ann pulled his boxers down and left them on the floor.
We then placed him in the shallow bath.

“Look I don’t know what your game is but I don’t want you fucking touching me, you got that”

“Well you’re in the bath and you need to be washed so we have to touch you don’t we”

“If you touch me I am gonna call my dad and he’ll come and sort you two out, you hear me bitch”

“Tell you what Bruce” Said Ann I won’t touch you if you can bath yourself how’s that?

“How the fuck can I do that when you bastards have paralysed me?

“Last warning, enough of the swearing please”
By this time the other two boys were in the bath and being washed, there was similar shouting and swearing going on as well.
I washed Bruce all over and also washed his hair.
Unlike James earlier Bruce had plenty of pubic hair.

“You’ll need to shave Bruce now Daniel”

“Shave, fucking shave what?” Asked Bruce. “You ain’t shaving nothing, get your fucking hands off you bastards”

I did as Ann asked and shaved Bruce’s pubic hair off.
I worked out why we were doing it for myself but just wish she had warned me earlier that it would need to be done.
He tried to fight us.
He swore screamed and pleaded with us to leave him alone.
By the time I had finished Bruce had quietened down a bit. The other boys in baths were also more subdued.

“I want to know why are you doing this to me please tell me.
I want you to fucking tell me right now?”

“Well Bruce your parents have asked up to help you” Replied Ann.

“In what way do my fucking parents want you to help me? I don’t need any fucking help from you bastards”

“Let’s look at that shall we. You’re constantly in trouble with the police and you have a criminal record that’s longer than my CD collection.
You beat up a year 7 girl at school because you didn’t like the way she looked at you.
You hit your mother and are constantly abusive to both your parents and your teachers at school. Do I need to go on?”

“So fucking what? They all deserved what they got didn’t they?”

“I really doubt that young man”

“You don’t fucking know me, what do you know about me fucking nuffing”

“Last warning Bruce cut the language or you’ll force me to cut it for you”

“What you gonna do wash my mouth out, like to see you try luv”

“No we don’t do that here, we have more effective methods”

“Like what?”

“You carry on swearing and you’ll be finding out real soon”

Bruce looked at Ann and me. He must have seen something in Ann’s eyes that made him think he’d better curb the swearing.

“If you calm down I will tell you why you’re here and what’s going to be happening to you for the next six weeks” I said.

“I know what’s gonna be happening to me tomorrow mate, I’m gonna be outa here”

“Quite the opposite Bruce you’re not going anywhere.
Your parents have signed you over to us for our education programme
And you’re here to stay. Said Ann

“We’ll see luv, we’ll see”

He was calmer but I could see he was planning and scheming. I saw it in his eyes.

“Right Bruce we’re going to get you out of the bath now, and dry you off next door. OK!”

He said nothing.
Ann lifted him under his arms and I wrapped a towel round him. We then both carried him towards the door to the changing room.
I felt a sudden pain in my shoulder. The little sod was trying to take a huge bite out of me.

“ARRRGH! YOU LITTLE” Ann saw what he was doing and grabbed his hair and pulled him off me.

We continued to carry him through to the nursery with Ann still having hold of his hair and him trying to bite me again.
Once we passed through the door Bruce saw the layout and contents of the second changing room.

“What the fuck is going on here?
Your taking the fucking piss now.
Get the fuck off me” Were some of the comments traded from his foul mouth.
We carried him over to a changing table and laid him down on the changing pad.

“Let me have a look Daniel”
Ann pulled down my t-shirt from the neck to look at the bite.

“You’re OK he’s not broken the skin, but you’ll have a whacking great bruise there later tonight”

“I’ll live” I replied

Bruce was still screaming and shouting while Ann was checking my shoulder.

“Do you fucking think, you gonna put them on me, you pratt, never”

“Well Bruce you have given me no choice my lad.
I warned you and you have persisted in swearing and have now bitten someone”

Ann walked over to a drawer on one of the wall cupboards and took out what appeared to be a huge dummy on a leather strap with a short rubber tube and inflator bulb attached.
Bruce saw what was coming.

“You’ll never get that in my fucking mouth I can assure you of that” He screamed.
And with that he grit his teeth and clamped his jaw tight shut.
Ann handed me the gag.

"When I open his mouth you push the gag in Daniel”

She placed one hand on Bruce’s forehead and with the other he placed on his jaw, she put her fingers on either side of his cheeks at the back of his jaw and pressed hard between his top and bottom teeth with the tips of her fingers.
Bruce resisted for about 10 seconds, then his jaw pooped open and Ann was now forcing the skin of his cheeks between his teeth and forcing his jaw to open even further.
I saw my opportunity and shoved the gag in the gap Ann had created.
She released her grip once the gag was in place then grabbed the leather strap and quickly secured it behind Bruce’s head.

Bruce started screaming through the gag. But his words were illegible but still loud.
Ann started to gently squeeze the bulb and the dummy in Bruce’s mouth
Eventually all that could be heard were a few muffled screams.

“Now If you start to behave yourself Bruce I will remove the gag. If not then it will stay in all night if necessary. Do you understand?”

Bruce had a look of abject horror in his eyes. He was still trying to scream out and his eyes were screaming as well.


Ann was very firm now. She was showing Bruce that she was boss and what she said goes.
He quietened looked at Ann and nodded his head.

“When I think your calmer I will think about taking the gag out ok?”

Bruce nodded again. He had a defeated look in his eyes now, less aggressive.
He’s realized very quickly, as had I that lack of movement and having something shoved in your mouth are a very persuasive method of control.
Ann again explained to Bruce why she had done what he had done, then she turned to me.

“We need to constantly observe all kids that are restrained and or gagged Daniel.
We need to check that their not choking or having breathing difficulties.
If we get Bruce ready and he behaves then we can think about removing his gag. But he will need to apologise to you for biting you as well, won’t you Bruce”
Ann looked at a now defeated Bruce as she spoke and Bruce nodded.

I dried Bruce’s front then we turned him over and I did his back, Ann dried his hair.
Once I had finished drying Ann grabbed a bottle of baby powder and puffed a good amount on Bruce’s back and patted it in.
We turned him back over and did the same for this front.

“If I take your gag out will you promise to behave?”

He nodded yes so she deflated the gag and undid the leather strap and took the gag out.

“Now what do you have to say to Daniel?”

“I’m sorry” He blurted out in a not very convincing apology.

“Please don’t put a nappy on me. I’ll be good I won’t swear or bite anymore. Please! I promise I really do”

He was pleading with us both. I felt sorry for him, here he was a kid presented with an unknown fate helpless to resist not knowing what his fate was or who we were.

“If you stay calm I will explain why you’re here and what’s going to happen to you.
IF you do not, and start playing us up again then I will re-gag you, do I make myself clear Bruce?”

“Yes” He replied in a now worried voice.

“Ok then as Daniel and I dress you I will explain”

Ann explained to Bruce why his parents had sent him, how his parents had signed a consent form and what was expected of him while he was here.

While Ann was talking to him we nappied him and put him in his sleeper.

I think that at that very moment the realisation that his parents had consented to his treatment dawned on him and he started to cry.
I felt that he was crying for many reasons though, mainly because he was being nappied, but I think he also couldn’t believe his parents had seen it necessary to send him here so he felt let down by his parents and he was ashamed of his predicament.

“They wouldn’t do it, I know they wouldn’t do it, I don’t believe you, your lying”

“Your parents love you Bruce. I know that because they have been brave enough to send you to us so we can help you.
You will know that because you will learn of the sacrifice they will have made for you, when you return home.
Just work hard and everything will work out you’ll see.
I’m going to ask Daniel to put you to bed now will you behave or do we both need to do it?

“I’ll, I’ll behave” He sobbed.

I picked him up and carried him on my hip like a mother would carry any child on her hip. He wasn’t that big that I couldn’t cope.
He was still sobbing as we walked through the nursery door.
But he saw the cots and started floods of tears again.

“I don’t want to be treated as a baby please don’t do this’ I’ll go home and sort myself out I promise, I really will”

“You have to finish what we have started Bruce sorry but you don’t have a choice.
It’ll be ok, be brave and behave and everything will work out fine”

I laid him in his cot and pulled up the blanket and tucked him in.

“How long do I have to stay in here for?”

“Well the drug you have been given will start to wear off in the morning, you should be starting to be able to walk on your own by about lunch time”
Would you like me to give you a dummy to suck on?”

“Not on your fucking life. Sorry I didn’t mean to swear, I don’t want that gag thing again, please don’t make me wear it”

“I won’t this time but you must try to curb your language Bruce otherwise you may get the gag again”
“Sorry I will be good, Promise. I’m sorry I bit you”

Kim and Jenny came in carrying the other two boys.
They had calmed down by now as well and were heading to their cots.

“While we’re getting everyone else ready for bed we will be in and out quite a bit so if you need anything just call and I’ll see what I can do ok?”

“Please can I not wear this nappy, I won’t be any trouble, I won’t really I won’t”

“You have to stay here sorry Bruce, it’s for your own good. I’ll check on you soon”

I raised the bars on the cot and locked them into place.
He looked so sweet lying there but he was so sad and I hated to see that.
I walked back into to see Ann and Tony cleaning up.

“You did great there Daniel you coped really well” Tony then noticed what must have been my long sad face.

“You ok mate?” He asked.

“No not really, no! I feel so sorry for him, for all of them.
It hurts to see them so scared and sad. I’m having trouble coping with it”

“Look the first one is always the hardest” Said Ann

“It will get better I can assure you. By the time your through tonight things start to get better and as we said earlier when the kids see what we’re trying to do for them it then gets so rewarding, you’ll see”

“I know, it’s just trying to get through tonight I suppose”

“Shall we get ready for the next three then?”
Kim and Jenny came back in from the nursery.

“Everything OK you two?” Asked Tony again

“I lowered the lights in there” Said Kim.

“Ok” Said Tony.

