1313 By: Long_Rifle

Room 1313 By:Long_Rifle

I just watched room 1408. Yep. And it gave me a relatively new idea (for me). Do I have to warn you guys? This thing took 7 hours to write. And double that to re-read, edit, re-read again, and do a final edit. Followed by a final read. I’m sick of the story by then! I won’t read it again for a few months after posting. It’s something I don’t know if regular real authors do. The story is there after the 7 hours. But parts of it seem to jarring. To repetitive. So I clean it up as much as I can. It added several more pages of content this time! Enjoy:

"The beginning of any new book is always something to be dreaded. Even when they almost seem to write themselves. It’s hard to start the ball rolling and make it sound genuine. For me this hasn’t always been the case. But the last few books have gotten even harder to find words that I haven’t already used, or images that aren’t already boring. So instead, for this book, I will just embrace honesty. This is about haunted buildings. But not just any type. After six books dealing with Haunted History I now get dozens of pamphlets daily; from places and people imploring me to come to their place of business next and give them a haunted review. I would imagine they think they will get more business from the exposure. And I’m sure they will. So this is a review more then anything else. What to expect when you’re expecting ghosts I guess.

Oddly I can’t say that I have honestly proven any type of spirit or ghost exists. I arrive on the scene with every tool ghost hunters have dreamed up and wait for something to beep or hiss. But aside from random events, there has been nothing that really proved anything. Of course a place doesn’t need ghosts to be haunted I suppose. A sordid history, or even haunting architecture is enough to give most people the scare they seem to want, and if they do have an event… Well that’s just a bonus.

It is with this in mind that I open my newest book. Something like the rest, but maybe different in a subtle way. Only one hotel sent me a notice to stay away. To not enter a specific room. It is with this entry that I will start. Something different. But something still the same. The Hotel Porpoise. And room 1313. It’s got history behind it that sounds to good to be true. Terror for sure, probably the most haunted thing I’ll ever visit, at least if history is a fair way to judge it. Now sit back, relax. And enjoy yourself, it’s time for another adventure fine people. Turn off all the lights save one. Let’s get Started!"

-Mindy Travis

Mindy kept staring at the words. It had taken what seemed like days to get them the way she wanted. To get a flow going. Now she looked at them in dejection. Hoping there was something she could do to not have to write something else. She had already teased them to her fan base. And knew she would have problems if she couldn’t come through. Now the Porpoise was refusing to play ball. Not even letting her get near the room. She had plead her case. But the hotel was serious. It would not rent her the room. There was nothing she could do to get them to change their mind at all. The impasse had finally brought Mindy to her editor’s office. More specifically to the attention of one of his blood sucking lawyers. She shook her head in annoyance, then tossed her Ipad into an overnight bag. “Just tell me. Stop all the legal crap. Can we force them to let me rent the room or not?”

The lawyer looked at her, a smile crept onto his thin vulture like face, “Of course. It’s a federal law. I don’t need to spend any of my valuable time explaining it if you don’t want to listen. Suffice to say I’ve called them. And if you really want to rent that room they’ll do it. No problem at all.”

Mindy popped up from her seat and moved towards the door, she was already behind schedule. She needed to get her book out just before October to milk the holiday for all she could. Her editor cleared his throat, causing her to pause at the door. “I think I should tell you. They offered a large sum to not have you show up.”

“And you told them to go to hell?” Mindy said.

“Nope, I told them it was your call. I forwarded the offer to you. I figure it’s your money, with my standard cut of course. But they seemed really intent on you taking the offer. It’s a good one. A really good one, too good. Maybe worth the retraction…”

Mindy chuckled, “Sure… I’ll look it over. I promise.”

She was already on her flight, halfway to Flint when she decided that maybe she should take a look. She knew the internet hookup on the plane was expensive. “But who the hell cares about that? The office will pick the tab up anyways.” She hooked up, agreed to all the usual stipulations and logged into her account. “Holy shit.” She said through clenched teeth. The offer was hefty. It was more then enough to pay off the ding her ego would take on getting refused entry, and for even ruining the beginning of her book. Her hand was on the phone. Ready to call and tell them she had accepted. But something else started to change in her mind as well.

"The beginning of any new book is always something to be dreaded. Even when they almost seem to write themselves. It’s hard to start the ball rolling and make it sound genuine. For me this hasn’t always been the case. But the last few books have gotten even harder to find words that I haven’t already used, or images that aren’t already boring. So instead, for this book, I will just embrace honesty. This is about haunted buildings. But not just any type. After six books dealing with Haunted History I now get dozens of pamphlets daily; from places and people imploring me to come to their place of business next and give them a haunted review. I would imagine they think they will get more business from the exposure. And I’m sure they will. So this is a review more then anything else. What to expect when you’re expecting ghosts I guess.

Oddly I can’t say that I have honestly proven any type of spirit or ghost exists. I arrive on the scene with every tool ghost hunters have dreamed up and wait for something to beep or hiss. But aside from random events, there has been nothing that really proved anything. Of course a place doesn’t need ghosts to be haunted I suppose. A sordid history, or even haunting architecture is enough to give most people the scare they seem to want, and if they do have an event… Well that’s just a bonus.

It is with this in mind that I open my newest book. Something like the rest, but maybe different in a subtle way. Only one hotel sent me a notice to stay away. To not enter a specific room. Only one hotel attempted to bribe me. To wave a good deal of money in my face to make me go away. And honestly I almost did. I was picking up the phone when I realized I owed it to my fans to tell the truth. And more importantly to FIND it. It is with this entry that I will start. Something different. But something still the same. The Hotel Porpoise. And room 1313. I decided they can keep their dam money. I’m going to do what any self respecting author would do. Cover this. It’s time for another adventure fine people. Turn off all the lights save one. Let’s get Started!"

The new beginning of her book seemed to shine, to pulse with something that the last few had been missing. Mindy had a mission. And maybe she might just tease it out. “I can start at the Porpoise. And switch to other hotels. Take queues, and slide into the rest of my stories. Drag this thing out through the whole book.” Her mind was still flowing with ideas as she walked into the Lobby of the upscale hotel Porpoise. And straight to the check-in desk. The person behind the computer was polite, but seemed to hesitate after being given her name and reservation.

“Ummm, just one moment please.” She stuttered politely. The computer screen had popped up a warning to alert the management before booking her. She walked away, then popped around a corner. After a hushed conversation with someone wearing a suit she came back and politely excused herself, then pointed towards a man that was even now looking Mindy over.

