1,000 Diapers

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Chapter 12

Overawed by the opulence of Sadie’s home, Melissa couldn’t help but turn her head and survey the place she had been welcome to. The kitchen alone was bigger than the home she lived in. But despite the size, the place felt warm and pleasantly decorated, as if out of a design catalogue.

As soon as it was possibly polite, Sadie dragged Melissa away from their mothers and boldly took her to her bedroom, where they could lounge in comfort. Boldly, because Sadie had painstakingly dismissed any trace of her diaper affection, and she yearned to present herself as a normal teenage girl with normal likes.

“Bon Jovi”? Asked Melissa in surprise, desperately trying not to feel overwhelmed at her friend’s massive bedroom. Bon Jovi was way retro to be in someone’s wall, especially someone as young as them.

Sadie mentally kicked herself for this weird fixation displayed on such a central location in her bedroom. “Guilty, she mumbled. You know my darkest secret now”, she chuckled, as if dismissing it.
“No, I love him. But this poster, I’ve never seen it”. She got closer to admire it. “Bed of Roses”, I love him playing the piano and singing, she gushed. One of my favorite videos”.

“Yeah, me too… My mom got me this for one of my birthdays, downloaded a picture and had it blown up to this”. She shrugged. She sat cross-legged on her bed, and motioned Melissa next to her.

Induced by this coincidence, soon both girls were comfortably talking about this and that, agreeing, gossiping and probing each other as to preferences, past histories and other such topics of life one shares with a newfound friend.

After a while, Melissa’s eye was drawn to a door on the other wall which was ajar. “Feel free to use the ensuite”, offered Sadie generously.

“Oh, you don’t mind?”, exclaimed Melissa, marveled at her friend having her own private bathroom.

“Knock yourself out”, sentenced Sadie, waiving her hand.

“I think I will, then”, laughed Melissa, nervously.

Sadie’s ensuite bathroom was a place that made you feel like getting naked straight away. Even the rain that could be seen falling out the little window on the side – or was it sleet again? – couldn’t make you feel cold. The floor must have been heated, she thought, as she felt the warmth on her feet through her socks. She didn’t get naked, but she did pull down her pants and panties to sit on the toilet. Perfect height for her to sit on, of course. She surveyed the bathroom as she let her bladder loose, and admired the deep bathtub, with an enclosed standing shower next to it with all the top-of-the-line shower jets. She wondered how it must feel like to have a shower in one of those. Maybe luxuriate in a bath… She wondered which would be best.

Melissa finished her business and tugged her jeans up. As she washed her hands, even the water came out automatically warm, as if on thermostat. Perfectly scented hand soap, and a warm thick towel to dry her hands. She felt like she was in a five-star hotel. Not that she would know what that was. Maybe like the retro movie she watched with her mom, “Pretty Woman”.

Sadie had been waiting for her friend, sitting on her bed and thinking about her. She seemed to be impressed with her house, but in a nice way. She couldn’t help but think about her diapers, hidden in her closet under some clothes. She had had quite a hassle when she found out Melissa and her mom would be coming. Rushing to her bedroom, changing off her diaper and getting cleaned, hiding all the evidence, even taking the used diaper and disposing it into the garbage can in the garage…

Melissa stepped out of the bathroom with a half-smile. She looked a bit too warm to Sadie, as she sat back on the bed. “Aren’t you hot or something? It’s like 80 degrees here. You can take that sweater off if you want”, said Sadie pointing at her friend’s yellow hoodie.

“Oh, yeah, it actually is”. Melissa motioned to take off her sweater, but it kept raising her T-shirt along with it, exposing her too much for comfort.

“Wait. Turn around, I will hold your T-shirt down”, Sadie offered, giggling.

“Thanks”, said Melissa, as she shuffled around on the bed and repeated the same process, this time Sadie holding on to the lower edge of her T-shirt.
The Yellow hoodie came off easily this time, and Melissa felt much better sitting on her friend’s bed in her jeans and T-shirt. As she was repositioning her hair, there was a knock on the open door. Both girls turned to see their mothers looking in.

“Everything all right here?”, asked Sadie’s mother.

“Hey mom, hey Janice”, said Sadie, a little bit timid at the intrusion, miffed that she was beginning to get Melissa comfortable with her.

“Is pizza OK of you guys?”, asked Janice tentatively. “We were going to order some”.

Both girls looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. “Duh, pizza is always great”, said Sadie with a half-grin.

“That’s what we’re here for”, assented Melissa, “Isn’t it?”. After all, it was her mom’s idea.

“Ok, just double-checking”, Belinda answered. “So, I guess it will be here soon”.

As both mothers left the room, Sadie and Melissa looked at each other and grinned, “Curious moms”, Sadie said, as she rolled her eyes. “They just couldn’t help themselves”.

Melissa smiled shily. “I guess they wanted to see if we are getting along well. We are… I think”

Sadie assented. “Yeah, best friends?”, she asked, eyes shining.

“Best friends”, Melissa concurred. Both friends met in a brief embrace.

They headed down to the living room where they met their mothers sipping a glass of white wine and deep in conversation. They stopped abruptly as the teenagers approached.

Melissa frowned at the glass in her mother’s hand. She was getting a bit too comfortable for a first time together. “Mom, you’ve got to drive, remember?” Melissa sometimes acted like she was the mother.

Janice shrugged and winked at her daughter. “First and last one, honey”. She ignored Melissa’s reaction to the familiar appellative being used in public. “Pizza is ten minutes away”.

“If you guys want to get the table ready, we’ll eat in the kitchen”, suggested Belinda.

“Sure, we’ll do all the work”, agreed Sadie in mild complaint.

Both mothers ignored the girls and returned to their conversation. Miffed, they made their way into the kitchen. Melissa glanced out at the rain – it did look like sleet this time – and marveled at her short-sleeved attire, feeling so insulated from the weather outside it was a surreal experience for her, used to wearing at least a heavy sweater so they would keep the heating bill down. Sadie looked oblivious to the cold too, even more than Melissa, as, besides her black Hogwarts T-shirt and Levi’s tight jeans (identical to Melissa’s), she was also barefoot.