Jenny looked a little how I felt and I think Tony saw it as well.

“Come here love” He walked over to her and gave her a long hug.

“I know it’s hard, but as I just said to Daniel it will get easier. You’ll see”

“I just hate seeing them so scared, I don’t think I can do this Tony”

“Look your next kid will be much easier She’s one of yours. It’s Sarah.

Just hang on in there, ok?”

“OK” Jenny replied.

“Right let’s get ready then.
In the laundry basket you’ll find a bags with the children’s names on them.
All dirty clothes into the bags please.
But first make sure that you check and empty any pockets before you put the clothes in.
If you find anything we will need to keep it separate from the laundry stuff.
Anything you find will need to go into an envelope with the child’s name on which can also be found in the baskets.
Wipe all the tables down then were ready for the next lot”

We cleaned everything and put all the kids clothes into the bags marked with their names then put them into the laundry basket, the only one thing found in a pocket was some chewing gum and for some reason a sandwich from the feast, both of which was disposed of in the bin.
Kim went to run three more baths.

“If we’re ready Jenny can you get the next three in please.
We need Gillian, Abigail and Sarah.
Daniel your with Jenny for this one ok. Right let’s go then”

In came the three girls.
Jenny called Sarah over to our table and she came up to us bouncing, like a two year old.

“Your happy Sarah” I said.

“I’m always happy when I come here” she said.

“You like it that much” Asked Jenny

“I sure do”

“Right let’s get you started then. Take off your top and you bra if you’re wearing one”

I helped Jenny with Sarah and followed her lead.
She was a returning camper so she knew what was going on and was just really happy.
She didn’t need an injection because she wouldn’t struggle so getting her ready was a doddle.
Jenny took her temperature and blood pressure.
As she would have done normally to make it look good for the other girls.
Jenny got Sarah to take her jeans off and she was wearing a Pull-ups nappy.
The other girls saw and started to tease her and call her nasty names.
But Sarah didn’t cry, she didn’t comment, she just sat on the table and smiled at them, knowing full well what was coming for them and enjoying the moment.

The other girls had their injections and asked why Sarah wasn’t having one.
Little did they know the real reason, but they would know very soon.
The other girls both lost movement, has had the boys previously. There was some screaming and swearing as there had been with the boys, but as before things soon settled down.

Jenny and I took Sarah through for a bath. She walked through herself and pulled off the pull-up herself and got in.
I noticed straight away that like James earlier she didn’t have any pubic hair either.
Jenny bathed her, washed her hair and let her play with some bath toys for a while.
The other girls were, as were the boys before pleading not to be treated this way, with about the same amount of swearing and threats.
Neither of the girls got to the point of needing a gag though and Tony and co managed to keep the situation well under control.

Sarah stood up in the bath and Jenny wrapped a towel around her body and one round her hair.

“Would you like me to carry you through?” Asked Jenny.

“Ohhh! Yes please” Came the happy reply.

Jenny picked Sarah up, as I had done with Bruce, hip style, and carried her through to the changing room, laid her down and we dried her.
I dried her hair and Jenny her body.
The two other girls were brought through, and, as with the boys there was a disbelief and aggressive reaction to what they saw and were expecting to happen to them. But the guys coped expertly with the problem, which was down mainly to the years of experience they had working at the school.

Jenny and I continued to nappy and dress Sarah. She was contented and when she asked Jenny for a dummy, I was astounded that she would ask for one rather than be asked first.

We finished dressing Sarah and Jenny brushed her hair for her while I did up the buttons on her pink sleeper.
She then hopped off the changing table and waddled through to the nursery.
She had to waddle because her nappy was so thick between her legs.
But I could see that she was more than used to walking that way.

I learned from her file later that evening that she wore most nights at home because she liked wearing nappies and her parents were ok with it.

Jenny tucked Sarah in and offered her a night-time bottle of milk, which she took with no question and sucked away as I raised the bars to her cot.

The room was darker than when we were last in here because Kim had dimmed the lights slightly.
I went over to Bruce’s cot to check on him.

“Still awake then”

“Can’t sleep. Don’t want to sleep anyway. Not in here not like this”

“You’ll need to get used to it,” I said. “I can give you something to help if you want”

He shook his head and turned it away.
“Just leave me alone”

I stood looking at him for a while. He was holding back the tears I could see it in face. He was trying to hide it but it was there to see.
Sarah was in her cot sucking away looking over towards Bruce’s cot and smiling at him with the bottle quickly emptying.

“What you got to be so fucking happy about?”

She turned her head and looked away, but didn’t miss a suck on that teat.
The other girls were brought through and laid in their cots.
Their swearing and screaming had now stopped and they were sobbing themselves.
We all left the nursery and made our way back through to the changing room.

“Well done again everyone, no major problems this time. How was that one Jenny easier?

“Yes perfect, I wish they could all be like that” She replied

“Give it time they will all get easier as the kids become accustomed to their new surroundings and lifestyles.
Better for you Daniel?”

“Yes thanks”

“Well you have another easy one next. James is with you and Ann”
Just as he said that an alarm bell sounded, just like the one I had set off earlier upstairs.

“Everyone stay here and don’t move” And with that he was off running toward the playroom door.
We watched as he clicked open the door and burst through.
Once inside he gave us the thumbs up through the open doorway after a few seconds indicating all was well.

“Someone playing with the doors happens every year without fail”. Said Ann.

We made our way back through to the changing room. Closing the doors behind us as a matter of routine now.

After a dressing down of the culprits in the playroom Tony came through with Simon, James and Steven.

James came over to our table and jumped on without any prompting.
He took off his shirt and held his arm up for the blood pressure check.

“Your keen” I said.

“You bet” He smiled back.

Ann took his blood pressure and I did his temperature.
Which of course were fine.
He then jumped off the table and took his jeans off.

Simon, who was being prepared by Tony, shouted over to James when he saw his nappy but James just looked over in his direction and stared at him.

His face was a picture, He had a look of your gonna get yours mate.
And real soon.

He knew that I knew exactly where he was coming from and then turned to me and smiled a huge grin.
He didn’t need to say a word and I returned the knowing smile and winked.

“So what are you looking forward to this summer then James?”

“I have been told that there is a really good music teacher here this summer so I can practice with him. I really want to make some new friends and can’t wait to get out on the lake again”

“Well you in luck, I’m not an actual music teacher but I am good on the piano, but nowhere near your standard though. So we can duet if you like.
I’m more of a strings man really, guitar mainly”

“Great I can’t wait”

As we spoke there were raised voices from the other two boys in the room, because by now the muscle relaxant had taken effect and they were unable to move.

James looked over to Simon lying on his table frantic because he was helpless. And he had a look of satisfaction on his face.

He knew what it was like and he knew what Simon was now going through.
He knew, because last year it was him that was lying there helpless.

I un-tapped his nappy, rolled it up and threw it in the bucket under the table.

“Want a bath then”

“You bet”
And with that he jumped off the changing table and led the way to the bathroom totally naked with Ann and I walking behind.

Tony and the others were still trying to get Simon and Steven to calm down so I left them to it and Ann and I went through with James.

He loved his bath.
He even asked for some bath toys and played while Ann and I bathed him.

The other boys were carried through and put into their baths.
There was a great deal of swearing and shouting going on but the boys were bathed without much incident.

“You ready to come out yet James?”

“Can I have just a little longer? Please!”

“One more minute then, then it’s out you get”.

“I think you can manage James on your own can’t you?” Said Ann.

“Sure I think we’re ok don’t you James”

“We sure are Daniel”

“I’m going to get next door ready then” and with that Ann went back through to changing room one leaving me with James.

“Right time to get out, up you get”

He stood up and I wrapped a towel around him.
We both stood and watched as the toys swirled around as the water drained through the plughole.
The little yellow duck was chasing the bigger yellow duck and the little red boat was chasing both of them toward the whirlpool, heading, according to James, for oblivion and a watery end.

James smiled as we watched.
I was watching him he was as happy as I had ever seen a child be.
And he was just watching toys spinning around in a bath.

I suppose he was just happy to have the pressures lifted off him.
No responsibilities, no worries. Just as it should be for a kid of just 12.

“Want a carry?”

“Yes please” And with that he virtually jumped on to my hip.

I carried him through and set him down on the changing table.
We talked as I dried him. I found out about his parents. About his visits to different parts of the world playing in concerts and about his likes and desires.

The other boys followed us through after a short while. They were still swearing and cussing, but a lot less than before.

“Where are you from Daniel?” Asked James.

“I normally live and work in London” I replied

“I love London, it’s my favourite place, there’s so much to see and look at”

He told me about the concerts he’d done in London even The Royal Albert Hall.
I told him about meeting the Queen and going to her garden party as I powdered him.
He was transfixed, everything I said got a reaction and he wouldn’t take his eyes off me as I spoke to him.

“Would you like a dummy?”

“Ooooh! Please that would be great”

I opened the drawer and took out a new clean dummy.
He opened wide and started sucking straight away.

I folded a terry nappy with the boy fold and placed it under his bum, then used the Balmex in his nappy area before pinning the nappy on snugly after the second attempt.

“How’s that snug enough”

“You bet, snug as a bug in a nappy” He laughed.
I pulled out a pair of plastic pants and he raised his legs to help me get them on, I pulled them up over the nappy making sure that everything was well tucked in,

“How’s that then comphy?

He took out the dummy. “Just right” He smiled at me with the biggest smile I’d seen today so far from anyone.

I took the blue sleeper out of the wardrobe he sat up without being asked and I put it on over his head.
He guided his own arms through the sleeves and laid back down lifting his bum so I could pull it down over his nappy.
I guided his feet into the feet of the sleeper and started to do up the buttons.

