1,000 Diapers

1000 Diapers

Milton Avenue.
Melissa dozed to the sound of the first morning traffic. It was early, around six, so at least one more hour to stay in bed, before her alarm and her mother would get her up. The incontinent teenager shuffled around in her bed, repositioning the heavy duvet over her which shielded her from the cool night. Her diaper felt wet, but the pressure in her bladder stated that she hadn’t wet all the way. Which was good, she thought to herself, as she could use some extra warmth down there now. She almost giggled out loud. She gingerly moved to lie on her back, opened her legs and raised her knees.

Bellfore Drive.
Sadie stretched luxuriously in her queen size bed. She kicked off her covers and felt her skin respond to the air, precisely controlled by thermostat. Rain or shine, or snow – wet snow on the forecast today – she slept on the nude. That is, except for her diaper, which was dry – for now. As she had taken to liking diapers so much, she had insisted on wearing them when she pleased, and her famous psychologist mother had promptly allowed her her comfort clothing, the term she used, just in case she hadn’t babied Sadie enough in the past. Sadie smiled recollecting some reading she had done on the matter, Freud and somebody or other in one of her mother’s books she had sneaked away out of curiosity. Sadie’s dry diaper crinkled as she swept her hand over it, willing herself to pee.

Melissa had been heavily dozing, a stupor no doubt induced by her empty bladder and a very warm diaper, when the alarm sounded its wake-up call. After she had turned it off, a knock came on the door.

“Melissa, honey, are you up?”, came her mother’s typical morning phrase. She didn’t bother to wait for an answer and walked in swiftly, carrying a folded stack of clothes.

Melissa, who was sleepily coming to terms with existence, fished for her glasses on her bedside table.

“Moooom”, whined the girl.
“Rise and shine!”, proclaimed her mother, in another typical morning phrase.

“Rise yes, shine, I don’t know”, mumbled Melissa, sliding her glasses on and glancing out the window.

“It’s only wet snow. Not cold enough. Now go get some breakfast”, said her mother.

It was then when Melissa realized the state of her diaper. Normally wet on the front, the back of her diaper had taken the brunt when she had let herself go one hour earlier and strained as it sagged in her pajama bottoms. She waddled down to the kitchen, while raising her bottoms up as far as they would go, and tugging her pajama top down to cover her rear. She hoped her mother wouldn’t notice. It was one thing to be a bedwetter, but this had been a voluntary wetting.

As she finished breakfast with her mother, she rose from her chair and suddenly remembered her diaper, and discreetly tried to hide it from her mother.

“Wait a moment honey, let me check one thing”, the mother told her mortified teenage daughter. She did, after all, have an interest in her daughter’s bedwetting progress.

She pulled Melissa’s pajama pants down from the rear, as Melissa stood frozen, turning red.

“Melissa!”, gasped her mother, “that doesn’t look like an accident!”, she scolded. “I thought you were waddling quite a bit!”

Melissa didn’t know what to say. She stood there, mouth opening and closing, like a goldfish. She felt as ridiculous as she must have looked, standing at the kitchen door, pants around her knees and a diaper sagging between her legs.

“Um, sorry mom, I woke up feeling like going, you know, to the bathroom, but it was cold, and I was tired…”, babbled Melissa, trying to say something that would make sense to her mother, mentally kicking herself for being lazy and not changing off her soaked diaper before breakfast.

“Go and get cleaned up and dressed, and we’ll talk later”, said her mother, who really didn’t know how to deal with this. She understood that her teenage daughter had mild incontinence, as the doctor had said. But she had been having her suspicions that Melissa had taken a bit too keenly on diapers. Ever since Melissa’s father had left them, she had tried to be as understanding as she could with Melissa, but how should she deal with this?


I like it so far


An interesting start, but why include the paragraph about Sadie? If you plan on bouncing between the two characters, it would have made sense to include a getting up/breakfast scene for her too. As it stands now, the paragraph feels like irrelevant information that has been included to pad (no pun intended) the word count.

I like the story as well but I agree with Gummy about the additional character, maybe she will have a more pronounce presence in the next chapter? Looking forward to reading more.

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Chapter 2

“Knock-knock”, came the sudden sound from Sadie’s door. “Sadie, dear, time to get up!”, said Sadie’s mother in her jovial motherly voice.

“Awake!”, announced Sadie, thankful that her mother respected her privacy. She lazily shuffled out of bed and waddled to her dresser where she fished out a hoodie and pulled it on. Even though her mother was permissive on her sleeping attire, or mostly lack of it, she did demand some decorum while in the common areas of the house. Those rules had been somewhat lighter since her dad had run off a few years ago. Nevertheless, in her diaper and hoodie she descended the grand staircase, across the hall and into the kitchen area, where she proceeded to have breakfast with her mother.

Contrastingly, her mother was all decked out in her fine trustworthy psychologist business suit attire. She looked up from her coffee and leaned over to kiss her daughter on the cheek. “Morning baby”, she cooed to her daughter.

“Not a baby, mom”, answered Sadie, with a slight frown.

“Your diaper says otherwise, darling”, replied her mother, patting her teenage daughter’s diapered behind, as Sadie shuffled past her to sit down. “At least it’s dry”, her mother noticed, pursing her lips.

“Not a baby, and not a bedwetter”, said Sadie, self-righteously. She poured some milk on her cereal and began crunching.

“I’m meeting a friend this afternoon after work, so I might be home late”, said her mother.

“Anybody I know?”, inquired Sadie. She worried her mother might be gossiping about her diapers to her friends.

“Just someone I met at PTA, you don’t know her”.

“Oh”, said Sadie, pensively. Her mind had drifted to her own diaper affairs. Should she wear a diaper to school? Her nun-school uniform would sure as hell hide it. What she called a nun school was actually a conservative private school, highly regarded for its educational power, but with a strict dress code, especially for girls. Or little women, as her mother called her age group. “Not children, not yet wholly intelligent and fully developed human beings”. But who was she to argue with her psychologist mother, prancing around in a diaper she had already decided not to take off?
Sadie looked at the freshly laundered uniform which had been laid out for her the previous night and returned the folded panties back to the drawer. She pulled off her sweater and, clad in her diaper, gave one last look at the diaper girl in the mirror. She pulled on her long socks – regulation stipulated that socks needed to reach just below the knee, but tights were an alternative (not for her), then she latched on her Mary Jane shoes (she was partial to those, they tickled her childish side). She left the skirt for last. She wanted to be able to see her diaper till the last moment. Then, reluctantly, she clasped the skirt on, the discreet thick gray plaid material that just covered her knees. The blue sweater with the school crest and the V-neck gave the only color to the uniform.

“Bus is almost here!”, blared her mother. The only time her mother showed she really didn’t trust her daughter, sighed Sadie. She hastily put on some makeup, glanced at herself in the mirror, grabbed her backpack and she was gone.


Chapter 3

Melissa stepped out of the house in time to see the school bus approach. She had it measured to the last second, almost. No waiting in the freezing weather for her.

She stepped into the bus with a nod of acknowledgement to the usual driver and shuffled toward the center of the but, where the ride was more stable. She mumbled “hey” to anyone in her class, including the rich kid Sadie, who she knew as popular, but didn’t know personally. In fact, most of the teens at her school came from rich families – well-off, at least - except for teens like Melissa, who had passed a merit examination and had been found highly intelligent, worthy recipients of the school grant. That made them feel a little out of sorts in such a wealthy environment yet living in humble surroundings.