Sadie waltzed over to the massive refrigerator and pulled it open. “Care for a drink?”

Melissa scanned the generous offering. “A coke’s fine”.

Sadie got two cokes and set them on the kitchen counter, supplying two glasses from the cupboard. “Ice? Lemon”, she offered.

The girls got to talking again, school, sports, other girls from school, who was best at volleyball and who was good at math – besides Melissa, that is. The subject of boys was avoided, as none of them had any real interest for boys. Being a conservative private school – although not segregated – boys and girls had separate gym classes, so a lot of physical interaction was – fortunately for the girls – avoided. Hairstyles were criticized or reluctantly admired. Melissa had an issue with her curls.

“I’ve had a hard time accepting my curly hair, I kind of envy your straight hair”, mused Melissa, fingering her dark curls, and loosening some strands from her glasses.

“Your curls are cool”, retorted Sadie. “My hair, on the other hand, is so normal and boring…”

“I love your hair”, countered Melissa, who couldn’t resist to touch Sadie’s soft blond hair.

Sadie made a face. “Yeah, dumb blond Sadie”, she grumbled.

“No, really, you’re lucky”, said Melissa.

Sadie frowned. “I guess the grass is always greener on the other side”, she reflected. “We all think the next girl’s hair is nicer”.

“Grass? What grass?”, joked Melissa. She pointed out the kitchen window at the non-existent green. “Looks like the snow is setting in”.

Both girls looked out at the window to see the snow falling generously, reflecting on the lit streetlights in the already darkening afternoon, having already painted the whole neighborhood white.

“Wow”, mouthed Sadie. “I thought it wasn’t supposed to snow any more”.

As if on cue, a red compact car with a pizza sign on the roof appeared, driving a bit too fast and sliding down the road. What looked like slow motion to the girls, the car skidded along the street trying to steer into their driveway, slid into the ditch and back up, scraping the mailbox post and bumping into a stone statue by the entrance.

“Shit! Mom! Quick!”, Sadie yelled out.

“What happened”, demanded Belinda, as she entered the kitchen, searching for the motive of the commotion.

“Uhm, pizza just arrived”, she said, pointing to the car in an askew position across the wide driveway.
“Oh my goodness”, said Belinda, as she swiftly left the kitchen to get to the door.

However, Sadie beat her to the door, leaving a stupefied Melissa still standing by the window. But Sadie barely made it out of the house when she found herself staring at the sky, having slid on the extremely icy steps and driveway.

“Sorry about that, ma’am, sure is icy out here, didn’t realize until I hit the brakes”, said a distraught middle-aged man, barely making it out of the car.

“That’s OK”, said Belinda gently, as she managed to tiptoe towards Sadie and helped her delicately up, trying not to slip herself on the ice.

“You guys OK?”, called out Janice.

“Just fine”, said Belinda, after getting a wet and freezing Sadie up. “Can you manage?”

“Sadie nodded and stepped gingerly onto the steps and up into the house.

“Pizzas made it unscathed, ma’am, if that helps”, said the driver, apologetically. I’ll get you my insurance information, I’m sure sorry about the damage”.

“That won’t be necessary”, Belinda dismissed generously. “No serious harm was done”. “I’m sorry about your car, though”, she said, surveying the bent fender and broken headlight.

“Well, I can manage to fix it, just some light cosmetic stuff”, he said. “I just hope I can get home in one piece”, he said, as they watched another car driving down Bellfore Drive trying not to skid too much. “You were lucky to get your pizza, ‘cause I’m not delivering any more pizza today”. With that, he got into his car and the red compact skidded away down de street.

Belinda managed to carry the pizzas back in, and the rest helped her brush off the wet strands of melting snow on her hair and shoulders. Sadie stood there with her jeans soaked to her skin. “You’d better get some dry clothes on, Sadie. Rush, or you’ll catch a cold”, scolded her mother. Sadie left. “And you”, Belinda said to Janice and Melissa, “You are not driving home today, you are staying over. I can’t believe the weather channel missed this!”

Mother and daughter looked at each other. “Well, that was unexpected”, said Janice tentatively. “I wouldn’t want to cause you any inconvenience, I’m sure we can manage to get back all right”.

For Melissa, sleeping over was totally out of the question. Her nocturnal bedwetting had ingrained in her the impossibility of accepting any sleepover engagements, and until now it had worked OK. But this unforeseen event produced and anxious situation in her mind.

“Come on, Janice”, Belinda coaxed, “besides the fun it will be, I am totally prepared to receive visitors, you can each have your own bedroom and bathroom, there are no complications. We can bunker up in this storm for months if necessary”, Belinda joked.

As Janice was showing an accepting attitude, Melissa tried to catch her mother’s eye while shaking her head, hoping her mother would catch her meaning and find a way out.

“Tell you what, let me make sure those rooms are ready while Sadie is changing, and we’ll eat as soon as she comes down”, sentenced Belinda, rushing up the stairs.

“What’s wrong, honey?”, inquired Belinda, as soon as Belinda was out of sight.

“Mom, we can’t stay!”, whined Melissa, anxiety all over her face.

Janice looked at her, worried. “Why, honey?”

“Mooom!”, exclaimed Melissa, as if it was obvious, hoping her mother would understand without having her spell it out.

Then, it dawned on Janice. “Oh. Of course”. Janice turned to look outside. “Wow. OK”. She turned back to look at her daughter. “Well, we’ll have to find a way, then”. She looked determined. “It’s not an insurmountable problem, but we can’t drive home, not tonight. Not like this”. She glanced out at the now blowing snow, as if to convey this impossibility to her teenage daughter.

Melissa’s face was fierce. “Mom, I’m not staying. I don’t want to stay, even if I have to walk home!”. She said that with such a convincing force her mother was startled.

