24: Kim's Bad Day 12:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. (Repost)

24: Kim’s Bad Day
By: Dementia’s Knight

<center>The following events take place in real time.

Chapter One: 12:00 P.M - 1:00 P.M.</center>

The curtains had been drawn in preparation, blocking out the majority of the afternoon light. The radio on the desk was playing some kind of Jazz, it was meant to be soothing, but to her it seemed a little too cheesy for the occasion.

Kim lay on the bed chewing nervously on her bottom lip. She was nervous about what was going to happen. She’d agreed to do this whole thing because it was John, her boyfriend’s birthday. She found his special request to be an odd one, but she loved him, and it wasn’t like it would hurt her.
So now here she was laying on his bed dressed in the outfit he’d wanted her to wear, a light pink belly shirt that came to about her navel that proclaimed her to be a “Naughty Girl”, her platinum blonde hair up in short pigtails, and a disposable diaper. Kim was most against this part of the outfit as it made her feel ridiculous, she’d always prided herself on being very self reliant, except for that time she’d been kidnaped by terrorists, and had to have her dad come and rescue her, and now she was clothed in attire fit for an infant.

Kim’s thoughts were interrupted by John as he came into the room. He smiled widely at her when he saw the outfit on her. “You look absolutely adorable.” he told her as he walked over to the desk in the corner of the room.

Kim watched him from the bed and tried to see what he was fishing out of the desk. Her question was answered a moment later when he turned to face her and a bright flash assaulted her. “He’s taking pictures of me!” she thought as she quickly darted under the covers of the bed.

“Aww, don’t be shy baby, daddy just wants some pictures of his baby girl.” John said with a chuckle.

Kim squealed as the blanket was ripped off of her and more pictures were taken, “John, I never said you could take pictures!” she shouted

“C’mon Kimmy, it’s my birthday wish, you’ve come this far, why not just let me take a few pictures.” he said with a smile.

Kim relaxed a bit, she knew John would be the only one to see her like this, and she knew that he wouldn’t show anyone the pictures. “Ok, maybe just a few pictures.” she said.

John smiled and let the camera drop for a second, “Ok, I want you to sit up and make your best pouty face, like I just took your kitten from you.” he said.

Kim thought for a second and then made a pouty face. John snapped a few pictures and smiled from the behind the camera.

“Ok, now put your thumb in your mouth and lay back and pretend to be asleep.” he instructed.

Kim did as she was told and John took more pictures. Kim opened her eyes after the flashing stopped, and saw John standing over her, “Hmm, you’re the best girlfriend ever.” he said and climbed into the bed and pulled her close to him.

As the couple started to kiss each other and get in the mood for love Kim’s phone started to ring. “Leave it.” John said and started to kiss her neck.

Kim made a slight whining noise and broke from John and picked up her phone, “Hello?” she said.

“Kim, it’s Sally, we’re heading to the movies later, you wanna come?” the girl on the phone asked.

“Yeah, call me later and let me know when you’re going.” she said and said her goodbyes and hung up the phone.

Kim set her phone down and made her way back to John, her diaper crinkling with every movement. “Now, where were we?” she asked, and started kissing John again.


“She’s in.” Sally said as she hung up the phone.

“Good, she’s with John right now, as long as he doesn’t chicken out we should be all set.” Samantha said with a smile as she packed a diaper bag.

“I still don’t understand why we’re doing this to Kim.” Sally said.

Samantha smiled, “We’re doing this because Kim Bauer is a self absorbed bitch, and she deserves to be taken down a notch or two.” she said.

Sally had doubts, but she didn’t dare go against Samantha out of fear that she would turn on her and put her in the same boat as Kim. “So what else do we have to do?” she asked.

Samantha continued packing the diaper bag, “Make sure that the batteries on the camera are fully charged, and then call the other girls and make sure that they’re coming.” she said.

Sally nodded, and went to complete her tasks, still wrestling with her doubts.


John rolled off of Kim, spent after the sex they’d just had. “God I love you.” he said.

Kim smiled, she tried to remain happy with John even though she’d had to fake every single orgasm she’d ever had when she slept with him. “I love you too.” she said.

John rose from the bed and pulled his pants up, he made his way out of the room and left Kim to get dressed.

Kim thought for a second about putting her own clothes on, but figured that John wanted her to stay dressed as his baby girl until she left, so she put her shirt back on and then carefully put the diaper back on and made her way out to the kitchen where John had gone.

“I’m getting a bottle ready for my baby, why don’t you have a seat on the couch, it’ll be ready in just a second.” John said, and watched as Kim went and sat on the couch. He continued to fix up the bottle of juice for Kim, adding the diuretic and laxative that Samantha had given him, and then shaking it up and taking it out to his baby.

John sat on the couch and helped Kim into his lap and put the bottle in her mouth and smiled at her as she sucked down the juice.

The juice was cool on the hot Los Angeles afternoon and Kim drank it happily, not noticing the drugs in it. After she finished the bottle she sat in John’s arms as he rocked her, and she rested her head on his chest, she felt safe in his arms, even though she felt silly being dressed and treated like a baby.

John smiled at Kim as she lay in his arms with her eyes closed, he felt bad for deceiving her, and for what was going to happen to her later when the drugs from the bottle took effect. He knew that what he was doing was wrong, but he couldn’t risk going against Samantha, she knew all about his diaper fetish, and threatened to tell everyone he knew about it if he didn’t do what she told him to.

John looked at his watch, he had to go to work at at 1:00, and he still needed to get ready. “Kim, I need to get ready for work honey.” he said as he gently shook her.

Kim opened her eyes and moved off of his lap, she sat on the couch as he left to get ready and turned on the T.V. “Can I change into my clothes now?” Kim yelled to John in the bedroom.

John poked his head out into the living room, “No baby, you can after I leave for work.” he said with a smile and ducked back into the bedroom.


John quietly closed the door behind him and went over to his computer, he hooked the camera up to it, and uploaded the pictures he’d taken of Kim onto it. He quickly attached them to an email and sent it to Samantha, the message he typed read “My involvement in this is over, you have what you asked for.”. John shut off the computer and continued getting ready.


John came out of the bedroom and smiled when he saw Kim sitting on the couch staring at the T.V. “Whatchya doin’ baby?” he asked.

Kim broke her gaze at the T.V. and looked at John with a smile. “My dad’s on the news again.” she said.

John smiled and went over to give Kim a kiss. “I’ll be at work until around nine, but if you wanna get together later we can.” he said and went and grabbed his keys and left.

Kim waited a few minutes after he left and then went into the bedroom and stripped her babyish attire off and put her regular clothes on. She went back into the living room and turned the T.V. off and grabbed her own keys and left the apartment.

When she got to her car she called Sally, and got her voicemail. “Hey Sally it’s Kim, I’m leaving John’s house right now, and I’m heading home, call me later and let me know if we’re still going to the movies later.” she said and hung up her phone, started the car and pulled out and headed for her home.


“Kim just called me.” Sally told Samantha as she came back into the room.

“What’d you tell her?” Samantha asked.

“I missed her call, I was in the bathroom.” she told her.

“Well is she still coming over here later?” Samantha asked.

Sally nodded and said nothing.

“Good, then call the other girls and get them over here so that we can get everything ready for when she gets here.” Samantha ordered.

Sally nodded and opened her phone and went back to the bedroom to call the others.


Kim was driving to her house when she heard her phone going off, she answered it when she saw that Sally was calling her. “Hey Sally.” she said cheerfully.

“Hey Kim, sorry I missed your call.” she said.

“No problem, I just wanted to check if we were still on to go out to the movies later.” Kim said.

“Yeah, just come over to my house around 1:30 and we’ll decide what movie we wanna go see then.” she said.

Kim got onto the highway and shifted her phone as she looked to see if she could get over. “Ok Sally, I’ll be there.” she said and hung up her phone.

Looking at the clock in her car Kim saw that she had a little over an hour till she had to go over to Sally’s, she decided that she’d go home and get something to eat before she went over.

As she got off at her exit Kim felt her stomach gurgle, and passed a little bit of gas to relieve some of the pressure that was building inside of her. By the time she got to her house she felt like she was about to have an accident, she ran from her car and into her house, making it into the bathroom just in time to avoid messing herself. “Wow, where’d that come from?” she asked herself as she emptied her bowels into the toilet.


To Be Continued…

24: Kim’s Bad Day 12:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. (Repost)

<center>Chapter Two: 1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M</center>

Samantha sat at Sally’s computer and tried to stifle her laughter when she saw the pictures of Kim that John had sent her. She printed out a few hard copies and hidden them for insurance, and then had saved the pictures to a flash drive that she planned on using later. After she’d read John’s little message she had sent him a reply, “You’re done when I say you’re done, unless you wanna share Kim’s humiliation diaper boy!” she had typed, knowing that she had John wrapped around her little finger.

“Are those the pictures?” Sally asked from behind her.

Samantha turned in the chair, her short black hair whirling with her. “Yep, our backup insurance policy is in place.” she said with a wicked grin.

Sally hated when Samantha had that look, it made her look like some kind of villain. “So everything is ready then?” she asked, trying to wrap up the conversation as fast as she could so she could get away from the evil mastermind before her.

Samantha nodded, “The only thing missing is Kimmy, make sure she gets here.” she said.

Sally nodded, “She’ll be here right when I told her to be.” she said, her stomach flip flopping with guilt over her involvement in this plan.

“For your sake, she better be.” Samantha said and shut off the computer and walked past Sally and out of the room.


Kim flushed the toilet and washed her hands, she walked down the hallway to her kitchen and started to make herself a sandwich. She cut the meal in half and made her way to the living room, plopping down onto the couch she turned the T.V. on, she surfed through the channels for a minute and settled on the news, where her father was still plastered.

Kim ate her sandwich while she watched the story about her father’s heroics, as she was about to take another bite of her sandwich she felt another gurgle in her stomach, and shot up from the couch and ran for the bathroom, barely making it onto the toilet before she released her bodily functions.

“I must have some kind of stomach bug or something.” she thought to herself. Looking at her watch after finishing her business and washing her hands again, Kim decided that she better head out to Sally’s house soon so that she wouldn’t be late.

Grabbing her keys and shutting off the T.V. Kim made her way back out to her car, and drove off to Sally’s house.


Sally wiped her mouth and flushed the toilet after she finished throwing up. She looked at herself in the mirror after she rinsed her mouth out with some mouthwash. “I can’t believe I’m going along with this.” she thought as she looked at her reflection.

Samantha knocked on the door of the bathroom, “You alright in there?” she asked through the door.

Sally sighed and opened the door, “Yeah, just a little nauseous.” she said and tried to move past Samantha, who quickly moved to block her path.