Melissa’s mind drifted into thinking how her mother would “deal” with the fact that she had completely drenched her diaper on purpose. Punish her with no diapers? Melissa smiled obliviously. No, that wouldn’t make sense. She couldn’t imagine Melissa actually loved wearing diapers. Melissa wished she was wearing one right now. It would make these prison bus seats a lot more comfortable to sit on.

In Melissa’s neighborhood, most teens ignored their surroundings, but Sadie glanced at the houses, curiously imagining how they were inside. They might look small, but they were probably cozy inside. They had to be if people lived in them, right? Sadie saw that smart girl, Melissa, step out of her home as if on cue, as the bus pulled up her street. Had she timed the bus so not to wait on the sidewalk? Probably. Sadie figured she was very intelligent, if she had won a school grant. Surveying the well-cared lawn, the compact station-wagon parked on the driveway, lovely curtains on the windows, she assumed the girl lived in a happy family, albeit modest.

“Hi”, came the quiet voice from Melissa as she approached up the aisle. Saide, shy around grant winners said a timid “hi” in return. She was probably looked upon as shallow and uninteresting. At least no one knew she was wearing a diaper.

Sadie shuffled in her diaper, thankful for the extra padding. Man, they made school busses uncomfortable! As she saw the school loom in the distance, she debated on whether to pee now, or wait till later. Obviously, she had skipped her morning toilet routine, as she enjoyed the thrill of wetting herself and wearing her wet diaper for part of the morning at least.

Sadie decided to wait for later, and pee when she would be more relaxed.

Melissa had her book and notes on the table, Sadie noted, as she walked into class. Organized kid, thought Sadie, a bit enviously. Should she dare ask her for her notes? Surely, they would be ten times better than hers. But no, she would be very protective of them. Sadie sat down at her usual desk, pulled out her book from her bag and tried to organize her thoughts. The pressure on her bladder was great, but the room was too rowdy for her to have her calm moment. Classmates were passing by, greeting her, saying generally nothing but being social. Finally, the history teacher entered, called for order, and Sadie drew a sigh of relief. Sweet relief. Into her diaper.

Having class in a wet diaper was a bit distracting, as the warm bulky feeling between her legs created a bit of excitement within her. The naughtiness of what she had done was an aspect of it, but the physical part of it was just bliss. There was no better feeling than to relieve oneself, literally. But to have the contents of that relief so close to oneself, was something else altogether.

Sadie had to force herself out of her trance, pick up a pen and pay attention to the teacher. She knew that taking notes was the key to this subject’s success, and she strove to stay afloat every semester. Her mother – any mother in this school – made sure of their daughter’s success, and subsequent entry into an ivy-league college.

Melisssa, on her part, was taking notes hurriedly as she absorbed what the teacher was saying. She would later re-write her notes to make them easier to study later. Again, she wished she was wearing diapers. The need wasn’t urgent, but she found she concentrated a lot better with an empty bladder. Or even better, with a recently relaxed bladder and feeling the warmth between her legs. She pushed away such wishful thinking and paid attention to the teacher. When class was over, she was amongst the girls who rushed out for the bathroom before the next class started.

Sadie smiled to herself as she looked at the girls rushing out of class, Melissa amongst them. She pressed her legs together and discreetly pressed her hand over her skirt, feeling the diaper. She didn’t bother getting up from her desk and pulled out her math book and calculator.

Math class started with the kind of teacher who, of course, believes his subject is basic to the universe functioning. Instead of sticking to tried and tested processes of teaching, he liked to “keep things lively”, as he proclaimed.

“Please write your name on a slip of paper, fold it, and put it into this bag”, he said, as he started walking around the classroom, taking folded pieces of paper.

“Are you giving out something?”, someone asked. “Is this a lottery?”, someone else said.

“Maybe”, the teacher mysteriously answered. “Something like that”.
When the teacher had paraded around the classroom, he announced: “We are going to choose random pairs of students, so you can do your exercises today. Some of you will appreciate the help, and I hope you all make it for the best, if you feel uncomfortable with Lady Fortune.

A few groans were heard.

Expectation rose as he begun taking out slips of paper and separating them in pairs. He started calling out names, amidst expressions of satisfaction or doom…

“… And Melissa will be joined by… Sadie!”. He kept calling out names, as Sadie and Melissa looked at each other. Until that moment, no conversation had gone further than a social “hi” here or there, so this would be a first interaction. Melissa shrugged her shoulders and waved Sadie over and offered her a recently vacated desk next to hers. Sadie pursed her lips and nodded, standing up and, feeling a jolt of fright as she felt her diaper sagging, she felt it secure and boldly crossed the classroom to where Melissa was, forcing herself not to waddle.


Chapter 4

After the exercise sheets had been handed out, Melissa and Sadie bowed their heads and proceeded to analyze each item. Both were unsure how to proceed with the other girl.

“So”, said Melissa cautiously, “how do we do this?”

“Um, well, I guess I recognize most of them from class recently, but some are different”, said Sadie, trying not to sound so dumb.

“So, let’s open up our notes and compare them”, said Melissa, modestly. She didn’t want to let on she was that good with math… not yet, anyways.

“Um, my notes are over at my desk”, said Sadie unsure. Maybe I could…” Melissa didn’t let her finish. “It’s OK, I’ve got mine here”, she said, slipping her notebook out of her backpack. “I hope you understand my writing”, she said unnecessarily.

Sadie marveled at Melissa’s notes. They were clearly written and easy to understand, and made Sadie wish she was as intelligent as Melissa. “Wow, I wish I had notes like these”, Sadie mumbled, mostly to herself. “What was that?”, asked Melissa. “Nothing, just admiring your notes”, said Sadie, hurriedly. “If you need to borrow them…”, Melissa offered, generously. “No, you probably wouldn’t trust me with them”, answered Sadie, with a half grin. “No, seriously”, said Melissa, suddenly earnest. “No reason for me not to trust you. Besides, we see each other every day”, pointed out Melissa.

Sadie really wanted those notes, but was hesitant to accept them. Melissa thought about it for a while. She really wanted to help Sadie, since she seemed to be a pleasant girl.

“OK, how about this: I can scan my notes on my app and send them to you on pdf”, stated Melissa, as she raised her eyebrows expectantly, as if daring Sadie to say no. “There aren’t too many pages, as the semester has barely begun”. She leafed through the math notes, showing there weren’t that many.

“Would you really?”, asked Sadie. “That would be so cool. you have, like, the best notes”, she said earnestly.

“No problem”, said Melissa, a bit shy.

Both students concentrated on the math problems, Sadie trying not to let her diaper distract her too much, and Melissa trying to nudge her new friend to understand the logic that led to what she knew to be the correct answer.

By the end of the hour, they had already handed in their results to the teacher and had spent the reminder of the time in small talk, getting to know each other. They exchanged phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and all relevant social media information. When the bell rang, Melissa got up abruptly and excused herself with a “small bladder, gotta go”, she whispered, with a half-embarrassed smile. “No problem”, said Sadie, and watched her walk away. Maybe she should try on some diapers, chuckled Sadie to herself, while letting a dribble of pee into her diaper and imagining how her new friend would look in a diaper.


Enjoying this, just my type of story. Hope you continue!


I like the way you brought the two characters together, very nice work. Looking forward to reading more.