Suddenly a voce behind them spoke. “Why don’t you want to stay? Is it so bad, here?”

Melissa and Janice turned suddenly to the voice of a hurt and confused Sadie, who had changed off her soaked jeans into some comfortable sweatpants.

“It’s not like that…”, mumbled Melissa, caught unawares.

“So, what is it?”, demanded Sadie, anxiously. “You don’t like us?”

Melissa felt trapped. She was at a loss for words. The whole issue was her reaction to staying for the night had been over the top and misunderstood. How was she going to put that right? Surely not telling Sadie what the real problem was…

“No, I do like you. I like you… a lot”. Melissa was at a loss for words, and she realized she was stalling. She was frustrated with herself. And her mom wasn’t helping.

“I’ll go see if your mom needs a hand”, she mumbled. “You two talk it over”. And out she walked.

Melissa knew she was between a rock and a hard place. “It’s very difficult”, she started.

Sadie arched her eyebrows. “What’s so difficult?”, she demanded. She was starting to act like the stuck-up rich bossy girl Melissa had feared in the past she would be. Sadie had this ingrained mentality that she was not good enough. Ever since she had become a diaper lover, her greatest fear was that somebody would find out, and in turn make her life miserable. Therefore, she had always tried to measure herself up to other people’s expectations, trying to fulfill them. Now, she couldn’t understand why Melissa would fail to feel comfortable with Sadie. After all she had proved to be someone friendly, even “cool”, or so she thought. Until now.

“You are going to think it’s weird, at the very least”, Melissa almost whispered.

By this time Janice and Belinda had returned and watched the girls expectantly.

“I’m not going to judge you, so you’d better tell me. Is it something embarrassing, like medical?”, tried Sadie.

Melissa nodded.

“Like apnea? Do you need a machine to help you breathe at night?”.

Melissa shook her head, frowning. She never thought someone her age would need something like that. She was thankful she did not.

“How about diabetes? Do you need an insulin regulator you left at home, maybe?”, Sadie asked, concerned.

Melissa shook her head again, thinking diabetes was quite worse than bedwetting.

Sadie looked at her mother, at a loss. She shrugged. “So? Is it worse? Maybe… you have night terrors?” At Melissa’s negative she continued: “Separation anxiety disorder?”, she mustered, trying to remember some of the psychological terms from her mother’s books. Also no. “I give up”, stated Sadie, visibly in distress.

Suddenly Melissa’s bedwetting didn’t seem that big of an issue, compared to all the maladies Sadie had mentioned, plus others she hadn’t.

“Bedwetting”, Melissa squeaked in a faint voice, as Sadie stared at her. She corrected her tone of voice. “Bedwetting. I wet the bed at night, and the last thing I want to do is… make a mess. So that’s why it’s kind of awkward”.

You could hear a pin drop. Melissa knew this was the end of her friendship with Sadie. Clearly one thousand health issues was better than pissing the bed like a toddler.
Sadie was in shock. As much as she had had the passing fancy of imagining her friend in diapers – as Sadie did with most of her friends – the last thing she expected was that Melissa actually wore diapers to bed, and because she needed them.

Sadie struggled to find something sensible to say, like “Oh, that’s cool, I wear diapers to bed too”, but she remained speechless.

Belinda, seeing her daughter gaping like a fish, stepped forward. “Oh, it’s that. Well, you’ll find it’s not a big deal. You’d be surprised how common a problem this is amongst teenagers”, she said matter-of-factly, staring at Sadie, and laying a hand on Melissa’s shoulder.

Sadie was mortified. She should have spoken up sooner. If she had been alone with Melissa, she could have planned something to say, to make it sound nonchalant, but with her mother and Melissa’s mother present she felt extremely ashamed.

But Melissa’s sad eyes startled her. She must think Sadie hated her now, or something. A bedwetter’s worst fears… so she spoke up. “I wear diapers to bed too”, she said in a low voice.

That startled Melissa. “What?”, she asked, uncertain she had heard correctly.

Sadie rolled her eyes and summoned courage, now that all eyes were on her. Melissa was looking stunned, but her mother’s encouraging look helped her.

“I wear diapers too. I wet the bed sometimes”, she stated clearly, “so you’re not the only one. I won’t make fun of you or anything. You don’t need to worry about tonight, you can borrow some of my… protection”, her voice faltered, uneasy now. She had been looking down, fixing her eyes at her feet, and slowly she lifted her eyes to look at Melissa.

Melissa was biting her top lip, as if in deep meditation, considering the meaning of her friend’s words. “OK, I think it’s all right”, she mumbled. “I mean”, she clarified, “I’m sorry you wet the bed, but I guess I feel a bit better knowing you understand”. She shrugged her shoulders, looking at Sadie.
Both girls embraced, giggling eventually.

Both mothers looked at each other, smiling sweetly at the emotional display. “OK, how about some cold pizza?”, inquired Belinda. “I thought some girls were supposed to set the table”, she grumbled. Both girls broke the embrace in sudden excuses, and helped Belinda set the table.

The pizza was still quite warm, despite expectations. They had the weather channel displaying the unexpected lake effect disaster, as it was later called. Thankfully, it didn’t occur during a workday, complicating commute.

Table conversation drifted to the normal topics, with momentary pauses, knowing looks and muffled giggles. There was a new topic to be explored, somewhat embarrassing and somewhat private.


Chapter 13

Awkward. The best way to define the girls first moment together, after they had finished supper and had retreated to Sadie’s bedroom. Sadie, sitting cross-legged on her own bed, surveyed Melissa as she sat also on the bed, albeit a bit more stiffly. She was hugging her ankles while resting her chin on her knees, looking vacantly towards Sadie’s general direction.

“So”, began Sadie tentatively. “I guess we both have the same, uh, “problem”, huh?”.

Melissa frowned, twisting her lips in a grimace. “I guess”, she finally conceded, shrugging her shoulders. “I don’t like to talk about it”, she said, looking down.