The man picked up a phone and uttered a few words before walking towards her and excusing the wait. “I apologize Ms. Travis. The large imposing black man that runs the hotel would like to talk with you first.”

“Of course. That’s something I’ve grown used to.” She reached into her pocket and produced a small recorder. She could use her phone, or a digital unit. Something tiny in comparison. But instead relied on an old magnetic tape version. She clicked it on. “Hotel looks normal. Like any small town hotel trying it’s best to seem important and grand when in reality it’s just the same as any other hotel in the area. But with slightly better taste.” She clicked it off as she noticed the only black man not in a uniform walking towards her, a polite smile on his face.

"Ms. Travis. Welcome to the Porpoise! We’ve decided to attempt to blow you off by giving you one of our finest penthouse suites. I think you’ll really love it. And of course the upgrade is at no charge. He could see the refusal in her eyes. “How about I insult your intelligence by offering you tickets to any event in the area gratis?”

“Sir, I apologize. I just want the room keys. To number 1313 if you would.” Mindy was ready for this, even when a Hotel ran their business based off ghosts they had to keep up appearances that they didn’t really want the notoriety.

With a sweep of his hand he beckoned her towards his office. “Why don’t we finish this somewhere more personal then?” She nodded and followed. As they walked he suddenly stopped and turned away from her. “Hey!” He yelled as loudly as he could while he pointed towards a tray of cakes. “What did I say? What the hell did I say people? I want these mother fucking cakes off this fucking tray NOW!” Mindy smiled at the sudden flurry of movement it caused. “I apologize for that.” He said as he started moving again. “Sometimes I have to remind these people that I’m not a younger Morgan Freeman.”

His office was larger then it needed to be, giving guests the illusion that he was important. Leather abounded, warm woods welcomed. He held up a small old looking bottle. “Would you like a drink? This shit is old, and thus expensive.” He said in a cultured tone.

“Sorry, don’t drink.” She quipped.

“I understand.” He opened a drawer and pulled out a small baggie. “A bit of Cocaine then? I import it myself. I assure you, it’s very smooth.”

Mindy nodded, “Just a line, Maybe two thank you.”

He spoke as he prepped it with his razor. “I really don’t think you know what you’re getting yourself into here Mindy. That room is no joke. I do everything I can to keep people out of it. There’s been-”

“Two thousand people killed in it. I know. I’ve done my homework. All suicides. I don’t care. I want to do the story. Honestly I have to now.”

The man snorted the first hit, then offered his straw towards her. He talked as she took care of the next line. “Then why the hell would you want to go in there? Look, I’ll let you into any of the other rooms. We keep 1313 up to date, except for the door. And a few other things we decided we didn’t give a shit about. No one will know you never went in there, go, take pictures, and write the dam story. Seriously, that room does things to people.”

Mindy laughed. The powder was indeed smooth. The usually fire was just a tingle. “I would know. My fans deserve the truth.”

“Your fans deserve nothing. They read your books, eat the crap you peddle. But never seem to read between the lines do they Ms. Travis?”

“And what line would that be?” she inquired.

“That you never find shit. You talk about scary stories. Put in a bunch of allegedly this, and supposed that’s. But you only ever say one thing loud and clear. That anyone that believes in the supernatural is an idiot.” He laughed mockingly as he finished.

Mindy smiled, and raised the straw in a toast. “At least you’re not loud -AND- stupid. I’ll give you that. But I’m sorry. I still want to stay in the room.”

He leaned back in his chair, rubbing away a bit of vcr under his nose. “Do you know about the natural deaths in 1313? The 211 people that died naturally in there?” He could see the surprise on her face. “Oh, didn’t have that little bit of info. Like the thirty year old that died of respiratory failure? Or the guy that drowned in his cereal?”

She pulled out her recorder, “How does a person drown in cereal?”

“How indeed Ms. Travis. I implore you, plead with you, will pay you. Just do not go in that room. That room is dangerous. It’s not ghosts, or phantoms. It’s just bad.”

“Your point being?” She said smugly. She was feeling good by now. Even if she was a bit surprised that there was something about the room she didn’t know.

“It’s an evil fucking room! How about that?” He said, throwing his hands up.

She laughed, “Then why not close it off? Block up the door? Act like it doesn’t exist?”

He looked down at his desk, setting his hands on it palms up. “Because even though I have the power to do anything I want here, and the real owners would never know, because they don’t care about anything but the money. They refuse to acknowledge there’s a problem. So instead I’m left to just not rent it. Plus we don’t have a mason here, so I can’t get it bricked up anyways.” He looked up, staring at her, she could see resentment in his eyes. “Please. Here, I’ll give you the whole bag. Just stay away. Lie. Anything.”

Mindy grabbed it and slipped it in her pocket, then stood and shook off the buzz she was enjoying. She picked up her bag and started to walk towards the exit, she stopped two feet in front of it. “Look… I’m staying. I want the key, It’s one night. Let me have it and let me do my thing.”

He smacked his desk and swore in defeat; but still walked her back to the front desk, then reached in and pulled out the key. It was an old type, a warded barrel key. He turned back to her, and pleaded one last time. “Look. You don’t understand. It’s not what you think at all. Just leave. Don’t do this. Do you think I care about you?” He said with disdain. “You’re just a stuck up bitch that needs a good fucking. I just don’t want to clean up another mess.”

She put her hand out, “Noted. Now can I have the key?”

He dropped it in her hand. She looked down and saw the old key, plus what looked like a tiny brass set of baby booties hanging off. “Cute. Is that meant to make me laugh or just piss me off further?” She held the ring up and looked him in the eyes. “I’m not laughing.”

“What? We’ve switched every other room to the new card system. But for some odd reason that you’ll probably experience later we can’t get electricity to work on that door. Sure, the juice in the room is fine, plus having cable is okay. But apparently it doesn’t like any newer, safer, easier to escape tech on the door.”

She jiggled the keys, “I mean the stupid little thing hanging off the keys? Is that a joke?”

He looked at the keys, then back at her, one of his large, powerful, masculine eyebrows raised in question. “It’s just a tag for the room number… Am I missing some secret bitch code?”

She started to open her mouth to tell him off, but before she did she looked back at the key in her hand and saw that the odd brass pendant was gone. Replaced by a numbered tag. “Whatever…” She said, not wanting to admit she had made a mistake. She tossed her hair back casually, “Where’s the room?”