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Chapter 5

Sadie’s diaper was soaked. She could feel it sagging as she got up from her desk on her way to the cafeteria. She forced herself not to waddle, although despite the effort her diapered condition would be obvious to anybody familiar to the diapered state. For once, she was thankful for the highly conservative school uniform and the heavy almost knee-length skirt that came with it, hiding her diaper from all eyes. Her groin itched slightly, and she figured she would have to get rid of the diaper sometime soon, of risk a diaper rash. “Crap”, she thought to herself, “I forgot to bring panties”.

Melissa sat on the toilet, slightly annoyed at her lack of ability to hold her bladder for longer. She let herself daydream of being able to wear diapers, always. They would be so comfy, so convenient. She wondered if any of the girls her age had the same problem, or even felt the same way about something like this. She sighed, then chuckled to herself as she came to her senses. Teenagers wearing diapers, now that would be a sight. She tried to imagine some of the girls in her class wearing a diaper under their skirts. It was laughable, yet… alluring. She shook off the images from her head, stood up and pulled her panties up, flattening her skirt, raised her socks to proper almost knee-length, and fixed her general appearance before flushing the toilet and stepping out of the stall.

Sadie was trying to finish her lunch, fidgeting on her seat as she struggled to hold her pee once again, in fear of totally flooding her diaper and making a mess and a major leak, and the itching down there didn’t help as well. She hurriedly forked down the last bits of food and mumbled a hurried excuse to her usual table mates and rushed to the girl’s bathroom. Thankful it was lunchtime, and the bathroom was empty, she chose the furthest stall and locked herself in, hurriedly pulling on the tapes and letting her diaper flop to the ground, as she sat on the toilet relieving herself once more. As she sat there, she rolled the diaper and taped it shut, squeezing it into the waste bin next to her, hoping nobody had come into the bathroom to hear the disposable diaper being handled. She cleaned herself as she could with the toilet paper, relieved her school made a point in carrying decent toilet paper, not the king that dissolved when in contact with skin, something she could work with. After she felt she was decent enough, she made sure she was decent, despite her pantyless state, before leaving the cubicle and checking herself out on the common bathroom mirror. As she returned to the cafeteria, she felt very self-conscious of her diaperless and pantyless state, her skirt caressing her bare buttocks and the fresh air on her skin.

Early afternoon, both girls headed back home. Walking from the school to the school bus proved uncomfortable with the sleet still falling. Miserable weather which Sadie felt most of all, despite her warm jacket, as she was missing her panties. The freezing gusts of wind seem to know she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and she missed her warm cozy diaper so much. Sitting in the bus felt horrible too, as the vinyl seats seemed to be gripping her skin, as if there wasn’t the school dress material in between. She sat stiffly, legs closed tight, wishing she could turn into stone for the ride home.

“Hey Sadie”, greeted Melissa, as she came up the bus isle. “I won’t forget to send you my notes”. She hesitated, as if she was going to say something more.

Sadie pulled her back from the seat next to her. “Here, you want to sit?”, Sadie asked, politely.

“Shure”, said Melissa. “Thank you”. Melissa lowered herself to the seat, trying to make herself smaller so she could fit into the seat without crowding Sadie. “Kinda cold, huh?”

“Sorta, yes…”

The girls fell into silence, both feeling the beginning of a friendship had been established between them that day. As both girls relaxed during the trip home, bodies relaxed as they became more and more comfortable with each other. Both shared basic family information, interested at the fact that they both had divorced parents, both living with their mother, and, as chance would have it, both were going home to empty homes as both their mothers were meeting with friends for the afternoon. Funny.

Melissa was the first to get off the bus and Sadie followed her with her gaze as the bus drove off to the next stop.


Chapter 6

Sadie’s mother Belinda stared at her recent best friend Janice. “Your daughter won an honors scholarship? Wow, I know for a fact, that is one hell of an achievement”, she stated, dumbfounded.

Janice gave a slight shrug, and a timid smile. “It took a lot of coaxing, but I guess Melissa recognized the value of it. She’s a good student.”

“It’s not THAT easy, not just cramming”, countered Belinda, shaking her head. “it’s that AND being very damn intelligent”. The Iced tea and sandwich had turned into a beer, and after that came the Margarita. It wasn’t often she went out with a friend for the evening, and it wasn’t often either that the soft-spoken psychologist let her vocabulary ride on the drinks. “I know for a FACT that the reason that show-off school makes those exams so difficult is so only students who are very well funded ever grace their halls. That, or somebody so highly intelligent that it would make the school proud!”

Janice gave a giggle. She sipped her Margarita, thoughtful. She smirked, “So, you are calling me poor, I guess”.

Belinda’s face fell. “No girl, I didn’t mean it this way…”

Janice winked at her. “Gotcha! Of course, I know what you mean. I know we don’t really fit into that school, and there is no way I could ever dream of affording the fees. But I sort of bullied Melissa into preparing at least one school year early, she spent the whole summer studying, and then the test… I wonder if it’s all my fault…”, mumbled Janice, this last sentence mostly to herself.

Belinda frowned. “What do you mean?”, she asked, reaching out to hold Janice’s hand.

Janice sat still, closing her fingers around Belinda’s soft warm hand.

“I guess this is where you start taking notes and charge me per hour”, mumbled Janice, insecure. “This requires a professional opinion, and I don’t want to take advantage”.
Belinda pursed her lips. “Janice, I live by a code of ethics that will not permit me to take on friends as clients. So, my advice is free. If I ever felt you needed professional therapy, which I really doubt that you do right now, I would be happy enough to refer you to one of my colleagues. So, take advantage of our friendship, and speak. Need a refill?” She looked at her friend expectantly.

“No, I’m fine… well, it’s not something terrible, I guess, but I do feel responsible for it”. Janice paused in search for words. Belinda pressed her hand on hers, encouragingly. Janice continued. “At the end of the summer, before the big test, Melissa started wetting the bed. Nothing serious, I guess, but her being a teenager and all, I was quite caring and understanding with her, but I was worried sick. The online research I did sort of quieted my fears, that it was a puberty thing, stress things like that. Her doctor sort of confirmed it, said to wait it out, take things easy… Melissa took it OK, better than I would have, but the biggest hassle was the wet sheets, pajamas… That has to be an uncomfortable thing to wake up to, I am sure.”

“So, what happened?”, questioned Belinda.

“Well, nothing. She still wets the bed. I eventually bought some, well, like… well, diapers. Called Good Nights, or something like that. A pull-up sort, made for older kids”. Janica made an embarrassed face.

“Yes, I know them”, Belinda said, soothingly. They seem to be a popular product. “Does she still wear them?”.

“No, well, she did, but I guess they are made for… light incontinence, I guess you would say?”. Janice had to close her eyes to say the last sentence: “I ended up buying adult diapers for her”.

Belinda bit her lip in an effort to suppress her smile. “How adorable”, she thought to herself. “Her best friend worried because her daughter wears diaper to bed”.

Belinda came to herself with Janice staring at her searching for answers.

“Um, I can tell you for a fact Melissa isn’t the only teenager in her school who wears diapers to bed”, said Belinda, with a bit of a smirk.

“How can you tell for sure?”, wondered Janice.

“Easy: Medical statistics. OK, it is unusual for a girl her age to need diapers for bed, but it is not an unusual occurrence, therefore you can expect somebody else has to deal with the same kind of issue. It’s a completely manageable thing. As you very well know, there are very good products out there that help manage this situation. As you have said, Melissa is OK with wearing diapers to bed”.

“Well, that sort of the thing… I think she has grown… um, well, attached to them”, murmured Janice at a loss.

Belinda raised her eyebrows, taken aback. “Attached?”