Sadie was disappointed. She had hoped this would bring Melissa and her closer together. As much as images of Melissa in diapers swam in her mind, it wouldn’t create much pleasure to her with Melissa distraught with worry and embarrassment. She reflected on what would be the best way to be tactful about it.

“Look, since you are staying, I might as well let you choose some pajamas for you to borrow. You get first choice!”, exclaimed Sadie, sounding upbeat, as she got off her bed and skipped towards her walk-in closet opposite the ensuite bathroom. She motioned Melissa to follow.

Melissa followed cautiously. She was battling emotions of shame and excitement, shame of her bedwetting being revealed, excitement at the newly discovered common “problem” Sadie shared with her. Shame of actually enjoying diapers, excitement at the prospect of seeing Sadie in diapers.

Both girls entered the closet, Sadie pointing to the pajamas partly on hangers, partly neatly folded on the shelves. With a mix of skimpy baby doll pajamas – these were promptly dismissed – and other more sensible and discreet pajamas, Melissa regarded the long checkered-pattern pajama pants and short-sleeved shirt as a better choice, balancing the need to hide her diaper better and taking into account the warmer thermostat-controlled temperature.

“This one”, she sentenced. Sadie seemed disappointed.

“But it will be kind of warm. Maybe you would prefer something less… heavy?”, she insisted.

Melissa regarded the shorter baby-doll style she would have worn if she was home by herself. It was cute, but she almost laughed at having to wear that, with a diaper underneath. She couldn’t even visualize herself in that.
“This one’s great”, insisted Melissa timidly.

“OK”, conceded Sadie. “I guess it does hide the diaper better”, she said with a crooked smile, not sure how Melissa would receive that, but trying to revive the interaction.

Melissa turned red but made a short chuckle. “Yeah, that’s sort of the point, actually”, she mumbled.

“Hey, we’re in the same boat, remember?”, exclaimed Sadie, holding her friend by the shoulders and looking into her eyes.

Melissa looked up. “Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, it’s just so weird, so unreal…”, she trailed off, lost for words.

Sadie frowned. “Unreal? How about we make it more real, then”, she demanded, pulling Melissa back into the bedroom. Melissa, still holding her selected pajamas, couldn’t help but trail behind. Sadie led Melissa to a smaller closet by the side of the room, opened it and fumbled around. She extracted a packet, then another, and heaved them on the bed. “There”, she stated, “this will do for now”.

What looked like two diaper packages, both open, lay on the bed. Sadie extracted a diaper and displayed it on the bed. “I wear these”. “And this”, she said, pulling what looked like another diaper out of the other open package, “this is a diaper booster, which I can wear inside so this diaper doesn’t leak”.

That seemed to click for Melissa. “You… leak?”, she asked, dumbfounded.

“Sometimes. If I’m lazy. It’s embarrassing, but sometimes I get lazy and… well, I just go”.

Melissa, mortified that Sadie should be embarrassed for opening herself up to her, felt like reassuring Sadie there wasn’t a reason to be embarrassed. At least not because of her. “Well, it’s OK. It happens to me too, sometimes. My mom sorta “punishes” me if I leak, and makes me use two diapers, like one inside the other, for extra… “protection””, she blurted. “I’ve never seen these”, she said, pointing to the booster pads.

Sadie smiled at her friend’s confession. Melissa in double diapers, now that would be a sight to see! She picked up the diaper and handed it to Melissa. “These are the diapers I wear. Do you wear the same kind too”, she asked, curiously.

“No. Well, sort of, but these are, like, thicker”, she said, feeling the folded disposable diaper in her hand. “And, wow, OK, they are bigger too”, she said, as she hesitantly unfolded it. She surveyed the unfolded diaper and laid it on the bed. “Mine are a bit smaller, although my mom said she was thinking of getting me a size bigger”. Melissa blushed at what she was saying to her friend.

Sadie gave a giggle. “Yeah, a bigger diaper is more comfortable, I recommend it”, she said, winking at Melissa.

“Well, I’ll give you that, they are comfortable”, she responded, smiling as she warmed up to the conversation, feeling more comfortable and feeling a little bit fuzzy speaking about her diapers. “These look OK”, she conceded, finally. There was a pause in the conversation.

“Hey girls”, greeted both mothers from the bedroom door, as if saving the moment. “What are you up to?”, they inquired.

Both girls were mortified, Sadie even more so, with the diaper display on her bed. They shrugged their shoulders. “Just chatting”, said Sadie, desperate to find some distraction.

Belinda spoke up. “Say, Melissa, I should show you your room, maybe Sadie has some pajamas you can borrow”.

Melissa picked up the folded pajamas. “Hum, Sadie let me have these, I hope it’s OK…”.

“Of course”, assured Belinda. “Now, come and see where you will be sleeping. Unless”, she arched her eyebrows at the diapers on the bed, “you girls would prefer to share a bed”, clearly leaving that possibility open.

As much as Sadie would have liked nothing better, Melissa quickly perked up. “I’m really not used to sharing a bed”, she mumbled apologetically, still not yet accustomed to having to be in the same room wearing diapers with another girl her age, even if it was her new best friend.

Melissa surveyed what would be her room for the night. It wasn’t as large as Sadie’s was, but it was definitely a luxury to her, with its own ensuite bathroom, although not a walk-in closet. She laid the pajamas on the pillow, and they all retreated to the living room to watch a movie an eat some popcorn.

Melissa’s mother had it on pretty good authority that anything drunk after ten o’clock ended up in her daughter’s diaper. Oblivious to the fact that Melissa had already downed a couple sprites on ice, Janice kept making side glances at her daughter, concerned at her apparent forgetfulness. Probably the popcorn had induced her into feeling thirstier than was good for her. She let it slide, letting Melissa relax, knowing she was going to be properly diapered.