He took her himself. And spent the entire elevator ride trying to talk her out of it. As the door opened she stepped out and turned, expecting him to follow. Instead he stayed behind. “This is as close as I get to that room. It’s down the hall to the left. Good bye. Bitch. Try to remember to use the bathroom before you kill yourself. I don’t want to slap down another carpet patch again.” She didn’t even get to respond before the doors closed and he vanished back down to the lobby.

She pulled her recorder out and started to talk as she walked towards the room. “The air is cool, if a bit stale. I can hear a few loud children screaming and yelling. Apparently while the hotel is six stars, it can’t afford to sound proof any of it’s rooms.” She stopped in front of her door. And inserted the key. “Here we go. Chapter one begins now.” The door opened with an audible squeak and creak that seemed to go on for a second or two after it stopped moving. “Dark. No light left on.” She stepped into the room sliding her hand up and down the wall till she found the light switch and flicked it on. The lights flickered before bursting with a cool bluish glow. “It seems that while the door can’t be modernized, the lighting in the room is done in modern compact florescent. The carpet looks like something out of the eighties, and the TV is an old tube design.” She plopped down on the bed and opened a nearby desk drawer. “One old bible. Some leaflets. A roll of duct tape. One dead ladybug. Some matches… Typical hotel crap. It looks like another boring night for me.”

She laid back on the bed as she flicked off the little recorder. “Fuck, this is going to suck. It’s just a regular room. Not even up to motel standards.” She pulled out her computer, then decided to raid the mini-bar. With a grin she saw the prices on the little bottles, then started to pour them all down the toilet. “Another cost for the boss to pay.” She said as she finished off every single bottle, then slipped in two bottles of water that she had brought along, just in case the water in the room tasted like rusty shit. The buzz was starting to wear off, but she was still feeling pretty good when she started the TV and tried to find something to watch. But there was nothing on that interested her at all. So she went back to analyzing the room and recording everything.

“The walls have an old peeling wallpaper attached. Repeating floral designs. The carpet is a deep red. With what can only be described as the depth of cheap astroturf. A few crappy paintings on the wall, what looks like an early Gary Larson involving cows. A bad copy of the thinker, and something with flowers. Pitiful. The bed is creaky. And there’s an old dark wardrobe in the corner. The paint is a bland blue on the ceiling. And getting up and moving to the bathroom it appears they saved money by not updating the toilet and the tub from the seventies.” She ripped off a piece of toilet paper and blew her nose. As she left the bathroom she could hear a baby crying loudly in the next room. She smacked at the wall and yelled, “Shut the hell up you little brat!” She knew it was stupid to do. But it actually worked. The kid shut up. She walked back to her bag of electronic placebos and started to pull a few things out. As she did Mindy thought she smelled something. She took another whiff, but with coke crust in her nose she wasn’t sure what it was. “Sweet.” Was all she could think of.

Next Mindy cut out all the lights and turned on her black light. She crept through the room. Amazed at the spatters of stains covering the walls and dripping to the floor. Numerous grisly images flooded her memories as the crime scenes associated with each stain came back to her. “With the number of people that died in here I’m amazed there’s a clean spot left.” She muttered to herself. The bed got the last sweep. And the light told the tale. Two large blurs of white glow. Showing that the spread had been cleaned, then carefully put back on in the same way it had been laying with the bleeding corpses on it. “Who does that?” She wondered.

With the tour over she flicked the lights back on, kicked her shoes off, and sat on the bed. She started for another one of the gadgets but stopped when she realized she was feeling a bit warm. She took off her sweater and walked towards the thermostat. She flicked it, and nudged it. Then slapped at it. But it would not activate. “Well any fool knows how to fix these.” Mindy said as she pulled off the panel and tapped the mercury switch. She was rewarded with the click of something happening. She smiled as she replaced the cover, then went to the bathroom. The water from the tap was cool as she washed off her face, and cleared her nose out as well. She saw several dark wads lodge themselves onto the sides of the sink, but instead of washing them off, just left them. “Those are going to be a pain to scrape off after they dry.” She walked from the bathroom back to the bed, as she did Mindy got a much better whiff of the phantom smell. But she still couldn’t place it. “Sweet, but musky… I know I’ve smelt it before. But where?”

She sat back down on the bed, ignoring what her sweep had shown her. “Well? Is this it?” She yelled. “The great 1313 is just as boring as every other room?” As soon as she finished her rant the clock radio next to her erupted in song.

“Hey there people I’m Bobby Brown,
they say I’m the cutest boy in town.
My car is fast, my teeth are shiny,
I tell all the girls they can kiss my heiny.”

“Dam!” She jumped almost off the bed at the sudden outburst of irrelevant verse. She grabbed the radio, ripped the cord from the wall, and tossed it across the room. Smiling as it burst into pieces. “Try to tell me blatant absurdity in song is acceptable… Take that!” But the surge of adrenaline caused her to start pacing. As she paced she started to sweat, it seemed the room still wasn’t cooling off.

The phone was at a small desk, which had a similarly small seat next to it. Mindy picked it up and called the desk. It was answered right away. “Front desk how may I help you?” The voice said cheerfully.

“This is Mindy Travis, in room 1313. It’s fucking hot in here. I mean I’m boiling in my pants. Can you get this shit fixed?”

“Of course honey. I’ll send your dinner right up.”

“What? Are you fucking deaf? I said the room is hot…”

But the sugary voice acted as though she hadn’t heard anything else. “Okay then sweetie. I need you to put the phone down and stop being so cranky. Dinner will be right up.”

“Cranky?! Cranky! I’ll rip your heart out through your fucking ass bitch!” Mindy took a breath to keep ranting, but stopped when the line started to beep. Mindy should have relaxed, should have sat back down, should have left. But the woman had her Irish up now, instead of calling back she was going to head down there and raise hell. She grabbed the key and went to the door. She grabbed the knob and turned, expecting it to open. Instead she could barely wiggle it. She slipped the key into the lock and tried to unlock it. Instead she was rewarded with a loud snap as it broke and fell into the mechanism. “Fuck!” She screamed as she pounded on the door. “This is why all the locks in here should be ADA compliant!” She took her shoes off and tossed them at the door in frustration. Then stomped back to the phone.

She expected someone snobby to answer. Maybe even that over paid black guy. Instead she was shocked when a goofy voice drawled out. “Hello? Can you find the number four? Let’s make a call to the number four!” Followed by simple laughter.