“She always wets the bed, well, I mean, her diaper, but not enough to really fill it to capacity. When she gets up in the morning, she empties her bladder in the toilet.

“Makes sense”, mumbled Belinda. “Teenagers in secondary enuresis won’t usually void their bladder completely”.

“Yeah, the doctor said something like that”, Janice said. “Melissa usually is comfortable wearing a diaper around me, and sometimes she even has breakfast in her pajamas – and diaper, so I can tell what a normally wet diaper looks under her pajama bottoms, right? But recently I’ve discovered her diaper up to saturation point, and she sort of shrugs it off, claiming she was too lazy or something. That’s why I think she is growing attached to them”.

“I see”, said Belinda thoughtfully, nursing her Margarita. “So, what are you going to do about this?”

“I could punish her with no diapers, but she needs them. That would be cruel. Or I could be overly controlling and make sure she gets her diaper off as soon as she wakes up, but that would be treating her like a little girl, but I know she wouldn’t appreciate it. Or I could also ignore it, and hope it goes away, sort of dust under the rug…”. Janice frowned as she took a long sip of her Margarita, emptying the glass. She sat there, staring at her empty glass thinking over the situation.

“Or”, said Belinda. Janice looked at her friend expectantly. “Or, you could play her on her own game”.

“Huh?”, said Janice, confused.
“It goes like this”, said Belinda. “If she likes wearing diapers, MAKE HER wear diapers. This way, you get to control her experience, lay ground rules, and so on, but it’s not where she wears diapers out of laziness”.

“I don’t understand”, said Janice, confused.

“For example, my daughter Sadie was having a problem keeping her bedroom clean, pure laziness, you could say, so one Saturday morning, when I came up with her laundry, properly stacked and folded as any proper mother would do for her loving teenage daughter” – they both smirked – “I came into her room and ceremoniously dumped the clothes on her bed in a heap – she was still in bed – and obviously she was outraged at what I did. I told her since she was happy keeping her room in such disarray, I would be happy to help her in the process”. Belinda paused to laugh along with an amused Janice.

“Did it work?”, asked Janice, expectantly.

“It did. After she calmed down and I explained the importance of cleanliness. That it wasn’t a one-sided job, and I expected her to do her part.

“Well, your idea doesn’t seem too bad, I guess. Maybe I should try it. I guess… Well, I’ll be using a lot more diapers then. I should buy some more”, said Janice, thoughtfully.

Both women paid their bills and agreed to meet soon, Janice promising Belinda she would keep her updated on her “diaper project”. As they waited for their ubers, they said their goodbyes, parting better friends then they were when they had begun that evening. Belinda was wondering how Janice would react to the fact that her own daughter Sadie was a diaper lover just as Melissa seemed to be.


oh, this is fantastic, i can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn out.

ok woah hit the brakes. i thought i read that Sadie had incontinence issues so she had to stay in them all the time.
i’m aware the girl Melissa is a DL diaper lover.
if i got something off please correct me.
On the other hand if the girls find out both like diapers it would be really good times with those two. too bad they wont let a mom change them. good bonding time.

No, Sadie doesn’t have incontinence issues, she only wears them because the has a diaper fetish. It is Melissa who has nocturnal enuresis (incontinence), and has obviously taken a liking to them.

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Chapter 7

Sadie had been busy for some time studiously transcribing Melissa’s math notes. As promised, Melissa had sent her a scan of her notes, and Sadie was clever enough to realize that she would learn a lot more math if, instead of just printing out the notes, she spent her time copying them by hand. She could feel she understood better now, even more after doing that test together with Melissa.

Sadie stretched out and yawned. She had been working in her mother’s study, her favorite place to do homework. It was a pleasantly decorated room, just next to the living room. Her mom didn’t receive any patients here, it was just a place for her to do her patient follow-up and administration work, and all files were kept under lock and key. Well, more exactly, a digital fingerprint lock. And she couldn’t even use her mom’s mega-fancy password-blocked iMac computer. She frowned at that. It would be so much fun for her to just sit there and do all her projects on this cozy place, with this high tech.

She shuffled onto a cross legged position the massive leather desk chair, enjoying the feel of the soft leather on her bare legs. Clad in a white diaper and a bay blue “Frozen” T-shirt (one a couple sizes too small for her, but she liked to wear with her diaper when she was alone), she enjoyed having the house to herself, waiting for her mother to return from meeting a friend. And for once, doing something really productive. She felt kind of grown-up. Except for her diapered attire, of course. Gratified at having finished her notes, she let the orange juice induced bladder pressure release into her diaper. She would have to get out of here before her mom came home.

Peeing herself on her mother’s expensive desk chair felt one thousand kinds of wonderful. Her hand caressed the front of her diaper as it got warmer and warmer, and she moved her hands around her legs, to the leather on the seat, alternating in gentle strokes. In her afterglow she glanced at the reflex of herself on the dark computer screen, showing a goofy relaxed smile.

She was still in relaxed mode when she heard a car pull up to the house, and moments later she heard the front door opened, and her mother walked in.

Keys jingled in the hallway as her mother went through the arrival motions. “Sadie? Darn, it’s cold out there! Sadie!”

“Damm, she’s home early”, Sadie said to herself, resigned. It wasn’t terrible, but it was embarrassing to be found in her mom’s study in her present diapered state, taking these liberties on her mother’s fancy desk chair

“Over here”, Sadie called out hesitantly from the study, changing her position into a more becoming one.

She was thankful the large oak desk hid her diapered state, as she felt a little awkward. She couldn’t do anything about her shirt, though.

“Hey kid”, said her mother, leaning on the door sill crossing her arms. “What are you up to?”, she said in a sweet smile.

She had been drinking, Sadie thought. Not a lot, just enough to give her that dreamy look in her eyes. Affectionate. Condescending. Sweet. Which was great for Sadie. Her mom never had a problem with drink and was a very responsible parent.

“Um, just finished some homework”, said Sadie, closing her math notebook, and putting her pens and calculator away in her backpack.

“Come give me a hug. How was school?”, asked her mother, opening her arms to Sadie.

A bit embarrassed, Sadie hesitated, but reluctantly pushed the chair back and slowly got up.

She saw her mother lift her eyebrows in surprise, then break into a slight grin.

“I see you got all comfortable, hun”, she said, sweetly.

Sadie rushed to her mother’s arms, and they met in a hug. “Yeah…”, Sadie said looking for words. “Intense day, and it was freezing outside, I was sort of stressed. I did some math homework, Melissa lent me her notes”, she said, as if that explained all.

Belinda held her daughter by her shoulders and looked at her. “Well, I’m glad your afternoon was productive”. She slid her hands down her daughter’s back and rested them on her diapered butt.

“Moooooom!”, whined Sadie, bothered at her mother taking these liberties with her.

“Hmm, wet diaper, baby. I hope you didn’t leak on my chair”.

Saide shook her head, while hiding her face on her mother’s shoulder. “Nope. Just peed a bit”, she lied.

“OK, how about we relax together hun. Let me go get changed and I’ll meet you on the sofa. Choose a nice film.”

“K”, said Sadie, relieved her mom seemed to be OK with the state of her diaper.

Sadie sat cross legged on the sofa as Belinda went upstairs to her bedroom. Since the house was so large it didn’t surprise her mom took so long, but after a while her mom was back dressed in her own stylish but comfortable way (in contrast to Sadie’s carefree attitude with clothing, or lack of it, she considered her mother an Instagram-mom).