Past midnight, the movie ended, and they all shuffled up the stairs and each to their respective bedrooms. “I left some diapers for you on the bed”, whispered Sadie, conspiringly. Melissa gave a shy “thanks” and shuddered at Sadie’s matter-of-factness, and entered the guest bedroom, making sure to close the door. It felt strange to see a diaper and a one of those booster pads folded neatly on the bed, on top of her pajamas. She suddenly felt awkward, being in somebody else’s house having to get her clothes off, and putting on a diaper… She surveyed the bedroom once again, analyzing her options for further privacy. She saw that the door didn’t have a lock, however, maybe the bathroom… She tiptoed into the bathroom and gave an inward sigh of relief, thankful for the presence of a locking mechanism. She promptly conveyed her sleep things into the bathroom and locked the door, albeit feeling a bit foolish for the privacy obsession. It wasn’t like she expected somebody to barge into the guest bedroom unannounced.

She made a point of using the toilet first, taking her time to drain her bladder as much as she could – now guiltily aware of the quantity she had obliviously drank so late into the night and how much of it would probably end up in her diaper sometime that night – and enjoyed the fact that, momentarily at least, she didn’t have to give up her bathroom time to let her mother have her own time of it. Ah, the luxuries of life!

There came a time when she couldn’t void anymore and her glance caught the diaper – and booster pad – laying by the side of the sink, next to her pajamas. She had to admit to herself that a diaper booster made sense. A lot easier than trying to accommodate a whole second diaper underneath, adding the work of slitting the diaper. She toyed with the idea of using the booster, but she resisted the idea of such a bulky diaper while at a strange home. She shook her head. No, she would wear the diaper without the booster. Although she might suggest her mom find out where she could buy some, to try.

She cleaned herself and got naked. Feeling the bathroom floor under her bare feet was sort of warm – it probably had the same heating system as Sadie’s in-suite – she deftly opened the diaper and gave it a thorough look at it, with the liberty this time of Sadie not having an insight into her curiosity. It was bigger than the diapers she usually wore, that was for sure. Probably one size bigger, from an S to an M, she assumed. Since her mother had already brought up the subject of possibly upgrading Melissa into medium diapers, Melissa didn’t mind the extra size. But it was thicker, and the outer plastic material seemed to be made of a smoother plastic, more pleasant to the touch.

Melissa expertly stretched the diaper and formed the padded material into a channel, shaking it a couple times. Then, she laid it on the bathroom floor and sat on the diaper, wiggling it into what she thought would be a balanced position and wrapped it over her midsection. She was surprised at how large it fit her, but figures that by folding all the loose flaps into the diaper, it wouldn’t feel as big. When she was done taping her diaper on, she gingerly worked all the loose ends into the diaper and got up to her feet. Wow. The diaper made her look a lot… smaller. Her diaper crinkled as she turned around in front of the mirror, turning her head around to see her diaper covered bottom. It was bulky, she thought. She glanced down at her pajamas. She went for the top first and slipped it on. It fit well. Then, apprehensive, she stepped into the pajama bottoms, pulling them up her legs. It took an effort to slide over her diaper, as the bottoms weren’t the loose pant style, but more made to fit. Even though she considered Sadie to have fuller hips – she wasn’t fat at all, just that compared to Melissa, well, Melissa felt more like skinny beside Sadie – she would have hoped those pajama bottoms to fit a bit looser over the diaper. But then, she was sleeping alone, in a bedroom all for herself, and that was a consolation.

Melissa pushed the diaper worries out of her mind, and proceeded to brush her teeth and floss, and get ready for bed. When she was done, she left the ensuite and hopped into bed, covering herself with the duvet. Sleep came agonizingly slow, with the newness of it all, and the heating didn’t help. She was a little overdressed for the central heating in Sadie’s house.

She rolled in her bed looking for the perfect position, then, reluctantly, tugged off her pajama bottoms feeling a whole lot better, and hoped nobody came in while she was uncovered…

And then she fell into a blissful sleep.


Glad to see that the reveal went well, even if Sadie’s pretending to just be a bedwetter instead of an ABDL. After insisting to her mom that she wasn’t a bedwetter!

In the previous chapter, “down de street” should be “down the street”.

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Chapter 14


It was one of Sadie’s most restless nights. She was like on fire, knowing Melissa was diapered in the next room but unable to take a peek at her. Several images of Melissa in diapers crossed her mind, and Sadie turned in her bed unable to fall asleep. She shed her night shirt and felt the night air caress her skin. Clad in her diaper, she tried different sleeping positions. Sleep came fitfully, and even releasing her bladder into her diaper didn’t help. She would definitely not relax. Her hand rested on her warm diaper, and she wondered if Melissa had already wet. Her hand pressed harder on the diaper. She bit her lip and let her imagination flow. The sound of the rhythmic crinkling of her hand pressing the front of her diaper relaxed her, but the sensations coursing through her body were doing the opposite, and Sadie could only whimper softly as she masturbated herself, until she climaxed and drowsily let herself fall blissfully asleep.


When Melissa was younger, she would dream she woke up to a full bladder, maturely got out of bed and tiptoed to the bathroom. The night light in the corridor made it easy for her to find her way. She would step into the bathroom, also with a night light, so she wouldn’t be blinded by sudden light, pull her pajama pants down to her ankles and sat on the toilet. However, when she released her bladder, instead of the tinkling noise of her pee hitting the toilet bowl, only silence. And a funny feeling enveloped her mid-section which would be all wet and warm at the same time, soaking her everywhere. She would wake up in a jolt still in her bed, having dreamed the whole bathroom episode except for the peeing. Her bed would be soaked.

Since Melissa was back in diapers as a teenager the dream had changed somewhat. It presented itself in various forms, howbeit always with a background relaxing sound of trickling water, perhaps out of an open tap filling a sink or a small brook or stream in the forest. Tonight, it was foggy, but pleasant, it must have been in a forest or meadow, the image wasn’t clear. But the water sound was pleasant and inviting, although to what, she couldn’t tell. The constant solid trickle caused her a bit of tension, but it wasn’t negative. It was like she was going to get relief. Something was building up in her the end of which was clearly good, a kind of pleasure. The sound tickled her insides, begging her to let go. The more intense the feeling, the sweeter the sound of trickling water was to her ears, and she couldn’t help but instinctively, in her dream, just… let go.