“I can see that you’re a happy chappie. You really enjoy this don’t you James”

He took out his dummy again.
“You can’t really know how much”

“Well tell me then”

“Well, It’s, it’s like. Look ask me tomorrow and I’ll tell you then, promise”

“Ok in your own time no rush”
I smiled and he grinned another of his happy face looks”


Without saying anything he popped his dummy back in, sat up and held out his arms.
I picked him up and carried him through to the nursery, again hip style.
He gave me a huge hug.

“What was that for?

“Muffing” He said through the dummy.

He did it again and rested his head on my shoulder as I carried him to his cot.
I laid him down and he scooted under the blankets.
“Want a bottle?”

“Gweat” He said through the dummy

I went to the fridge. “Warm or cold?” I asked.

He took the dummy out this time “Always warm” He said very matter of factly.

I put the bottle in the rapid bottle warmer on the fridge and set the temperature.
Within a minute the bottle was just right.
I took it over and gave it to James and he started sucking immediately.
I raised the bars on his cot and locked them into place.
“Night James”

James waved as I turned he smiled through the teat of the bottle.

As I was walking out Tony came through with Simon on his hip, he too had his head on Tony’s shoulder as James had done on mine.

I smiled at Tony and he returned the smile with a quick wink.
Jenny and Ann were close behind with Steven.

He wasn’t as relaxed as Simon but he was at least quiet now.
I went through back to the changing room and started to clean up ready for the last three girls.

Ann came in and was followed closely by Tony.
He closed the door behind him.
“Everyone ok?”

“That was a real pleasure for me” I replied.

Jenny came in. from the bathroom
“You were right Tony, it does get easier”

“Nine down three to go. Daniel, Jenny I’d like you both to take the lead with your next kids. Let’s get ready”

We finished off cleaning up and preparing the changing rooms.
Everyone now happier, everyone now with a sense of achievement, even the experienced people in our company were glowing with success.

“Right we ready team?”

Tony went through to the playroom and brought through the last of the girls.
He directed them over to our respective tables where Kim and I were waiting for Samantha.

“Hi Samantha I’m Daniel and this is Kim, Jump up here for me please”

“Oh god, Please don’t call me Samantha, only my dad calls me that and only when he’s mad at me. Everyone calls me Sam”

“Sorry Samantha. We have to use your given name here, it’s a camp rule”

“Oh. Ok then, it’ll be funny being called Samantha again though”

“You having fun so far?” Said Kim.

“You bet, that food was just about the best I have ever, ever had”

“Take off your top and bra for us please” Said Kim.

“WHAT! In here in front of him your kiddin luv”

“No I’m not, I’m being serious. Besides Daniel has seen it all before anyway.
We heed to give you a quick health check, it’s standard practice for all new campers, and once we’ve done that we need to give you a small injection”

“Well he might have seen it all before but he ain’t seein mine luv, and I’m not avin any injection, I don’t need one”

“Well Samantha, you have two choices here,” I said.

“ One, You have the health check and injection or Two you don’t have either and never do the water activities, like Swimming Sailing and Canoeing, your choice.
Because without it you can’t do any of the water activities while you are here”

“Why an injection though what’s that for?”

“There are some nasty bugs in the water in the lake and we need to make sure you don’t get ill, which is why you need it. But before you have the injection we need to check you over and check your temperature and blood pressure”

“So what’s going to be then Samantha, the balls in your court” said Kim

Kim looked at me, and I at her. I was just thinking, what the hell do we do if she says no thanks?

When she said “Gawaan then do your worst” I was a little relieved

Phew! That was easy I thought to myself.

Samantha reluctantly took of her top and bra, she had a remarkably well-formed pair of breasts for her age, but then again she looked much older than her tender years.
She looked at my eyes as she undressed, never taking her eyes off mine.

“Catchin a good eyeful then Daniel, got what you wanted?” I recon you’re a fuckin perv mate”

I ignored her and wrapped the blood pressure cuff round her arm while Kim took her temperature.

The other girls were by this time also bear chested and having the same treatment.

“That’s fine, thank you Samantha. If you can drop your jeans and lay face down on the table now please so we can do your injection”

“You really are getting your money’s worth ain’t you mate, next you’ll be wanting to see me fanny”

She took off her jeans and climbed back on the table face down as I had asked.

Apart from her comments to the contrary it was obvious she wasn’t too worried about anyone seeing her body.

She had some puppy fat, which is usual for a girl of her age but apart from that you couldn’t really tell that she was only 12.
One of the reasons she was sexually active I suppose.

Kim grabbed a syringe and jabbed the needle in. She didn’t need to pull anything down to get a clear shot because Samantha wasn’t actually wearing a lot anyway.
“Ouch that fucking hurt. Be careful”. Samantha rubbed her cheek where Kim had just jabbed.

“Sorry sweetie.Just lay there and relax for a bit for me”.

“So what are you looking forward to doing while you’re here then Samantha?” I asked.

“Are you sure you can’t call me Sam, Samantha’s so back in the day”

“Nope sorry can’t do it” I replied.


“What’s wrong sweetie?” asked Kim

“I can’t move my legs, what the fuck have you done to me?”

“Don’t panic it’s just an affect of the injection it’ll wear off”

“But I can’t move my. Wooooah! Now my arms have gone dead. You’ve done something to me you bitch I can’t move, you’ve paralysed me with that jab.
Ooohhh! I feel all funny now”

“Calm down and the feeling will pass shortly, you’ve just had a rush of blood to the head that has made you a bit dizzy Samantha”

“Some of the children have a dizzy reaction Daniel, not all, it will pass soon she just needs a few minutes for the effect to pass”

“What causes it then?” I asked Kim.

Some of the girls who have been taking some sorts of birth control pill have a slight reaction, nothing serious.
Unless she tells our doctor at her pre acceptance examination that she’s on the pill we have no idea.
“At least it confirms one thing doesn’t it Samantha?”

“And what the fuck is that then luv?”

“It confirms that you’re on the pill and more than likely having sexual intercourse with someone”

“So what if it does, nothing to fucking do with you is it cow!”

I butted in. “Well it’s one of the reasons your actually here Samantha, you dad has sent you to us to help you sort yourself out”

“What has my dad got to do with it, he knows fuck all about me, he hasn’t wanted to know since mum died”

“Actually Samantha he has had his suspicions about your having sex and is very concerned for you” I added.

“My dad’s a total tosser and has been for years. Sam don’t do this, Sam don’t do that, what does he think he fucking knows about me, fucking nothing that’s what, fucking nothing”

“He knows that he loves you, and he knows that you just hurting yourself by doing what you doing” I said.
He has sent you here to Happy Summers to be part of the programme we run here for children like you.
Kids that are always in trouble for one thing or another, doing drugs, having sex, drinking”

“So what if I’m having sex, what the fuck has it got to do with him or you!”

Kim responded. “Well for a start young lady, you’re underage which I am sure you are aware.
And should the police wish to they could and should arrest the boy or boys your having sex with”

“They’d be lucky I don’t even know who they fucking are”

“So it’s more than one boy then?” Asked Kim.

“Who the fuck are you to be questioning me what boys I have had.
Don’t suppose you had any dick yourself for years by the look of you luv, so don’t start on me.
Now how long before this drug thing wear off. I want to get up”

“It won’t wear off till the morning” I replied.

“You’re fucking kidding me, so you expect me to lay here all fucking night then?”

“Well no, not really. Kim and I are going to carry you through to the bathroom and give you a bath now”.

“Your what! Carry me what! You can just fuck right off if you think I’m having a bath like this. Is this some sort of loony bin?
Oi get your cuntin hands off me you tossers”

Kim and I sat Samantha up and between us one on each side carried her through to the bathroom.

“I ain’t havin a fucking bath, no way”.

Kim slid her thong down and together we lifter up and sat her in the bath.

“I am gonna fucking kill the two of you in the morning, trust me your gonna get such a smack from me your gonna be seeing stars”

“You want to shave her or do you want me to Daniel”

“Shave what? You’re not shaving nuffin luv”

“I’ll do it” I replied and grabbed the gel and razor.

“I fucking knew it your some sort of fucking perv.
Don’t you dare touch me”
I squirted some gel on my fingers and rubbed it in and around her pubic area, she actually had a fair amount, more that I would have expect for her age.

“Please don’t, I don’t want to be shaved, please”
I picked up the razor and made the first pass.

“Look please don’t I won’t kill you after all, but please stop”

I continued on.

“Look will you fucking just stop and leave me alone, I’m gonna get the cops on you two first thing once I get my movement back, I’m gonna be on the phone and reporting the pair of you”

“Is this that same police” I replied. “That have arrested you for various things recently.
Maybe it was the shoplifting or maybe it was the mugging the old lady.
Or maybe you could ring social services, who would love to take you from your dad and put you into care.
I can call either or both of them for you in the morning if you would like me to”
She looked at me as if to say how do you know so much about me?

“Look Samantha your dad sent you here, social services know you’re here, and everyone knows what goes on here so you can complain all you like nothing will change, you’re here to stay for a full 6 weeks.
Just think of it as an opportunity to better yourself, and have some fun at the same time”

“I don’t what to have fun and if this is your idea of fun then you got some fucking weird ideas mate”

I finished shaving her and washed her off.
I held her while Kim washed her hair and wrapped a towel round her head when she had done.

“Right then time to get out. Ready?”

“NO!” She answered sarcastically.

“Oh well we are” Said Kim and with that we lifted her and wrapped a towel round her, then picked her up and carried her through to the changing room.

“What the fuck is this? Your avin a real fucking laugh now people.
Do you seriously think that I would in any way let you do what you think your gonna do with them things there.

“How are you going to stop us young lady? Punch and kick us? I can’t see you doing much of that at the moment can you? And I’ll ask you to curb your language please, we don’t and won’t put up with it”

“Look I don’t know what you game is and I seriously don’t want to either.
But I ain’t havin no nappy put on me no way, never”

“Sam, I’ll call you that once and only once” Said Kim. ”Just so you know I’m being deadly serious understand?”

“Whatever!” She replied.