To Sadie’s shock, Belinda was holding a diaper in her hand, along with baby wipes, and baby powder. “Here, let me change you Sadie”, she said, as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

“Excuse me?”, exclaimed Sadie.

“You’ve got a wet diaper, Sadie, wetter than you think. And I’m your mother. Now, since we have to admit that both statements appear to be correct, it follows that if I say I’m going to change your diaper we can say it is a totally reasonable conclusion, don’t you think?”, said Belinda, firmly but gently pushing her daughter down onto the sofa.

“Mom, I can do that myself, I’m a teenager for goodness’ sakes!”, said Sadie, in a panic.

“Yes, you are, honey”, said Belinda, while holding her hand on Sadie’s partly bare stomach, signaling her to stay still. Belinda continued patiently: “You are a teenager who wears diapers, and you are in need of adult supervision since you can’t seem to tell whether your diaper needs changing or not”.

Sadie fumed at her mother’s gently sarcastic reasonable way of speaking. But her mom was being lovingly gentle with her daughter tonight, maybe an alcohol induced gentleness? Whatever it was, it seemed to mollify Sadie into submission.

Sadie nodded, marveled at what she was letting her mother do to her. What had she been, like four the last time her mother had put a diaper on her? Ever since she had been using diapers “recreationally”, or as her mother had put it, to “satisfy her paraphilic infantilism”, Sadie had been the one solely in charge of her own diapering.

So, there she laid on the large sofa, lifting her diapered butt so her mother could slide a bath towel under, and in an out of body experience she saw how her mother pulled on the diaper tapes one by one until it was folded down to uncover her most private parts, parts her mom hadn’t seen in a few years.

Calmly, Belinda smiled sweetly as she pulled on the diaper with a “lift up” and waited till Sadie pulled herself up from the towel to allow her mother to slide the diaper from under her teenage daughter. With one hand, she pulled a couple baby wipes from the package and wiped her daughter down. Sadie bit on her lip, coping with the invasion on her sensitive area, though she had to admit, her mother had a way of wiping her that didn’t feel invasive at all… Sadie started to calm down, returning to her senses, and sort of enjoyed the intimate care her mother was giving her. “Lift”. With this curt order and a poke under fer flexed knees, Sadie realized, abruptly, that her mother needed access to her rear areas. She couldn’t help but feel sort of babyish and humiliated by her mother, although her mother seemed to be so calmly nonchalant about the whole thing, so Sadie felt tenderly taken care of.

Which was a contradiction of feelings. And, was this going to be part of a new routine? Sadie lifted her butt again so her mother could slide a fresh diaper under her, sprinkle some powder on her – more than she was used to- and fold the diaper and taping it snuggly.

As her mother picked bundled up the used wipes into the used diaper, taping it tightly into a ball, she lifted Sadie up by the hand, kissed her on the cheek and said: “Here”, she said, placing the rolled diaper on her hand, “take this to the garbage and let’s watch the movie.

Sadie walked across the living room towards the kitchen, self-conscious about the diaper she was wearing, which her mother had changed her into, and holding the diaper she had soaked. One thousand kinds of weird, but for some reason it gave her a rush. This whole experience had been so out of the box, but her mother was so tender about it.

Sadie returned to the sofa and her mother lifted the blanket they usually shared while watching TV (not because it was cold, but because it was cozy), and her mother said: “snuggle up, cutie girl” and kissing her on the head.


Chapter 8

Melissa was curled up on the sofa reading. For once, she was reading for pure entertainment, her nose in the third volume of Lord of the Rings. Wrapped in a blanket and wearing her warm winter pajamas, she reveled in the comfort of the warmth, despite the chilly home. A tight budget and an old house brought comfort constraints to the home, which were managed with warm clothing and comfy blankets.

Melissa glanced at the wall clock, wondered when her mother would return, and asked herself if it was late enough for her to get ready for bed. Which meant, since she was already in her pajamas, getting her diaper on. She sighed, figuring it wasn’t. The way her mother had looked at her that morning when she had soaked her diaper, suggested she shouldn’t be getting too liberal with her diapers. Which was a pity, she mused, since they were so warm and comfortable, and now she felt she would like to have one on. She wondered at her mother’s “we’ll talk later”, thinking what she would have to say about her soaked diaper episode.

As her bladder pressure grew, she procrastinated her bathroom break, too lazy to get out from the blanket and out of the sofa. Suddenly, the living room wall lit up with car headlights, signaling her mother’s arrival. The familiar sounds of the car engine turning off, the car door opening and closing, and hurried steps over the sleet covered steps to the front door.

“Darn, it’s freezing”, exclaimed Janice, almost hyperventilating. “Hey honey, I’m home!”, she called out, dropping her keys laying her bag on the entrance bench.

Melissa undid the covers and got off the sofa to greet her mother. “Hey mom”, she said in a half trance voice.

Janice appeared in the doorway, shrugging off her heavy coat. “And what have you been up to, Melissa?”, asked her mother.

“Just reading”.

Janice took a look at the heavy book on the coffee table, blankets rolled on the sofa. She looked at her daughter, clad in thick winter pajamas and a wave of tenderness hit her. “All ready for bed, by the looks of you”, she commented.

Melissa shrugged at the obvious remark. “It was kind of chilly, so I got comfy. How was your evening?”

“Fun. Interesting. Relaxing… It’s nice to have a friend…”, Janice’s answer trailed, as if in a dreamy state. She came to herself, though, and looked at Melissa in the eye. “I had a great time. Now, if my eyes aren’t lying, it looks like you are missing one thing for bed, aren’t you?”, she said, rising an eyebrow.

“Missing?”, Melissa asked, perplexed. “Um, like…”, she paused, as if confirming to herself that the only one thing that was missing was her diaper, the diaper she would only put on when actually going to bed. “Um, my diaper?”, she looked at her mother, questioningly.

“Correct, darling”, said Janice, satisfied. She took her daughter by her shoulders, turned her around, and patted her bottom. “You are missing a diaper under there, so go and put one on”.

“Now?”, said Melissa, in a kind of shock. “But it’s early”, she said, glancing at the clock. “Only nine”.

“Just put one on, then we can watch some TV together, OK?”, said Janice, a bit impatiently.

“But…”, Melissa began.

“The only butt I want to see is in a diaper. So go!”, ordered Melissa’s mother, not open to arguments.

Melissa shrugged, perplexed at her mother’s insistence, and went to put a diaper on. She fished a diaper from the package, and went through the motions, opening her diaper, smoothing it out, making sure the leak guards were properly situated, then, lying frog-like on the bed, with the diaper under her bottom, squeezed a generous amount of baby powder – it was actual baby powder, not the generic type she hated – and proceeded to tape the diaper on, fixing the edges so the plastic bits wouldn’t peek out.

She felt the cool padded diaper on her, enjoying the soft material. She wondered at her mother’s sudden change of attitude to her diapers and thought it might have something to do with her earlier saturated diaper. When she had taken her pajama pants off this morning, she noticed the diaper had leaked, although she hadn’t said anything to her mother about it and put her pajamas in the hamper. Could it be that her mother thought she was really incontinent – besides her sleep-induced incontinence, that is – or was it just plain simple punishment? “Well,” thought Melissa, as she rubbed her diaper in bliss, “it wouldn’t be too much of a punishment for her”.

“Melissa! You coming?”, came Janice’s call. Melissa came down from her blissful state and put her pajama pants back on. “Coming!”, she called out, as she shuffled out of her bedroom.