She let go.

Melissa woke up some time after, groggily. She could tell it was much too early for normal humans to be awake. Her diaper was wet, though. She could tell that much. Barely registering her location, or the unusual larger size of her new diaper, she lazily turned into a fetal position and hugged her pillow letting herself fall once again into unconsciousness.


When Sadie woke up, the first feeling she had was the clammy diaper between her legs. Having peed in it hours earlier it had obviously turned cold. She usually fell asleep in a dry diaper, and since she really wasn’t incontinent, she would have to fully wake up and release her bladder, thus enjoying the wet warm sensations she cherished so very much. Therefore, the cool wet diaper wasn’t a normal experience. She frowned at the feeling but resolved to correct the clammy feeling by further soaking it with her morning bladder offering, warming her crotch considerably. She sighed with pleasure, and suddenly remembered the guest sleeping in a nearby bedroom. Melissa.
Sadie was suddenly filled with adrenaline at the thought of Melissa in the bedroom across from her own. Wearing diapers. Had she wet? She had confessed to being a bedwetter, after all. There was nothing more that Sadie wanted than to see Melissa in diapers. Wet diapers. She started to think of a way she could plausibly take a peek at least. She went through her morning routine in her mind, and thought she might have a hope, after all.


Oblivious of her new surroundings, Melissa woke up and slowly unentangled herself from her pillow-hugging fetal position. Laying on her back, she felt the bulk of her lukewarm diaper and opened her legs, almost automatically releasing the rest of her bladder into her diaper. As she felt the diaper absorbing the wetness across her bottom, she noted the size of the diaper and suddenly remembered where she was. “Great”, she almost groaned out loud. “I just totally soaked my diaper at my best friend’s home”. She pulled up the covers closer to her chin, as if to hide her condition to an invader she wasn’t expecting. The door was closed, after all. Well, ajar. Perplexed, she thought she had closed the door, but hey, she never really closed the door at home, not to sleep, anyways.

Despite that, Melissa dozed in her bed enjoying the warm diaper and the relaxed feeling of having just wet. She built a strategy in her mind of how she was going to slide out of bed, pick up the pajama pants she had discarded on the floor and lock herself quickly in the ensuite bathroom to discard the diaper, wipe herself clean and make herself presentable, even in pajamas, since yesterday’s clothes were in the laundry. She just needed to wake up a bit more before she put that plan into action, she thought to herself, procrastinating.

Suddenly Melissa felt a jolt on her bed, and she popped her eyes wide open.

“Morning sleepy-head”, teased Sadie, sitting cross-legged by Melissa’s feet. She was wearing a long T-shirt, probably one she used as a pajama, which covered her crotch but displayed her bare legs.

“W-what?”, Melissa stuttered in surprise at Sadie’s invasion. “Uhm, wow”, she mumbled, getting up on her elbows.

“Um, sorry, the door was open, I guessed it was OK?”, said Sadie, apologetically. It sounded more like a dare. She looked at Melissa, intently.

Melissa remained silent, unsure what to say. She gave in and sat up a bit straighter. She could see a peek of Sadie’s diaper under her T-shirt, and remembered her friend shared the same condition. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled slightly. “No, it’s good, I was just waking up”.

Sadie felt a little bit awkward now. She had seen Melissa glance at her crotch and pulled the hem of her T-shirt lower. “Um, breakfast is ready, I hope you like cinnamon buns. I just made them. Well, they sort of were already made, and frozen, but I just put them in the oven and they just came out. So, they’re ready to eat. Right now. And I just made coffee too, you drink coffee, right?”. Sadie stopped. She realized she had been babbling. She babbled when she was nervous.

“Yeah, I drink coffee. And cinnamon buns sounds delicious”, said Melissa, perking up, but still remaining seated in bed.

Sadie eyed Melissa’s discarded pajama pants on the floor and smiled ruefully. “So, what are we waiting for?”, exclaimed Sadie, getting up from Melissa’s bed.

Melissa got a clear view of Sadie’s diaper as she got off her bed. It was wet.

Unsure, Melissa mumbled. “Like this?”, she asked, arching her eyebrows at Sadie.

Sadie couldn’t help but turn red. Maybe Melissa hadn’t wet her diaper after all, and though Sadie was extremely immature.

Melissa faltered at Sadie’s deep blush. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be insensitive…”. Melissa cringed inwardly as she pulled the covers off. “You see, we are in the same boat”, she murmured, stressing the word “are”.

Sadie felt free now to gaze unabashedly at Melissa’s diapered form, displaying a soaked disposable diaper between her legs. Melissa raised the hem of her pajama top up to her chest, unrestricting the full view of her diaper. She looked down.

“Cool”. Sadie frowned at her own words. “I mean, no problem”. She raised her own T-shirt, despite her own blushing self as she exposed her diapered state to Melissa. She did a twirl and let her T-shirt fall.

Melissa couldn’t help but giggle, in awe of her friend. “Cute”, she mumbled, turning also red.

Sadie’s heart fluttered at those words. “You too”, she answered heartly. “Now, can we go have breakfast”, she demanded, “before those cinnamon rolls go cold?” I rarely change before breakfast; coffee is too important.

Melissa stumbled out of bed as Sadie shot out of her room, delighted at the prospect of having breakfast with a diapered Melissa. At the last moment Melissa managed to fish her pajama bottoms off the floor and slid her legs in, while pulling them up over her diaper and shuffling out of her room after Sadie.

It was a mistake to get those pajama pants on, as the tight-fitting bottoms – the reason she had kicked them off during the night – were a bit too tight over her diaper, displaying every contour of her now soaked diaper which was a size too big – or just the right size, she wasn’t sure – and making her very much more aware of her diapered state than if she hadn’t been wearing pants. “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”, she whispered to herself.