“What the hell is this shit?” She slammed down the phone. Then saw that it had changed. It looked like a toy out of a nursery. Mindy gave it a swift backhand slap onto the floor. “When the hell did that happen?” She wondered. Then she had an epiphany, “Someone must have changed it! There’s a person in the room!” She spun around, but saw nothing. She dropped to the floor, “Ahah! Caught you!” But there was nothing but dust to be seen as she looked under the bed. She jumped to her feet and ran to the bathroom. Hoping to catch the intruder there, instead she saw nothing again. Except that the toilet paper was perfectly folded now, as if she had never ripped it, and the sink was spotless. “The fuck?” She wondered, before rushing back out towards the main room, hoping to catch the person. But there was no one.

Mindy jogged to the door and jiggled the handle again, yelling in frustration when it refused to open. She slapped her hands at it in anger just to do something. When her anger was drained she dropped her head, and walked back to her bed. Mindy reached down and grabbed at her shoes, thinking she could use them to pound on the wall till management was called. But as she reached out she thought they looked wrong. She stopped, her hand still outstretched, then made a grab for her recorder. When it was running she started again. Narrating while she picked them up and looked them over. “My shoes are gone. With something else left behind. Something oddly childish. I know there’s some significance to it. They look like they are my size. The brand is unfamiliar. Stride Rite. The toes are more squared off then normal shoes, and they are very flat on the bottom.” She slid her feet inside. “They do fit. Perfectly. The arches seem a bit much inside. Otherwise still comfortable. Why did they leave these in here? What would the reason be to sneak in here and change things like this? It’s more creepy then scary. Perverted even.” She paused and continued, “And it’s still hot! I think it’s getting hotter dam it!” She kicked the shoes off her feet, they sailed through the air and smacked loudly on the wall.

Mindy walked back to the heat controls and slapped at the thermostat again. Wiping sweat off her forehead as she tried to make it do something other then boil her. There was a spark, and a blower kicked on, causing the air in the room to move faster. And while the breeze felt better, Mindy knew it was probably about to get warmer still. “Fuck it.” she decided. “I might have to pay for a new door. But I have to get the hell out of here.” She walked towards her bag, “This is why I keep that cordless drill handy. Just in case shit like this happens.” She knelt at her bag and opened it. She had expected to see her clothes. But instead of her regular dark colours, she saw pastels. She pulled the first few things out, then in a panic flipped the entire bag over. Masses of cloth and bundles of plastic jumbled to the floor. “Where the hell is my drill?” She yelled as she moved everything else out of her way. Shock blinded her to what she saw; instead she focused on the lack of power tools. “No! It was here! This is where I keep it! I checked it before I got in the Hotel! It has to be in here!” She kept mumbling as she spread everything out more. Still hoping a drill would appear under some small shirt, or maybe under one of the large diapers.

The sweet smell came again. This time stronger. As the air moved it changed towards the musky smell, then to something else; something she placed right away. “That smells like a fucking dirty diaper!” She thought to herself. Stopping her frantic search and looking instead for the source of the smell, she stood up and followed her nose into the bathroom. As soon as she turned on the light she took a step back. “Impossible!” She whispered.

Mindy looked into a room changed. But not in a way that could be explained. The toilet was gone. The paper holder was gone. Even the sink looked different. Instead there was a low padded bench, and a large waste basket. Mindy stepped into the room. Gingerly she opened the basket. The source of the smell was obvious. Several disposable diapers were inside. Tightly rolled, and obviously used. She picked one up by a loose edge and looked it over. She was trying to use her logic to explain everything, when she noticed the tab holding it closed. She had watched plenty of babies in her day. And the tab looked off, to large. She carefully popped it loose and unrolled the plastic bundle.

“It’s huge!” She said as she dropped it back into the basket. That’s when the contents of her bag came back to her. She ran back to the pile. And the obviously much to large diapers laying out. “This is just too fucked up.” She said, fear making her voice crack. She didn’t understand what was going on with everything changing, but knew it wasn’t normal, or explainable. “Okay. I give up. You win. I’ll fucking go. Just let me out.” But there was nothing but silence. “Seriously! I believe okay! Let me out, you win. I’ll even pay for the bar!” She raced back to the door and tried to open it again, but it stayed locked tight. She threw her whole body against it as she tried to rip it open. “Out! Just let me out!” She yelled again as her hands started to hurt from the pounding. She stopped to catch her breath, smelling the sweet smell easily again, even as she breathed through her mouth.

Mindy heard something behind her then, a voice. “The cow says…… MOOOOOOOO!” Her turned on her toes and saw, still lodged in the wall where she had thrown the radio something she hadn’t seen in ages. It spoke again, “The sheep says…… BAAAAAAAA!”

“Stop it…” She said. Worried that something else was happening. The See and Say looked exactly like the ones when she was a child. Perfectly pulled from her memory. But now instead of innocence she was flooded with terror at what was happening. She had almost wanted to answer the stupid thing. Even in her head she had followed along the second time. Sounding out BAAAAA in her mind. But the toy wasn’t done.

“The dog says…… WOOOF!”

Mindy found herself quietly woofing along. Her hand shot to her face as she made the sound. “Stop it!” She yelled.

“The baby says……”

This time she didn’t even hear the toy she was so loud with her answer, “GOOGOOGAAGAA!” Both hands covered her face as she finished. “Fuck this! I’m out of here like now!” She rushed to the window. She could see the fire escape outside. But as much as she pushed and prodded, the window would not budge. She ran back to her bag, and prayed that her keys were still inside. She opened the side pocket and fished them out. “Yes!” She yelled in triumph before going back to the window. She selected the sharpest key and started to scratch a circle in the glass. As she followed the key with her eyes, she saw something on the other side of the window. A lit frame, another window in the building across the street. And there was a person standing in it as well.

Mindy frantically waved her hands. Hoping that the person would see her. At the same time it seemed the other person noticed as well. She stopped and waved, then motioned with her hand as if she was holding a phone up to her ear. “Call the police she mouthed.” But as she took in more of the other person she realized it was a lost cause. It was a child, maybe not more then a toddler. It was dressed in a snap onesie, and shaking a teething ring at her. The child seemed to be mocking her. Making the same movements as her. “Dam it! Go get your mommy kid!” But the little girl kept mocking her. Mindy was getting frustrated, then suddenly she stopped in fear. Her stomach turned when the girl stopped as well. “Noooo……” She whined as she looked at the keys in her hand, only to see a teething ring full of plastic keys. “No!” She screamed as she tossed them aside. Mindy looked down at her clothes and screamed when she saw the onesie she was now dressed in.