Janice looked up from the sofa to see Melissa coming down the stairs, diaper clearly poking out of her pajama pants and a telltale crinkle that proved her daughter’s diapered state.

“Do you mind…?”, asked Melissa’s mother, pointing the TV remote to a random Gilmore Girls episode.

“Sure, whatever”, she said, snuggling under the offered portion of the blanket her mother had been holding up. Gilmore Girls reruns was the eternal thing to watch when they weren’t in a mood for a movie, just chill out and cuddle, mother and daughter.

Melissa kind of compared herself to Rory, the Gilmore daughter, even their private school uniform were similar, although she doubted that Rory had an issue with diapers. There is a thought, Rory in diapers. Melissa chuckled.

“What’s that, hun?”, asked Janice, curious at her daughter’s outburst.

“Nothing, just thinking about Rory and I are kind of similar”

“Except for the diapers”

“Mom!”, exclaimed Melissa, embarrassed.

Her mom just laughed, and hugged Melissa tightly.

Bedtime was as usual, although with her diaper already on the process was simpler, just brush her teeth, slip off her glasses and snuggle under her blankets. Suddenly, Melissa’s bladder tensed up, and she remember not going to the bathroom when she had first felt the need to earlier. But then her mother had arrived and distracted her from it. With a sly smile, Melissa slipped her hands under her pajamas feeling her diaper, let loose, and peed herself, enjoying the increasing heat issuing from her diaper. Relaxation and sleep came so much easier this way.

Melissa woke up to the feeling of a cold clammy diaper and a desperate need to pee. During the night she had pulled her pajama pants off due to the heat emanating from her diaper. Also, it had felt like her mother might have turned up the thermostat, so she had slept comfortably wearing no pants.

“Hey sweety, you’re awake”, said Melissa’s mother, poking her head into her bedroom. “How’d you sleep, honey? I turned up the thermostat last night, it was a bit too cold, huh?”.

Her mom seemed relaxed, in her usual Saturday morning mode. She already had a mug of coffee in her hand, and walked in to sit at Melissa’s bed. She put her coffee mug on Melissa’s desk and leaned over to kiss her daughter’s forehead.

“Morning mom. Is there coffee for me?”, Melissa said, rubbing her eyes and reaching for her glasses.

“Coffee downstairs, honey, if you want to get up”. Janice’s eyes drifted to the floor, spotting her daughter’s pajama pants. She looked at her daughter suspiciously, and quickly lifted the bed covers.

“Hey!”, yelled Melissa, in surprise.

“Thought so”, chuckled Janice. Looks like things got a little warm in the night. She smiled.

“Well, yeah, it was hot at some point…”, Melissa trailed off, self-consciously covering her wet diaper with her hands.

“It’s OK, honey. I am allowed to see you in diapers. You are my daughter”, she kissed Melissa’s forehead once more, as if reassuring her.

Melissa pulled her covers over her legs. “It’s kinda cold still”, she frowned. Her bladder was begging for release, and unwilling as she was to be pantless with her already wet diaper voluntarily exposed to her mother, she chose the alternative and as discreetly as she could she slowly released her bladder contents into her diaper. Closing her eyes, she pretended to resume her sleepy state, and inwardly she rejoiced at peeing her diaper in front of her suspecting mother.

“OK kiddo, out of bed and into the bathroom, if you want any coffee. I’ve got fresh bagels too”, her mother ordered Melissa, pulling her blankets off once again.

Melissa, who wasn’t quite finished peeing, startled herself into peeing uncontrollably and flooded the rear of her diaper.

The unmistakable hiss of the torrent of pee flooding the diaper was now obvious to Janice, and Melissa just got redder and redder as she covered her diaper with one hand, and her mouth with the other.

There was a moment of silence as mother and daughter came to terms with the issue, and finally Melissa took courage to look at her mother in the face.

“Is that accident number two in this diaper? ‘Cause it was already wet, honey”

“Um, I was about to get up and go to the bathroom when you came in, and, um, sort of distracted me. It was, like, a bit awkward to get up with, um, no pants on, so I just stayed under the blankets…”, stuttered Melissa.

Janice took her daughter’s hand and held it softly. “And was the first wetting an accident?”, she inquired gently.

Melissa shook her head miserably. “I forgot to use the toilet before going to bed, as I already had my diaper on…”

“So you peed voluntarily in bed?”

Melissa nodded.

“Oh”, Janice said, thoughtful.

“Ok, go and get cleaned, and then come back here to me. You might as well have a shower, get nice and clean”, said Janice, as she helped her daughter out of bed.

As Melissa ckinkled her way to the bathroom – Janice thought she looked funny but adorable – she turned her attention to the damp spot on Melissa’s bed and made a decision.

Melissa felt her diaper sag as her mother pulled her out of bed. She felt partially humiliated, but part of her was elated at pulling that stunt off in front of her mother. It was like the second time in just over twenty-four hours. In the bathroom, she undid the tapes of her diaper and let it flop unceremoniously to the floor. She pulled her pajama top off and looked at the toilet. She decided it was unnecessary as she had already voided her bladder in the diaper, so she stepped into the shower and turned the water on, waiting for it to get hot.

A while later, Melissa emerged from the bathroom with a bath towel discreetly covering her body, and another rolled over her wet hair. When she entered her bedroom, she saw her mother was standing by her bed – stripped from its bedding – and holding… a diaper. She had already opened it and was waiting expectantly for Melissa.

“Sit down Melissa. Let’s talk”, said Janice, motioning her to the bed. Melissa sat on the bed, albeit stiffly, still holding the towel on her chest.

“I realize, honey, and I don’t know why, you have taken a liking to your diapers as of lately”. She paused, as Melissa stared at her knees as if in trance. “I’m not judging, and I love you, I want you to know that”. Melissa nodded stiffly in acknowledgement. “Since you are not contradicting me, I will assume I am correct”. Again, Melissa nodded slowly. “But you have to realize, I am your mother, and there are things I need to manage in your life so you don’t grow up in total anarchy. If there are things that need control, I need to set some rules. If there are things you want to experience, I need to nurture your experience. This liking you have is not something wrong, it looks like it’s something you want to explore, but I can’t have you peeing and leaking all over the house”. Here Melissa scowled at her mother, at the idea of her being so immature.

“Don’t look at me like that, Melissa. It is only for your good”. Melissa rolled her eyes slightly. “Yes, Melissa, it is, you know it is and I love you, I love you to bits”, said Janice, affectionately. Melissa looked up, feeling slightly guilty now. She realized she had been really childish about it. Her gaze drifted to the folded diaper in her mother’s hand, which Melissa knew had already been open. It looked sort of different.

“Now, this is what’s going to happen”, began her mother. “We are going to explore your diaper interest together, but we’ll do it right. You can call it a punishment, since you do deserve it for acting way below your age, or as an experiment”. Janice looked expectantly at her daughter.

Melissa nodded. “An experiment”, she whispered.

Janice assented. “Good. Now, I’ve noticed you seem to act very tense concerning your own nudity around me. You know you shouldn’t be, I am your mother, OK?”, she said, reaching out and lifting Melissa’s chin affectionately, directing her daughter’s eyes to her own. Melissa nodded shily. “Now, since you completely saturated your diaper – it leaked on the bed – and you loose track of the amount you pee, this is a double diaper”, she said, motioning to the diaper in her hand, “I’ve cut the flaps off a diaper and slit the plastic on it, so it acts like a booster pad. I will buy a case of booster pads, but this will do for now. This way it will be more absorbent”.