“I don’t actually like you as you as the person you are at this moment.
I don’t like people who beat up or bully other people who can’t for whatever reason defend themselves.
To me you’re the scum of the earth.
If I was in charge kids like you should still be transported to an island like they did to convicts 200 odd years ago and left to rot.
But every adult here is here to help children like you who for whatever reason think your better than the rest of society.
Every child here is going to be treated in exactly the same was as you are going to be, and there are no exceptions.
I don’t care at the moment what you want or how you feel you’re here to let us help you become a better person.
You might not want to be at the moment but in time you may see the harm you’re doing yourself and others, and your father in particular.
You can make it easy or you can make it hard the choice is entirely yours.
It will be a challenge for both you and me but I hope in time we can become friends and I hope you work at becoming a better person.
But for now you have no choice in what happens to you so relax and let us do what we have to do and when we have finished getting you ready you can lie in your cot”

“Cot! What the fuck do you mean COT?”

“I mean cot. IE the place you will be sleeping for the next six weeks.
Once you’re in your cot you can scream your head off and swear as much as you like but I don’t advise it.
But be assured it’s going to happen like it or not”

She looked at both Kim and I and all of a sudden it must have dawned on her the seriousness of her situation.
She was helpless unable to really resist or to help herself in anyway.
Her only avenue of resistance was coming from her mouth.
She was at our mercy and nothing she could do was going to make us stop what was coming next.
She started to cry uncontrollably.

“Please don’t do this to me, I don’t want to be treated like this, I don’t deserve to be treated like this”

“Tell that to the old lady you put in to hospital three weeks ago” I said.

“But I didn’t mean to hurt her she just wouldn’t let go of her bag, I’m sorry”

“Look I’ll do a deal with you Samantha.
You behave yourself, be cool and I will help you through this and make it as easy as I can. Deal?”

I looked into her watery eyes.
Her eyes said, I hate you, and never ever will I allow you to do this to me.

“Ok deal” She said.

I knew she didn’t mean it, and I knew I had a real challenge on my hands with Sam.

Kim and I nappied and dressed her.
She didn’t say another word throughout the rest of the process.
She just kept her eyes closed, and we did what we needed to do.

“There done! You ready to go to bed?”

Sam looked at me and nodded, she had a look in her eyes more of defeat than anger now.
Kim and I lifted her up and I carried her through to her cot.
As James had done earlier she rested her head on my shoulder, but she still didn’t say a word, she just softly sobbed.
I followed Tony and Jenny through with their girls and headed for the empty cot next to where Simon was laying quietly. I laid her down then tucked her in.

“Would you like a dummy to help you sleep?”

She shook her head and just stared at the ceiling.
I lifted the bars on her cot and locked them into place.

Simon was staring over at Sam.
He had a look of real concern on his face. Then he looked directly at me and told me with his eyes that I had better not have hurt her.
I was pleased with that because it showed that he actually cared about something other than himself and there was a real hope that he wasn’t a lost cause.

I turned and headed back through to the changing room.
Where the team were tidying up.
Tony and Jenny followed me in closely behind and shut the door behind them.

“Well done team. I think that went really, really well.
Congratulations on seeing through on your first night everyone, and I’m really proud to have you all on my team in Pembroke.
Has anyone got any burning questions?”

It was a bit like being in an insurance sales team meeting but without the backslapping.

“I have a couple,” I said.

We didn’t cover the shaving or the gag procedures before we started, don’t you think some sort of warning and training may have been useful before we started tonight?”

“To be honest Daniel we have found on the job training far better that any demonstration or instruction we could give you beforehand.
I think both you and Jenny had plenty of on the job training tonight though”
He smiled a knowing smile ant Jenny and myself.
Suddenly we heard screaming and shouting coming from a speaker in the room.

“Ah! The nursery monitors are working. Jenny you want to come with me. I think this is one of yours kicking off”

“Tony and Jenny headed back through to the nursery.
I followed on behind and stood in the doorway watching through the nursery’s dim light.

Kristy, who was one of Jenny’s charges, was screaming and calling out for her mum and dad.
Tony dropped the bars on her cot and quietly spoke to the girl to try to calm her but she spat in his face and then continued screaming, he tried again talking to her and again she spat in his face.

Tony went over to a cupboard on the wall and took out a gag and with Jenny’s help they gagged Kristy.

I spotted James on his knees in his cot watching what was going on.
His face was a picture. He showed concern one moment then horror and then back to concern.
He spotted me watching him and dived back under his blankets.
Jenny raised the bars on the cot and then she and Tony made their way back out.

“As I’m on nights tonight, I’ll go back in, in an hour or so to check on her Ok Jenny”

“I found that hard to do personally Tony” Said Jenny.
Did you see the look on her face, she was petrified”

“Yes but in an hour or so she will have had time to think about everything and will have calmed down. We only use the gag here for spitters and biters and persistent bad language. It’s a precaution for the staff more than anything else, but it does get the child to rethink what’s happened and why they have been gagged.
Nine times out of ten you will only need to gag a child once while there here for the desired result”

“Yes but it must hurt”

“Not at all. Want me to show you?”

Tony went to the cupboard and removed one of the gags. He offered it to Jenny and she put it in her mouth. Tony did up the leather strap and inflated the dummy.

“Try to say something” Said Tony.
Jenny could only let out a grunt.

“Now try to bite down hard”
We could all see her straining to move her jaw but she wasn’t having any success. Tony deflated the gag and removed it.


“No not at all. A little frightening maybe, mainly because you can only breath through your nose”

“This is why it has such a calming effect, the child finds out very quickly that if they struggle against it or try to scream or shout they have difficulty in getting a breath. This is why we need to constantly check the recipient.
But always remember the gag is never left on all night.
It normally only takes a couple of hours maximum to have the desired effect. Any longer than that and the jaw begins to ache and it has the reverse effect by making the child resentful.

Anyway I think we all deserve a real pat on the back for tonight’s work so let’s get cleaned away and we can go prepare downstairs for tomorrow.

“Why what have we got to do for tomorrow?” I asked.

“You’ll see Ann will show you because I need to stay up here”.

We all cleaned up and packed away the dirty nappies from the kids that had been already wearing them, and threw the kids street clothes after again checking the pockets into the laundry basket along with the used towels.
When everything was spotless we wheeled the basket down to the lift.

Everything was quiet not a sound could be heard except the occasional squeak of the wheels on the laundry basket.
We called the lift, and the doors opened instantly, the five of us piled in and went down.

I pushed the basket to the laundry door then down the short corridor towards the laundry room. I could hear voices coming from ahead of me and recognised at least one of them.

Jane and the team from Arundel were already sorting out the washing in their basket and loading one of the 10 large industrial washing machines with their dirty towels.

The room was large with 4 driers as well as the washing machines and there was a smaller room off to the side that I noticed had 2 large ceramic sluice sinks with mixer taps above.
The room was cool despite the warm evening, which had much to do with the white tiled walls and stone floor.

“Hi there you lot. Everything go ok? No major problems I hope” Said Jane.

“We had a couple of gaggers, but apart from that no major problems” Replied Ann.

“How did you two get on then?” Referring to Jenny and myself.

“A little hard at first” I replied. “But it got easier as we went on”

“Same here” said Jenny. I found it hard to look at their sad faces”

“Ah yes but you also had some happy one as well though didn’t you.
And I bet as the week goes on you’ll find the smiles will increase”

“I hope so” Replied Jenny. “I really do hope so”

In the corner of the room were stacked all the bags with the cases the kids had brought to camp, filled with all the shorts and t-shirts and other clothes the kids thought they would be using while here.

“I see the cases are kept here then Jane”

“We keep them here because we wash and sort the clothes for each kid before they go home”. She replied.

We all sorted the laundry the towels all went into one machine and each Nursery had their own machine for the clothes. Each bag that had the kid’s clothes in was itself washable so all the bags were just loaded straight into the machine then they were started.
We all wheeled the laundry baskets back up the corridor and back through to the main building.
Jane pushed an extra small one along with us.

The Andover team were just about to make their way down the corridor when they spotted us coming up and waited at the top.

“You lot all done,” asked Suzie. “That was quick work.
No major problems I take it then”

“Yes all done” we nearly all replied in unison.

We all filed past and nodded and smiled at each other, I couldn’t see any long faces so I suppose everything was running smoothly with their nursery.

“Right leave the large baskets here and follow me” Said Jane”

We left the two baskets in the main corridor and headed for the dining room.
The kitchen ladies had cleared the room away and just the tables and benches were still in place.
The room divider had been opened up and the room was now its normal full size.

In the area that had been closed off by the divider there were a series of different sized high chairs to suit the size of the kids in each nursery age group.

They were all wooden and made to an old fashioned traditional design.

“Right then let’s get these set up for the morning shall we” Said Jane.
You boys get the tables and benches moved and us girls will sort out the high chairs”

I teamed up with Lawrence from Arundel and we repositioned the tables into 4 lines down each side or the room then we positioned the benches in the same direction along Side each table.

The girls set out the high chairs along the wall next to the tables, there were 4 high chairs for each table.
The smallest chairs to the right hand tables and the biggest to the left.

When we had done it reminded me of the three bear’s story.
The three different sized chairs for the daddy bear mummy bear and baby bear that Goldilocks had sat on.
I asked Jane why their weren’t highchairs for everyone.

“We only use these for kids on punishment. It makes them stand out from the rest like the short punishment dress does it adds to the result were trying to achieve”

“What humiliation” I asked.

“Not humiliation no, that’s not it. Although the kids on punishment may feel some extra humiliation that’s not its intended purpose, it’s more of a deterrent
to curb and discourage bad behaviour from other children.

Look at it this way, years ago kids at school were punished at with the cane, not all kids mind you, because not all kids were misbehaved, but nine times out of ten it was always the same kids getting whacked, because it was always the small few that constantly played up, other kids saw what was meated out and behaved because they didn’t fancy getting caned in front of the school.