“You’re not having second thoughts, are you?” Samantha asked her.

Sally shook her head, she suddenly felt very scared of Samantha as the woman stood menacingly close to her.

“Good, because I’d hate to have to make you into Kimmy’s little playmate because you did something stupid like warn her about our plans.” Samantha said and turned and left Sally to run back to the bathroom to throw up again.


Kim got out of her car and walked up to Sally’s doorstep, she rang the doorbell and waited for Sally to come to the door. Kim smiled at Sally when she opened the door and welcomed her in.

“Hey Kim, glad you could make it.” Sally said with a smile to match Kim’s.

“Yeah, thanks for inviting me over, am I the first one here?” she asked noting the silence in the house.

Sally nodded and played with her hands nervously, “Yeah, Monica and Andrea haven’t gotten off work yet, they’ll be here in another hour or so, Samantha’s here though, so you’re not the only one here.” she said.

“Dammit, Samantha’s here, I hate that bitch.” Kim thought to herself.

As Kim looked around the quiet house she felt another familiar feeling inside her body, signaling another bathroom emergency. “I’m gonna use the bathroom real quick.” she told Sally, and set her purse down and headed back to the bathroom, as she opened the door she saw Samantha standing inside the bathroom.

“Sorry, I should have knocked.” Kim said with an apologetic smile, and started to close the door.

Samantha halted the door with her hand, “It’s ok Kimmy, no harm done, yet.” Samantha said with a smirk.

Kim started to wonder what Samantha’s comment had meant, but her thoughts were interrupted when Samantha took a step toward her and punched her hard in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her and making her double over.

“Oh, how clumsy of me.” Samantha said, and smiled as she looked down at the wheezing woman before her.

Kim struggled to catch her breath, and lost focus on maintaining control over her bodily functions. Tears began to form in her eyes as a wet and bubbly bit of gas escaped from her and she began to mess herself.

“Oh dear!” Samantha said with mock concern, and put her hands to her cheeks mimicking a surprised look as she watched Kim soil herself.

As Kim finished painting the inside of her panties and jeans with hot sticky mess her bladder released itself, leaving her standing in a puddle of humiliation and wetness. “Why?” Kim wheezed and looked up at her tormentor, her tears now streaming down her cheeks.

Samantha took Kim’s chin in between her thumb and fingers and looked her in the eyes coldly, “Because I hate you, and this is the most fitting punishment for a spoiled little bitch like you.” she said and poked Kim in the arm with a syringe and injected her with a clear liquid. “Nighty night Kimmy.” she said as she watched Kim get drowsy and fall backward with a wet slap and a thud as her bottom and head hit the wood floor beneath her.


Sally and Samantha stripped Kim in the hallway and tossed her soiled clothes in the trash, they cleaned the very messy girl and quickly diapered her in triple Molicares and put some locking pink plastic panties on her, and then covered her up with locking pink footed pajamas, then carried her to the bedroom and put her on the bed and tied her arms and legs to the wooden posts of the four post bed.

“Now, that wasn’t so hard was it?” Samantha asked Sally with a smile.

Sally shook her head and said nothing.

“You’re not giving me a lot of confidence that you’re still on board with this plan.” Samantha told the nervous girl.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t stop thinking that this is wrong, I mean Kim-” Sally started to say, but was cut off by a slap to the face.

“That’s it!” Samantha said, and grabbed Sally by the wrist and pulled her out to the living room.

Sally was crying from surprise and rubbing her burning cheek as Samantha pulled her behind her to the living room.

Samantha sat on the couch and pulled Sally roughly over her lap, and pulled at the screaming girl’s pants until they came down, exposing her naked white cheeks. “I’ll teach you to question me!” she shouted and brought her hand down hard on Sally’s creamy bottom, causing the girl to cry out in pain.

Sally began to cry, both from pain, and from humiliation as she was spanked by her dominant friend. She kicked her legs feebly and squirmed to escape as the blows came one after another.

After about a hundred smacks Samantha stood the girl up and led her over to the corner. “Now, unless you want two hundred more, and a diaper like Kimmy, you’ll stay here with your nose in the corner until I tell you you can stop.” she said and left the sobbing girl to her time out.

Sally stood in the corner, pants and panties around her ankles, her face coated in tears and snot form her crying escapades, she felt defeated and humiliated as she stood there like a large toddler on time out.

Samantha went and got her camera and snapped a few pictures of Sally from behind, and then sat on the couch and watched her defeated friend cry sullenly in the corner.


John looked at his watch, he knew that Kim would be at Sally’s by now, and that Samantha had probably wasted no time at all in putting her plan into effect. He sighed and took a sip of his soda, he worried about Kim and what was happening to her, he felt guilty about handing her over to Samantha, but he hadn’t had any other choice. He had rationalized within himself that he had to do this, otherwise he’d be ruined both personally and professionally.

“Sir?” John’s secretary asked as she stood in the doorway of his office.

John looked up, “Sorry Emily, I was a million miles away, what’s up?” he asked with a warm smile.

“It’s alright sir, I just wanted to remind you that your meeting with the city council has been moved to five o clock.” she said.

John nodded, “Thanks Emily.” he said.

“Forgive me if it’s overstepping my bounds sir, but is everything ok?” she asked.

John nodded again, “Yeah, it’s just the election, I think the pressure is starting to get to me.” he said with a chuckle.

Emily smiled, “Well, getting promoted to governor should be something that causes stress.” she told him.

John smiled again, “Yeah, thanks for checking Emily.” he said and turned his chair around to face the window after she’d left. “I hope it’s not too bad for you Kim.” he thought to himself with a grimace.


“Alright, I think you’ve learned your lesson.” Samantha said, and turned Sally around and began wiping the girl’s face with a damp washcloth.

Sally pulled up her pants after she’d had her face cleaned, and followed Samantha into the kitchen. “I’m sorry that I doubted you.” Sally said, blushing at how much like an errant child she sounded like.

“It’s alright, I just hope that you’ve learned your lesson, and I don’t have to put you in your place again, especially in front of the other girls.” Samantha said in a condescending tone.

Sally nodded, and smiled at Samantha, “It won’t happen again.” she said.

The pair walked back to the bedroom and looked in on their still sleeping captive, the room had a foul odor in it, signaling that Kim had soiled herself again. Samantha sighed, “That baby just cannot keep herself clean.” she said with a twisted grin. She went to the bed and placed a pacifier in Kim’s mouth, and then taped it in place. “Just so that the surprise isn’t ruined for when the girls get here.” she clarified to the sleeping Kim.

“They should be here soon.” Sally said, looking at her watch.

“Good, make sure we’re all set for when they get here, I’m going to make a quick phone call.” Samantha said and left the room.


Emily pulled her ringing phone from her purse and left her desk, and hurried outside to answer the call. “I wasn’t expecting you to call this soon.” she said as she answered.

“Gotta make sure you’re doing your job.” Samantha said. “How’s John doing?” she asked.

“He’s obviously distracted.” Emily said, looking around to make sure she was alone.

“All you have to do is keep him there, can you handle that?” Samantha asked the girl.

Emily nodded, “Yeah, I can handle that, but what about later, when can I expect you?” she asked.

Samantha smiled, “Is someone missing her mommy?” she asked.

Emily felt her nipples stiffen, and blushed as she began to get excited, “I do.” she said. “I can’t wait all day for a dry diaper.” she said, looking around once again.

“Well, be a good girl and do your job, and mommy will make it more than worth your while.” Samantha said and hung up the phone before it became noticeable that she was pleasuring herself while she was talking to her lover.

Emily pouted as she hung up her own phone, and shook her head quickly to clear her thoughts before heading back into the office building.


To Be Continued…

24: Kim’s Bad Day 12:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. (Repost)

<center>Chapter Three: 2 P.M - 3 P.M</center>

Kim’s eyes opened slowly, her vision was blurred for a few moments, and after a few blinks things became clearer.

“What happened?” she wondered with a moan. She felt something in her mouth, and looking down she saw the end of a pacifier sticking from it, taped firmly in place. She also noticed that her clothes had changed, she was now clothed in footed pajamas, and she looked to be heavily diapered. She shuddered when she noticed the smell, she wiggled her bottom slightly and felt the near liquid mess that she’d deposited there in her sleep.

Kim started to cry as the realization of her predicament started to set in. Her sorrow didn’t last long however, it was soon replaced with rage as she recalled that Samantha was the cause of the whole thing, and that Sally had helped her with the whole thing. The door to the room opened a moment later and Kim quickly shut her eyes and pretended to be asleep again.

“Wow, she’s still out.” Samantha said as she entered the room.

“Maybe we should change her, staying in that messy diaper can’t be healthy for her.” Sally said, a hint of nervousness in her voice.

Samantha sighed, “Well, I want her to suffer, but you’re probably right.” she said. “Besides, there’ll be plenty of time for her to suffer today.” she added.

Kim heard the two girls moving around, gathering up the necessary items to change her diaper. Kim felt the bonds around her ankles being removed. Not feeling another person on the bed Kim figured that the person was standing at the foot of the bed as they undid the bonds. Without risking a peek, Kim waited till her leg bonds were off, and kicked both feet in front of her as hard as she could, connecting with her captors face. She heard a thud as the person slammed into the wall behind them and then collapsed to the floor.

“Holy shit!” Sally said as she watched Samantha crash into the wall and then crumple to the floor after Kim’s powerful kick.

Kim opened her eyes and looked pleadingly at Sally, hoping that she could convince the girl to help her escape. Kim started to strain against her wrist restraints after Sally continued to stand still. Kim got one hand free after struggling for a moment with her bond, she then quickly undid the other and ripped the tape and pacifier combination from her mouth.

“You’ll pay for this.” Kim hissed and swung her legs over the side of the bed and rose from it. Her legs were unsteady, and she nearly fell but was caught by Sally.

“I’m sorry Kim, she made me help her.” Sally said, a look of intense fear on her face.

“We’ll talk about it later, let’s just get out of here.” Kim said, and the two started to head to the door. As they entered the living room the doorbell rang.

“Shit, that’s Monica and Andrea, quick, out the back door.” Sally said, and the pair turned to head for the back door, and ran smack into Samantha.

“That,” she said and shoved Kim forcefully backward, slamming her into the heavy wooden front door with a thud, knocking Kim’s breath from her. “wasn’t a very nice thing to do Kimmy.” she finished and swung Kim sideways, sending her stumbling until she hit the arm of the couch and tumbled over it and to the floor after rolling off the couch.

“Leave her alone!” Sally shouted and ran toward Samantha, aiming for a tackle around the girl’s waist.

Samantha moved aside quickly, and grabbed Sally’s long auburn hair as she passed, making a horrible tearing sound, and causing the girl to scream loudly as she was yanked back, and fell to the floor on her butt.