Melissa’s eyes locked on the folded diaper in her mother’s hand, apprehensive.

“Now, let’s do this quick and get it over with. Take your towel off and lie on the bed”, ordered Janice.

Melissa hesitated.

“Come on, Melissa, the quicker the easier”, said Janice, reaching for Melissa’s fist which held the towel around her chest tightly. Janice gently pulled her daughter’s hand away from the towel, and Melissa passively let her mother take the towel away.

She saw her mother had everything ready, including the baby powder. But there was a wet spot on her bed, from when her diaper had leaked.

Janice followed Melissa’s gaze. “Oh, right”, she said. “Better get it done on the floor”, she said, efficiently laying Melissa’s towel on the carpeted floor.

Melissa laid stiffly on the towel, instinctively covering her privates. She blushed profusely as her mother tended to her in this manner. Her mother unfolded the diaper, revealing the second modified diaper within, and laid it on the floor. “Lift up, honey”.

Melissa was at a loss, as covering her groin made her unable to support her body to lift her bottom up.

“Silly girl, you need to use your hands”, chuckled her mother. “I told you, you need to trust me, hun”, coaxed Janice.

Melissa hesitated.

“OK, how about I lift your feet just like a baby?”, said Janice, playfully getting a hold of Melissa’s feet and lifting her up.

“Momeeeee!”, screeched Melissa, moving her legs rapidly upwards, and instinctively splaying out her arms to stabilize her body.

Embarrassed at her childish reaction, Melissa calmed down, face red as a beet and repositioned herself on the towel.

“Woah”, said her mother gently. “Calm down, kiddo. Let’s try again”.

“Sorry”, mumbled Melissa. More submissively this time, she lifted her bottom and her mother slid the diaper under.


Melissa laid her bottom on the thick padding of her diaper, a lot thicker than she was used to. Janice quickly sprinkled a generous amount of baby powder, lifted the front and taped the diaper so it was tightly wrapped around Melissa’s waist and moved back. “There”, she said, “wasn’t that easy?”

Melissa looked down at her diaper and tried to close her legs. “Wow”, she said in amazement. “It’s… big”.

“More like thick, darling”, said her mother, conversationally, “It’s sort of tight because the diaper is a small, which would be OK for you, but with the second diaper inside it makes a bit of a squeeze. I actually think I should get you the medium ones”.

Melissa got up a little awkwardly and a bit bowlegged. Her mother was already handing her a bra, which Melissa managed on her own, then pulled on the offered sweater. She was feeling more normal now with some clothes on. Lastly, her mother offered her something else. “Since we’re staying in the house, I think it’s better to slip on these leggings, they will help hold your diaper on better, and I think you will feel more comfortable”.

Melissa looked unsure at the leggings. They sure were comfortable for lounging around the house, but the bulk of her now thick diaper would be permanently emphasized for everyone to see.

“It’s only us”, whispered her mother encouragingly, as if reading her mind. “Trust me, you’ll be OK”.
She sat on the edge of her bed and let her mother poke the legs over her feet so she could slide the leggings up. It took a bit of an effort, especially to fit the leggings over her diaper, but finally the job was done.

“OK, breakfast!”, sentenced her mother, firmly. She grabbed her mug of coffee – which had gotten cold – and coaxed her daughter down to the kitchen.


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Chapter 9

Saturday morning was Sadie’s favorite part of the week. After five days of alarms, schedules, school, homework, and such, she was glad to be lazy and stay in bed all morning. She could have stayed in bed longer, but Saturday breakfasts were also a bonus in the household.

As soon as Saide woke up she felt the pressure on her bladder, and automatically let go into her diaper, sighing with pleasure as she stretched under the covers feeling the heat between her legs.

She was thankful her mother had made her change into a clean diaper last night after she had wet herself during the movie, because this one would be past saturation right now. The need for release had been intense, and the flow never seemed to end… Slowly it did, though, and she laid there, basking in the relaxation of just having let herself go completely, and not having left the protection of her bed covers. She wasn’t wearing anything, besides her diaper, and getting out of bed was always an effort, despite the sophisticated central heating system.

She took her time in bed, feeling her warm diaper, and eventually pulled her covers aside, adjusting her body to the bedroom temperature. Getting out of bed, she felt her diaper sag quite a bit, and crossed the room to her closet, fishing out a random t-shirt, which she pulled on.

Softly crinkling, she felt the warm moist padding gently rub against her hips and opened the bedroom door. Everything was quiet. Her mom usually got up after she did on a Saturday, but Sadie already knew how to take care of herself. She would start with coffee. That would certainly wake up her mother, big house or not.

In the kitchen, Sadie measured the coffee beans, delighting at the smell this blend offered, and put them through the grinder. If the smell hadn’t woken up her mother, this would surely do the trick. After a few seconds of loud grinding noise, and an additional waft of fresh coffee aroma, she inserted hot – almost boiling – water into the microfiber filter and filled it slowly end evenly with the freshly ground coffee. In less than a minute the coffee pot was already full, and the kitchen filled with the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

“Morning, hon”, said a sleepy voice.

“Voilá”, thought Sadie to herself, “Almost like magic”. The only visible part of her reaction was a smile, which she directed at her mother. “Morning! Coffee, anyone?”

“Coffee!!”, moaned her mother, eyes staring to the void and extended hands, mimicking the look of a zombie.

Mother and daughter giggled and fused into an embrace, with mother’s expert hand resting on daughter’s diapered bottom. “Mhmm…”, said her mother in a slight frown.

Sadie expertly wriggled away, turning around to get a couple of mugs from the shelf.

“That diaper looks really wet”, said Belinda, pursing her lips a bit.

Sadie shrugged. “That’s what it’s for. Here you go, mom”.

“Thanks, hon. I’ll set the oven for the cinnamon buns”. Belinda decided to ignore her daughter’s apparent disregard for her diapered state. At least she had taught her daughter well in regard to coffee brewing, she decided, satisfied, eliciting a slight smile.

“What are you smiling at?”, asked Sadie, thinking her mother would poke fun at her again for her diapers.

“You brew a good coffee, congratulations”, said her mother, raising her mug to her daughter. Sadie looked surprised but pleased. “Looks like the weather isn’t improving, a perfect day to stay inside”, she mused.

“Well, my homework’s all done, so there’s nothing to nag me about today”, said Sadie ruefully.

“Good”, answered Belinda, with a satisfied nod. “I was thinking of making homemade pasta for lunch. Like, from scratch”.

Sadie assented at that. “And homemade hamburgers for supper”, she added, expectantly.

“Deal!”, exclaimed her mother, as she reached into the oven to retrieve the cinnamon buns. She added a couple touches and set them in a round platter. “There we are”.

Sadie dutifully refilled her mother’s coffee and sat down next to her mother on the kitchen counter’s leather stools, let her bladder void itself once more into the diaper and bit into the cinnamon bun. Heaven.
By the end of breakfast, both mother and daughter fully satisfied with the Saturday ritual, proceeded to clean up and think about getting dressed. Sadie felt her diaper sagging heavily and caught her mom glancing at it a few times. Sadie was thinking about wearing a diaper for the day. Some comfy lounge pants wouldn’t go amiss either. It was a chilly Saturday after all, and nothing like a cozy diaper on to take the freezing edge out of the view from the windows.

“Sadie, come here”, ordered Belinda, braking Sadie’s train of thought.

Sadie walked to where her mother was standing, looking at something.

“What”, asked Sadie, with a bit of a frown.