Mindy attacked it. She yanked on the buttons sealing her in at her crotch. But they wouldn’t budge. She tried ripping the stitches, but nothing worked. She was sweating pretty badly from exertion when she finally stopped. Tears freely rolling down her face. Fear and humiliation pushing her in the same direction. She threw herself at the window. Not caring if she got hurt, only wanting out. But her body just bounced off. Just before the third attempt the plastic child’s phone started to ring. The red nose on the clowns face lighting up with every ring. Mindy stood still, and waited for it to stop. But it wouldn’t. It just kept on ringing. Even worse Mindy could feel an urge building to answer it. To even play with it.

She pushed her fingers into her ears and made as much noise as she could to drown out the ringing. At first it seemed to work. But she could still see the nose blinking. That was enough to make her right foot slide out, closer to the toy phone. Mindy shut her eyes then. Hoping that would be enough. But in seconds she discovered something else about her had changed. She was desperately afraid of the dark now. She reopened her eyes, instantly Mindy was drawn to the blinking nose again. One hand came away from her ears, then the other, she felt like she was in a trance, awake but not fully. Now that she could hear it again she felt the urge come back to touch it, to play with it. But mostly to answer it. Slowly her feet started to shuffle forward. Until finally she could reach out and answer. “Hello?” She asked meekly, all the fight drained out of her.

The voice on the phone surprised her. It was kind, when it spoke it dripped with the tone adults used to speak to small children. “Is Mindy ready for night nights?” The voice asked. Mindy tried to talk, but nothing would come out. The sweet voice spoke again. “Does little Mindy want to go night nights?”

Mindy finally found her voice. “No.” she said in a whisper so quiet she barely heard it herself. Then stronger. “No! I’m not a kid! I want to leave! This is to much!”

The voice on the phone laughed. Each one seemed to send a shock through Mindy. “Of course you’re not a kid. You’re much to little to be a kid. More like a toddler.” The sentence shocked her. She felt as if she had been punched in the gut. “Does little Mindy have her pampers on?”

Mindy swallowed, “No! I’m not gonna wear a diaper! No fucking way!” But as the words left her mouth she heard crinkling coming from the floor behind her. She turned and saw the diapers she had tossed around moving and sliding on their own. Getting closer and closer to her. She jumped onto the bed away from them. Hoping they couldn’t climb up. As soon as her entire body was up on the bed it started to shake and twitch. Mindy grabbed at the spread, trying not to fall off into the waiting diapers. The bed bucked ever higher, trying to throw her off. But then it settled down, almost still. Mindy used the lull to get a better grip, but she didn’t have to worry. As she watched bars sprang up around the edge of the mattress. The head and foot board rose until they were several feet over her head, while the bars along the sides rose up to meet them.

She felt the blankets she was grabbing start to move, they wrapped around her hands and feet. Mindy found herself spread eagle face down on the bed. The phone still close enough to her head to hear the voice. “Bad baby. Mindy needs her diaper. She doesn’t want to make pee pee in her bed!” Mindy moaned as she saw the white form of a diaper slide between the bars. Then shut them tightly again as it touched her, first seeming to caress her legs. Then sliding easily between her body and the onsie she was in. She puked from fear as she felt the thing wrap around her, before seeming to thicken and then stay still. “Night night baby girl!” The phone sang before it went silent.

She didn’t know how long she laid there in the giant crib, she didn’t want to open her eyes. Her fear of darkness overruled by the humiliation and terror of being diapered like an infant. Instead she silently cried until she couldn’t any longer. Finally, after wiping the snot from her nose on the pillow she opened her eyes and sat up. She winced as the diaper crinkled under her. The bulge was hard to ignore. Mindy knew she couldn’t take it off, she didn’t even try. She stood up, having to keep her legs spread more then normal because of the bulk between her legs. She stared out across the room, towards her bag. Not really thinking there was anything in it to help her, but that she wanted out of the giant crib.

Mindy swung her left foot up and hooked the top rail, then carefully swung over the side, and slowly dropped herself onto the floor. “I’m out!” She said. Some of the terror melted away, but she was still very scared. She scampered to her bag and picked it up. Checking, and rechecking pockets for anything that could help her. She had squatted next to it. The diaper between her legs keeping her knees spread apart. She dropped the bag in frustration, before something to her left caught her eye. Her head snapped towards it, something moving from the bathroom area. Towards her. At first it seemed blurred. But as it grew closer it cleared. “A ball?” She thought. Mindy crawled towards it in a flash. She grabbed it and sat down on her diapered bottom. Holding the ball up to her face and even licking it a few times. For several long minutes she sat there, disgusted with herself as she played with it. She knew it was wrong, and stupid. But she just couldn’t stop herself. It was the rancid smell of old used diapers hitting her nose again that snapped her back to reality. The ball dropped from her hands as she put them to her face and started to cry. “I’m turning into some kind of freak… Noooooo…” She mumbled into her hands. She sobbed loudly as she thought about how she looked, about being trapped in the room. And about how deep down she felt the urge growing to end it all before it got worse.

She pushed that feeling down, and rolled forward onto her hands and knees. She meant to then get up onto her feet but something was wrong. As much as she tried, she couldn’t remember how to stand. She crawled forward as fast as she could, her eyes blinded with tears of fear. After several feet her head smacked loudly into the wall, knocking one of the paintings down and onto the floor. She was still crying and moaning like a small child as she caught sight of the cows. Her crying slowed, then stopped as thoughts of how cute they were ran through her head. She was laughing and cooing in seconds. Clapping her hands together loudly. Thankfully, her broken mind tired of that quickly and she found herself thinking clearly again. “Oh god… That was fucking horrible. I’d rather die then end up a fucking tard.” She put her hands on the wall, and wondered if she could use it to stand up.