“I’ll deal with you in a minute.” Samantha said to the sobbing girl as she wiped blood from her nose and turned to Kim. “But you’re first.” she said and walked to where Kim was starting to get up.

The doorbell rang again, and Andrea and Monica could be heard shouting outside to be let in as Samantha closed the gap between herself and Kim. Slamming her foot onto Kim’s back, she forced the girl back down to the floor. “I think not Kimmy.” she said with a twisted smile.

“I’m gonna kill you!” Kim shrieked as she lay with her face pressed against the floor.

Samantha pulled Kim to her feet by her hair and turned her around so that they were face to face. “No Kim, you’re going to do no such thing, as a matter of fact, you’re going to do everything I tell you from now on, or else.” she said menacingly, and pushed Kim onto the couch.

Samantha turned and went to the door, shooting a hateful glance at Sally who was still crying on the floor and holding her head. Opening the door, Samantha let Andrea and Monica in.

“What the hell is going on in here.” Andrea asked as she surveyed the two beaten girls, and Samantha’s own injured state.

“Just a little temper tantrum from these two, everything is under control now.” Samantha said, as she fixed her hair, and wiped a bit more blood from her face. “Glad I have some backup now though, help me get Kimmy back to bed, and then we’ll deal with Sally.” she said.


John chewed the end of his pen nervously, he’d tried Kim’s cell a few times now, and had only gotten her voicemail, he had no clue what Samantha was doing to her right now, and that worried him. Looking at his watch he rose from his desk and started to head for the door, he was stopped in his tracks by Emily.

“Excuse me Em, I’m gonna step out for a bit, I’ll be back in time for the city council meeting.” he said and moved to pass by Emily, but was stopped again as she moved to block his path.

“I’m sorry Johnny, but I’m afraid I can’t allow you to leave.” she said.

“What the hell are you talking about, get out of the way now, or I’ll call security and have you escorted out.” he threatened.

“I don’t think you’ll be doing that either Johnny, unless you want a certain dirty little secret of yours to be exposed.” Emily said with a smile.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” John said, taking a step back despite his bluff.

“Oh, you mean you don’t know about how you like to wear diapers and baby clothes?” she asked with a wider smile.

John went red and took another step back. “How the hell does she know?” he asked himself.

Emily moved forward as John backed up, she closed the door behind her, then she shut the blinds on the door and turned back to John. “Now Johnny, I’m not good at this part, but I suggest that you sit that little butt of yours down, and unless you want your secret broadcasted to all your superiors you’ll stay seated and be a good little boy.” she said.

John swallowed hard and sat down behind his desk. “You won’t get away with this.” John told her.

“Oh yes I will Johnny.” she said. “Now, Auntie Emily is gonna go get her special bag, can she trust you to stay seated for a second while she’s gone?” she asked in a syrupy sweet voice that was reserved for infants and toddlers.

John regretfully nodded and watched Emily smile and leave the room. “How can this get any worse?” John asked himself as he waited for Emily to return with whatever she had in her special bag.


Kim had struggled as hard as she could against her return to the bed. In the end it had all been for nothing as she was once again strapped to the bed and pacified. She cried as she felt the mess in her diaper begin to irritate her skin as she lay there.

Samantha, Andrea, and Monica had left Kim in the bedroom and had gone to the living room where Sally was still sitting on the floor, her crying had stopped, but her eyes were still puffy from her little outburst.

“I’m very disappointed in you Sally.” Samantha said as she towered over the seated girl. “I thought we had settled things, and you were gonna be a good girl, but I guess I was wrong.” she said with a slight smile.

Samantha hoisted Sally to her feet and dropped the girl’s pants and panties. “Now for those two hundred spanks I told you about, and then a nice diaper and nap.” she said as she sat down and pulled Sally over her knee, and started to administer her punishment.


Emily came back into the office and smiled at John as she closed and locked the door behind her. “Take off your clothes Johnny.” she said as she set her bag on the desk.

John blushed hotly as he reluctantly complied. “You won’t get away with this.” he said.

Emily said nothing as she watched her boss strip naked before her. “Good boy.” she praised as he finished disrobing.

John watched as Emily pulled out a few diapers and some necessary supplies, and then a baby blue onsie and blue booties. “Now, lay down on the floor so Auntie can get a diaper on that little bum of yours.” she commanded.

John lay on the floor, and closed his eyes as Emily set to the task of diapering him, and then pulled the onsie over his head and got him into it, buttoning the crotch snaps and sealing his fate. After John was properly attired Emily went back to her bag and took out a camera, she snapped a dozen or so pictures of her defeated boss and put the camera away. “Now Johnny, we wait for further instructions.” she said with a smile as she sat in his chair and watched as her once strong and successful boss began to cry in shame.


Samantha was only about half way through her spanking session when she stopped because her hand was hurting. “I’ll finish the rest later.” she told the sobbing girl on her lap.

Sally was a mess, she had tears and snot all over her face once again, and she was bawling like an infant.

Samantha helped her up and out of the garments around her ankles, and lay her down on the floor. Unfolding a diaper that one of the other girls had gotten, Samantha lifted Sally’s bottom up by her ankles and slid the diaper under the still sobbing girl.

“Hush baby, it’ll be ok.” Samantha cooed and popped a pacifier in between Sally’s trembling lips.

Samantha rubbed some diaper rash cream on Sally’s nearly glowing behind, and then powdered her and brought the diaper up between her legs, taping it snugly in place. Helping Sally to her feet again Samantha had the girl step into a pair of white tights, and pulled them up over the bulging diaper. “Alright baby, I think it’s time for you to take a little nap, and hopefully get all the crankiness and disobedience out of your system.” she said, and led Sally back to the bedroom by the hand and strapped her to the cot that Andrea had gotten from the garage. “Sleep tight honey.” she said as she left the room.

“So, first Kim and now Sally? You aren’t planning on doing anything like that to us are you?” Monica asked.

Samantha smiled, “As long as you two stay loyal to me you have nothing to worry about.” she said.

The two girls smiled nervously at Samantha, both thinking that it would be a very good idea not to make her angry.


John watched Emily as she sat in his chair and typed away at the computer. “I’m gonna get you for this.” he thought as he stewed on the floor.

Emily typed an instant message to Samantha’s phone via the computer. She fought the urge to touch herself as she reflected on what she’d just accomplished. “Mommy is gonna be so proud.” she thought with a wide smile.

BabyEm: Johnny is all taken care of mommy.

The message she typed to Samantha read. Emily sat back and waited for a response, completely ignoring the baby man sitting on the floor behind her.

Samantha’s phone chirped at her, and she smiled as she read the message she’d received when she opened the case.

“Good girl, mommy is very pleased.” she typed back, feeling herself grow wet with the thought of her triumph.

Emily beamed as she read the reply, she was so happy she’d made her mommy proud.

BabyEm: How much longer until I can see you?

Emily hoped that the response would make her pleased, she hoped that she could be with her mommy soon. Emily felt herself wet her diaper with anticipation as she waited for the reply.

Samantha opened her chirping phone again, and smiled when she read the question her baby girl had sent her.

“Not until after Johnny is in the city council meeting, we have to make sure he’s kept occupied. Once he’s there, you can come see me.” she replied. Samantha hated to deliver bad news to her baby, she knew that she’d be upset about the long wait.

Emily pouted when she read the reply from Samantha, she knew that she’d have to wait a bit longer, but the meeting wasn’t for another two hours.

BabyEm: sniffle Otay, I’ll keep him under control till then.

Emily sent the message and smiled at how cute and pitiful she’d made her message.

Samantha smiled at how cute and pitiful her baby girl sounded in he message and sent her “Good girl. Xoxo”

Emily smiled again and at back comfortably in the chair.

Samantha closed her phone and smiled at Andrea and Monica. “Alright, despite the minor hiccup earlier, everything is on schedule.” she said.

“What are you talking about? Who was that messaging you?” Andrea asked.

Samantha smiled. “Not yet, not until I’m sure that I can trust you.” she said coyly.

The two girls looked at one another and then back at Samantha. “How do we prove you can trust us?” Monica asked.

“By helping me with the next phase of my plan.” she said, and smiled as the two girls nodded their acceptance of the terms.


John shot an icy glare at the back of Emily’s head. He was nearing his boiling point. “First I’m forced to entrap Kim, and now they’re playing me.” he thought to himself. “The only way I’m gonna get out of this and help Kim is if I take care of Emily and get out of here.” he thought.

Emily started to turn around, and was met by a clothesline from a leaping John. The move pulled her down to the ground, causing her to cry out in surprise.

Emily fought to sit up as John pushed her down again. Kicking him in the chest, Emily bought herself a second to get up, unfortunately, John was up first, and grabbed her by the ankle, sending her tumbling forward, and banging her head on the corner of the file cabinet with a sickening thud.

John watched as Emily lay motionless for a while, her breathing shallow. “Oh god I hope she doesn’t die.” his thoughts raced. John stripped out of his infantile attire and back into his normal clothes. He quickly stuffed the baby items back into the bag and tossed it in his coat closet. He then helped the still unconscious Emily up and dragged her into the closet. He hog tied her hands to her ankles behind her back, and taped her mouth shut. Then, locking the closet he made his way to the door of his office, taking a deep relaxing breath and fixing himself up he exited the office and made his way out of the building.


To Be Continued…

24: Kim’s Bad Day 12:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. (Repost)

<center>Chapter Four: 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.</center>

John calmly exited the building, making every attempt he could to act naturally considering recent events.

“Almost to the car, just get in and drive to Sally’s and help Kim out of whatever mess she’s in and everything will be fine.” he thought as he neared his SUV.

Getting in the car, John started the engine and drove out of the parking lot as if nothing were wrong. Entering traffic he sped up considerably, trying to get to Kim as fast as he could.


Samantha sat in the kitchen with Andrea and Monica, she waited for their input after telling them about her plans for the day.

“So, you assaulted Kim and Sally and are holding them hostage to destroy Kim’s reputation at school?” Andrea asked.

Samantha nodded. “That’s about the size of it, yeah.” she said.

“Are you out of your mind?” Andrea shouted. “You know you could go to jail for this.” she said.

Monica nodded in agreement with her friend.

“So I take it you two won’t be helping me with this?” Samantha asked, sitting up in her chair and folding her hands together on top of the table.

Andrea swallowed hard, “No, I won’t play any part in this.” she said, her voice wavering slightly.

Monica nodded again. “I won’t either.” she said.

Samantha sat back in her chair. “All right then, I won’t force you into helping me if you don’t want to. You can go.” she said and gestured to the door.

Andrea and Monica got up slowly, not taking their gazes off of Samantha as they walked to the door. Opening the door, Andrea quickly stepped outside and headed for her car, Monica following closely behind.