Melissa quickly realized having pants on had the benefit of holding her diaper up, so it didn’t sag, as she hurried down the stairs following Sadie’s slightly sagging diaper. Sadie adjusted her diaper as they stepped into the kitchen.

As Sadie reached out for the mugs, she glanced at Melissa and smiled.

“Not much you can do to hide your diaper around here”, she commented, giving a knowing look at Melissa’s midriff.

Melissa looked down at herself, her fingers following the contour of the diaper flaps clearly sticking out of her waist.

“I guess the diaper doesn’t sag so much with these pants”, she said, tugging on the waist of her pajamas. Don’t know what’s better, but it felt a bit awkward to come down with no pants on”, she admitted.

“Oh, you don’t need to worry about this here”, my mom is used to seeing me in diapers”, Sadie said, as she slid the plate of cinnamon buns to Melissa.

Melissa took one pensively, as she sipped her coffee. “So, your mom doesn’t mind seeing you in diapers?”.

Sadie shook her head and made a face. “She’s OK with it, I guess”.

“So is mine. I would have thought she would insist I change before breakfast, and since I started wearing it took me some time to get used to the idea, I guess. Maybe it makes her less worried to see I’m sort of OK with it…”, Melissa trailed, lost in thought.

“How did you start needing diapers?”, asked Sadie.

Melissa thought about that for a moment. She took a sip of her coffee and bite on her cinnamon bun. Sadie waited patiently as she chewed it down. “I’ve always sort of had bedwetting episodes, but short and far between for my mom to do anything about it. But it sort of got worse suddenly, I got my first period, I was studying to enter the school and it was kind of a crazy time for me. My doctor said going through puberty will do this to you, especially if you already have a weak bladder to begin with. There was no real way to solve it, so I he suggested protection”. Melissa chuckled, and Sadie joined her in a giggle.

“Funny how the doctors use their euphemisms… “protection” instead of calling them what they are: “Diapers””, Sadie sentenced.

“Yeah, well, the only “protection” we ever knew about were Goodnites, you know, the pull-up kind for big kids. Well, they carry the bigger sizes for teens, with the designs, you know, the flowers, butterflies… not really considered diapers, so we got those. They seemed the obvious choice”.

“The cute ones”, Sadie offered, almost in trance at Melissa’s story.

“Yes”, Melissa tried to hide her blush. Another sip of coffee, another bite. Sadie refilled her friend’s mug. “Thanks. Well, so I put those on at night and it was OK, my but my mom said they leaked, and in one of the doctor’s visit – it was a different doctor, a gynecologist, since I wasn’t a child anymore – my mom commented the problem and the gynecologist was pretty frank about what she thought, that there were better products suited for my condition, which were diapers – she did use the word – and that we would be better off using those while I got over my condition. She called it… secondary enuresis”, said Melissa, making an effort to remember.

“So how did you adapt, you know, to… diapers”, asked Sadie.

Melissa made a face. “It was a challenge, at first, but I think that I sort of enjoyed the… feeling?” She blushed at having confessed such a deep secret to her friend.

Melissa remained silent.

Sadie spoke up. “You enjoy wearing diapers?”, she asked, expectantly.

Melissa was mortified. She tried to downplay what she had said. “They’re not exactly uncomfortable and waking up totally dry is a bonus”.

“But you enjoy them”, insisted Sadie.

Melissa looked down. “I do”, she admitted.

“Wow”, said Sadie, at her friend’s frank revelation. “So do I”, she countered.

Melissa looked up in shock, tears already flooding her eyes due to her previous mortification. “Really?”, she asked, eagerly.

“Really”, sentenced Sadie, with a crooked smile.


I’m really glad to see you continue this story, keep up the great job! Chapter 14 was great :slight_smile:

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hey there, i really really like this story and can’t wait to read more. I would have commented earlier but I went for a long time without signing in.

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Chapter 15

“Good morning girls!”, came the chirpy voice of Melissa’s mother.

“Hey mom”, “Hey Mrs. J”, said the girls, in unison.

Janice stepped into the kitchen area, barefoot and wearing a borrowed silk robe. “Morning, honey”, she said, as she stepped closer to Melissa and kissed her on the cheek. “Hey Sadie, is that coffee?”, she asked, clearly hoping there would be a mug for her.

Sadie was standing opposite the kitchen counter, so her diapered state had been hidden until now. To get Janice’s coffee she would have to step out and reveal her diaper. Her wet diaper. To Melissa’s mother. Now, she hadn’t been counting on that. As much as she was brazen in the display of her diapers – so she could coax Melissa out of bed and have a peek of her in diapers – she hesitated at displaying herself to someone else.

“Um, sure”, she mumbled, unsure.

Janice chuckled, taking a look at Melissa’s clearly wet diaper protruding out of her pajamas. “Oh, don’t worry, I don’t mind about the diapers, I see them all the time”, she said, winking at Sadie and patting her daughter’s diapered bottom, precariously on the edge of the counter stool.

“Mooom”, whined Melissa, slightly embarrassed and frowning.

Sadie turned around boldly and filled a mug from the coffee pot, thankful Melissa’s mother seemed distracted by her own diapered daughter.

Sure enough, Sadie heard Melissa give a little shriek. “Careful now, honey, just checking… I thought so, you really did a number on this diaper. Stand up, darling”. Janice had apparently tugged on Melissa’s rear diaper flap, which was sticking out her pajama pants, and was now making Melissa stand down from the stool for a cursory check.

“Mom, not now”, said Melissa, hoarsely.

“Just part of the deal, honey. Oh, thanks, Sadie, you’re a darling” – she mumbled to Sadie as she held out a coffee mug – “Just leave it by the counter”. Janice pulled the top of Melissa’s pajama pants and checked the diaper. Satisfied, she released the flustered teenager. “You’re OK – for now”, the watchful mother observed, reservedly.