To start with all the kids feel humiliated to be wearing nappies and have some stranger they don’t know change them, but that dread factor is increased then they see someone being more humiliated than they are.
The highchair raises the punished child high for everyone to see and adds to that dread factor, while everyone else is sitting on a normal bench eating fairly normally, the punished ones wear bibs and have to eat with their fingers and drink from a sippy cup. And we have found it has the desired effect”

“Do you know what” I replied.

“I remember a kid from my early schooldays his name was Ian he was always getting the cane.
He thought it was a badge of honour, the rest of us thought he was an idiot”

“There we go, see it does work, we don’t and never would use the cane or any other method that involved striking a child here, besides corporal punishment was band in UK schools in 86.
Our method has the same overall effect though”

I chatted to Lawrence as we worked, asking him how he had found it, and if anything had happened.

And it turned out that as the younger kids smaller they were easier to handle, but every single one had cried or bawled like a baby and Lawrence was really having a hard time dealing with that aspect of working in Arundel.

We just finished in the dining room just as the Andover team came in to help.

“You lot are too slow, were all done here” Joked Ann.

“Right everyone follow me” said Ann
“One more job to do down here then we can have a drink and a chat upstairs”

We walked out of the dining room collected the smaller laundry baskets from outside the laundry room door and headed to the other side of the building and the boot room.

“Right guy’s we need to make sure all the kids shoes are clean, if not then we need to wash and dry them.
Then you need to check coat pockets like we did upstairs for any contraband or items you feel shouldn’t be there.
If you find anything then you will need to put the items into an envelope with the child’s name on it which you will find in the hanging bags.
Once you’re done, everything except the envelopes goes into the kit bag hanging on the pegs, write the child’s name on the bag then into the basket it goes.
We will need to get the envelopes up to Mr Thompson in the monitoring room for cataloguing and if necessary disposal.
One bag at a time and please don’t mix any ones belongings up.
Here you’ll need these”

Ann handed out a permanent marker to each of us and we all picked a hook took the bag off and started sorting through the baskets below.

I picked a hook with the name George G written above, pulled out the basket and took out his coat.
He must have been one of the older boys because his coat was quite large, inside I found a mixture of sweets, small change, a flick knife, a lighter and cigarettes, a packet of condoms, a hair comb and most worryingly a small bag of white powder.

I called Ann over.

“Do you think this is what I think it is” I asked her.

“More than likely” She replied.

“Not the largest I’ve ever seen here and not the smallest either.
Just pop it in the envelope with everything else”

The job only took us about 20 minutes or so to finish, because most of the shoes and trainers were clean.
It was easy to tell who’d been near the lake though because those shoes were caked in mud.

Most of us found things in coats that defiantly shouldn’t have been there and certainly wouldn’t be handed back at the end of camp.

We filled the baskets with the bags and Ann took the envelopes and pens.
I pushed one of the baskets this time and we made our way back down the corridor, toward the main hall again.
This time though we were closing doors behind us as we went.

We wheeled the baskets toward the laundry and one person from each nursery was lumbered with the job of taking the larger baskets back to the relevant nursery while we went back down to the laundry to deposit the contents of the smaller baskets.

“We need to pop the bags round here guy’s” Said Ann.

And she indicated to a series of hooks behind the wall where the suit cases were.
Once they were all hug up, back up the corridor we went toward the main corridor.
Ann knocked on the security door and Mr Thompson took the envelopes, with a “thanks” to Ann.

The rest of us made our way up the main staircase for that well-earned tea or coffee.

The Windsor team were just heading toward the lift as we reached the top of the stairs.

“Had a few problems tonight Frank? Asked Jane.

“You could say that he replied but no more than any other year though. You all done downstairs?”

“Yes everything’s done, your lot’s shoes and coats have been sorted and are already hanging in the laundry” She replied.

“Super, thanks you lot. We’ll get this laundry on then join you upstairs”

They all piled into the lift with the basket and made their way down.

The rest of us went in the opposite direction and headed up the stairs to the staff room in the loft.

We all took a seat once inside and a couple of people took orders for drinks and made them.
Everyone chatted about each other’s experiences from the evenings work and general chit chat like what their normal day jobs were before Happy Summers.

Mrs Thompson came in closely followed by the Windsor team.
She chatted one by one with everyone around the room and after a while she called for everyone’s attention.

“I know from speaking too many of you tonight that you all have had not only mixed feelings but also varying degrees of satisfaction.
I would just like to thank each and every one of you here tonight for the patience and understanding you have shown towards the children on what for many of them has been a difficult and traumatic evening.

I said it earlier and I will say it again. Things get easier day by day and for those of you that are newbie’s, you will all soon get that sense of satisfaction that everyone gets who has ever worked here receives.

It’s been a long day for everyone so get some rest and tomorrow, well tomorrow is another day and new challenges, so once again I thank you all for what you have signed up to do here”

I hadn’t realised it but it was about 10.30pm when I looked at my watch.
I supped my tea, made my excuses and left the room.
I was going to go straight to bed, but I thought I would check up on Tony, so I made my way downstairs to the night room.

Tony was reading and Elizabeth was making some drinks.
In the background I could hear faint murmuring coming from 2 speakers in the room.

“Didn’t expect to see you again tonight mate, everything ok?”

“No I’m good, I just thought I would see how you were doing before I crashed out”

“Everything’s fine down here, I’ve just done a round to check on everyone, collected all the empty bottles and most of them are asleep now as you can hear though a few are still fighting it and chatting to one another”

“How’s Kristy did she settled down?” I asked.

“Yes I took her gag out about half an hour ago she was sorry and upset but other than that no problems.

I just have to say Daniel that I think you did exceptionally well tonight.
You coped and showed compassion where it was due and Kim told me about how you dealt with Samantha, which I must say was brilliant for a first night”

“Thanks, I do try”
I let out a nervous laugh, I always feel a little strange when I’m being given a compliment.

“It’s funny really.
I enjoyed it tonight mainly because even at this stage I can see where we’re heading with these kids and for a couple of them I think were already making progress”

“Don’t be fooled by first appearances Daniel. They may seem passive but it’s because they’re unable to resist at the moment.
Come tomorrow when they start to get movement back then we may see them back to their old ways just be aware of that.
Anyway we all have another long day ahead of us tomorrow so why don’t you get off and have a rest. I’ll see you bright and early at 7 ok”

“Yep no problem, hope you have a good night you two”

I left them chatting and made my way back upstairs.
Just as I came out onto the loft landing Jane came wandering past.

“You off to bed?” I asked.

“Sure am. I need my beauty sleep”

“Not as far as I’m concerned,” I said.

She laughed.

“Did you leave your glasses at home then Daniel?”

“Glasses what glasses I don’t” then I realised she was joking.

“Nope my eyes are fine thanks I don’t need glasses to see the good things in life”

Jane blushed a little and went all-girlie.

“Well must dash my bed awaits”

“So does mine” I winked and gave her a big, big grin, and she blushed some more.

She hurried along to her room and I followed behind still looking at her lovely bum.

She quickly unlocked the door.

“Night” she called as she walked through the door.

“Night” I replied.

I deliberately stood at my door for a moment key in hand just waiting to see if she took another look.
Sure enough I saw Jane pop her head back round her door.
Just to look back and see if I was inside yet. I looked toward her.

“Everything ok?” she asked.

“Yes fine thanks. Night”

“Night again she replied. Then closed the door.

So she’s interested I thought to myself.

I opened my door reached for the light switch and flicked it on, I took another look to see if Jane had popped her head out again but alas no so I stepped in.

I collapsed onto my bed and just lay there.
I thought about my day.
The surprise, the highs, the lows and then my own hopes and expectations for the next six weeks.

I hadn’t actually realised it but I was utterly drained and exhausted.
I didn’t even want to get up to get into bed.
It was just then I noticed that the pile of clothes I had left on the floor wasn’t there anymore.

Where the hell have they gone I asked myself?
I got up and looked in the cupboard and draws.
I found them in the washing basket in the bathroom.

I wondered who’d cleaned up, but I was so tired I couldn’t be bothered to worry about it.

I crashed back down on to the bed, pulled the overhead light switch and the room went dark.

I kicked off my trainers, shut my eyes and drifted off.

Next Sunday were back with Simon’s morning. Stay tuned!

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Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

Great story. I think that the word processor that you are using is having some difficulty with the download. There are way too many places where there is no space between words.

Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

Good stuff, but rather difficult to read due to all the spacing issues. Probably worth going through and fixing that.

Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

Things are getting very interesting! You’ve got a wide cast of characters to juggle. Looking forward to seeing how the various campers interact and things progress.

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Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

Sorry about the glitch,
All been corrected now.
I use MS Office word so I don’t know what caused the problem.

Anyway for those who read the first attempt please re-read because I have done the corrections and also did some story alterations while I was at it.

Please keep the comments coming and enjoy.

Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

[QUOTE=Huggied;67652]Sorry about the glitch,
All been corrected now.
I use MS Office word so I don’t know what caused the problem.

Anyway for those who read the first attempt please re-read because I have done the corrections and also did some story alterations while I was at it.

Please keep the comments coming and enjoy.[/QUOTE]

MS Word is what makes the problem itself. It creates its own fake line breaks that don’t translate into the forum.

At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what does it. I use a different word processor.

Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

Awesome, I’M hooked to the max on this one, I just hope you still work on this one and don’t plan on leaving it unfinished like most stories here. This one seems to be a mix of classics but the way you write it with details and such is awesome…

Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers

I’m about 11 chapters ahead at the moment so keep reading. ?

Re: 6 Weeks at Happy Summers




“Psssst. Simon”

“Yes mum?”

“I ain’t your fucking mum. Wake up you plonker”
I stirred, opened my eyes and looked in the direction of the voice.

“Cummon wake up”

“I’m awake what do you want?”
I looked across to see Sam looking across at me from her cot.