Samantha opened up her phone and selected a number from her phone book and waited for the person on the other end to pick up.

“Yeah?” a man’s voice said after a few rings.

“It’s Sam, I need a pickup.” she said.

“Ok, how many?” the man asked.

“Two. They’re driving a black Chevy Tahoe, license plate number is DJ75L3G.” she told the man.

“Are they leaving there now?” the man asked.

“Yes, you should be able to pick them up before they hit the freeway.” she said.

“Understood ma’am.” the man said and hung up the phone.

Samantha hung up her phone and sat back in her chair. “It’s so hard to find good help these days.” she said with a smile.


John sped along the freeway as he headed for Sally’s house. Weaving through the traffic of the freeway John veered over to the right hand lane and got off at his exit.

Coming off the offramp John entered the streets of the city and headed straight for Sally’s block.

As he came around the corner of Sally’s block, he swerved to avoid hitting a black Tahoe that was speeding toward him. Driving up onto the curve, John slammed into a mailbox, and stopped just short of hitting the side of a house.

“Sonofabitch!” John shouted as he turned around to check on the Tahoe.


Andrea and Monica had swerved to miss crashing into John, and had hit a light post in the process. “Oh my god!” Monica screamed as they smashed into the light post.

“Calm down, we’re ok.” Andrea said to her screaming friend. Andrea looked over her shoulder at the man from the other vehicle as he approached them.


John had gotten out of his truck and was crossing the street to where the Tahoe had stopped, he heard a woman screaming inside, and quickened his pace to a jog.

As John neared the truck, a black van turned onto the street. “What do we have here?” the driver asked passenger.

“Is that the truck?” he asked as he looked at the scene before them.

“Yeah, license plate matches.” Who’s the guy?" the driver asked.

The man in the passenger seat pulled out a set of binoculars from his bag and looked through them at John. “It kinda looks like that guy that’s running for governor.” he said.

The driver snatched the binoculars away and looked at John through them. “Well I’ll be damned, talk about two birds with one stone.” he said with a smile.

As the driver slowly pulled the van closer to the accident site, the man in the passenger seat started to screw a silencer onto his pistol.


John went to the driver side of the Tahoe and knocked on the window. “Everything okay in there?” he asked Andrea.

Andrea nodded and rolled down the window. “Yeah, we’re fine, just a little shaken up is all. Are you alright?” she asked.

John nodded and reached into his pocket for his wallet and insurance card.

“Everyone alright here?” the man from the passenger seat of the van asked as he approached the accident.

John looked up and nodded and smiled at the man. “Yeah, just gonna exchange some information real quick.” he said.

The man from the van passenger seat walked over to the passenger seat of the Tahoe and smiled at Monica. Monica looked up at the man and smiled back at him. The man from the passenger seat pulled out his pistol pointed it at Monica’s head and fired a single shot at the young woman. Blood spattered the inside of the trucks cab as the bullet entered Monica’s head, killing her instantly.

“Jesus Christ!” John yelled as he saw the young woman in the passenger seat slump forward, her brain matter leaking from her bullet wound.

Andrea began screaming as she watched her friend get killed. She felt an hand grab her arm and pull her from the truck as the shooter took aim and fired at where she’d been sitting. The bullet went through the headrest of the driver seat as it missed her.

“C’mon, we gotta get out of here.” John yelled as he pulled the crying woman behind him to his car.

The shooter pointed his gun at the pair and fired, missing and blowing out John’s back window. “Shit.” he cursed as he moved around the truck to take another shot.

John opened the driver side door and helped Andrea in, he pushed her over to the other side of truck and got in himself. Starting the engine, John backed up into the street, missing the shooter as the man dove out of the way, and sped away from the area.

The shooter got up and aimed for another shot but holstered his weapon as he saw the truck speed out of shot range. Making his way back to the van, the shooter got back in and the vehicle sped off to follow John.


Samantha’s phone started ringing as she was washing her hands after changing the still unconscious Kim’s soiled diaper. Samantha picked it up and opened it. “Is it done?” she asked.

“We hit a bit of a snag.” the man on the other end of the line said.

Samantha sighed, “What kind of snag?” she asked.

“There was a car accident when we found the truck.” the man said.

“So, what was the snag?” she asked, her annoyance level rising.

“The guy that was driving the other car was John Matheson. We managed to take out the brunette, but the redhead got away with Matheson.” he told Samantha.

“Call me when it’s done.” she said. “And John is to be unharmed, I still need him.” she said and hung up the phone.

Samantha chewed her lip nervously, and opened her phone up again, she selected Emily in her phone book and called her. The phone rang a few times and then Emily’s voicemail picked up. “Em, it’s mommy. I need you to call em as soon as you get this message, I need to know that you’re ok.” she said and hung up the phone.

Sighing, Samantha made her way back to the bedroom to check on Sally, her thoughts racing at the possibility that her baby girl could be in danger.


“What the hell was that all about?!” John shouted as he looked behind him as they sped down the road.

Andrea was crying and shaking her head back and forth, as if she were trying to shake the images of her friend’s murder from her mind.

John got onto the freeway and into the fast lane as he drove them to his apartment across town.

“They, they killed her.” Andrea said, her voice trembling with fear.

John continued driving, his mind was racing as he thought of something that he could say to this girl to try and console her, but he drew a blank, and could only place a hand on her shoulder.


The van got onto the freeway a few minutes after John, it sped through the traffic, moving closer to John every second.

“There’s the SUV.” the driver of the van said as John’s car came into sight. “We’ll follow him to where he’s going and get the other girl. Sam says that the guy goes unharmed.” he said.


John got off on the next exit and drove to a shopping mall parking lot. “They’re following us, we have to get inside, they can’t do anything to us in a crowded place.” he said as he parked and quickly got out of the SUV.

Taking Andrea by the hand, he lead her into the mall just as the van was pulling into the lot.

The two men parked the van and hurried inside the mall to follow John and Andrea. “Alright, I’ll take East, you take West, we’ll meet back here in 10 minutes.” the driver said, and the two parted ways.

“Alright, we’ll hide out in the food court for a few minutes and then we’ll head back to the car and get out of here.” John said as he tugged Andrea behind him toward the food court.

“She’s gone, she was my best friend.” Andrea said quietly as they sat at a table in the center of the dense food court.

“Hey, everything’s gonna be ok. At least you’re ok, and as long as you’re with me you’ll stay that way.” John said as he placed his hands around Andrea’s.

Andrea began to calm down, and actually smiled at John’s kindness. “Thank you.” she said.

“My pleasure.” he said with a smile to match hers.


Kim slowly opened her eyes, she saw Sally tied to a cot on the other side of the room, it appeared that she was now suffering the same fate as her. Kim looked around the room, and saw that other than Sally she was alone in the room.

Kim began to scream from behind her pacifier, trying anything she could think of to alert someone to her presence.

The door to the room opened a moment later, and Samantha came in. “What’s all that racket about Kimmy?” she asked, and held up a baby monitor that was echoing Kim’s ruckus.

Kim glared at her captor, and swore at her from behind the pacifier.

“Such a potty mouth you have.” Samantha said with a smile.

Samantha sat on the edge of the bed and brushed Kim’s hair from her face and smiled at her again. “I’m gonna need your help in a little bit Kimmy, we’ve still got a lot to do today.” she said.

Kim glared at her again and shook her head.

“Kimmy, we’re way past the point of arguing. Either you help me, or the pictures I have of you go out to everyone you know.” she said.

Kim glared at her again and shook her head once more.

“Does that mean you’ll be a good girl and help me?” she asked.

Kim thought for a few moments, she started to formulate a plan to get out of this, and nodded slowly in agreement with Sally.

“Good.” Samantha said and got up and headed for the door. “Oh, and if you try and escape, I’ll kill your boyfriend.” she said with a smile and left the room.

Kim’s eyes went wide, and she started thinking about what she was going to do to get out of this mess, now that Samantha was threatening John. “She wouldn’t kill anyone.” Kim thought as she began to devise a plan.


“Looks like they’re getting cozy in the food court.” the passenger from the van said into his walkie talkie as he looked at John and Andrea sitting at their table in the food court.

“Move in and get them to the parking garage.” the van driver said in response.

The passenger moved to the stairs and made his way to the food court, he approached the table where John and Andrea sat, he had his hand on his gun under his coat, and when he reached the table he stood next to Andrea with the gun pointed at her head. “Afternoon folks, I’d like it very much if you came with me.” he said with a plastered on smile.

“Don’t hurt her.” John said, and stood up slowly.

The man chuckled and helped Andrea up, and led the pair to the parking garage.

“Why are you doing this?” John asked the man as they entered the parking garage.

The man ignored the question and led the pair to a secluded section of the parking garage. “Alright, on your knees, both of you.” the man said, and pulled out his gun.

John and Andrea complied and got down on their knees. “Please don’t kill us.” Andrea cried as she shook with fear.

The gunman pointed the pistol at the back of Andrea’s head. “Say goodbye sweetheart.” the man said.

John spun around quickly and lunged at the gunman. The two went backward, the gunman’s back slamming into the wall, causing him to drop his pistol. John punched him in the gut several times, bringing the man to his knees. John punched him square in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. Picking up the pistol, John pointed it at the man’s head and fired a single shot into his brain.

Andrea began screaming and crying hysterically as John killed the gunman. John grabbed her by the arm and ran with her back to the SUV, all the while looking behind him to make sure they weren’t being followed.


Emily’s eyes opened slowly, her vision blurry and her head throbbing. Her limbs ached from being tied together behind her. Positioning herself with her back to the door, Emily thrust herself backward and into the door, busting it open, and sending her to the floor on the other side.

Emily writhed on the floor as she struggled against her bonds, after a few moments, she managed to free a hand, and then she freed her legs. Lying on the floor trying to catch her breath, Emily pulled her phone from her pocket and called Samantha.

“Are you alright honey?” Samantha asked as she answered the phone.

“I’m ok mommy, but John got away, I’m sorry mommy.” Emily said, her voice wavering as she began to cry.

“Shh, it’s ok sweetie, mommy’s not mad at you, she has everything under control.” Samantha said, trying to calm her crying lover. “I want you to come here, I need your help.” she said.

Emily slowed her crying down to a sniffle. “Ok mommy, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” she said and hung up the phone.

Making her way calmly out of the office, trying to cover the bloody bump on her head as she walked, Emily left the building and got to her car in the parking lot. Looking in the rearview mirror, Emily surveyed the damage that her encounter with John had yielded. “You’ll pay for that Johnny boy.” she said as she started her car and drove out of the parking lot and headed for Sally’s house.