Melissa pulled her bottoms up high, covering as much diaper as she could stuff inside those pajamas, and sat back solidly on the kitchen stool, realizing, a bit miffed, how the soaked padding pressed her between her legs. She would have to get out of that diaper soon, she noted to herself.

As Sadie followed suit, also sitting on a stool across from Melissa, Belinda breezed in, wearing a matching silk robe to Janice’s, and also barefoot.

“Mmmm, smells like coffee?”, she exclaimed, as she waltzed into the kitchen, waved at a frowning Melissa and bent over to peck a guarded Sadie on the cheek with a quick kiss. “And cinnamon buns, great!”, she sentenced, as she picked one up from the pan. She turned and, surveying the kitchen, her eyes fell on the two teenagers silently sitting across each other on the kitchen counter. “And I see you two have become quite at ease with, hum, each other?”, she asked, nonchalantly.

“They seem so, don’t they”, piped Janice.

“Why, I would have said they have been best friends since they were babies, by the way they “get along””- she stressed – “together”, Belinda finished, arching her eyebrows at Janice. They had some complicity going on.

Sadie huffed. “Hello, it’s not like we’re not in the room”, she announced. “Please quit debating about us right in front of us, if you please”. The blond teenager rolled her eyes.

Melissa uneasily repositioned her glasses on her nose, brushed out a curl from her eyes and reached out for her mug to take a sip of coffee.

Belinda made a face. “So, did you girls have a good sleep? Melissa, was everything OK for you?”, she asked, apparently ignoring Sadie’s retort.

“Yes, Mrs. B, perfect”, said Melissa, quietly.

“Good. I want you to make yourself as comfortable as you can. Make yourself at home, it is a pleasure to have you here, Sadie and I don’t have that many visitors, even less overnight”. Melissa thought Belinda glanced rapidly toward her mother. “Sadie and I hope to see more of you. Don’t we?”, she turned to glance at Sadie.

Sadie shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “Yeah, it’s cool having you”. She blushed slightly and looked down at her cup.

Janice spoke up. “Thanks, guys, it’s really nice here. We feel we’re like in a five-star hotel. I hope we don’t create much of a problem, though”.

Belinda finished chewing and said: “No problem at all, Janice. And as for the diapers, if I’m glad of something is that Melissa is not alone in her… attire”, she finished, in a soft chuckle.

Sadie rolled her eyes again. Melissa pursed her lips, wondering where this was going. Her mother and Sadie’s mother seemed to be like the best of friends, and something was in the air.

“Don’t roll your eyes Sadie”, cautioned Belinda. “It’s infantile”. She smiled, as if she suddenly realized something. “Speaking of which, how’s you diaper?”.

Sadie’s eyes went wide. “Uhm, okay, I guess”, mortified at the question, but unable to complain too vocally, as she had enjoyed Melissa’s sudden diaper check a short while before.

“So, show me, will you?”, she said, as she held up her coffee mug in one hand, and held the cinnamon bun in the other. “I’m a bit occupied here…”

Sadie felt a flash of heat rising up her face. Sitting on the stool she had felt protected by the counter, her long night shirt covering her diaper, but now it suddenly felt inadequate and infantile. She felt Melissa’s piercing eyes and Janice’s nonchalant gaze and forced herself to take it as a dare. Like the stakes had gone up, and from getting used to displaying herself to her mother, now Melissa and her mother were involved as well.

Sadie slid down from the stool and raised the hem of her night shirt, past the diaper and up to her waist. She felt her cheeks burning as she looked up at her mother.

“Turn around, dear”, she directed.

Sadie obediently turned around as she held up her shirt.

“Tsk, tsk… soaked”, Sadie’s mother sentenced.

Sadie let her night shirt drop and flattened it with her hands. As she motioned to return to her stool, her mother spoke up. “How about you go change that diaper? You know what happens if it leaks”, she said, arching her eyebrows. “Maybe Melissa, you would like to change your diaper to?”

“You mean get changed”, Sadie retorted. Melissa just sat there, taken aback.

“Looks like the both of you have a certain affection for diapers, don’t you? Why not get a warm shower, clean clothes, nice dry diaper and all cozy for the day and relax? After all, it’s not like we’re going out, not yet”. Belinda pointed at the heavy snow piled up outside, icy stalactites hanging from the roof and the unplowed streets.

“Yeah, come on, Melissa, sounds good, doesn’t it?”, said Janice, languidly, as she sipped her coffee.

“You mean…”, started Melissa timidly, “You mean, you want us to actually wear diapers? Like, during the day?”, she asked, dumbfounded. She would have expected this of her mother, alone at home with her, but here, at Sadie’s, it was a shock.

“Are you telling me, honey”, Belinda asked Melissa, who as startled by the sudden familiarity, “that you don’t enjoy wearing diapers? Because it looks like you are quite at ease with them”, stated Belinda. “The both of you do, as a matter of fact”, she added. Belinda’s voice was warm, calming, and earnest at the same time, welcoming Melissa to displaying her real feelings.

“They are OK”, admitted Melissa. When Belinda arched her eyebrows as encouraging Melissa to rephrase that, she added. “Well, they are cool, I guess”. Then, taking a breath, she finished: “I like them, I really do”, and she smiled.

Belinda assented, with a knowing smile. “And you?”, she asked, turning to her daughter.

“I like them too, mom, you already know that”, she said, staring at the floor.

“So there, no more secrets or embarrassing moments. You are both more than welcome to enjoy diapers to your heart’s content, and you can do so here with no judgement from either of us”.

With Janice nodding as Belinda spoke, Janice added: “And you both look adorable in diapers”. They all giggled.

With the tension broken, Sadie asked Melissa: “So, you want to wear diapers with me?”

“Sure!”, said Melissa, jovially.

“Come, I’ll get you one of mine”, said Sadie, and both girls left the kitchen.

Both mothers smiled as they watched Melissa and Sadie waddle up the stairs, Sadie lifting her sagging diaper up her waist every three or four steps.


another great chapter. this is one of my favorite stories on the forum which is still going on.

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