“Can you move yet?”

“Dunno, I just got woken up ain’t I”

“Try then you wally”
My blankets had somehow worked their way down the cot overnight so I must have had some movement back.
I was just laying on my back in my blue sleeper.
I strained and managed to just about lift my arm off the mattress and could move my legs a little but not much else.
Sam was watching me trying to move.

“Look” She said.
She managed to shuffle her body and turn on her side and face me head on.

“What’s the time?” I asked.

“Dunno the sun’s up though”
The sun was streaming through a gap in the curtains and breeze was fluttering them thrpugh the slightly open window and I could hear the birds were chirping away outside.

A few of the other kids were awake and talking to each other. I looked over to James he had his back to us and was laying on top of his blanket’s and on his side. I couldn’t tell if he was awake or not, but he could have been just laying there listening to everyone else.
He looked quite cute in his sleeper and it was obvious he was wearing a nappy under it because the sleeper bulged around his backside.

I looked down to my own sleeper and had my own obvious bulge but it wasn’t just the nappy that was showing through.
I just hoped Sam hadn’t notice it.

“I can’t wait to get this fucking shit off me” She said.

“Me too I replied” But really I was quite snug in the sleeper, but the nappy was fairly damp all the way round me but warm, and I was just about ready for another pee by now as well.

“I wonder what they will be doing with us today”. Asked Sam.

“Did you see those classrooms downstairs? I said.

“I bet were in for some sort of school work.
I didn’t fucking come here to go to school that’s for sure”

I laughed. “Me neither”

“I can’t stand school that’s why I don’t go much” Said Sam

“Same here “ I said. “Bloody waste of time”

“Tell you what though, first chance I get I’m otta here, you coming?”

Before I could answer a voice came from behind me.

“Why don’t you like school though?”
It was James, he was awake.

“I just don’t alright. What’s it got to do with you anyway?”

“I was just asking. I just wondered because I don’t go to school so I wanted to know why you didn’t like it that’s all”

“Whadya mean you don’t go to school. Corse you go to school, how can you talk all posh if you don’t go to school?” Said Sam.

“I have a tutor”

“And what the fuck is one of them then” I asked.

“I have my own personal teacher.
She teaches me everything that you would learn at school. Like English, Maths, Latin and the 4 sciences”

“Look why are you here James, did you kill someone or something?”
Asked Sam.

“I’m here because I like it here. I‘m on holiday”

“Fucking holiday, you ain’t arf got some funny ideas about where to go on your fucking holidays kid” Both Sam and I laughed.

Click! The door to the room opened and the adults came in.

“Morning everyone. Did we all sleep well?” Asked Tony

A few answered yes but most just called out with comments such as.
“Not fucking likely, dressed like this”

“Well it’s breakfast time, who’s ready for breakfast then?”

“Are you gonna get these things off us first?” Someone shouted.

“You get a change after breakfast is finished. Who thinks they can walk?”
Silence, no one answered.

“Looks like everyone’s crawling to breakfast then”

“Me I can”, “and me”, “me to” soon just about everyone said they would walk.

“Ok then we’ll see who’s up to it shall we”

All six of the adults unlocked and lowered the bars on the cots.
Three of the kids jumped out straight away including James and stood and watched while everyone else were helped to their feet.
Daniel came over to me and helped me jump down.

“You stand there and hold on to the cot while I get Samantha out”
He said.

I stood holding on to the bars my legs were still very weak but I could just about stand without my legs giving way under me.
Daniel went over and sat Sam up and dangled her legs over the edge of the cot. She took a huge swing with her fist at Daniel’s head but missed.
She was still slow with her reactions so he saw it coming a mile off.

“Try that again Samantha and you’ll be spending the rest of the day locked in your cot.
Do you understand?”

“I don’t fucking care. I’ll get you next time you bastard”

“If you do little lady, then you will be punished”

Tony called over. “Everything ok Daniel?”

“Nothing I can’t handle, you’re ok thanks”

“Now Samantha, it’s your choice locked in here for the day or breakfast and the day outside? What’s it to be, it’s up to you”

“Breakfast” she said reluctantly.

I could see that she was planning another attack though she had that look on her face of, I’ll get you next time mate don’t you worry.

“You ready Simon?
He came over held me under the arm and helped me waddle over to Sam’s cot where he held her under the arm as well #. Daniel took the weight of us on our wobbly legs and started to slowly make our way out of the nursery toward the door.

Everyone else was being helped except the three kids who I realized were like James and were maybe back here for a second year so didn’t have the injections.

“When will we be able to walk properly Daniel?” I asked.

“In about an hour or two. By lunchtime you’ll be able to start running around again”

“When do we get these clothes and nappies off then” asked Sam.

“You will get a change after breakfast Samantha”

“But this nappy is wet and uncomfortable can’t you take it off before breakfast? Please”

“After” Insisted Daniel

“But why?”


“Yes truth” Said Sam.

“Well you should all try to have a pee again at breakfast, because when we change you later you’ll have a fresh clean nappy on for your morning activities”

“Wadya mean clean nappies, you telling me having more nappies after breakfast” Screamed Sam.

“Yes I thought you’d realized that, you’re going to be in nappies until you all go home”

I had realized last night when Tony was talking to me what we had in store, but obviously Sam hadn’t.

By this time we had made it into the hall and were approaching the stairs

“NO WAY NEVER” Screamed Sam.

Daniel replied calmly “Well you have the same two choices as before, outside or cot, it’s up to you”

“Well the first chance I get all this shit is coming off, you can believe that bruvver”

“Well Samantha. If you take off your clothes or nappies you will be punished”

“Yea! And I know you’re not allowed to hit me, no one can I can get the cops on you if you do”

“There are many other forms of punishment young lady, we don’t need to spank or hit you there are plenty of other methods at our disposal.
And if you continue with your threat you’ll find out what I mean”

Sam was really fired up she collapsed on the floor and sat on her bum and refused to budge, just like a little toddler having a tantrum would do.

She looked at me with a, you joining me look.
I decided the best thing to do was to try solidarity so I let my legs go and joined her on the floor.

We could just about manage to sit slumped forward but not much else.
Sam seemed pleased I’d joined her she didn’t say anything but looked and had a real big I’ve won grin on her face.

“If that’s the way you two want to play it then fine you can sit there while everyone else goes for breakfast”

Daniel stayed with us and we sat and watched as everyone else made their way down the stairs

James glanced back and waved for me to come on.
He looked and made a you don’t want to be doing this face, but I had made my move and now I was committed.

The smaller kids from another nursery came out and filed past us.
They we all dressed as we were, in pink and blue sleepers.
Timmy walked past and asked me what we were doing?

“They are missing breakfast that’s what they are doing” Said Daniel and most of the Arundel kids sniggered at our situation.

“What you fucking sniggering at you little tossers” Sam was a little angry that our little protest wasn’t having its desired effect.

“Sam, I’m hungry aren’t you?” I whispered.

“Nope don’t want any fucking breakfast, You with me or not?”

At the other end of the corridor more kids were being escorted to breakfast.
I counted only six kids, four girls and two boys, none of them were making much of a fuss.

A little while later 3 of the bigger kids were being taken down, they looked really funny dressed in their sleepers.

“I’ll give you two one last chance, do you want to sit here or do you want breakfast?”

I looked at Sam but she just stared at me. I took the look as a mixture of don’t you dare and please support me. Neither of us uttered a word.

“Ok yours choice, we’ll just sit here then shall we”

So we sat on the floor for over what must have been half an hour before everyone came filing back past us.
Both Sam and I had gained a little more movement in our bodies by now and were able to sit up straighter and move our legs a little

Now as I had said earlier I really needed a pee by now and I was finding it really hard to put it off.
The trouble was that sitting in a wet nappy on the hard floor was becoming a little uncomfortable.

No one was allowed to speak to us as they walked past us and headed for play room.
James tried again to get me to follow them but I had made my decision and now I had to stick by Sam.

After about another half hour or so everyone came back past again dressed in different clothes.

The girls had on short little pink dresses with white pants, knee socks and white shoes and all the boys had a sort of all in one shorts suit that was in blue with white socks and black shoes. I did notice one thing, you couldn’t see if either the boys or girls were still wearing nappies now though.

“And if you think I’m gonna wear that gear your fucking crazy” Said Sam.

About 15 minutes more passed and Tony, Jenny and Kim came back up stairs.
Tony whispered something in Daniels ear then the three of them made their way back into our nursery.

I guessed Tony had said enough was enough and gave Daniel some instructions.

“Right you two, I’ll give you both 10 more minutes then we will move onto stage two”

“What’s stage two then?” I asked.

“Wait the 10 minutes and you’ll find out” Said Daniel.

I looked over to Sam, I was pleading with my look for her give it up but I wouldn’t just come out with it.
She looked back and gave me a shut up and be quite stare.

I didn’t want a gag, and I didn’t fancy whatever Daniel might have had in store for us with stage two!
I sat and stared at Sam she just stared back.

Now two things happened in quick succession.
First I couldn’t hold on any longer and just let a long pee out into the already soaked nappy.
It felt so good to empty my bladder because I’d been holding back since I woke up and boy was it good to let go.

Unfortunately the nappy wouldn’t hold the flood and leaked out of the plastic pants and through the sleeper onto the floor. A little puddle of pee appeared on the floor next to my right leg.
Sam noticed and let out a laugh.

I told her to “Shut up” I couldn’t believe I had supported her in her protest and now she was laughing at me.

Secondly after I had peed and leaked and she had laughed I made the decision to give in.
I managed to get onto my knees and then onto all fours and finally stood up and walked to where Daniel was standing.

“Can you change my nappy please”

I looked at Daniel and wanted to just die of shame. I couldn’t believe I had just asked someone to change my wet nappy.
I don’t even remember ever asking my mum to do that when I was tiny and I can remember a lot of when I was very young.