To Be Continued…

24: Kim’s Bad Day 12:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. (Repost)

<center>Chapter Five: 4 P.M - 5 P.M.</center>

“So you have no idea why these guys are trying to kill you?” John asked Andrea as they drove toward his house.

“No, no clue.” she told him, shaking her head to emphasize her statement.

“Well, there has to be a reason, professional killers don’t just come after people for no reason.” John told her.

“I’m just a normal girl, I’ve never even gotten a ticket before, let alone been involved in something that would make someone want me dead.” she said.

The SUV turned into the driveway of John’s house, and John put it in park and got out. “Keep thinking, there has to be something.” he said as he lead the way into the house.

The pair entered the house, and took a seat in the living room. The afternoon sun shone brightly through the patio door as John and Andrea sat in waiting as they thought about what to do next.

“Ok, you keep thinking about why these guys are after you, I have something I have to take care of.” John said as he got up from his chair.

“No, please don’t leave me alone.” Andrea said, fresh tears appearing in her eyes.

John hugged Andrea tightly. “Andrea, I have something very important that I absolutely have to take care of.” he said.

Andrea looked up into John’s eyes and wiped her tears away. “What could be more important than keeping me alive?” she asked.


Emily drove past a car wreck on her way to Sally’s house. The police had the site taped off, and paramedics were wheeling a gurney with a covered body on it up into the ambulance.

“What the heck happened here?” Emily asked herself as she turned onto Sally’s street and parked in front of the house. Getting out of her car, Emily made her way to the front door. She checked the address she’d written down before she rang the doorbell.

Samantha answered the door a few moments later and hugged Emily tightly when she saw her. “Are you ok baby?!” she asked in a panicked tone.

Emily hugged Samantha tightly and nodded softly as the two parted. “I’m ok, just a little bit of a headache, but otherwise fine.” she said as Samantha led her inside.

Samantha led Emily to the bathroom and sat her down on the closed lid of the toilet seat. Samantha went into the medicine cabinet and got some rubbing alcohol and cotton balls out and set to cleaning the gash on Emily’s forehead. Emily winced at every dab of the stinging liquid, as Samantha held Emily’s hand in attempt to comfort her during the process.

A bandaid and several loving kisses later Emily was fixed up and the two left the bathroom and went into the bedroom to check on Sally and Kim.

“Pew, smells like you got some stinky babies in here.” Emily said as they entered the room.

Samantha nodded and gave Emily a swat on her diapered butt. “And what about my baby, do you have any stinky surprises for mommy?” she asked as she held Emily and twirled her hair in her fingers, took her by the hand and led her to the other bedroom.


John and Andrea sat in the living room looking at one another.

“That’s quite a story John.” Andrea said, taking a sip of her lemonade that John had offered her.

John set his own glass down, “I could say the same for you.” he said as he looked at her.

“I want to help Kim as much as you do.” Andrea said, taking John’s hand in hers. “But Samantha’s clearly got plans in place to keep you and Kim under her thumb.” she said.

John nodded. “Well, her plan to keep me away from Kim failed.” he said with a smile.

Andrea nodded, “But what if the guys that are after me are also after you?” she asked.

John sat silent for a moment, he didn’t know what he could tell Andrea that wouldn’t worry her more than she already was. “Then we have to deal with that, but Samantha has to be stopped, and Kim and Sally saved no matter what.” he said and got up from his seat. “So, you with me?” he asked.

Andrea looked up at John, she slowly got to her feet and smiled weakly. “Let’s do it.” she said.

John took her by the hand and led her to the garage, they got into his car and drove away from the house. “Alright, if those guys are connected to Samantha she might have some of them watching Sally’s house, so we can’t just go there we have to find out what the connection between Samantha and the guys that are after you are.” he said.

“So what are we gonna do?” Andrea asked him.

“I know a guy that might be able to help us out with this whole situation.” he said, and took a turn to head into the city.


Samantha taped a clean diaper around Emily’s waist after a very intimate and tiring diaper change session, and helped her into her pants and the pair went out to the kitchen to get something to eat.

“So what’s the next step?” Emily asked as she took a bite of her sandwich.

“Well, John escaping is a bit of a bump in the road, but it doesn’t change anything.” Samantha said as she ran her fingers through Emily’s hair. “We’re still on schedule for tonight.” she said with a smile.

“Do you want me to call Robert yet?” Emily asked.

Samantha nodded. “If I know John, that’s probably his next step.” she said. “You’re sure that John doesn’t know that you and Robert are related?” she asked.

“I already checked, Robert said that John thinks they’re really good friends, but he doesn’t really know anything about him. As far as Robert is concerned, he wants to see your plan pay off much more than he wants the alternative.” she said.

“Good, call him and let him know what to do if John comes to him, and then come help me get our girls ready for the next part of the plan.” Samantha said and left to start getting Kim and Sally ready.

Emily picked up her phone and dialed her Uncle Robert’s number.


“So this guy is the chief of police?” Andrea asked as they walked from the car to the police headquarters building.

“Yeah, I’ve known Robert for a few years now, and he’s the only person I can think of that can help us out with this whole mess.” John said as they entered the building.

John led Andrea back toward Robert’s office, and stood outside the open door waiting for Robert to finish his phone conversation before entering the office.

“Alright honey I understand. Love you too. Bye.” Robert said to the person on the other end of the line before hanging up the phone and beckoning John and Andrea into his office.

“Welcome John, what can I do for you today?” Robert said with a smile.

“We’ve got some problems Robert. My girlfriend Kim’s been kidnaped, and we need help getting her back.” John said as calmly as he could, trying not to sound like a raving lunatic.

“Have you received any kind of ransom demands?” Robert asked.

“No, but we know where she’s being held.” John said.

“You do? Well where is it, I’ll head over there with a few of my men and we’ll get her out of there.” Robert said, handing John a pen and a piece of paper so he could write the address down for him.

John wrote down the address and slid the paper back over to Robert. “What do you want us to do?” John asked.

“I want you to go to the marina, and wait on my boat for me. I’ll get your girlfriend out of there, and bring her to you as soon as I can.” he said, and wrote the lot number of the boat and address of the marina on another piece of paper before sliding a set of keys across the desk.

“Thank you Robert.” John said as he took the keys and address and left the office with Andrea.

Robert waited until he was sure the pair was gone before calling Emily back. “They’ll be at the marina on my boat waiting for me.” he told her and hung up the phone.


Jack Bauer walked into the kitchen and grabbed a box of Minute Rice from the cabinet. Reading the instructions Jack looked down at the giant clock beeping below him.

“Dammit! There’s not enough time!” he shouted and, pulling out his gun, shot the box of rice several times before going back out to the living room to finish his T.V. program.


To Be Continued…

24: Kim’s Bad Day 12:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. (Repost)

<center>Chapter Six: 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.</center>

Samantha stood at the foot of the bed where Kim slept peacefully, she watched her sleeping captive and smiled. “You know Kimmy, under different circumstances, I’d be proud to have you as my baby girl.” she said. Getting another syringe prepared, Samantha rolled Kim over enough to expose the dropseat of her pajamas, she opened it and pulled down Kim’s diaper enough to give her the injection. “Just to be on the safe side.” she said before heading to Sally’s cot.

Sally looked up at Samantha with pleading eyes.

Samantha removed the tape from Sally’s mouth, the girl’s pacifier coming with it. “Did you have something you wanted to say honey?” Samantha asked.

“I’m sorry Sam, I’ll be good from now on I promise, please untie me and let me help you.” she said with tears forming in her eyes.

“Aww, poor Sally.” Samantha said, softly stroking the crying girl’s hair. “I wish I could trust you honey, but you blew it. I’m afraid that you’re gonna have to share Kimmy’s fate now.” she said. “Fortunately for you I don’t have anymore sleepy medicine, so I’m going to have to trust you to be good while we take you and Kim somewhere.” she said.

Sally nodded and lay still while Samantha removed the ties from her hands and feet. “Thank you, I promise I’ll be good.” she said sheepishly.

“I know you will baby. Now lay down and let mommy change your diaper before we go.” Samantha said sweetly.

Emily came into the room as Sally’s soaked diaper was removed. “Well look who’s up!” Emily said cheerfully, causing Sally to blush.

“Emmy hon, can you get Kimmy ready to go please. I just gave her her medicine, so she should be a very good girl for you.” Samantha said with a smile and a wink.

Emily went to Kim and freed the sleeping girl and began undressing her.

“Where are you taking us?” Sally asked as Samantha wiped and powdered her diaper area.

“It’s a surprise kitten.” Samantha said, laying a fresh diaper down and sliding it under Sally’s bottom as she lifted her legs. Before pulling the diaper up into place, Samantha reached into her pocket and produced a suppository she quickly slipped it into Sally’s tight little butt and pulled the diaper up and taped it into place.

“What was that for?!” Sally shouted.

“Call it an insurance policy.” Samantha said, and put Sally’s pacifier back into the girl’s mouth. “Now that better stay in your mouth, unless you want another spanking session.” Samantha said, leaving Sally seated on the floor so she could help Emily with Kim.

“I want a spanking session.” Emily whispered to Samantha with a smile as she came to the bed.

Samantha smiled back at her, and began helping to change Kim back into her normal clothes. The two girls got Kim’s soiled diaper changed and got her back into her clothes with a lot of grief from the dead weight of the sleeping girl.

“Sally, I need you to help Emily get Kimmy into the car ok honey?” she asked the still seated girl.

Sally got up from the floor and looked down at her lack of dress and then back at Samantha, making sure that she kept the pacifier in her mouth she tried to get her point across with her eyes.

“Until I’m sure I can trust you, no pants.” Samantha said and quickly left the room.

Sally’s heart sank when she heard Samantha’s words. She sullenly waddled over to Emily and Kim and helped to hoist the unconscious girl up from under her arms and then began to make their way to the car with her.

“For what it’s worth, I think you look very cute Sally.” Emily said with a smile and a slight blush that matched Sally’s.


Samantha stood on the back porch, her cell phone up to her ear she waited for the man she was calling to pick up.

“Yes ma’am?” the man’s voice finally came.

“The marina, slot number eighteen. I want them both dead, you have my permission to blow up the boat to cover your tracks.” she said and hung up.

Sighing deeply and taking a second to gather her thoughts, Samantha made her way back into the house to finish getting everything ready for them to leave.


The two girls got to the car and struggled to get the limp Kim into the oversized carseat in the backseat of the SUV. They finally got her secured into place, and Emily helped the sorrow wracked Sally into the other larger than normal carseat next to Kim.

“Hush baby, it’s not so bad.” Emily said, kissing Sally on the forehead and smiling at her before she locked Sally in place and made her way to the front passenger seat.