Several tries later she was on her feet. But Mindy found she could barely stand. She couldn’t take her hands off the wall, and was reduced to slowly bending her knees in an odd rhythm. First one, then the other to keep her balance. She was trying to think what she should try next when the phone started to ring again. Her head snapped towards it, seeing it was still in the crib. And still a threat. She started to toddle towards the crib slowly. Her hands sliding over the wall as her feet almost tripped against each other several times. She was getting closer to the crib, closer to the phone. Mindy knew nothing good would happen if she answered it. In desperation she let herself drop to the floor, and crawled quick as she could under the crib, and out the other side. She looked for something, anything to get her mind off the phone, and her rapidly evaporating thoughts. She caught sight of the drawer, and remembered what was inside. “The Bible!” She wetly said, feeling warm drool to run from her lips as soon as she spoke. Her fragile mind locked onto it’s new mission and her body almost crawled on it’s own to it. She sat back onto her diapered bum and pulled the drawer open and into her lap. She grabbed the Bible and opened it to a random page. Hoping reading anything would keep her together. But the page was blank. She stared at it for just a second, but that was long enough for the fingers of her right hand to find their way into her mouth. Mindy pulled them free and wetly palmed her way through more pages. “Blank… Blank… Blank…. Bwank!” She finally screamed. Throwing the book away. As soon as it left her hands the ringing became her world.

Mindy knew it was wrong. Knew it was evil. But the urge to answer it was getting to strong. She clenched her fists, and ground her teeth trying to stop it. She tensed her entire body. Sweat started to bead from every pore. Her diaper started to itch. “My diaper.” She thought. And it was over. She looked down at it and cocked her head dumbly as she felt something happening. It was getting warm. And she could see the cute hearts on it blurring and fading, while at the same time the white plastic darkened and turned a pale yellow. She poked at it a few times, before the ringing broke through and she started to crawl to it.

Mindy hated the feeling of the wet diaper as it moved against her thighs. But that was the least of her worries as she did everything she could to answer the toy phone. She looked up at the crib, and noticed the side closest to her was gone. It looked like a normal bed frame now. But she could only imagine what would happen when she got back in. And she did. After a few false starts Mindy managed to hoist her numbing body up into the bed. As soon as she was up, the rails sprang up behind her. And she knew in her current condition she’d never get out again. The phone felt alien in her hands now. She pulled it off the base, but she needed both hands to get it to her ear. “Hewo?” She slurred into the phone.

“Did baby enjoy her extra play time?” The voice asked immediately. But Mindy didn’t catch it. She was lost just looking at her toes, and trying to get them in her mouth. “Well, little Mindy. I see this is already getting to you. Lets just bring you back. Can’t have you checking out to early.” At the Mindy felt herself return as if from a powerful high. With in two heartbeats she was thinking clearly again, and could remember everything she had done. “Now, is baby ready to take her nap?” The voice asked sweetly.

“I’m not a fucking baby! This is sick you bitch! Let me go, let me go home! I want out of this shitty room!” Mindy screamed with her old voice. It made her feel better to take some control back.

“I think you’re over tired baby. Now go to bed, and don’t even think about crawling out of your crib again.” The phone died at that, not even a buzz or beep afterwards.

Mindy screamed and slammed the handset down. She carefully got up to her feet, feeling a deep fatigue in her arms and legs. As if she wasn’t used to moving so much. She tried several times to get out again but she was not able to swing her foot up any longer. In frustration she picked the entire phone up into her hands and tossed it across the room as hard as she could manage. It hit the wall with an impact far louder then it should have been. Instead of bouncing off it dropped straight to the floor, sitting perfectly, as if it had been placed there. Mindy was still staring at when something caught her attention. She looked up at the point of impact and saw something wrong.

She watched as a small dot of pink formed where the phone had struck. Her jaw dropped as the dot grew larger and larger. As it touched the floral pattern it changed into hearts, and teddy bears. As the painted area grew the entire room started to smell different, like the sweet smell from before. Finally Mindy placed it. “Baby powder…” She said. She watched as the colour finally touched the floor. The carpet grew thicker. And became a pale purple. The purple carpet grew out like a fungus, until it touched her bag. Changing it into a pink quilted diaper bag.

Mindy didn’t know exactly what to do, but she knew she didn’t want the purple to touch her. She threw herself at the far side of the crib, and felt it tip. She reset and threw herself harder. It tipped farther, for a second Mindy thought it would go back, but then it carried over and she crashed to the floor on the other side. She felt pain, but she rolled away just as the carpet touched the crib and changed it to a light pink. She would have gagged at all the pastels if she wasn’t scared for her life. Mindy lunged for the desk, and it’s dumped drawer laying in front of it. The bible and matches seemed to call to her. She ripped several pages out then struck three matches at once to light it. The paper caught quickly, the heat melted the cheap carpet before it to started to burn with an acrid choking smell. She hoped it wasn’t to late. Mindy moved back from the burning patch as it spread quickly. So many years of chemical treatments had left it highly combustible. She grinned as the horrible pastel change hit the flames and stopped. Then giggled wildly as the flames engulfed the changed carpet as well. She was just starting to feel queasy from the fumes when there was a popping sound and the sprinkler system kicked in. But the flames were too strong.

Fire licked up the walls, even as the plume of smoke lowered towards the floor. Mindy found herself on her hands and knees, trying to find clean air. She tried to move away from the flames but she felt faint. She could barely see. She was sure she was about to die, to join the list of deaths in the room. But just as she took one last breath of putrid air she heard a crash and saw a dim light. She managed to look up at a pair of booted feet before passing out.

She woke in a hospital room. She could hear beeps, and whispered conversation in front of her. She opened her eyes to what looked like a nun and a doctor smiling down at her. Mindy cleared her throat, about to speak but they silenced her. “Don’t worry you’re fine.” The nun said. “They got you out of the fire just in time. Another few seconds and they might not have saved you.”

The doctor walked forward and started to check the various hoses and wires hanging out of her. “Indeed. That was an odd blaze. Who could have thought that those electric light up kids shoes could start an inferno like that! You should have seen the room it started in!”

Mindy listened, barely speaking as she was told how close she had come to dying. Finally they got to her prognosis and as soon as she heard it was good she said what she had been waiting to say. “I refuse care! I want to go, now!”

The doctor pursed his lips. We need to keep an eye on you. Plus we need to get you to sign a few things before we do anything else."

“Bullshit doc.” Mindy felt anger well in her. After being so terrified in the room it felt amplified now. It gave her strength. She was taking control of this situation right now. She sat up and waved her arms, “I am refusing treatment. I ain’t paying for shit. And you can go get the against doctors orders forms. Because that’s the ONLY things I’m going to sign. Now get me out of this crap.”

Two hours later, in borrowed clothes she was waiting at a small diner for a local she knew to stop by with some money and a new phone. She was almost giddy with excitement about being out of that dam room. She stealthily reached under the table and touched herself. Ecstatic at the lack of padding. Finally she saw a familiar face. And there seemed to be someone else behind her. Mindy stood up, “Tiffany! Nice to see you again! Sorry it has to be like this.” She motioned towards the woman following her, “And nice to meet you as well.” The woman smiled at her as she shook her hand, she said a quiet greeting. Her voice reminded Mindy of someone she knew. But after her ordeal she was still having trouble remembering everything from before.