“Sorry I can’t Simon”

“What! Why not? I want to go with the others. I want to change out of these wet sleepers and nappy”

“Well you were both in this together so either you both quit together or you both suffer the consequences together”

“But that’s not fair I want to quit”

“I want, I want. Have you ever heard of Can I, or please! Simon? “ Asked Daniel
"I’m sorry but it’s both or neither”

As I stood there I felt a trickle of pee running done my leg heading toward my foot.
I had had enough.

“Look Sam you got me into this now get us out”

“I didn’t ask you to, you did it yourself” She replied.

“But I thought we were friends”

“Friends don’t give in they stand by each other till the end”

“You fucking cow”

“Right times up, what’s going to be the pair of you?”

“Please Sam. Let’s give in. PLEASE”

I was now shit scared that things were going to turn out pretty bad and real soon.
Sam looked at me and saw that I was scared. I don’t think she really cared about me though she was just worried about herself, and her own feelings.

“Do your worst wanker” She said to Daniel.
Oh fuck what the hell was she doing.

“Please Sam, please don’t do this to me, I don’t want to be gagged.

“Please sir, I don’t want any trouble. I don’t want to be with her, I’m really sorry”

“Times up. What’s it going to be Samantha? It’s up to you now”
She looked at me and smiled.

“You touch me you cunt and I’ll stab you”

“Fine, but don’t say you weren’t warned”

Tony and the other adults were obviously listening to what was going on from inside the play room and came out all together through the door
Tony and Jenny grabbed me, and Daniel and Kim picked up Sam.
I was trying to struggle but I was still not strong enough.
I pleaded that it wasn’t my fault she wouldn’t give in and that I was sorry and would do whatever they said.

Sam was screaming and swearing and I could also hear her spitting.

“You try to bite us again Samantha and you’ll wish you hadn’t” I heard Kim shout.

“Tony I’m sorry I won’t do this again please stop please don’t hurt me.
Jenny please, I’ll be good I will honest” I pleaded

I was being carried through to the changing room and toward one of the changing tables, but unlike last night this time it had straps attached to it.

“No, please what are you going to do to me. I’m sorry Please don’t”

They laid me on the table and strapped my wrists to the side of the table and a big strap was secured across my chest.
I cried out again.

“If you struggle you will hurt yourself and I don’t want that and I’m sure you don’t want that either Simon”

I looked at Tony his face was that of concern but his eyes were stern.
I shook my head no.

Sam was now also strapped to the table next to me in exactly the same way.
She was swearing and spitting at both Daniel and Kim.
I saw Kim walk to a cupboard and take out what I assumed was a gag and took it back to the table.

I watched as they forced Sam’s mouth open and inserted the gag.
She tried really hard to resist and was screaming really loudly.

Kim did up the strap behind Sam’s head and then squeezed a little ball that was attached to the gag.
Sam stopped screaming and I could just about hear muffled screams now.

“Please don’t do that to me Tony. I’ll do whatever you want but please don’t use a gag on me”

“I don’t intend to Simon. Had you been shouting, swearing and spitting I would have done though”

“What’s going to happen to me now, what are you going to do to me?”

“Well as you were prepared to give in and Samantha didn’t it will be a little easier on you.
But you have to be punished. It’s the consequence of what you did I’m afraid”

I started to cry, I didn’t want what was coming, whatever it was.

“Don’t worry Simon, we don’t intend to hurt you in any way, I Promise”

His words were comforting but I was still dreading whatever they were going to do.

Between them they undid the buttons on my sleeper and pulled it up and over the sodden nappy.
Jenny pulled off the plastic pants and Tony unpinned and removed the nappy and I heard him drop it in a bucket next to the table.

Jenny then took some baby wipes and wiped down my nappy area.
She lifted my legs and cleaned under my bum.

Tony folded three huge terry nappies and placed them under my bum, they looked and felt a lot bigger than the one I had just had on.

Jenny put lots of cream on before Tony pulled the really bulky material up between my legs and secured all three of the nappies with two sets of pins on each side of each nappy.

Jenny then pulled out a pair of what looked like really big girls pants from a drawer and pulled them up my legs and over the huge swath of material covering my middle.
They were plastic pants with a white material cover, and oh the shame, they had frills on the back.
I remember mum using these on Penny when she was a tiny baby.
Jenny then pulled on a pair of short white socks over my feet and then they were followed by some really babyish looking black shoes.

I looked over to where Sam was being changed and she was also getting the same nappies but instead of the socks shoes and pants they were refastening her sleeper back up.

“I’m going to undo these straps Simon. If you cause any trouble your punishment will be worse that it is at the moment. So what’s it going to be?”

“I’ll behave” I replied.

They both undid the straps and Tony sat me up. It was difficult to sit with all the nappies I was wearing but Jenny held me while Tony undid the shoulder buttons and slipped the sleeper over my head.
He then went to a wardrobe and took out a white dress.

“Please that’s not for me is it? please tell me it’s not for me”

“It is for you Simon this is your punishment dress and you will wear it for the rest of the day.
You will wear this dress and these nappies so everyone can see that you are being punished”

It’s something we do here to show everyone what will happen to them, if they don’t behave themselves.
You won’t be the only one dressed like this for the next few days, but everyone will look at you and have a little laugh quietly to themselves”

Tony put the dress over my head and guided my arms into its short puffy arms.
He and Jenny then helped me down off the changing table.
When the dress fell down my body it didn’t even fully cover the frilly pants and nappy.
I was totally humiliated, I didn’t cry but I felt a series of tears run down my cheeks.

“Can’t you just spank me or cane me or something, anything but this” I pleaded.

I looked across at Sam she was still strapped to the table and her sleeper had been refastened.
She looked across at me and tried to scream at me through the gag.
I could see she wasn’t happy. Maybe because I was now dressed and off the table and she wasn’t.
“Jenny is now going to take you downstairs to the play room where you will stay on your own until lunchtime”.

Playroom, that didn’t sound bad. I could live with that.

“What’s going to happen to Sam Tony? Is she in real trouble?”

“I think you should worry about yourself young man and be thankful that you decided enough was enough before things got too out of hand. Samantha wasn’t worried about you so why worry about her.
Now you toddle off and behave for the rest of the day.
I don’t want to hear of anymore problems with you. Right”

I nodded my agreement.

It was a full two weeks later that Sam told me what had happened to her for the rest of that first day at Happy Summers.
She and I made up eventually and she apologised for what she had forced me to endure.
But she swore me to secrecy about what happened to her too.

Tony had said toddle off and behave, it was more waddle off than toddle.
Despite me gaining some strength in my legs I had real problems walking because I couldn’t close my legs together due to the bulk of the nappies.
I had to sort of roll my body from left to right and swing my legs every time to move forward.
It reminded me of how sumo wrestlers stand and move before they fight.

Jenny took me downstairs and we went in the direction of the dining room.
Great I thought, she’s going to let me have breakfast.
But that was far from the truth.
We stopped outside a door and she pressed some numbers on a keypad and the door opened to reveal a babies play room complete with real baby toys and play things.
At the back of the room there were two big metal cages.
Jenny shepherded me towards one of the cages and unlocked it with the keypad thing again.

“In you go Simon”

“You can’t, please don’t put me in there I don’t want to go”

“IN NOW!” She said, with a real last chance voice.

“I won’t you can’t make me”

“Would you rather be upstairs with Samantha then?”

I looked at her, I could see she was waiting for me to refuse again, she knew that I wouldn’t though because she knew I was shit scared of what might happen.

I had to get on my hands and knees to get in and she closed the gate behind me
“You can lay or sit in here it’s up to you Simon.
We call this the time out zone.
You will be in here for at least the next two hours until lunch so take that time to reflect on what you have done and hopefully we won’t get a repeat will we”

I looked at Jenny she was sorry she had had to put me in here I could tell from her face she was sort of sad for me.
I shook my head as a no reply but didn’t speak.

“We have a camera in here so we can keep a check on you, so just play or lay and reflect on what happened over the last two hours”

She turned and left the room but didn’t shut the door.

I had a good look around the room.
There were loads of baby toys all over the place and some things in the cage with me and more in the cage next to mine.

There was a big multi coloured blanket in the corner and various cuddly toys. I spotted some wooden letter blocks piled up as well.

“Huh Hum! I see we have our first naughty baby for this camp then Matron”

I turned and saw Mrs Thompson standing by the cage with Matron looking in at me.

“He looks so cute Mrs Thompson I wonder if he would like a bottle seeing as he missed breakfast.
Would you like a bottle of milk? What’s your name? oh! Simon that’s a really nice name for a baby, Simon yes I like Simon”

I could feel my face glow with shame.
She had so obviously seen many kids in this cage over the years she had worked here, and looking at her it was many years, but it didn’t help me here and now. I just wanted to hide in the corner and cry.

“Well would you like a drink Simon, I can pop along and get you one from the kitchen for you”.

I was actually dying for a drink. I hadn’t had one since last night’s feast and a lot had gone on since then and my throat was totally dry, but did I really want to sit here sucking on a baby’s bottle like I had seen James doing last night.

Well I could always rip the rubber nipple off and drink it out of the bottle I thought to myself.

“Yes please”

“Yes please Matron!” Said Mrs Thompson.

“Yes please Matron”

“That’s much better, here we go then”

She pulled out a large plastic bottle from her apron with a rubber teat on it just the same as the one James had had.

“There we go” And she passed the bottle through the bars of the cage.

“Now we’ll just wait here and wait till you’re finished, Ok”
Shit my plan had backfired I was expecting them to leave me alone but they just stood and watched me.

“Off you go then. You must be parched, just put it in and suck away”

I went very hot and red again, but I had no choice now I had to do it.
I put the teat in mouth and started to suck.
The milk was warm and sweet and tasted ok, it would have tasted so much better had I had not been here in front of these two, sucking it from a bottle and dressed as I was.
They didn’t take their eyes off me until I had sucked the bottle dry.
It took me ages because I was so self conscious of what I was doing.