Samantha came out to the car a moment later, she put the large diaper bag on the floor at Emily’s feet and started the car. “Everything ok?” she asked Emily, noticing the sad look on her baby’s face.

Emily nodded. “She took my seat.” she said quietly.

Samantha looked back at Sally seated sadly in the second carseat and then back at Emily with a smile. “Aww, you’re still mama’s baby girl.” she said and kissed Emily on the cheek before driving off.


John pulled his car into the marina parking lot, taking a cautionary look around he made his way to Andrea’s side and opened the door for her.

“Everything ok?” Andrea asked as she got out of the car and walked with John toward the dock and boat slots.

“Yeah, just this nagging feeling in the back of my mind, like something bad is gonna happen.” he told her.

Andrea looked around nervously, she’d been making sure that they weren’t followed, but now she was unsure of their safety.

“Hey, it’s ok, I’m sure it’s nothing to be worried about.” John said, giving her a reassuring squeeze on her shoulder. “Ok, the one we want should be right down there.” John said reading the paper that Robert had given him.

The pair walked down the dock and made their way to the boat that they wanted, John climbed aboard and helped Andrea onto the boat and they unlocked the door to the below deck area and breathed a sigh of relief as they sat down to wait for Robert.


The truck sat at the top of a hill overlooking the marina, one of the two men looked down on the marina with his binoculars while the other loaded the shell into his bazooka. “Eighteen is the one we want.” the man with the binoculars said before getting back into the truck.

“Eighteen in my sights,” the gunner said. “take the shot?” he asked.

The driver started the truck. “Take the shot.” he said simply.

A loud hiss broke the silence around them as the shell fired from the bazooka and rocketed toward the boat parked in slot eighteen. The shell plowed into the boat and the entire vehicle erupted in a ball of fire as it exploded.

The gunner dropped his weapon into the backseat of the truck as he got in and the truck sped off.

The boat in slot eighteen continued to burn as it sank into the ocean, dousing the flames that it had been engulfed in as it fell to the ocean floor.


Samantha pulled the SUV into the parking lot outside of an old warehouse she got out of the car and helped Sally out of her carseat and sent her over to the other side of the car to once again help Emily with Kim while she went into the warehouse.

Sally and Emily made their way into the warehouse with Kim and set her down on a bed that was set up in one of the rooms near the entrance.

“No, I want Kimmy in this.” Samantha said as she came from one of the other rooms with a large baby bouncer. “It’ll keep her out of trouble when she wakes up.” Samantha said as she secured the bouncer to the top of the door frame and let it drape down. The three women hoisted Kim into the harness and let her dangle there, slumped over, drool rolling from her mouth and onto her shirt.

“She’ll be awake in another hour or so, I only gave her enough to keep her down for the trip.” Samantha said and took a seat at the desk in the middle of the warehouse floor.

Sally sat on the floor in front of Kim and wiped the drool from her chin with the bottom of her shirt.

Kim opened her eyes, clearly lucid and looked Sally in the eyes, “Get Emily to come over here.” she whispered almost inaudibly.

Sally was surprised and relieved that Kim was awake and she didn’t have to be alone in this mess, but then she was worried that Kim was going to do something to get them into worse trouble. Sally turned to Emily and smiled at her from behind her pacifier and waved her over.

Emily smiled back and looked at Samantha who was massaging her temples in the chair, her back to Kim and Sally. Emily made her way to Sally, still smiling at the diaper clad woman.

When Emily got close enough, Kim sprang her trap. Jumping up she grabbed the top of the door frame and pulled herself out of the bouncer and wrapped her legs around Emily’s neck, forcing the woman to the ground.

Samantha spun around in her chair and jumped onto the desk and ran toward Kim, yelling furiously. She was so focused on Kim and Emily that she didn’t even see Sally swinging a fire extinguisher she’d found in the office at her head. A loud metallic thunk brought Samantha crashing to the ground and out of the fight.

Emily started to struggle to get up and help Samantha when Kim squatted down and punched her in the face, knocking her head into the concrete floor of the warehouse, and effectively putting her lights out.

“Now what?” Sally asked, breathing heavily from fear and pleasure that they were now free of their captors.

“We take their clothes, tie them up, and leave them here while we get the police.” Kim said as she started to strip Emily of her clothes.

Sally felt her stomach churn and then felt her bowels explode into the seat of her diaper noisily. Blushing hotly she looked at Kim, “I think I’ll want to hang onto a few diapers if it’s all the same to you.” she said, tears of shame forming in her eyes.

After Samantha and Emily were stripped and tied to the bed in the nearby office Kim helped Sally clean up and change into a clean diaper and then stripped herself and cleaned up before putting on Samantha’s panties and clothes. “Ready?” she asked Sally, who had taken to sucking on the pacifier she’d had earlier.

Sally nodded and the duo made their way to the SUV and sped off toward the city, hope renewed in them now that they were free.


John and Andrea had come running to the deck of the boat when they’d heard the explosion. They saw that a boat further down the dock had exploded.

“Oh my God!” Andrea had said as she looked on at the sinking vessel.

Now the pair sat inside of Robert’s boat, the kindly chief of police handing them coffee cups. “So if that was your boat that they blew up, who’s boat is this?” John asked as he took a sip of his coffee.

“A buddy of mine, he’s out of town and he gave me the keys to his boat just in case anything happened.” he said.

“So why are you helping us if Emily is your niece?” John asked.

Robert sighed, “Her girlfriend is involved in something big, I don’t know what, but it’s important enough to be willing to kill the pair of you over it. I just don’t want her to get hurt, and I wanna try and get her out of the mess she’s in before things get too big to control.” he said.

“So what now?” Andrea asked.

“If my information is right, then something will be happening tonight at Dodger stadium around seven-thirty, again I don’t know what, but it would probably be in our best interest to be there.” he said, taking a sip of his own coffee.

John and Andrea looked at each other hesitantly and then at Robert, they both nodded in agreement and listened to his plan.


To Be Continued…

24: Kim’s Bad Day 12:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. (Repost)

<center>Chapter Seven: 6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.</center>

Kim pulled the driver side visor down to block the sun from her eyes as she drove the stolen SUV carrying herself and Sally back to the city.

“So, what’s the plan?” Sally asked as Kim sped down the empty road from the warehouse.

“Cops and lots of them.” Kim answered as she pulled her cell phone from her pocket and scrolled through her phone book before stopping on John and hitting the SEND button.The line rang once before transferring to John’s voicemail. Kim sighed and closed her phone without leaving a message.

Sally put her hand on Kim’s knee. “I’m sure he’s alright.” she said.

Kim started to respond when a ringing started within the car. Kim looked at her phone and found the face to be dark indicating that the ringing was coming from another phone. Shifting her knees against the steering wheel to keep the car steady she reached into the inside pocket of Samantha’s coat that she’d stolen and fished out her ringing phone.

“Hello?” she asked as she opened the phone and put it to her ear.

“Where’s Samantha?” the man’s voice on the other end of the line asked.

“She’s in the restroom, this is Emily.” Kim lied.

There was a long pause, and Kim thought she’d lost the call when the man started talking again.

“Tell her that everything is set up at the stadium. As soon as the deal is done we’ll get back the data and kill the courier.” the man said.

Kim nodded despite her confusion. “Alright, I’ll let her know.” she said and hung up the phone.

“Who?” Sally asked.

Kim shrugged. “Some guy calling about some deal at a stadium.” she said.

“Well, when we get to the cops we can tell them to check it out.” Sally said.

“He said they were already set up there, we won’t get to the cops in time for them to do anything about it.” Kim said.

“Tell me you’re not thinking about trying to do something about this yourself.” Sally said.

Kim shook her head. “No, that’d be crazy.” she said.

Sally breathed a sigh of relief.

“You’re going to be with me.” Kim said and smiled at Sally who was becoming pale.

“You don’t even know what stadium they’re at.” Sally said.

Kim nodded. “Dodger is the closest, maybe we’ll get lucky and that’ll be the one.” she said as she steered the SUV onto the freeway and sped up.


The tall bald man walked from his office and down the hall to another office where he stopped and knocked on the door and entered when the man inside beckoned him to.

“What is it Anthony?” the man in the office asked.

Anthony took the seat in front of the desk and leaned in close. “Sir, I believe we may have a problem.” he said.

The man behind the desk set down the file he was looking at and removed his reading glasses. “What kind of problem?” he asked.

“I just made the call to Samantha, someone else claiming to be Emily answered.” Anthony explained.

The man behind the desk nodded. “I had a feeling that Kim Bauer would be a little harder to handle than Samantha thought.” he said. “Did you tell her about the stadium anyway?” the man asked.

Anthony nodded. “Yes sir, I proceeded with the contingency plan.” he said.

“Good, keep in contact with the team at the stadium, tell them to re-capture Bauer and bring her back here.” the man behind the desk said.

Anthony nodded and headed for the door of the office before being stopped by the man behind the desk.

“Send a team to the warehouse, find out if Samantha and Emily are still alive or not.” the man said.

“Yes sir.” Anthony said before leaving the office to make his calls.


Samantha opened her eyes slowly, groaning from the pain of her splitting headache. She quickly realized that she was tied up and struggled against her bonds. She saw Emily tied up next to her on the bed and despite the severity of their situation she found her gaze lingering on her lover’s naked breast rising and falling with each breath.

Looking up above her head she found that her wrists were tied by a bit of cloth around the upside down U that was the head of the bed, and her feet bound in the same way at the bottom U of the bed. Thinking for a moment Samantha got an idea and began pushing the bottom frame of the bed with her feet.

The old bed creaked and groaned as Samantha pushed on it with all her might. After a few good pushes the bottom end of the bed broke off causing the foot of the bed to drop to the ground with a crash. Seconds later, under the weight of the newly unbalanced bed, the top end broke off as well, sending the bed crashing to the floor.

Samantha quickly freed herself and Emily and held her baby girl in her arms. “Emmy? Wake up baby.” she said as she patted Emily’s cheeks to try and wake the unconscious girl.

Emily woke up slowly and allowed her eyes to focus on Samantha’s relieved face. “What happened?” she asked weakly.

Samantha hugged her girlfriend. “They escaped, but it’s not important.” she said.

“You aren’t mad?” Emily asked.

Samantha shook her head. “Kim is smart and strong, Harold tried to warn me about her, but I told him I could handle her. He was right and I was wrong.” she said.

“How are we going to get her back?” Emily asked.

Samantha smiled. “Don’t you worry about that baby, she’s probably already headed back into our hands.” she said.


“Alright, you guys are both clear on the fact that we’re not here to stop anything, just to observe, right?” Robert asked John and Andrea as his truck neared Dodger stadium.

Andrea and John nodded. Andrea grasped John’s hand and squeezed it gently to calm herself down while John felt behind himself to make sure his gun was still there.