“Mindy, sorry I had to bring her here as well. This is my kid’s new nanny and we are on a quick break, leaving the terrors with daddy for a bit.”

Mindy nodded, “I understand. Kids can be a pain in the ass sometimes.” She tried to block out the image of herself being dressed in her onsie, pissing happily in her diapers, but she still shivered at the thought. “Sit down, let’s eat. I’ll cover it. Just let me talk to the boss and I’ll have everything paid for and then some!”

They all sat down, the conversation instantly turned towards the fire. When Mindy brushed that off it slipped to why she was in town in the first place. Mindy went into her standard answer of research, but stopped when she thought she smelled baby powder. She turned in her chair, adrenaline surging in her veins and looked around, catching a glimpse of a baby almost directly behind her. Mindy relaxed but still looked down to make sure her clothes were okay. When she looked back at the women at the table they were kind of staring at her. Mindy blushed. “Sorry. I’m still a bit touchy after the fire I guess.” They nodded at her, then decided it would be best to try another conversation. They started to talk between themselves, making sure to let Mindy get a few words in before the meal arrived.

When it came Mindy looked down at the plate in front of her. “What is this?” She asked the server.

“Chicken strips, ranch dipping sauce. Is there a problem?” She asked.

Mindy was about to argue she had ordered something else, when she saw her guests staring at her. "No… Never mind. The waitress set the rest of the food down and was gone before Mindy realized there was no silverware for her to eat with. “What the hell… This is crazy. She didn’t even leave me a fork!”

Tiffany shushed her. “Just use your fingers. It’s not that bad. Geez.”

Mindy quieted down, she was hungry. She hadn’t eaten since she had went into that dam room. She took a bite of the first piece of chicken without testing it. Then yelped when she burned her tongue. She lunged for her water glass and cooled the burn down while Tiffany grabbed her chicken and started to cut it up while blowing on it. “I swear… It’s hot girl! You’ve got to let it cool. Try to give it a few minutes before you stuff your face.”

Mindy grabbed her chicken back, “Fine! But you don’t need to cut it up for me! I’m not a dam kid!”

The nanny answered coolly, even as Mindy felt the room grow warmer. “No you’re definitely not a kid. Not even close yet.”

Mindy smelled the baby powder again, stronger. Way to strong. She pushed herself from the table and stood up. “I think it’s time for me to go.” She started to move, but the nanny’s hand shot out and grabbed her. “Let go!” She yelled.

“I don’t think so honey. I don’t need you running all over the restaurant. Sit down and finish your food.”

Mindy stopped struggling as she watched the sleeves of her borrowed shirt change. They melted back, flowing up her arms towards her neck. She could see something, maybe lace form around the collar. She bent her legs out as something bulged up between them. “Not here!” She said. “God no! Anything but this! I don’t wanna be a baby in public!” She started to scream then, as she felt the warmth run into her head. Wrapping her brain in fog, slowing her thoughts down again. Her screams died in her throat as she felt her stomach clench on it’s own, pushing something out into the diaper she was wearing. Her body started to pulse wildly, her back bent in an exaggerated hump, her head stretched out on her neck as she crudely thrust her exposed diaper back and forth. Her hands shook in front of her as she felt drool run from her mouth. She could feel the mess shifting and moving against her skin as she moved. Just when she was about to scream again her body gave out and she dropped back into her seat. The mess in her diaper smashed against her. She felt like puking now as the smell rose around her, telling the whole restaurant what she had just done. Mindy had enough time to wipe the drool from her face before she felt something spread her legs apart further; at the same instant her feet were lifted away from the floor. She gasped when she realized she was sitting in a giant high chair. And that a tray had popped into existence in front of her. She looked at her friend, hoping that she was going to help.

Instead she set some of the chicken in front of her on the tray and said, “Well, I guess baby just made some room. Now finish this up and we can get you out of that nasty diaper and into a clean one.”

Mindy squirmed in her seat. Her cheeks burned with shame, she refused to look around her at what she knew was everyone in the place looking at her. She took a deep breath and started to stuff her face. Hoping to get through with it as fast as possible, And maybe make a break for it when they let her out of the chair. She finished in record time and started to try and let herself out. But the tray would not budge. Not until the nanny got up and opened it for her. Even then Mindy was strapped in and she had to wait until she was totally released.

She stepped down onto the floor, that’s when she felt her bare feet, letting her know it was getting worse, "This isn’t right! She almost yelled. “I’m out! I got out of that dam room!” But she was silenced by another cramp that almost doubled her over. She grabbed hold of the table and gritted her teeth. “I’m not shitting my pants even more!” She thought. But the pain grew, and her body started to act on it’s own.

Tiffany looked over and asked innocently, “What’s wrong baby?”

Mindy couldn’t stop herself. Out loud, and in front of everyone she said, “Poopy mama!” And with a final grunt she bent her knees and did. The blush returned to her cheeks as she was unable to close her eyes to the vision of every single person staring at her while she pooped her pants like an infant. She grunted and pushed while her diaper bulged, till finally she felt there was no more. Then in the silence of the room, with everyone watching it got worse as she felt something else change and heard a hissing sound, while at the same time feeling her diaper grow warm and wet.

“Dat big baby make a pee poop!” The baby behind her said. It was enough to make everyone start to giggle, then full out laugh. Mindy wanted to die. She started to waddle towards the door. But if a dry diaper is hard to walk in, a full one is almost impossible. She fell down almost immediately. But managed to get back up. She saw Tiffany and the nanny advancing on her. And started to frantically wave her hands at them.

“This is wrong! It’s dat stupid woom!” She gasped at the change in her voice. Then continued, “Don’t wet it do dis. It won, nag a baga! Babababababab!” Mindy stopped mid sentence. “I can’t talk!” She thought. “I can’t fucking talk, this isn’t fair! I won! I won!” She stomped her foot, but was stopped from a full blown tantrum when the nanny grabbed her and started to push her away from the table and towards the back of the restaurant. Mindy found her feet wobbling, but able to move as she was pushed through a door and followed by Tiffany and the nanny.

“Well I guess it’s time to clean the baby.” Tiffany said.