“Well done Simon, would you like another one?” Asked Mrs Thompson.

“No thanks”

“No thank you Matron!”

“No thank you Matron” I replied

“Good boy, we’ll leave you to it then, have fun”

How the fuck was I gonna have fun?
Locked in a cage dressed as I was, with nothing to do, I thought to myself as I watched them leave the room.

I looked around the room again, I didn’t spot anything new other than a little plain white wooden painted box about 6 inches square in between the two cages.
I couldn’t quite make out what it was. I tried to stretch my arms through the bars to reach it but I was about a hand’s length too short.
I looked around there must be something I could use to bring it closer.
I couldn’t see anything that I could use.
Shit how was I gonna reach it?

I pulled the blanket in the corner of the cage toward me to see if there was anything underneath I could use, and all cuddly toys came with it but nothing!

I tried stretching through the bars again. I pushed and strained, only half a hand now but still too far.

I sat with the blanket in my hands looking at the box.

DOOOH! As Homer would say. I loved the Simpsons it was a great new show and I had seen just about every episode since it started.

I passed the blanket through the bars and held onto each about 3 bars apart like I was holding a skipping rope.
I then tried to loop the blanket over the box as if it had actually been a rope.

I tried three times without success then on the fourth attempt I managed to get the blanket over the box.

I had just started to pull the box towards me when I noticed out of the corner of my eye someone standing in the room.

I quickly dropped one end of the blanket and pulled it back through the bars.

“Don’t stop, we were enjoying watching you work out that puzzled”

I turned round to see Suzie from the Andover nursery standing in the room watching me and she had with her one of the boys from her nursery he looked a little older than me about 13 or so.

He was dressed as I was but with two exceptions.
He was gagged and had on a pair of leather gloves which were strapped to a large belt around his waist and had his hands strapped into them.

“Simon please meet David, he’s going to be spending the rest of the morning with you in here because like you he has been a naughty boy.
Haven’t you David?”

David nodded.

Suzie opened the door to the cage next to mine and motioned for David to crawl inside on his knees.

He didn’t move at first he just looked at Suzie and had a petrified look.

“It’s either here or back to the nursery and strapped into your cot for the rest of the day, what’s it to be?
He dropped to his knees and shuffled onto the cage. Suzie closed the door behind him with a clang.

“If you promise to behave David I will remove your gag. Would you like me to remove it?“
He nodded his head vigorously, his eyes wide with the expression of yes please now, now.

“Come here then”
He shuffled back to the doorway and Suzie released the strap, deflated the gag and pulled it out of his mouth.

“If I hear any more obscenities from you today David or if you try to bite and spit at anyone again this goes straight back in. Do you understand?”

“Yes miss. Sorry yes Suzie”

“If you’re a good boy I’ll let you out for Lunch. If you’re not then you can stay in here all day.

“Yes Suzie. Can’t I have these off as well”

“Maybe later if your good.
If not then we will need to spoon feed your dinner like a real baby.
Would you like that?”

“NO. Sorry, no Suzie”

“Ok then you two play nicely and I’ll be back at lunch time to see if you’re prepared to behave”
She left the room leaving the door open as it was before.

“What the fuck did you do to be put in those things mate?”

“I tried to rip off my clothes and nappies and bit someone”

“Why you here?”

“I wouldn’t go to breakfast” I replied

“Wow! You’re here because you didn’t eat.
Shit wonder what’ll happen if you burp at the dinner table”
We both laughed

“Naw they hang you upside down by your feet for that” I said
We were now both creased up.

“Right let’s see what’s in that box, I can just reach it now”

I put my arms through the bars and pulled the box towards me the last few inches, took off the lid and tipped the box so I could peer inside.

“You’re kidding me all that fucking about for this”
I had seen the contents before.
Penny used to love them when she was a baby.
Inside were 4 baby rusks.

“What’s in there?” asked David whilst trying to peer in himself.

“Common show me”

I held up one of the rusks, “want one I asked?”

“Dunno what they taste like?, looks like a big biscuit to me” he replied.

“To be honest I’m starving, I ain’t eaten or drunk since last night’s feast and a biscuit is a biscuit ain’t it”

“These are baby rusks mate not biscuits, you can have em”

“Chuck one over then, I’ll give it a go”

I threw a rusk towards his cage and it hit the bars and bounced away out of reach.

“Bollocks” said David “have another go”

I took another rusk out of the box and more carefully this time aimed the rusk to go between the bars and tossed it over.
It landed on the mat just inside the bars of the cage.

“Good shot” Said David.

“How you gonna eat with your hands like that?”

“watch me” he said

He positioned himself next to the rusk and fell down on one side then began to shuffle himself toward the rusk and grabbed it in his teeth.

David took a huge bite and managed to get most of it in, in one mouthful.

“A bid wheet, bud ok” he spurted as he ate, “do haf one”
It sounded like he was talking baby talk because his mouth was so full but I understood what he had said.

I picked up another of the rusks and sniffed it, it smelt like a Jaffa cake after you had bitten all the chocolate and orange stuff off, always the best bit of a Jaffa cake the top bit.
I took a nibble, then a bigger bite.

“See not too bad” he said as I chewed away.

I too hadn’t eaten since last night either and although I wasn’t starving something was better than nothing, so I nibbled away.

“Anymore in there?” Asked David

“One left, you want it?”

“Wouldn’t say no”

I carefully tossed the last of the rusks through the bars and David positioned himself in the same way he had done before and thudded to the floor next to the rusk.

This time he managed to get the whole thing in, in one go and sat back up.

“You ain’t arf got a big gob” I said

He just sat there chewing away with a huge smile on his face and a look of satisfaction of at last having eaten something.

“you know what I could do with now?” He said

“A nice bottle of cold milk!”
Came a voice from the other side of the room.

Suzie was standing by the door, in each hand she had a baby bottle filled with milk.
“Seeing as you pair have finished eating I thought you might like a drink to wash it down with”

She walked toward us holding out the bottles.

“Can’t we have coke miss?” Asked David.

“No, no coke, but you can have orange juice if you want”

“I’ll have the orange please” I replied, seeing as I had just been forced sucked on a bottle of milk earlier, and maybe the orange would be in a glass rather than a bottle.
As if!

“Ok, and you David, what’ll it be milk or orange?”

“I’ll take the juice as well”

“I’ll take the juice please” came Suzie’s reply.

“I’ll take the juice please Suzie”

“There that didn’t hurt now did it, takes nothing to be just a little polite young man. I’ll be back in a minute or so”

And with that she turned and headed out of the door.

I finished off the rusk I had started and as I swallowed the last of it, Suzie came back in with the juice.

“Here we go boys” and she produced in each hand both a bottle and what looked like a large toddlers sippy cup, both filled with what looked like orange juice.

“Seeing as your hands are restricted David I have brought you the bottle to drink from, Simon you can have the cup”

“How the fuc” David stopped short of completing the word fearing the return of the gag.

“How the hell do you expect me to drink from that thing tied up like this?”

“Hell is better than the other word you were going to use but is still not acceptable David, I’ll let you off this time but you had better start thinking before you speak in future, otherwise we may need to prolong your punishment”

“Sorry Suzie, but can’t you take these off please, I’ll really be good, promise”

“If you’re still behaving at lunch then I might take them off OK”

David looked at Suzie with defeated eyes he knew she wasn’t going to budge and let him off his punishment,.
I could see in his face that he wished he hadn’t tried to bite and punch her earlier.

He nodded and gave out a slight sigh of defeat. Suzie placed his bottle on the floor inside the cage.

“But how can I drink from it if I can’t hold it he asked”

“How did you eat the rusk earlier” asked Suzie back.

“I’m sure you’ll work it out” Suzie smiled at David and he looked back with more than a frustrated look.

Suzie turned to me and handed me the cup through the bars.
“You deserve this Simon it was nice to see you share your rusks with David, Enjoy!”

I took the cup and looked it over, it looked like a cup Penny had used as a toddler but the top was fitted on differently.
I waited for Suzie to leave the room and as soon as she went through the door I tried to pull off the lid.

“If she thinks I’m drinking from this bloody thing” I said out loud.

I pulled at it, I tried to bite it off, I banged it on the bars of the cage with a clang but I couldn’t get the lid off.

David had knocked over his bottle and was now on his side again positioning himself ready to suck out the juice.

“You look just like a toddler dressed like that and banging your Sippy cup in your playpen” Joked David

“And you look like a real baby laying there sucking that bottle, all you need now is a shitty nappy and your complete”
I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe for a while.

“Don’t joke it’s not funny, I really need a shit, but I’ll be fucked if I’m doing it in a nappy”
David had a real look of concern on his face, so much so that I thought he was going to do it right here and right now.

“Fuck no, please don’t, I think I’d shit myself laughing if you did”

I started really laughing hard again.

David started laughing hard as well.
“Oh crap it’s coming don’t make me laugh I can’t stop it SHIIITT”

I immediately stopped laughing, I must have had some serious look on my face because he stopped laughing as well after he looked at me.

“OH MY GOD” He screamed. He had a look of horror now, like he was about to, to!

“Got ya!! You silly bastard you thought I was gonna do it didn’t ya”

“Fucking right I did, I was thinking about being locked in here with the smell of shit for the next few hours, and I gotta tell ya I wasn’t looking forward to it”

He smiled a satisfaction smile, you know the one you give someone when you catch them out.

“OH MY GOD” he screamed again, and again he had the look of horror on his face, but this time his face was red.

“No please, please don’t” I pleaded with him.

Still laying on his side he again smiled and then burst out laughing.

“Fuck me you really had me going there that time, you mother fucker”
I started laughing.

Despite our situation we were able to laugh about it, but in the back of both our minds I’m sure we were dreading the thought that we might actually need to have a shit, and in the not too distant future either.

Next Sunday!!

Chapter 8

Daniels Morning

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