The truck pulled into the large parking lot and Robert drove it to the outer edge across from the entrance and parked. “Alright, we have just under fifteen minutes before this thing goes down, so let’s get in there and find a good place to watch the show.” he said before getting out of the truck, followed by Andrea and John.

“I don’t like this, we should just call the cops.” Andrea said as they walked up to the stadium.

Robert chuckled. “Honey, I am the cops.” he said as he pulled out his gun and led the way inside the stadium entrance.

The three of them walked up the stairs to the interior of the stadium and snuck their way into the upper area of the stands and crouched behind the chairs and looked down at the field below.

Several men in tactical gear stood on the field, armed with automatic weapons the men were clearly ready for some kind of scuffle.

“Great, so much for stopping whatever is going to happen here.” John said quietly.

Robert nodded and sighed. “Alright, it’s close enough.” he said after checking his watch and stood up from behind the chairs, his gun pointed at John. “Hand over the gun please.” he said.

“What are you doing?” John asked.

“Helping my niece out of the mess she’s gotten herself into.” Robert said as he held out his free hand and motioned for John to hand over his weapon.

John handed his gun over slowly and put his hands up.

“Now, walk down to the field.” Robert said as he pocketed John’s gun and allowed John and Andrea to pass by and walk down the stairs, the soldiers on the field pointing their weapons at them as they walked.


Kim and Sally exited the freeway and saw Dodger stadium in the distance.

“It’s not too late to call the police.” Sally said.

Kim was silent for a moment and then nodded and pulled out her phone. Scrolling through her phone book she stopped on the entry marked “Dad” and hit SEND.

The phone rang twice before Jack Bauer answered. “Kim, this is a surprise.” he said, happy to get a call from his daughter after months of silence from her.

“Dad, I’m in trouble.” Kim said. “I was held captive by this girl I know earlier today, I escaped, but now it looks like she was involved in some kind of deal at Dodger stadium.” she explained.

“Slow down. Are you alright?” Jack asked.

“I’m fine, but I’m headed for the stadium to find out what’s going on.” Kim said.

“Kim no. Call the police and let them handle this.” Jack told her.

Kim drove through the light on the block before the stadium. “Dad I’m pulling into the stadium now, if anything happens here I’ll call you with more information.” she said before hanging up the phone.

“That was kind of a cold way to talk to your dad.” Sally said.

Kim nodded. “Trust me, my dad has a lot of experience with situations like this, he’s already on the phone with C.T.U. to get a thermal satellite scan of the stadium to see if anyone is inside.” she explained.

Jack sighed as he closed his phone and then opened it again and brought up C.T.U. in the phone book and hit SEND. “This is Jack Bauer, I need to speak with Chloe O’Brian right now.” he told the operator that answered the phone.


“You’re looking well Robert.” the tall dark haired man on the field said as Robert approached with his two captives.

Robert nodded. “Cut the small talk Thomas. Hand over the files you have on my niece.” he said.

“Sure thing.” Thomas said as he fished a flash drive from a pocket on his vest and tossed it to Robert. “Pleasure doing business with you.” he said with a smile.

“How do I know that this is the real deal?” Robert asked hesitantly.

Thomas got a thoughtful look on his face before answering. “Well, would I kill you over a fake?” he asked and nodded to the man behind Robert who fired several rounds into the man’s chest.

Robert cried out as the bullets tore through him and he fell to the ground. Andrea screamed and started crying as she buried her face into John’s chest and hugged him. John held the crying woman and tried to calm her down.

“Sorry you had to see that, but business is business.” Thomas said as he walked over to Robert’s body and retrieved the flash drive. “Now, please follow me to our chopper.” he said with a smile as he pointed a gun at John and Andrea.


Two trucks pulled up outside the warehouse where Samantha and Emily were and the two drivers and their two passengers exited the vehicles and walked up to the entrance of the warehouse with their guns drawn. They kicked in the door and hustled in, scanning the room for anyone that may be inside.

“We’re in here.” Samantha called out as she rocked a now sleeping Emily in her arms.

The four men walked back to the office where the two women were after checking the rest of the building for any other people. “Ma’am, are you alright?” the leader of the strike team asked as he entered the office.

Samantha nodded. “I’d like some clothes for myself and Emily, and a phone.” she said.

The man nodded and gestured for one of his men to get the items that Samantha had asked for.

“Emmy, wake up honey.” Samantha said as she stroked Emily’s cheek gently to coax her from her slumber.

Emily groaned and buried her face into Samantha’s chest. After a moment she moved her mouth over Samantha’s exposed nipple and began sucking gently as she tried to go back to sleep.

“Give us a minute please.” Samantha said with a smile after two sets of clothes and a phone were brought to her.

“Yes ma’am.” the man said and led his men out of the office, closing the door behind them.

Samantha let Emily suckle her breast for another moment before stopping her and sitting her up. “Emmy, mommy needs you to wake up.” she said forcefully.

Emily opened her eyes and pouted. “I want to play though.” she said.

Samantha smiled. “I promise we will as soon as we get Kim and Sally back baby. But right now, we need to get dressed so we can go get them.” she said.

Emily nodded and smiled. “Okay mommy.” she said.

The two women got dressed and exited the office.

“Any word from the stadium?” Samantha asked the man in charge of the strike team.

The man shook his head. “No ma’am, but we do know that Kim Bauer is aware that something is happening there.” he said.

Samantha nodded. “Give me the keys to one of your trucks.” she ordered as she looked outside at the two trucks.

The man handed over the keys and watched Samantha and Emily leave the warehouse and enter one of the trucks and drive off.

Samantha opened the phone she’d gotten from the men that had helped her and called the phone that she knew Kim had.

Kim fished Samantha’s phone from her jacket pocket as she parked next to another car in the lot of Dodger stadium. “Hello.” she said.

“Kimmy, you’ve been a very very naughty girl.” Samantha said with a wicked smile.

Kim stopped as she was midway out of the SUV. “How did you get free?” she asked.

“Not important. What is important is what you’re going to do instead of going into Dodger stadium.” Samantha said.

“What makes you think I’m going to Dodger stadium?” Kim asked.

“Because I know that you’re not the type to leave well enough alone. Because I know that you think you’ll find some kind of incriminating evidence at the stadium, and because I know that you got one of my calls while I was subdued.” Samantha explained.

Kim got out of the car and walked toward the stadium. “What do you want?” she asked.

“I want you to surrender to the men in the stadium and wait for me to come pick you up.” Samantha said.

“And why would I do that?” Kim asked.

“Because if you don’t, John dies.” Samantha said.

Kim gritted her teeth. “For all I know he’s already dead.” she said angrily.

“Good point. I guess you’ll just have to trust me, or the men there will kill you after I call them.” Samantha said.

Kim shut the phone and growled angrily. “I’m gonna fucking kill her.” she said.

“Do you think she’ll surrender?” Emily asked.

Samantha shrugged. “Doesn’t matter, one way or another she’s gonna get caught again.” she said and pulled onto the freeway.


“Jack, satellite scan shows a dozen people and a helicopter. I think that the two people that are approaching the stadium are Kim and whoever is with her.” Chloe said as she looked at the screen in front of her.

Jack sped his SUV down the street as he headed for the stadium. “Alright Chloe, send a team to the stadium to meet me, I’m about twenty minutes away.” he said.

“Alright Jack, the team should be on scene in about thirty minutes.” Chloe said.

“Thanks Chloe.” Jack said as he hung up his phone and veered over to a less congested lane and called Kim.

“Dad, what’d you find out?” Kim asked as she answered the phone.

“There’s definitely something happening there. I’m on my way over, and a team from C.T.U. will be on site in a half hour.” Jack explained.

“Alright, well I’m here now and I’m heading into the stadium.” Kim said.

Jack sighed. “Kim, stay out of there and wait for me and the team to get there.” he said.

“Sorry dad, too late to turn back.” Kim said.

As Kim and Sally walked out of the tunnel into the stadium a man dropped down behind them and struck Kim in the back of the head with the butt of his rifle, sending her sprawling to the ground. The man backhanded Sally as she turned around and sent her to the ground as well.

“Kim?! Answer me Kim!” Jack yelled into the phone when he heard the clatter of the phone hitting the ground.

The man that had knocked out Kim and Sally stomped the phone with his boot and held his hand to his earpiece. “Kim and Sally are down. Bauer was on the phone with someone before I got to her.” he said into the radio.

Thomas heard the transmission as he entered the helicopter with John and Andrea. “Wait there with them and call Samantha to arrange a pick up. If someone shows up to help Bauer, kill them.” Thomas said as the helicopter lifted off.

“Understood sir.” the man said.

Samantha pulled her ringing phone out as she got off the freeway. “Yes?” she asked.

“Bauer and the other girl are unconscious here at the stadium and are awaiting retrieval.” the man said and hung up.

Samantha smiled as she saw the stadium ahead of her. “Beautiful.” she thought as she sped up to reach Kim and Sally faster.


To Be Continued…

24: Kim’s Bad Day 12:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. (Repost)

<center>Chapter Eight: 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.</center>

Samantha’s SUV wheeled it’s way into the stadium parking lot as the sun began to set. Emily found herself chewing the tip of her thumb as they neared their destination. Samantha turned and smiled at her and reached over to guide the girl’s thumb all the way into her mouth.

“Don’t bite your nails honey.” Samantha said with a sweet smile.

Emily nodded sheepishly and began to suck her thumb as the car parked near the entrance of the stadium.

Samantha left the engine running as she undid her safety belt and put her hand on Emily’s knee. “I’ll be right back, you stay here and be a good girl.” she said as she leaned over and kissed her girl on the cheek.

Emily nodded again and watched Samantha exit the car and walk up to the stadium entrance, looking around periodically to make sure no one else was around.

As Samantha walked through the entrance corridor to the interior of the stadium she could hear faint radio chatter at the end of the hall. She emerged to find a man with a rifle standing guard over a bound Kim and Sally.

“Glad you could make it.” the man said sarcastically.

Samantha ignored the man and focused her attention to her new prisoners. “Help me get them back to my car and I’ll be on my way.” she said.

The man nodded and slung his rifle over his shoulder and bent down to pick up Sally. The burly man hoisted the unconscious woman off the ground and positioned her over his other shoulder in a similar fashion a fireman would use. Samantha lifted Kim from under the armpits and dragged her toward the car with the burly mercenary and Sally trailing close behind.


Jack Bauer’s SUV squealed around a corner as he sped toward the stadium. Racing down the street Jack hit the speed dial button for CTU on his phone.

“CTU Los Angeles, how may I direct your call?” the woman on the other end of the line asked.

“This is Jack Bauer for Chloe O’Brian.” Jack said.