Belinda pointed at the leather covered stool Saide had been sitting on a short while ago. “Whoops”, said Sadie, making a guilty face.

“Diaper off, now”, ordered her mother. “You can dry yourself with a paper towel for now, but go get a shower”, sentenced her mother, tersely.

“Now, here?”, said Sadie, perplexed.

“Yes, now. Do you think you can waltz all over the house in your leaky diaper? Seriously? Come here”, and with that, Belinda reached out to her daughter and started pulling on the diaper tapes. Sadie resisted a little at first, but unable to come with a better plan, she submitted to her mother. After the second tape popped off, the diaper seemed to come off of its own accord, sliding down Sadie’s legs.

Sadie could only close her legs tight in shame and sort of reach down to pick the saturated diaper up before it leaked any more on the floor. She felt her face get redder and she busied herself with the diaper to tape it shut, avoiding looking at her mother.

Belinda reached out and held her daughter by the chin, coaxing her to look back at her. “Go. Up. Shower. Now.”, she said gently, but firmly. “We’ll talk later”. She took the soaked diaper from Sadie’s hand and gave her a gentle push between the shoulder blades. She watched as Sadie walked stiffly out of the kitchen, holding her down shirt, and trying to cover as much as she could. “Cute”, thought Belinda with a smile, despite herself.

Belinda stashed Sadie’s soaked diaper into the kitchen trash can, which already held Sadie’s – again – soaked diaper from yesterday, knotted the bag and took it to the garage. In the garage, she went to the farthest corner where she stored some house cleaning and hygienic products, and reached for a package, and walked back into the house and up to her daughter’s bedroom.

“What had her mother meant when she said, “We’ll talk later””?, mused Saide, as she soaped herself vigorously in the shower. “Did she mean to punish her with no diapers?”. Sadie realized that although she did have full control over her bladder, she sort of lost herself a bit into the “diaper experience”, as she called it. She finished off rinsing herself and turned off the tap. Maybe her mom would give her stricter rules for her diapers, like only wearing them at night… Darn, that would suck! She forced herself to push out the negative thoughts off her head, and hope for the best. Her mom was known for not taking the “We’ll talk later” in vain. Regardless, she planned to slip on another diaper, albeit with some discreet pants over, just not to call attention to herself. She quickly dried her blond hair, wrapped it in a towel, and walked into her bedroom.

The last thing she expected to see sitting on her bed was her mother. “Mom!”, almost shrieked Sadie, instinctively covering herself, as she hadn’t bothered to cover herself from her ensuite bathroom to her bedroom.

Her mother gave a chuckle. “Sadie, dear, I’m you mother. Sit here”, she said, patting the bed on her side, “Let’s talk”.

“Um, now?”

“Sit”, said her mother gently, as she guided Sadie by the hand.

Sadie sat gingerly on the bed, folding her arms over her breasts, thankful this position sort of covered her…

“What do you want to talk about?”, she said, meekly.

“Your diapers”, said her mother, decisively.

“I’m sorry I leaked; I wasn’t paying attention. It won’t happen again”, said Sadie in a monotone voice, looking down at her feet.

“I know, but the fact is, it’s not the first time. Honey, can I ask you a question?”

“Uh, what?”, said Sadie, assenting.

“Were you going to put on another diaper on, now, when you came out of the bathroom?”

Sadie instinctively glances toward the closet where she kept her diaper packages. “Um”, she said, shrugging, “yeah”. She looked shily at her mother.

“Why were you asking?”

“Sadie, I appreciate the fact that you enjoy wearing diapers, although you don’t really need them. And I always wanted to encourage you in your experimenting, which I hope will be an incentive for you to be honest with me in return”.

Sadie nodded for her mother to continue, not sure where this was leading. She relaxed a bit her posture and allowed herself to raise a hand to her head, holding the damp towel on her head, which was coming loose.

Her mother continued. “As much as you can definitely control your bladder like most grown-up girls” – here Sadie blushed a bit – “you seem to lose yourself into your “little” side when you have a diaper on”.

“Mom!”, Sadie interjected in embarrassment.

“There is nothing wrong in having a “little” side, honey. I am all OK for you indulging your infantilism”, said her mother, while she reached out to Sadie’s other now relaxed arm, and held her daughter’s hand. “But I think we should start setting a few rules for when you want to be in diapers, is that OK?”

So, her mother wasn’t going to take her diapers away. That was a relief, Sadie thought. She nodded. “Rules. OK”.

“So, for at least a while, let’s make it a rule that whenever you leak, you have to wear a booster pad in your next diaper”.

“A what?”, Sadie asked, her face in a frown.

“One of these”, said Belinda, now revealing what seemed to be a diaper package.

“Another diaper?”

“Sort of, they are just like a padded strip that you put in your diaper, to make it more absorbent”. She handed the package to Sadie.

“Wow”, said Sadie, mesmerized, staring at the package. She turned the package over to look at the instruction icons and the product descriptions. She was feeling the excitement mount within her but remained passive.

“I got them free as a sample the last time I bought you your diapers”. She changed her tone.” Now, I don’t want to force you or humiliate you, honey…”, she said, squeezing Sadie’s hand.

“No, it’s cool”, interrupted Sadie, cracking a crooked smile at her mother. “We can do this… rule”.

Belinda let go her daughter’s hand, and reached around to half-hug Sadie. “Good… Need some help, kiddo?”

“Sure mom”, smiled Sadie.

“OK, let’s get you diapered, and then let’s dry your hair”, said her mother, as she fussed with Sadie’s towel headcover and fixed it tight to it wouldn’t fall lose. “Now, get me a diaper and get on the bed”, said Belinda, as she ripped the package open and pulled out a booster pad.
The diapering process went as it had the last time, but this time Sadie wasn’t as shocked as she had been the previous time. But she did feel the extra bulk as she sat awkwardly on the diaper booster over the open diaper, and after her mother had covered her in baby powder (which she preferred over the adult medical type) she was forced to open her legs as the diaper was raised over her crotch and against her stomach. It took a bit more time to position the tapes over the extra bulky diaper, but soon it was snugly taped, and she was allowed to get up.

She felt engulfed by the diaper, and it would take a bit of practice to walk correctly and looking at herself in the mirror almost made her blush. She was used to seeing herself in diapers, and so was her mother, but this diaper was huge in comparison, and surprisingly didn’t make her look grotesque, just…

“Cute”, her mother said, guessing her thoughts. They looked at each other through the mirror and smiled. “Come, let’s get this hair dry”, said her mother, directing Sadie to her vanity mirror, set on a low table in the corner of her bedroom, and sat her there. Her mother reached for the dryer and pulled off the towel from Sadie’s head, and commenced to blow-dry her daughter’s hair.

Sadie basked in the afterglow of the extra bulk in her diaper and enjoyed the feeling of her mother’s ministrations. She still didn’t feel totally at ease clad in a diaper and nothing more, but she enjoyed the intimate closeness she was enjoying with her mother.

“There”, said Belinda, as she turned the dryer off and rolled the electric cord. “Why don’t we get some clothes on and think about getting lunch ready? Since you are going to be helping me with food, get properly dressed. And I mean pants, or…”, she paused, glancing at her daughter’s midriff, “or maybe a skirt or something”, she said, pursing her lips.

Sadie got up and waddled to her closet and surveyed the possibilities. She ended up pulling on a Hermione Granger T-shirt and some dark grey sweatpants. The bulk of her diaper was obviously on display, and the diaper flaps peeked out of her pants, but then it was only her mother and her in the house.