But the nanny smiled and motioned for her to sit in a nearby chair. “It’s not like little babies like Mindy care about shitty diapers. Why don’t you finish feeding her first. You must be ready to burst.”

Mindy felt like puking. She hated the idea of getting changed by these people, but she hated the idea of staying in the diaper even worse. She shook her head. But there was nothing she could do as she was pushed towards Tiffany and laid down on her lap. Mindy was very confused until Tiffany opened her shirt and took out an engorged breast. She shook her head, and pushed as much as she could. But as soon as the nipple touched her lips she started to nurse.<br

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She gagged as she tasted the milk. Tried not to swallow it. But instead she just caused some to dribble from her mouth. Making her look all the more babyish. She was still fighting when Tiffany started to talk about her as if she couldn’t understand anything. “I thought you said this wasn’t fun? What’s the big deal?”

The nanny gently rubbed at the milk running down Mindy’s cheek. “Wait till she gets some teeth, Then you’ll see.”

Mindy’s eyes bulged. She hoped it wasn’t going to happen, but then she felt it. Incredible pain erupted from her mouth. She wailed loudly, the nipple finally popping free as teeth sank into her gums, leaving not a trace that they had ever existed. She was still wailing when several loud knocks on the wall surprised her enough to stop, which gave Tiffany the time needed to stick the nipple back in. In the silence Mindy heard plain as day her own voice yelling through the wall, “Shut the hell up you little brat!”

The shock made her almost shut down. Her mouth hung open, slack and drooling, Tiffany took that as a sign that she was full. She carefully set Mindy down on a soft surface then started to take her clothes off. “I guess it’s time to clean that diaper and then give you a nap baby!” But Mindy wasn’t paying attention, she was in shock. She was breathing to rapidly and her vision was getting spotty. Tiffany either didn’t notice, or didn’t care as she took several big gulps of air, and passed out.

A phone ringing woke her. Mindy shot up. Her hands checking for unwanted bulges, her tongue making sure her teeth were present and accounted for. Her eyes shot to the phone, still ringing next to the bed. She looked around the room. “I’m still in 1313!” She said. Them marveled at her own voice. She checked around the room, saw her bag on the floor, and the key on the rug next to it. The entire time the phone kept ringing. Mindy crossed her legs in front of her on the bed before taking a deep breath and pulling the whole phone towards her onto the spread. “Hello?”

“Hello valued guest. Would you like to enjoy another night with us? Or would you like to try our express checkout option?”

Mindy felt confused. “Huh? What? Another night? Is this over?”

But the voice didn’t answer, “Another night it is. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know this is on the house. Please enjoy yourself, and remember even if you leave 1313, you’ll never leave 1313. Have a pleasant day baby!”

Mindy was suddenly fully awake, and fully aware. She started to put the phone back on the desk when she felt odd. Like she was sinking into something warm. She looked down at her legs and saw they had sank into the bed, and were still rapidly going deeper. Mindy lunged for the edge, for something solid to grab hold of. But she couldn’t keep her self from sinking further and further. Her legs felt like they were swinging free where ever they were, and she thought if she let go she would fall. She held on for several minutes. But her hands grew tired and with one last grasp, they let go and she slid all the way through the bed and fell into another.

She landed with a slight bounce. There was no pain, and she stood as quickly as she could. This time the room looked like a nursery. As it would have the first time if she hadn’t burned it. She could feel the diaper she was wearing. And felt the full body sleeper she was in, covering her. Making her feel to warm again. The toy phone was back. This time she answered as soon as it rang. “This isn’t going to work. Why don’t you let me leave?” She pleaded.

“Hello valued guest. We’re just making sure you’re enjoying your stay. I hope everything is acceptable, if not you can try the express checkout!”

Mindy almost screamed into the phone, “What the hell is the express checkout?” In answer, something flopped down behind her, she turned and saw a noose hanging right at neck height. “No….” Now she got it. Now she knew why everyone killed themselves. Or died a natural death, somehow. “No… Not like that. Not that.” She stomped her foot, this isn’t right! This is shit! This is bull shit!"

“I see you’re not happy. We will be glad to offer you another room.”

This time she was standing, and slid almost immediately through. She landed on her feet in another crib. Open air on her body. She looked down at her naked self, and saw the infantile diaper exposed. Open to her hands, easily removed. But as her hands moved towards it the familiar feeling of piss running out of her and into the diaper came. And she stopped. Waiting to finish before deciding she would throw it across the room. She reached for the tapes and heard the voice again, this time from what looked like a baby monitor. “Valued guest is this room to your liking? Are you ready for express check out?”

“Fuck you!” Mindy screamed. She wasn’t going to let the room win. Wasn’t going to kill herself. “You’ll just have to let me go! I’m to young to die from natural causes either! So piss off! Let me go!” She managed to rip the tapes open before the voice returned.

“Then allow us to give you a complimentary room in our extended stay suites.” This time Mindy fought. She was diaperless, and she was going to stay that way if it killed her. She wove her hands through the crib bars so even when she got tired she could not fall through. She stuck her feet through the bars as well. Mindy thought she was doing well, but the voice returned. And she only just heard it speak before the entire crib collapsed into nothing, taking her with it. “Room prepared, have a nice stay.”

There was no fall this time. She seemed immediately to be laying on her back. She moved her legs and heard the crinkle of a diaper again. She opened her eyes and saw she was looking up from some kind of container. Solid. Not a crib. Mindy tried to sit up but her body would not respond. Instead she just wiggled a little. Doing nothing more then cause a spurt of warmth to soak into the diaper she had on. Her tongue felt alien to her, but she was still able to feel that her teeth were all gone again. She didn’t even try to speak. Instead she just started to cry. It was an odd sound. The mewling gurgle of a newborn. A face filled her vision, looking down at her and smiled. She reached in and tickled her, then checked her diaper. Finally a hand appeared and held a bottle to her lips. Automatically Mindy started to suck. Immediately she felt better. Then the face spoke, and Mindy released where she had heard the voice on the phone before.

“How are we doing Mindy? Are you ready to enjoy our long term suite?” The nanny asked. Mindy felt shock and terror at the idea. That she was about to be killed anyways. But the nanny shushed her, “Don’t worry baby. You’re young and healthy remember. You have years, decades of this before you go. We’re going to have tons of fun till then. By the time we’re through with you, there won’t be anything left to worry about checking out. You’ll be just as empty and clean as a new diaper. Then we’ll check you out, and get another! And another…. And another…”

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This was an awesome little story. Thanks so much for sharing it.