“Jack, the strike team just left and should be on site in another fifteen minutes.” Chloe informed him.

Jack turned another corner sharply as he listened to Chloe. “Good work Chloe,” he said. “do we have any new information about what’s happening at the stadium?” he asked.

Chloe typed something quickly into her computer. “It looks like another car is there now.” she said.

Jack gritted his teeth. “Anyone in it?” he asked.

“One person.” Chloe said.

As Chloe was watching the monitor she saw four people exit the stadium and head for the car outside.

“Jack, four people are exiting the stadium. It looks like two of them are dragging the other two to the vehicle.” Chloe explained.

Jack’s mind began to race when he heard this latest development. “Chloe, if that’s Kim being loaded into that car, they’ll be gone before I get there. Is there any way you can follow that car for me or get the plates off it?” he asked.

Chloe shook her head. “I can try and get traffic cameras in the area to follow the car, but I won’t be able to get another satellite in position in time to see them at the stadium.” she said.

“Alright, do what you can and call me back with any new information.” Jack said before hanging up his phone.


“Why are you doing this?” John asked Thomas as the helicopter soared over the city.

Thomas smiled. “I’d figure you’d be smart enough to figure it all out by now.” he said.

“Humor me.” John said.

“My employer has a proposition for you regarding your bid for governor.” Thomas explained.

John chuckled to himself. “All this for a bribe?” he asked.

“I never said anything about a bribe Mr. Matheson.” Thomas said. “I think you’ll find the proposition to be quite a deal weightier than a simple financial transaction.” he added cryptically.


Emily turned around in her seat as Samantha drove through the city streets back to the warehouse, she looked at the unconscious and bound women in the back seat with a pang of pity.

“Face front while we’re driving please.” Samantha requested politely but firmly.

Emily quickly turned back around and looked down at her hands as they knotted together in her lap. “Are we doing the right thing?” she asked quietly.

Samantha looked over at her and then placed her hand over Emily’s to calm her. “Honey, we talked about this, by the time this is all over we’ll have enough money to live out the rest of our days on some tropical island.” she said.

“I know, but so much has gone wrong today. People have been killed over this whole thing.” Emily said.

Samantha nodded. “We knew that might happen honey, we just have to stay focused and do our part and we’ll be fine.” she said.

“I’m just afraid of losing you.” Emily confessed as she began to cry.

Samantha pulled Emily over to her and put an arm around her and kissed the girl on the top of her head. “Mommy’s not going anywhere baby, I promise.” she said.

Emily snuggled into Samantha and put her thumb in her mouth again to calm herself as they headed back to the warehouse.


Jack stopped his car at the edge of the stadium parking lot and got out. As he walked quickly to the entrance of the stadium he disabled the safety on his pistol and took a look around the parking lot. Kim’s car was still parked where she’d left it, but Jack saw no sign of the other vehicle that Chloe had reported earlier.

As he neared the entrance to the stadium Jack saw a cigarette still smoking on the ground, confirming that someone had been there very recently. Keeping his gun at the ready Jack slinked quietly into the entranceway of the stadium.

“Baby, I’m working, I’ll be home later and we can talk about this then.” the burly man with the rifle said into his cell phone.

Jack heard the man talking around the corner from where he was and rested his back against the wall and edged closer to the corner. When he heard the familiar snap of the phone closing he turned around the corner with his gun pointed at the man.

“Federal agent, drop your weapon!” Jack barked at the man.

Burly dropped his shoulder and let the rifle slide down his arm where he caught it and raised it to try and fire at Jack.

Jack fired a single shot into Burly’s knee causing his to howl in pain and fall backward, landing hard on the concrete ground. Jack moved in on the man and kicked the rifle away and pointed his gun at the man’s face.

“Where is Kim Bauer!?” Jack shouted at the man.

Burly shook his head and raised his hands palm up to his chest to signal his surrender. “I don’t know.” he answered.

Jack started to ask the man another question when a shot rang out in the corridor and a bullet whizzed by his ear and struck the wall behind him. Jack looked toward where the shot had come from and saw another man taking aim for a second shot. Acting quickly Jack dropped down to the ground, landing on Burly and knocking the wind out of him with a harsh ‘whoop’ from the man. Jack fired three shots at the second man hitting him once in the shoulder and once in the head with the other shot grazing him and embedding in the wall behind him.

Jack got off Burly and aimed his gun at his face again. “Where is Kim Bauer?” he asked again.

“I don’t know where she took her.” Burly answered.

“Who is ‘she’?” Jack asked.

“Samantha James, that’s all I know.” Burly said.

Jack put his gun in the back waistband of his jeans and pulled out his handcuffs. Quickly rolling Burly over onto his stomach Jack handcuffed his hands together behind his back and pulled out his phone.

“Chloe it’s Jack, I need all the intel you can find on a ‘Samantha James’ and call me back on my cell.” Jack said when Chloe answered.

“Alright Jack.” Chloe complied.

“Any new info on where that other car is headed?” Jack asked.

Chloe sighed harshly. “Sorry Jack, we lost them somewhere near Wilshire Boulevard heading South on the 101.” Chloe reported.

“Dammit.” Jack cursed. “Alright, run down Samantha James and see what we can find out that might give us a clue as to where she might be taking Kim. I have a prisoner in custody, make sure that interrogation is prepped for me when we get back to CTU.” Jack said before hanging up.


The helicopter touched down on the roof of a skyscraper on the other end of the city. John and Andrea were ushered out of the vehicle and into the building with Thomas leading the way and two armed men holding pulling them along. The five people squeezed into the elevator and headed down three floors before the doors opened and they filed out and down a long hallway to an office at the end of the hall.

Thomas opened the door and led John and Andrea inside where a tall bald man stood next to a desk where a man with graying hair sat with his hands folded in his lap and a smile on his face.

“Welcome Mr. Matheson, Ms. Carmichael, can I offer either of you something to drink?” the man behind the desk asked cordially.

John and Andrea shook their heads. “What do you want from us?” John asked.

The graying man stood up from his chair and walked around to the front of the desk. “My name is Harold Berman, I represent several wealthy men that have certain political interests that in many cases contradict your platform for election.” Harold explained.

John nodded. “And you want me to drop out of the race.” he said, trying to finish Harold’s speech for him.

Harold chuckled. “If it were that simple John, we’d have just offered you a bribe.” he said. “No, I’m afraid the situation is a bit more dire than that, you see the men like you and want you to become Governor but they have to be sure that you’ll not only adopt their policies, but that you’ll also comply with any further needs that they might have in the future.” he explained.

“And if I don’t agree?” John asked.

Harold looked over to Thomas and gave a slight nod. Thomas pulled out his gun and pointed it at Andrea’s head.

“For starters, this pretty young lady will lose her life.” Harold said.

John swallowed hard and nodded. “I’ll do it, just don’t hurt her.” he said.

“Good man.” Harold said. “Now, before we get down to business, I’ll need you to prove that I can trust you.” he said.

John again nodded.

“I want you to call your office and tell them that you were called away suddenly on a family emergency and won’t be back until tomorrow night.” Harold said.

John looked over to Andrea whose cheeks were stained with tears as she looked down the barrel of Thomas’ gun. “Alright.” he said simply with a sigh of resignation.


Kim opened her eyes slowly and looked around the interior of the SUV. “Where am I?” she asked, her head thumping dully from the blow she’d taken earlier.

“You’re on your way back to diaper town Kimmy.” Samantha responded from the driver’s seat in front of Kim.

Kim shook off the pain in her head and growled at Samantha. “When this over I’m going to rip your goddamn head off.” she said through clenched teeth.

“Such language.” Samantha said with a sigh. “Emmy baby, can you pacify Kim for me?” she asked.

Emily nodded and turned around and fished in the diaper bag behind the passenger seat for a pacifier. Kim struggled fruitlessly to get away from the pacifier but being bound and strapped into the seat proved that to be impossible and she was quickly pacified by the item which was taped in place shortly after.

“Much better.” Samantha said cheerfully.

Emily turned back around and began to squirm in her seat. “Mommy, I have to potty.” Emily said quietly with a bright red blush in her cheeks.

“Can you hold it till we get back to the warehouse?” Samantha asked.

Emily shook her head vigorously as she bit her lower lip.

Samantha smiled and reached over and put her hand between Emily’s legs. “Are you sure you can’t be a big girl for a little bit longer?” she asked in a sultry voice as she massaged Emily’s crotch gently.

Emily shook with pleasure and let her control lapse, relishing the warm wetness cascading from her body and into her pants and Samantha’s waiting hand.

Samantha smiled as she felt Emily’s urine wash over her hand and felt Emily clench her legs on her hand. “Poor baby, you really had to go huh?” she asked her lover.

Emily nodded and made a pitiful whimpering sound.

Samantha pulled her dripping hand away from Emily’s crotch and held it up to the young woman’s face. “Now be a good girl and help mommy clean her hand.” she said.

Emily grabbed Samantha’s wrist to steady it from the gentle rocking of the car and licked at one of the urine drops rolling down her arm before taking several of Samantha’s wet fingers into her mouth and sucking them greedily.

“What the fuck is wrong with these people?” Kim pondered as she watched the depraved events in the front seat unfold before her eyes.


John hung up the phone after he’d spoken with one of his aides, giving them the story that Harold had instructed him to.

“Alright, it’s done.” John said.

Harold smiled. “Excellent, I’m glad to see we can trust you to play ball John.” he said. “Now for the real test.” he added.

Anthony reached down to the side of the desk and pulled up a briefcase which he set down on the desk and opened before spinning it around so John could see what it contained.

“What is that?” John asked as he looked at several metal items arranged in the case.

“That, Mr. Matheson, is the gun that you’re going to use to kill your opponent in approximately two hours.” Harold said as he looked at his watch.

John shook his head. “No way.” he said. “I thought you wanted me to win this election, how can I do that if I’m on death row for the murder of my opponent?” he asked.

“You won’t get caught if you do as we tell you to.” Harold said.

“I still don’t get why this is necessary, I’m ahead in the polls already, why kill him?” John asked.

Harold sighed and turned to Thomas and nodded again.

Thomas again pointed his gun at Andrea’s head and pulled the trigger.

“No!” John screamed out as he watched the back of Andrea’s head explode in a geyser of blood and brain matter that painted the wall behind her a sickening dark red.

“Now, the next person to suffer because you asked too many questions will be Ms. Bauer.” Harold said.

John was racked with sobs as he looked through tear blurred eyes at Andrea’s motionless corpse. He thought an apology to her, devastated that she’d died for no reason after all she’d survived so far. “I’ll do whatever you say.” he managed to choke out before he completely broke down and wept for Andrea.


To Be Continued…

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